Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SPEED Channel Signs Randy Pemberton To TV Deal

This season has marked the comeback of one of The Daly Planet's favorite NASCAR TV personalities. Randy Pemberton has battled back from some bad breaks in life to return to a featured role this year with DirecTV's Hot Pass package. In addition, he has made some very spirited appearances with Kyle Petty and John Roberts on SPEED Channel's excellent Tradin' Paint program.

Today, SPEED has announced that they have made an investment in Pemberton by signing him for the remainder of the NASCAR season. The network will feature him on shows like NASCAR Live! and the new series Go or Go Home. SPEED will also allow Pemberton to step into some hosting roles in NASCAR practice and qualifying sessions.

This is a very positive step by SPEED, a network that already boasts Wendy Venturini, Krista Voda, Steve Byrnes, and John Roberts as "multi-functional" on-air talent who can provide the network a wide variety of support both in the studio and at the track.

Good luck to Randy in his new role, and kudos to SPEED for stepping-up and making an investment in someone working very hard to return to a full and normal life.

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Kevin in Indy said...

I'm glad Randy is getting this opportunity. He's been great on DirecTV's HotPass, adding a ton of insight into what's happening on the track.