Saturday, July 28, 2007

John Kernan Returns To ESPN Motorsports

Just a quick note for veteran NASCAR fans. Former RPM2Night host John Kernan has returned to ESPN as a field reporter on ESPN's coverage of the NHRA tour.

Kernan is currently the host of The Driver's Seat, a daily morning radio program on Sirius Satellite Radio.

This ESPN assignment puts Kernan back in the ESPN family of motorsports, and may set the table for future assignments. Your comments are welcome.


bevo said...

Great to have John back. I really miss the good old days with RPM2Night

Anonymous said...

Good to see Kernan back,RPM2Night
was a must see every night,if I could see it at the time slot,I would tape it and watch it later in the evening.I also saw Kernan for years as my local Sports anchor for WDBJ7 in Roanoke,Va.Hope Kernan gets a Nascar gig again,how about host of Nascar Now.