Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dave Despain Shows His NASCAR Disdain

Mike Joy is a talented racing TV veteran, and perhaps the most professional NASCAR announcer presently on network television. Darrell Waltrip is a former champion who is continuing to enjoy his re-birth as a TV analyst that has led him into a wonderful and financially rewarding world.

Dave Despain currently enjoys his status as the single host of WindTunnel on Sunday nights. This series is his franchise. He does not enjoy his status as the single host of Inside NEXTEL Cup on Monday nights. This series will never be his franchise.

Sunday morning Despain hosted a special live version of WindTunnel from the SPEED studios in Charlotte, NC. Joy was alongside, and DW was on a satellite liveshot from the Homestead track. It was an opportunity for Despain to vent all his NASCAR frustrations, and he did just that for the better part of the hour.

The reason The Daly Planet does not normally discuss this program is that it is not NASCAR themed. We do, however, view it each week and continue to appreciate the fact that Despain tries his best to spread TV exposure around to all forms of racing.

Despain works best with Robin Miller, when both can provide support for the other to continue to harrass NASCAR on every possible point. In this program, Mike Joy refused to play the Miller role and took every NASCAR question poised to him by Despain with a very big grain of salt.

The first question asked to DW was not done until fifteen minutes into this one hour show. In that same time, Despain asked Joy only one or two questions. The criticism of Despain is that his endless talking and control issues always sink every meaningful conversation.

DW answered some hard questions, but it was clear that Despain was there to poke the big NASCAR bear with a stick. Mike Joy tried to ask DW questions from the Charlotte studio, but Despain quickly stepped-in and took control, which included telling DW that he had ten seconds to answer a question. Needless to say, DW took his sweet time and made sure Despain understood not to do that again.

It was Waltrip that quietly raised what was perhaps the best point of the entire program. It was the contrast between the intensity and the agressiveness that we saw in the past and the current Hendrick Racing "love fest" for the championship. DW did not mince words when he said NASCAR "sucked the life out of the sport" by clamping down on the personalities of guys like Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart.

His point was that NASCAR itself had made this championship "vanilla" through their own actions with the intense and passionate drivers in the sport. His words were a big public shot across the NASCAR bow on national TV, and really made this show memorable.

Joy and Despain struggled on the same set, as both are professional TV hosts. Joy wound up asking as many questions as Despain, and each time Despain stepped-in and tried to regain control. Several times, it was not only obvious, it just was not very professional.

Once DW departed, Despain began to take viewer calls that instantly left NASCAR and went directly to Formula-1. Joy and Despain were off into Formula-1 land with a the NASCAR TV viewers who tuned-in for this special NASCAR edition scratching their heads.

It was great to see Mike Joy on TV again, and SPEED fans can only wonder what Inside NEXTEL Cup could become if Joy was at the helm. This Despain-hosted show is struggling, and fans only had to see and hear Joy again to rekindle their great memories of this TV professional.

Chip Ganassi stepped onto the show live from Homestead and addressed the success of Hendrick Motorsports. It was nice to see someone with an ego the size of Ganassi exchange plain talk with Mike Joy about the COT and the 2008 season. Gansssi was a good guest to address the influx of open-wheel drivers and he spoke plainly about the fact that most of these drivers paid their dues, just in another series.

Joy once again took control of the show and led Ganassi into a good discussion about Juan Pablo Montoya and his rookie season. Despain stepped-in and could not resist taking a shot at Ganassi about Montoya and left the interview with "Robin Miller says hi."

This "extra shot" is Despain's Achilles Heel, and it was never more apparent than when he was seated alongside of the classy Joy on the set.

DW returned to address the Penske Racing situation and talked again plainly about the tough racing with the COT, and the fact that "The Chase" should only be about five races long. He also suggested that the Cup regulars should not be scored in the Busch Series Championship. Waltrip was on a roll, and he was not going to stop.

