Saturday, May 12, 2007

ESPN Has Everything But A Host For "NASCAR Now"

Apparently, the good folks at ESPN have decided that NASCAR Now is ready to leave the world of hype and enter the world of news. With a little help from Dale Junior, the NASCAR Now guys have recently re-focused on the reality of NASCAR as a sport, and the many people who live it each and every day. As John Kernan used to say, "there are more stories in NASCAR than anyone can cover." And that was before the ESPN Fantasy League.

Re-playing Marty Smith's heartfelt interview with a clearly emotional Dale Earnhardt Junior was a good idea right off the top of the show. This helped everyone to understand that Marty is right in the middle of the sport like no one else, and can deliver the big story whenever its needed. Unfortunately, reporter David Amber is not a NASCAR Insider. He is lacking in the understanding of racing, does not speak the language, and its very clear that the drivers do not know who he is. Why he appears on the weekend edition is as unclear as his reporting.

With Stacy Compton and Boris Said on the set, things are always fun because they can cancel the drone of current host Erik Kuselias. Unfortunately, Kuselias chose to bypass the experts on the set to confront reporter Marty Smith. Former lawyer and sports radio "jock" Kuselias loves the controversy. He loves when people fail, or when he can allege wrongdoing, or when he can create hype. Fortunately, Smith shows no love for Kuselias, and shuts this guy down like swatting a big mosquito at a family picnic.

Kuselias actually asked Smith "how fair would it be to say that Max Siegel failed in this (Dale Junior) negotiation?" Smith politely answered "Well, Erik it could certainly be perceived that way." What he should have added was "by guys like you who don't have a clue to this sport." NASCAR has a long history of drivers moving around to find the best ride, and often times it has involved high-profile drivers leaving teams where family ties exist. Its no different than any other business negotiation.

Then Kuselias floored Smith by asking "How could Max have made this work?" Marty's eyebrows went up quickly. Maybe, eyebrows were raised across the country. It was actually NASCAR Now that had been reporting each and every day the terms that Dale Junior wanted from DEI. ESPN even claims to have broken the story, which got Jay's attention over at This one story had actually been repeated over and over again by Kuselias himself. Smith replied with a laugh "this one is pretty simple, man. Give up 51% ownership of DEI. That's why we did not get a deal done here." Swat.

When Kuselias needs to feel better, he brings in the Around The Horn chat king Tim Cowlishaw. These two are perfect for each other. Kuselias asks questions that are softballs, and Cowlishaw gives his best Around The Horn answers. Of course, he is almost always totally wrong and was never even connected with NASCAR before this season, but that does not matter. In this segment, Cowlishaw slammed DEI, Theresa Earnhardt, and Max Siegel. The reality of NASCAR business did not matter, only that Kuselias had finally found someone to act harshly and speak in derogatory terms about a high-profile person. How naughty. Cowlishaw actually tried to allege that there was no room in NASCAR for a "fourth" Chevy team, and DEI would go under. That might get some points from Tony Reali, but with NASCAR fans, its time for the mute button. Cowlishaw has to go.

Since Daytona, ESPN has put forth a tremendous effort to produce quality Busch Series races. They have succeeded. Then, they took the step of re-vamping the NASCAR Countdown pre-race show by adding Allen Bestwick as permanent host. It succeeded. On NASCAR Now, ESPN has assembled some great field reporters, some outstanding analysts, and several "Insiders" who have delivered top stories all season long. The only thing left is to commit to a permanent five day a week host who fans can identify with and has racing credibility. Then, and only then, will NASCAR Now also have succeeded.

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74 Jailbreak said...

I completely agree. ESPN is committed to forcing their radio hosts onto the television network. At least they did not pick Colin Cowherd.

Anonymous said...

The only thing left is to commit to a permanent five day a week host who fans can identify with and has racing credibility. Then, and only then, will NASCAR Now also have succeeded.

AND............who would you suggest????? Come on, tell us who your best 'host' would be.

Steve said...

I totaqlly agree. It is uncomfortable watching someone who knows next to nothing about the sport try and interview drivers, crew chiefs and other NASCAR experts. The questions never seem to fit the answers. Also, the questions are usually not the questions a true fan would want asked. As to who could host the show... I'm not exactly sure. I think Mike Massaro does a great job but he seems to do well for himself at the track. Would Dr. Jerry Punch ever consider doing it?

Richard in NC said...

The ONLY good thing about NASCAR NOW is reading the Daly Report point out all its faults - and its occasional good points. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - maybe there is even someone at ESPN that can (will?)read. THANKS!