Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Guest Information: SPEED At Martinsville

Here are some items from SPEED about the guests for this weekend's programs from Martinsville, VA:

Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch are going to be guests on Trackside. This program is hosted by Steve Byrnes, Jeff Hammond, and Larry McReynolds. Elliott Sadler is a panelist this season, and has done a good job.

Ryan McGee of NASCAR Images is the media guest on Tradin' Paint. This program is hosted by John Roberts and features Kyle Petty as a regular panelist.

More guest information will be coming along shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Ryan McGee the producer who presided over the demise of FOX-SPEED's nightly NASCAR show? He wrote a really super article about the Rock and the auction of it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

He is a great guy with a good background in NASCAR TV who has worked his way up through the business the right way.

It should be an interesting show for those of us in NASCAR TV land

Anonymous said...

I am getting really sick of Steve Byrnes saying CBD.

It was kind of amusing the first time but now it's been about 500 times...

Anonymous said...

SPEED needs to take over all Nascar shows!! ESPN sucks!!!!!!! I didn't get to watch hardly any qualifying last night because ESPN2 was having technical difficulites AGAIN for the 3rd week in a row!! The cup guys had practice this morning at 9:30, however not being televised until 6:00 tonight....NOT!!! They are still televising the Miami/FSU football game. They aren't even ranked. I don't except them to cut the game but if football is going to be thier #1 priority, then they should not have signed a contract with Nascar. I have nothing against College football, but when Nascar is supposed to be on, that's what I want to watch. SPEED, please take the shows away from ESPN!!!!!

By the way, loved Trackside last night!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Mulhern from the Winston-Salem paper is the guest on Tradin' Paint. Very good. He and Kyle are 'going at it' hard, but they're smiling when John Roberts steps in and moves to the next subject - so far.

slithybill said...

Mike Mulhern! Watching him this morning really made me miss Pit Bulls (which he referenced in passing). I miss seeing him and David Poole and Marty Smith and the others go at each other and NASCAR every week.

Next week in Atlanta they need to book Rick Minter. And they should end the season in Miami with Ed Hinton. Kyle could trade some good paint with him!