Without prompting, he reinforced that the COT needs additional work, and Mike Joy asked him about the safety issues of the COT. Joy continued with his own beliefs about the cost-saving and racing issues with this new car.

DW summed up the fact that NASCAR is at a crossroads, and that the fan base needs some assurance that the sport will maintain the excitement and intensity that put it on the map. Despain is not a NASCAR fan, and he moved onto another question without reinforcing that the top NASCAR on Fox announcer was saying NASCAR was in crisis.

The reason Despain moved on was clear. It was his time to talk about more Formula-1 racing. Off he went to the races, talking on a NASCAR Sunday about some bizarre Formula-1 story that none of his viewers were interested in at all.

Despain was very clear that this was the biggest story of the year, but then someone said something in his ear. He was not happy, but sent the show down to Homestead so the RaceDay trio of panelists could contibute their biggest NASCAR stories of the year. Because Despain rambled on about F-1 so long, Mike Joy did not get to participate.

The bottom line about this show is that SPEED needed to decide in advance if this program was going to be NASCAR themed, or not. Because they did not, the program was disjointed and made no sense. It was as though NASCAR was being forced on Despain, and he was doing everything possible to get if off "his show."

In the end, the contributions of DW and Mike Joy proved to be valuable, and brought the content to this program that the NASCAR fans wanted to see. Despain's rant about the Formula-1 cheating scandal was mis-placed, and threw the program off balance.

This is the only Daly Planet review of this program, and there was no doubt if SPEED had committed to make this an all NASCAR show, it could have shined.

Instead, what was left for the viewers was a "mish-mash" of NASCAR experts surrounded by Despain and his unyielding Formula-1 agenda. One wonders what Mike Joy and DW could have done alone with live phone calls from fans and without all the ego and control issues on the set. Despain is a talented man, it is just a shame he cannot get out of the way on the air and let others shine.

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Anonymous said...

As I said in the live Wind Tunnel comments column, I want to know whose decision it was -SPEED's or Despain's - not to have a completely NASCAR themed WT from Homestead as they did last year.

Last year WT was a NASCAR roundtable hosted by Despain, and he was perfectly fine there. It was the best prerace show of the day last year, in my opinion and the only one I watched all the way through. He and his guests did not take calls, but there were so many guests, it wasn't necessary.

The guests were:
1st set: Greg Biffle, Mark Martin, Jeff Burton

2nd set: JD Gibbs, Nate Ryan from USA Today

3rd set: Ray Evernham, Kenny Schrader, another reporter

Dave led them through some candid discussions within the one hour and he really didn't interject much at all. So what happened? Today's show was a joke, it should have been an all NASCAR show originating from Homestead. Maybe that was the issue - Dave might have said: if you aren't going to send me to Homestead, you aren't going to get a NASCAR WT.

Anonymous said...
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Emerald Chickpea said...

JD, thanks for the very interesting review of the program. Sounds like it would have been something I'd have enjoyed seeing myself (if I had SPEED available on the cable package I can afford....)

I sometimes wonder just how much interesting and provocative stuff is presented on a regular basis and just goes on its way without much comment by anyone, whether it's positive or negative commenting?

Again, as we've seen week after week, things are continuing to run amok and the train speeds onward, no brakes allowed, to whatever conclusion NASCAR seems to have in mind. I say "whatever" because none of us have a clue what they've been doing this season by allowing the public face of the sport (in its broadcasts) to appear the way it has been appearing.

I can only join with the folks who comment here in hoping that next year brings a considerable amount of improvement on all the fronts that need to be improved.

Anonymous said...

JD,your WT column was totally accurate. That was ridiculous. SpeedTV, you must be very very careful with your NASCAR coverage. Your coverage is excellent and gives us fans what we want. You are consistently praised, especially since the ESPN debacle. You must not get lazy, cocky, trendy....please just keep doing what you do so well.


Anonymous said...

