Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks Once Again To Dave Moody

A big thank you once again to Dave Moody and his entire staff at Sirius Speedway for allowing me to stop-by and talk NASCAR TV.

We covered a lot of ground and tried to make sure and mention the great comments you have left on this site every day since February.

Thanks to all of you who have taken time out of your day to read the daily column, and then lend your thoughts to this on-going conversation about NASCAR TV.

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David said...

Dangit!!! I missed it, by 15 minutes. I thought you were coming on at 5:20 and I'd catch it, but my lunch ended at 5:40. Moody has a good show though

Mike-El said...

John, did I somehow miss out on your thoughts on CMT's "Dale" movie or do we still have that to look forward to?

Anonymous said...

Does Sirius post these online somewhere, or if we dont have Sirius, we miss it?
Kevin in SoCal

Daly Planet Editor said...

Hey Guys,

Sirius does not post, the Turner guys at have the online rights to NASCAR, so they cannont even air their Sirius NASCAR channel on the Internet. Sorry.

The Dale movie story will be coming up next Tues or Weds. I wanted a clear day or two for all the comments.

David, sorry dude. We had a good time, Moody seriously needs some counseling. Send him some email, he loves that!

David said...

Ha! He probably reads 1 in 5 of my emails anyways. The man does well considering the questions he is asked. If you think he is bad, you should hear me in the car screaming at some of the people and issues he deals with!

RC said...

If you are a serious hard core NASCAR fan - Sirius Radio is a must have.

You'll love it - great talk shows, race coverage and more.