Monday, July 30, 2007

"NASCAR Now" On ESPN2 Changes Times

ESPN2's daily NASCAR news and information show, NASCAR Now, will be changing on-air times beginning Tuesday. On July 31st, the show moves one half hour earlier to air at 6PM Eastern Time. The one hour Monday version of the show will move to a 5:30PM start time. The weekend edition of this show, which is also one hour long, will continue to be at 10AM on the day of the NEXTEL Cup event.

ESPN just released this information as a schedule change, no reason was give for the switch.


Richard in NC said...

JOHN- I noticed on Jayski that it showed Erik the Butcher as one of the rotating (?) hosts of N-Now. I guess as Tony said Sunday "Stuff" happens. Who in the world does ESPN think Eirk K's participation might attract? But then quality and accuracy is a thing of the past at ESPN.

SophiaZ123 said...

Well I am honked off. I do NOT LIKE NN but thought I would tune in late after a medical appt just got me home. Thought I would see any updates from the big race from yesterday.

IMAGINE my surprise when I just found out I tuned in to see the last two minutes as they came on even EARLIER.

Smooth move, blockheads.

THANK GOD INC is on in an hour and SCHRADER is on!!

Desmond said...

Actually, the change did not take place on July 31, which is tomorrow, but today, which is July 30. The program that followed was a rebroadcast of College Football Live, which had premiered three hours earlier on ESPN. I will assume that the rebroadcast will air every weekday from now on.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there are some ratings prob with NASCAR Now? Got news for you ESPN: It aint the time!!

RH, Phila. said...

Thanks or the heads up on the new times I shouldn't turn on ESPN. While I read the comments left by people, I wonder why they still whatch? I don't because I know it is terrible. I like your blog though because it is funny to see someone kill ESPN for their broadcasts. If you listen to ESPN radio, it's become the same over-covered, over-hyped BS. I've stopped listening to that also.