You are unfairly critical of Despain

The SPEED?FOX execs forced him into the role....he nevar wanted it. And to be FAIR, Despain was the pre NASCAR race host on ESPN in the last contract, and was consistantly fair when criticizing NASCAR on the air. In fact, Earnhardt Sr admired Dave for that.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:58--ITA--it was great how they did it last year! I haven't watched today's yet but it's saved on the DVR.

Newracefan said...

I was confused when Dave said they would discuss more than just Nascar I guess that was just so he could rant about F1. This rant was misplaced, if he could come up with something Nascar related he should have pulled the host card and not given his opinion. DW presented his thoughts without stoppping the discussion in it's tracks and I would have loved to hear what others thought about those opinions. WT was off the mark talking about other forms of auto racing for this show. I usually don't have a problem with Dave even on INC but after this I may be somewhat less forgiving.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. They talked about F1 for about 10 minutes! This is SPEED Channel. Not NASCAR Channel. Give me a break. There is more out there than NASCAR. There was a three hour NASCAR Raceday on right after. So you still got your NASCAR Coverage.

I find it odd you complain about the 3-hour NASCAR RaceDay and say it is too long. But when F1 is talked about for 10 minutes, you freak.

Daly Planet Editor said...

That is what is puzzling about his sudden animosity toward NASCAR.

Just like Robin Miller, he now treats it like a farce, a show, and a fake sport like pro wrestling.

If this is because SPEED forced him on INC, that is no excuse. He loves WT when it comes to F-1, open wheel, or even bikes...but NASCAR? Get it over and get it off the show.

SPEED pitched this Sunday AM program as a NASCAR edition of this show from Homestead. Instead, it was a grumpy Despain in the Charlotte studio with DW and Chip Ganassi passing through.

As I said in my post, what was this show? NASCAR? Just another WT edition? Who was it aimed at? Do you think the F-1 fans were tuned in so Dave could go off on some obtuse cheating scandal?

Give me Dave taking phone calls for Mike Joy and DW for the entire hour and the show would have rocked.

Cruxof Thematter said...

Ok, ok, we get it already, you don't like Despain in his non Wind Tunnel role. Big deal, you're showing your planetary bias here, most of us don't care.

What really irks is the overexposure SPEED/ESPN/ABC give to Carl Edwards. Why don't you use your bully pulpit to denounce that ?

I'll admit I'm a huge Edwards fan. When he's in the car. Not in front of a mike. Not anymore. Way too much Carl Edwards. He's a bubble head. Annoying as hell, tho I really enjoyed how Alan shot Edwards down last night when he tried to grab the microphone from Beswick during the award presentation. Bravo Beswick !

Planet, use your energies to figure out why Edwards is continuously foisted upon us all over Nascar TV. He's awsome in a car, but a giant pain in the ass outside of it.

Someone had to bell that cat. Too bad you were sidetracked by this personal hobby horse of yours.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Crux, well said !!

Daly Planet Editor said...


What are you talking about?

The choice of the in-race reporter is probably a financial or sponsor driven issue.

What does that have to do with this story? As usual, you are free to agree or disagree.

It would be nice if you would make your case rather than shoot the messenger. I watch every edition of WT, and said in the column that I appreciate how Dave spreads his TV exposure to different series.

This was a NASCAR special edition that in past years had a stellar line-up and was outstanding.

The question is, about this show, what happened?

Anonymous said...
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Richard in N.C. said...

JD- I was not able to watch the AM edition of WT, but did record it to watch later. However, I did catch Robin Miller on Trading Paint with Kyle P. and I thought Robin was great. I don't always agree with Robin, but he is knowledgeable and in my view is always above board when he presents his opinion and does not present his opinions as fact - just his opinion. I think Robin should be on TP more often - and TP should be on during the so-called "off season."

Anonymous said...

You're welcome (spelling correction of the title.)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Robin was great on TP, and there will be a column out shortly about that show.

Thanks again for the spell check!

