Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fox Sports: Pre-Race from Las Vegas

Somehow, Chris Myers has enjoyed the hospitality of the "NASCAR gang" at Fox Sports for the past several years. Clearly an outsider, Myers just can't take anything associated with NASCAR too seriously. That is a shame.

This weekend in Las Vegas, there was something to take very seriously and Myers, Hammond, and Darrell Waltrip decided not to face the challenge. After practice, qualifying, and the Busch race, it was clear to any good TV journalist that there was serious trouble about to happen. Perhaps, it might not be fun. Perhaps, it might not be nice. Perhaps, someone was about to face serious injury in a high speed auto race on a new track with a bad tire.

To Mr. Myers and the pre-race crew, that did not matter. If there was every a time to knock off the nonsense and deal with a serious issue at hand, it was Las Vegas. The General Manager of the track, Chris Powell, was not on the program. The owner, Bruton Smith, no where to be found. But we did get the Blue Man group, Marky Mark, Magic Johnson, and even a Kyle Busch slide show. What a shame we did not get Busch Highlights, Cup practice highlights, qualifying highlights, or anything else that had to actually do with the race.

From the highs of a great qualifying show, the NASCAR on Fox crew absolutely missed the mark on this entire thirty minute broadcast. What a shame.