Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wednesday: Checking The Email

Thanks once again to everyone who expressed their opinion on either our comments page or through an email. Here are some samples:

David in KY: Thanks again for all your hard work. This long-time NASCAR fan hopes that through your efforts race coverage rises to the level that fans truly deserve.

Dosie in OH: I really enjoy reading your comments on Jayski. I agree with you and everyone else about some of...the finishes and The Hollywood Hotel. Thanks for hearing me out and keep up the good work.

Regina on Comcast: You seem to say the things that a lot of race fans are thinking without the inflammatory rhetoric that other writers use. I think that your points about the broadcasters have been very accurate and interesting.

Paula from TX: How very true you are about the lack of follow-up at the end of a race. It seems the TV people are getting as bad as NASCAR on paying attention to the fans. Keep up the good work.

Ron on SBCGlobal: Great article on the blown coverage at the end of the races. This has been making me crazy for years now. I don't get to see drivers racing for the other finishing positions. We are missing the most exciting time of the race! Its time to have better and more professional coverage of the races.

Thomas from FL: This is the first time I have written. I have come to appreciate your comments concerning ESPN and the less than stellar NASCAR Now. I have long been a fan of what ESPN did in the early years, and came to use those crews as the yardstick by which I would judge all others.

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