Thursday, June 21, 2007

"NASCAR Now" Glitches On ESPN

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the last segment of the 6:30 PM Eastern Time showing of NASCAR Now. ESPN2 had technical problems, which seem to have originated from their Master Control Switching area.

The last segment of the program never aired. There were several attempts to re-air portions of the segment, but they all failed. Earlier in the show, host Ryan Burr indicated that this portion of the show contained the infamous "Vault Cola Driver Pick-Ems."

In this show, Around The Horn's Tim Cowlishaw was doing the picking, and we never saw it. No word from ESPN if viewers called upset, or very happy. When ESPN lets me know what happened I will pass it along. Thanks.

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Vince said...

Yeah, I was watching and I just figured that the Bristol, CT high school AV Club was running the equipment again. This show is an embarrassment in so many ways. But hey, we didn't want to see Tim C. do the driver pickem's anyway! What a joke this show has become. It's getting pathetic. Like kicking a dead dog.