Saturday, September 22, 2007

Craftsman Truck Series In Las Vegas: In-Progress Comments

Saturday night at 8:30PM SPEED presents The Set-Up pre-race show and then at 9PM Eastern Time the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race from Las Vegas, NV.

Krista Voda hosts The Set-Up, and the race is hosted by Rick Allen. Phil Parsons handles the color, and Ray Dunlap and Adam Alexander are the pit reporters.

This post will host the comments about the TV coverage of the race. You may comment before, during, and after the race itself. Please limit your comments to the TV coverage of the race. The rules for posting are on the right side of the main page.

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Anonymous said...

Good race so far, but michael should also be in the booth.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how few comments the truck races get since SPEED does such a good job there's no reason to complain about anything...

Another top-notch production from SPEED, although I do miss Michael in the booth I'm glad he's racing in Dover this weekend.

stricklinfan82 said...

Yep, another good job by Speed so there's no reason to complain about anything.

SophiaZ123 said...

I ALSO miss Mikey in the booth but am glad he is in the race this weekend.

And so is Reut and DJ.

Hated seeing Brendan have another bad crash.

Love night racing, too.

but I miss Mikey's humor and "Mikey-isms"


Anonymous said...

The recent NCTS Set-up Shows have been great - the "What If There Was a Chase?" piece at Loudon and today's "Mustache" montage was creative and entertaining.

Unlike others here, I am enjoying listening to the broadcast without Waltrip. Waltrip's style not withstanding, he comes across as somewhat un-informed. His truck series performance in something like six starts - average start 20th and average finish of 19th hardly qualifies him as expert on truck racing. His sponsor bias, which has been toned down, is unacceptable in a series whose teams struggle for media exposure.

You can follow the truck series online at:

There is a radio station website that broadcasts the race live online for free - does anyone know what the link is?

SophiaZ123 said...

I figured a few comments about some of us missing Mikey would bring out the bashers.

Uh, Brad did TERRIFIC in the Busch series booth today and has NEVER, ever raced.

It's all about the energy, enthusiasm and entertainment fact and doing one's homework.

That said, if we all like the same thing, it would be a boring world.

Go Johnny B! Go Jon Wood!


Chad McCumbee is also a neat story how he got into NASCAR, though my weary brain could not explain it to anybody at the moment.

SophiaZ123 said...

OMG!! They said wall to wall Talladega coverage that Friday on SPEED!


Now back to the race.

SophiaZ123 said...

Benson second!

Jon Wood 3rd! wished he would've won.

Chad finished 10th!!

Hey ESPN, PLEASE leave your FINISHING GRID UP as long as SPEED instead of collapsing it as soon as you list 10th, ok? I am a fast reader but...

Wow, this truck race did not finish like I had preferred but still a good race.

But I am raced out after the eventful Busch race.


jfs-va said...

Some folks mentioned that SPEED does a good job so there is no reason to complain. Is that the only reason to post? Honestly, it's the lack of truck racing fans too.

The Busch race telecast was excellent and very few posters in that thread complained, but it certainly had alot more posts than this thread.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that "Mustache" montage really creeped me out.

Busch Series Fan! said...

I found Rick Allen & Phil Parsons doing a great job and thought that Michael Waltrip is not needed on the truck broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

Mikey's presence was missed. Neither Allen nor Parsons is very interesting without Mikey to liven the conversation up a bit.

Anonymous said...

His truck series performance in something like six starts - average start 20th and average finish of 19th hardly qualifies him as expert on truck racing.

Brad Daughtery has raced in exactly ZERO events and he's on ABC as an "analyst" for cup Races.

And MW's driven in Busch and CUp, too.

shinnery said...

cdhahgI realize this is late, I was not feeling well yesterday or the nite before but there was one problem I had with the broadcast. I could not understand the announcers when I had the track noise turned down to a manageable level. I may be getting hard of hearing as most shows play the music so loud I cannot hear what is being said, but I had no problems with the noise level on the Cup race yesterday, in fact I could hear Aero-Loose Wallace way to well.
I also will not loose a minute of sleep if I never hear or see either Walldrip brother again.