Monday, May 28, 2007

No Indy 500 Commentary

Readers: Thank you for the many emails, but I am going to politely decline to offer a commentary on the ABC Sports coverage of the Indy 500. This year, The Daly Planet will remain focused on the NASCAR TV partners, and the interesting season that viewers have been watching with great interest. Perhaps, in the future, we may expand our commentary to include the IndyCar and NHRA broadcasts. Thanks again for the email, I certainly understand the very valid points that have been raised, but I think I will leave them for Robin Miller and the Wind Tunnel gang.


Vince said...

Hey John,

I know you don't want to comment on the ESPN/ABC coverage of the Indy 500, so I'll make this short. If the coverage this year of the 500 by ESPN/ABC is any indication of what we can expect once they take over the NASCAR Cup broadcasts, we are in for a long second half of the season. Simply, their coverage of the 500 stunk.

Tripp said...

Could it be that the picture is your comment on the 500?

Seriously, I agree with Vince. Pretty flat overall.

Anonymous said...

It really stunk when you turned the sound down and listened to the IMS radio coverage led by Mike King. Those guys are second to none in how they capture the tradition and excitment of the 500.

William said...

Funny Bit,
Rusty said that he hadn't seen something in "All the years I've been coming here" Wha? Just how long has Rusty Wallace been going to the Indy 500? Stupid