Sunday, February 25, 2007

SPEED: RaceDay - Fontana

It certainly is a comfort to have only positive things to say about the RaceDay show from Fontana. On the second racing weekend of the season, this show has used its Daytona momentum to continue to re-define great NASCAR television.

There was no better example of this than Wendy Venturini's interview with Robin Pemberton. Venturini carries the pedigree that allows her to venture into territory where other reporters would not be allowed. Pemberton answered the hard questions about Daytona's "caution-gate" with sincerity and ease. This was a solid response by SPEED to NASCAR President Mike Helton being interviewed on NASCAR Now the Monday after Daytona.

John Roberts continues to out-shine Brent Musburger while leading a band of absolutely diverse personalities through a multi-hour live program. Where else but SPEED can the questionable hair of Jimmy Spencer sit alongside the "sleeved out" tattooed arms of Riki Rachtman while they give each other grief about fantasy race picks? Even when faced with interviewing the actors in the new Fox show Drive, Roberts makes what could be an awkward time comfortable for the non-racing Hollywood types. What can't this guy do?

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