Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Truck Series Bristol In-Progress Comments

SPEED presents both the Set-Up pre-race show and the Craftsman Truck Series race tonight from Bristol Motor Speedway. This thread will host the comments during the broadcast, and offer an opportunity for post-race reactions.

Once again, the rules for posting are on the right side of the main page and basically ask that you focus your comments on the TV side of the sport, and not the drivers or teams. Thanks again for choosing to voice your opinion at The Daly Planet.


Anonymous said...

John have you done a "live comments" before? I don't remember seeing one in the past.

Sean said...

He did yesterday for the Nextel Cup race at Michigan

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thank you for noticing, readers have been asking for a place to offer their comments while the race was in progress.

We had such a great success with the NEXTEL Cup race, we are going to offer this on selected races for the rest of the season.

Eventually, we will add a full forum section once we finish licensing agreements. Thanks for continuing to participate and voice your opinion.

SophiaZ123 said...

thanks, John.

Ok. I gotta say I have no patience for Bristol and not even one lap, and a crash. SHEESH.

I am not a short track kind of gal...though my brother loves them.

matt said...

OK, let's see, thanks to SPEED's constant commercials we have missed two restarts and two cautions. And I'm guessing we are going to miss more...

Anonymous said...

I did not watch the whole race,came in about halfway and watched the rest. Why didn't we see the trucks crossing the finish line. We have all been complaining about that all season long with Fox, TNT, and now with ESPN, didn't think SPEED would do that. Oh Well

stricklinfan82 said...

I'm pretty sure they showed most, if not all of the trucks cross the finish line at the end of the race so I'm not sure where that comment came from.

Based on Mr. Daly's previous post NASCAR Now apparently never mentioned anything about the Truck Series race on Wednesday's episode. Do you suppose they'll manage to find at least a few seconds on Thursday's show to mention there was a truck race the previous night or even, God forbid, show highlights and give a review of the race since there is nothing else going on news-wise on a Thursday? If they just spend 30 minutes doing "Driver Pick'em" and "In or Out of the Chase" and never mention real news like how the first NASCAR race held on the brand-new track surface at Bristol turned out that will be completely inexcusable.

SophiaZ123 said...

ok..wasn't going to add my voice again but wanted to second Stricklans comments. I ALSO saw many trucks cross the finish line.
The only thing was, it said UNOFFICIAL results but the finishing grid never appeared? Is that what anon 11.06 meant?

I was kind of half watching (and searching online for hummingbird feeders, and emailing) I find if I focus too much on short tracks I get impatient from the wreckds..But Bristol was better tonight. Hope it continues with the Busch and Cup races.

I liked that the drivers seem to like Bristol and it now allows side by side racing as opposed to single groove and spin folks out of your way to pass.

My only gripe was the lip sync on the pre race was way off at times with different cameras??

A few weeks ago I missed a truck race and that happened on the replay late at night. Krista's mouth was about 5 words off the audio. Drove me nuts and I turned it off.

Tonight it was just a little off, they they would switch to somebody and it would be better or worse.
A real Godzilla effect show! Then, they went to commercial and it was a little better and when they went to the racing announcers, they were almost perfect.

I realize it's the download times from cable/digital tv and the video and audio are separate but the complexities of this problem escape my Swiss cheese brain right now.

Thankfully it doesn't matter once the race starts.


Desmond said...

Before I give my comments, I would like to thank John for giving me this opportunity and I am also looking forward to the possible new forum. Maybe this will be the deciding factor for extending the Daly Planet into 2008.

Anyway, I echo Matt's frustration about the missed restarts. I'll also add that while the telecast mentioned Nate Monteith was in the #15 truck instead of Bill Lester, it was not made clear whether or not Lester was released by Billy Ballew Motorsports. Lester was the only African-American driver in major-league NASCAR racing. Maybe SPEED did not want to have such bad news to its audience, if Lester has indeed been let go.

Desmond said...

I mean that SPEED did not want to have to tell such bad news to its audience. Sorry.

Busch Series Fan! said...

Actually Speed showed all the trucks crossing the finish line on last night's broadcast. It was great! I think the trucks have almost the best racing in nascar because most of the drivers are "still hungry".

Batchief said...
Read the above article about Bill Lester, it may enlighten you.

cwebs said...

I don't usually watch the truck races, but I tuned in last night to see how the new surface at Bristol would perform. These are my comments on the broadcast:

The overall nature of the event was refreshingly down-to-earth compared to the over-hyped and stress-filled atmosphere that prevails during the Cup races.

I had to laugh when Ray Dunlap was trying to interview one of the drivers (I think it was Brendan Gaughan) at the end of the qualifying coverage. The driver was doing an interview on his cell phone, and was telling Dunlap to wait because the phone interview was live on radio. A perturbed Dunlap then told the driver "well, we're live too!". Ummmmmm.....Wasn't this qualifying session a tape-delayed broadcast by SPEED?!?!

Having Krista Voda sitting out there with her mobile desk on pit road for the pre-race show was certainly different, but there were obvious and annoying problems with her audio the whole time. Maybe they tried to get just a little too close to the "action"?

When I saw that Michael Waltrip was there as a third wheel, oops I mean third announcer, I was apprehensive, but I guess he did a pretty good job during the race. I only noticed a couple of instances where he was stepping all over the other guys.

SPEED seems to have ESPN beat in the “missing restarts” department. In one especially awkward moment, SPEED was running their "brought to you by" sponsor graphics as a partially visible restart occurred in the background. I would guess, though, that it’s not particularly easy to catch all the restarts at a track like Bristol where the caution laps click by so quickly.

While the announcers were generally competent and enthusiastic, I thought some of the analysis was a bit superficial. It seemed like there was a lot of action happening outside the top-5 that didn’t receive much attention. Then again, this was a very short race, so it’s somewhat understandable that they would focus most of their attention on the top few trucks.

I was really surprised to see that this was only a 200 lap race requiring just a single pitstop. I think NASCAR, SPEED, and the fans would have been better served with a 300 lap event. Mark Martin even said after the race that he probably could have made it through the whole thing on only one tank of gas! Is this an amateur go-kart event or a serious NASCAR race?

I think it’s kind of weird that Ray Dunlap serves as a direct promoter of Craftsman products while also reporting on the race. I know that a lot of this kind of stuff goes on in the racing world, especially with the Waltrips, but Dunlap isn’t presented as a “commentator”, he’s presented as a “reporter”. This would be the equivalent of Allen Bestwick doing NEXTEL commercials during the Cup races. Anyone else have a problem with this?


Batchief said...

I live in the Midwest and didn't have any problems with audio during the prerace show. Did have video problems which seem to be an intermittent loss of satellite signal. I still think Krista is the best and most versitile of the female broadcasters in Nascar.