Please email me if you would like to ask a question or raise an issue that is not about the subject in the column.

Anonymous said...

John i gotta disagree with you on this one. They talked the majority of the show about NASCAR. The show is titled "Windtunnel", meaning it covers all forms of motorsports. They talked about F1 for a brief period of time.

We know you don't like Despain, but lets get real here. There was nothing wrong with todays show. It was another great WindTunnel. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

You guys just can't tell me I "don't like Dave" and then feel all better about yourselves.

If you read any of my columns, you know I have encouraged SPEED to increase WT to five nights a week with Dave as the host. That would still give the network two nights for lifestyle programs like Pinks or Payback.

Something is wrong with Despain and NASCAR and that might be his involuntary decision to host INC.

I understand there was NASCAR on this show, the point here is TV. Those statements from Waltrip were huge, and should have been followed-up immediately.

Where did the F-1 stuff come from and who decided this special edition was just another WT?

Even in my press info it said this was a NASCAR preview edition. Maybe we will get some more info as the day goes on.

Jake Hollywood said...
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Jake Hollywood said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome blog. Now I don't have to worry about watching it myself. Dave DePain is definately not a NASCAR FAN, that is blatantly true. So what genious gave him the job of hosting Inside Nextel Cup???

Anonymous said...

Dave might have been roped into the show and I agree, NASCAR is not his love. Not even 4 wheels is -- it is motorcycles. But I enjoy him in the fact that he is not a shill for NASCAR as most announcers are. He is not afraid to spur some controversy and his analysis is usually spot on.

More Dave!

Steve L said...

I did watch the show and was very confused when the subject turned to F1. I too thought it was a 'special NASCAR edition' on a special NASCAR racing day.

If it wasn't just for the last day of the NASCAR season, why didn't he have the show Saturday, or even last Thursday? You KNOW it was advertised as a special NASCAR edition, why else air it today?

I can't stand Despain and only watched so I could finally see some REAL professionals in the business; Mike Joy and DW. Thank goodness this last half of the season is over!

Illpolo said...

Ugh, I tuned in to the late-night version of WT to find DeSpain making subtle jabs at Nascar with Robin Miller and the two did anything they could to shift the subject from Nascar to open wheel. They even went so far to say that Jeff Gordon couldn't get Chip Ganassi to return his phone calls.

Photojosh said...

I like Wind Tunnel, it's a good show that spreads some needed TV coverage to various aspects of racing. While Dave's style isn't my favorite, I think he does a good job there and I think the show would suffer with someone else in the host seat.

But I have come to dislike Despain in the INC host seat. He just doesn't helps a show who's strengths are the personalities of the three drivers.

And now we have him talking about F1 during NASCAR's moment in the spotlight? That's like talking about the baseball playoffs during a Superbowl pre-game show.

Speed usually does such a great job that I tend to cut them a lot of slack. I would just hate to see INC go away because they forced a host in there who didn't work and doesn't really want to be there.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Let me make it clear, I like Dave and he is even better on motorcycle shows than he is on WT.

I think sticking F-1 in this show was like Scott Boras making his A-Rod announcement on the day of the final World Series game.

This show was supposed to be about NASCAR, it was a special version on NASCAR's last race day and in the previous was!

Something was going on, and maybe we will eventually get the story.

slithybill said...

Last year's morning edition of WT was nice, with everyone sitting in their director's chairs on the beach. I had expected the same thing today based on SPEED's promos.

I agree that F-1 had no place on this special NASCAR edition of WT. Instead of discussing F-1, they should have given the time to Ricky Rudd. But at least he got the "honor" of being the Last Call.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to hear DW's comments about the Car of Today and the taming of the drivers' personalities. I can't believe Despain didn't run with the topics. Hopefully "Jaws" will continue to express these thoughts next season.

And to cruxofthematter, I think the reason Allen Bestwick didn't let Carl Edwards take the mic Saturday night was because it was attached to Allen's waist and was on a very "short leash" as the marketing guy from Anheuser Busch noted.

