Monday, June 11, 2007

Questions From Readers

How do you select programs to comment on?

The Daly Planet uses the information from the TV networks and email to review a program when there is content to discuss. This means that some programs that are working just fine might not be reviewed. This is an opinion-based media project, and not a functional TV review site.

How often is your site updated?

A new column is offered every day, with several offered on Sunday and Monday, after the racing weekend. The Daly Planet will continue to be updated every day throughout the NASCAR season.

Why don't you publish press releases or NASCAR news about TV issues?

There are plenty of websites that offer this information. is a friend of The Daly Planet, and is updated with media information regularly. Our function is to offer opinion that will start conversations on this site, and others.

Do you now work in the TV industry?

No, I am not an employee of any TV network, or production company. I am not generating revenue from my site, and do not work for any type of Internet company. I left the TV business several years ago, and do not plan to return.

Why are people upset with your articles?

This site gives the fans an opportunity to speak about the TV coverage of NASCAR. The TV networks will not provide that, the media outlets will not provide that, and the commercial NASCAR sites will not provide that. Some network types are upset that the same kind of scrutiny they place on NASCAR drivers, owners, and others is being done to them. We just want them to know that when they are on the air, we are watching. Its no different that a NASCAR driver who has every lap of practice, qualifying, and racing on national TV. There is always someone watching them, and second-guessing their every move. Now, someone is watching the watchers.

What are your future plans for The Daly Planet?

Currently, we are deciding how to expand for the "Chase" portion of the season. We may add a podcast summary of the weekend's NASCAR TV programs, and possibly move toward establishing a community that discusses racing on TV with a broader scope.

How has the feedback from the TV networks been so far?

There have been great emails about a wide variety of subjects, both agreeing and disagreeing with columns that were posted. Some networks are open and honest, while others are caught-up in huge media company rules that prohibit employees from even commenting about their work. Many personal emails have been received about individuals mentioned in specific stories. As usual, all email is confidential and will never be published or referenced in any column.

Why won't you expand to talk about other series like F-1 or IndyCar?

This is the first year of this project, and after the NASCAR season is over we will make a decision about expanding to cover other series. NASCAR generates more TV than almost any other sport in the world. The Daly Planet has already eliminated the NASCAR instructional shows, the "reality" shows, and the NASCAR-themed entertainment shows from the menu this year. Next season, there may be hundreds of hours of new NASCAR programs on several new networks. Once the networks announce their series for next year, we will decide if expansion is going to work for the time we have allocated for this project. But, thanks to the many folks who would like to discusse F-1. NHRA, IndyCar, and more.

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