Monday, July 9, 2007

Comments On NASCAR Topics

To our new readers: What you will see on this site is a column about one topic relating to a NASCAR TV partner. It could be about a show, a race, a personality, or even a network. The concept is to allow that to be the topic, and then get your thoughts by way of posted comments.

The reader comments on The Daly Planet are read every day by the top TV producers, announcers, and executives in the NASCAR TV world. We know this because of their positive feedback, and the changes that we have seen occur this season in the studio, the infield, and the broadcast booth.

Please provide us enough content in your comment to allow us to publish it. Foul language and general anger makes no sense to us, and it will not be posted. If you feel strongly that something is pretty bad, say that. If you like it, say that as well. It always works better when things are made personal, and kept in a fan perspective.

Thanks again for adding your ideas and comments to this site, it has meant a lot to us since we began operation in February. We will continue through November, the end of the the NASCAR season. Take care.

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