Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Comments On Sirius Speedway Interview

Many fans had asked for a forum to add comments after John Daly finished another interview segment with Dave "The Godfather" Moody on Sirius Speedway. Please feel free to post your comments about the topics covered, and add your opinion about the on-going issues in this season's NASCAR TV coverage.

Thanks again to Dave and Producer Ryan Horn for allowing NASCAR TV topics to be discussed on a national basis. You can read Dave's own blog at which is updated regularly.

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Thunder Lite said...

Enjoyed listening to you today. There wer a couple of things that I felt needed to be discussed regarding TNT's coverage. Those would be missed lead changes and missed restarts.

I don't believe I've ever watched a race where they had to go back so many times to reply a lead change that happened during a commercial break. It was kind of rediculous. It would seem that anyone in the production booth that had any interest in the race could have seen when a challenge for the lead was coming (it usually takes a few laps) and then delayed the commercial break. Of course that would assume that there was an interested party in the production booth.

The same applies to restarts. It seemed like most returns from commercial after a caution showed the cars already underway. No telling if anyone was laying back trying to get a run.

I'm just glad I have DirecTV Hot Pass. Even though my favorite driver wasn't featured, I watched and listened to the team communications. It was interesting to see and realize how much of the race is missed while the network was away at ill timed commercials. Now if we could just get DirecTV to remove the delay in the team audio... But that's a topic for another time.

Anonymous said...

It was definitely great to hear you on Sirius Speedway. I wish you and Dave had been able to touch on the whole NASCAR Now debacle. Your running commentary on that show is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to figure out what Kusileus (sp?) is doing with this show. Why did he leave the SportsBash? Or was he forced out? He has no background with NASCAR and his personal sports interest and passion lies nowhere near NASCAR or racing in general. What is ESPN doing?