Monday, June 18, 2007

ESPN Puts Bestwick In The Booth at Milwaukee

Today's press release from ESPN contained an interesting note for veteran NASCAR fans. Alongside of Rusty Wallace and Andy Petree in the announce booth at the Milwaukee Mile will be...Allen Bestwick calling the play-by-play action.

This is certainly a great opportunity for Bestwick to continue to impress the ESPN folks as he did when he stepped-up and hosted several live editions of NASCAR Countdown, the Busch Series pre-race show. Bestwick brings a distinctive style that allows the other analysts to be the stars, while he simply directs traffic and controls the flow of the telecast.

No topic has generated more email at The Daly Planet that Allen Bestwick. When he was fired from Inside NEXTEL Cup Racing on SPEED after many years as the host, fans really felt a personal sense of loss and outrage. It did not matter if his style made you crazy, or you absolutely loved it. Bestwick always shows up, is always prepared, and is always a "giver" when he is on-the-air.

Good luck to Allen in Milwaukee, and when ESPN releases the name of the person hosting NASCAR Countdown this weekend, The Daly Planet will bring it to you.

UPDATE: ESPN has announced Allen will also host the pre-race program called NASCAR Countdown, so it will be double-duty for AB at Milwaukee.

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Anonymous said...

This is the greatest news I have heard in quite a while. Allen is the best. He is so knowledgeable about racing and has so much CLASS!!!! Thanks to whoever is responsible for this move. They will NOT regret it. Love you Allen.

Vince said...

Great news about AB hosting the pre-race show and the race. But beware!! The U.S. Womens National Soccer team is playing a game before the race and there is a track and field meet before also. Will we get NASCAR live or tape delay???!!! E$PN is on our watch list. Don't mess with our NASCAR coverage!

Jason said...

Bestwick is the best. Whoever decided to flush him from IWC and the race broadcasts for a Windbag and a talking head are fools. I love listening to this guy, and CLASS is definitely the appropriate word. Remember the weekend when everybody was blowing up about Jeff Gordons divorce? AB addressed his IWC audience by saying, "It's not really racing, so we're not going to talk about it". How can you not like this guy? Put Bill Webber back in a power ranger uniform, and bring in AB!!!