Sunday, May 13, 2007

ESPN Profanity Laces Sunday Morning And Shocks NASCAR Fans

With the Darlington NEXTEL Cup race postponed to Sunday, many NASCAR fans tuned into ESPN2 on Sunday morning. What they were searching for was a bonus edition of NASCAR Now, previewing the race and updating the Dale Earnhardt Jr. story. What they got was a profanity-laced show entitled Car Wars. It featured a woman who used graphic profanity throughout the entire show. Although the audio portion of the profanity had been edited out, anyone could clearly see her face and hear the remaining portions of each hateful sentence.

As a ten year employee of ESPN, I was shocked and disgusted by this display of rude and profane behavior on a Disney-owned television network on a Sunday morning. The woman featured on this program used clear profanities and hateful speech throughout the entire show. How it is possible that advertisers, program executives, and the ESPN program screening process allowed this program to air? This incredible incident should give everyone at ESPN/Disney a very strong wake-up call.

One segment of this program included the woman yelling "kiss my a@@" without editing, an incredible amount of hateful profanity, and even obscenities yelled from the stage at a car show by a hip-hop artist. It does not matter what the subject matter of this program contains. It does not matter who is the host, what company did the production, or what companies sponsor it. For ESPN to put an obscenity-laced hateful television program on the air nationwide on Sunday morning cannot be tolerated or forgiven. What were they thinking?

The Daly Planet calls on Le Anne Schreiber, the ESPN Ombudsman, to review this program and hold this producer, program executive, and Coordinating Producer responsible for this profanity and hateful content. What has this network become?

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