Anonymous said...

You are dead right. The NASCAR sport as a whole suffers because the drivers, crew chiefs and owners also recognize Despain's disdain for NASCAR and it reflects in their input. More drivers would donate their input to the broadcasts if the host cared or knew diddley about the sport.

tom1194 said...

I think a lot of you are getting confused. NASCAR is not necessarily the same as the sport of racing. Dave loves racing but seems to see NASCAR, which once was the only way for the sport to be unified, as a threat to the sport. I agree with what I think Dave, Matt McLaughlin Tony Stewart and Bill Elliott from awhile back, have been vigorously saying for years. NASCAR is a show not the sport and the show is going downhill fast. Dave chooses to keep his integrity and not be another NASCAR yes man. If Dave is not allowed to speak his mind about the workings of NASCAR, he'll talk about something else. NASCAR needs some serious revisions to get it back on track. It won't happen because other writers, commentators and drivers need to be able to speak frankly about the show(NASCAR), give praise where it is due but also be able to give solid jabs when necessary. If reporters/hosts are not allowed to deliver solid reports as they feel they should, maybe they should talk about something else just to shake things up. It certainly worked here.
what will probably happen is soon another squeeky wheel will be silenced through behind the scene deals and pressure in the "right" places.

Robert said...

With all due respect, I disagree. I like Dave Despain, Robin Miller, et al... I like NASCAR just fine but SPEED CHANNEL has become NASCAR channel. One of the biggest reasons I watch Wind Tunnel is that I can get news about some of the other racing series in the US and World. Speed used to be a great channel with DTM, Aussie Supercars, etc. But no more - NOPI Tunervision and Pinks all out and all day long sometimes. Ugh!!!

Lowgap, NC

Ritchie said...

I agree that Dave definitely had a bad attitude during his shows yesterday, and that B.A. was certainly directed at NASCAR. I'm not sure which show it was but on one of the shows he took the time to lecture NASCAR fans that F1's popularity dwarfs NASCAR's. That felt very uncomfortable and awkward as a viewer, especially on the last day of the NASCAR season. Even today, after having a night's rest, I still can't follow what the point was or why he felt that it was important to tell us that. In fact, I can't say that either of his shows were really all that essential to NASCAR'S championship weekend.

When compared to the F1 championship weekend when Bob Varsha was a guest host,he did treat Mike Joy and Darrel Waltrip like unwanted guests. I remember on the morning show he said something about liking Mr. Waltrip because he always has an opinion. Then, in the next sentence he said Mr. Waltrip always comes to an interview with an agenda. Maybe he meant it in a good way, but I don't know how it could be construed that way. Then again, maybe he was simply getting Darrel mixed up with his brother, Michael. If that is the case, I completely understand his statement about interviews and agendas.

Anonymous said...

lets keep to blasting MR FRANCE and ESPN folks !! WE ALL KNOW that most of the headaches this year came from these 2 sources ,or a ridiculous combination thereof .

Anonymous said...

Very nice summation of the show!

In my opinion, Dave Despain is a mere shadow of what he used to be! Actually one never knows where he is coming from, or going to!

And while it is said he is always negative about NASCAR (which is very easily done these days), he appears to be under "orders" not to go to far criticising NASCAR!

Tom said...

Sorry, beating on Despain for adding a little OTHER info to a WT episode is just ridiculous. I have been a NASCAR fan for 25 years, but I happen to enjoy ALL forms of racing, and what I want is a show
that doesn't pretend that NASCAR is the only racing on the planet. I have been watching Despain since the days of MotorwWeek Illustrated and am very familiar with his style. What you perceive as his "Distain", control", and "unprofessional" are elements I don't see. Clearly, many top racers and media figure trust Despain (take Gordon's appearance). Does Despain
(quietly) take issue with NASCAR when guests (like Waltrip) bring up
issues? Sure! As he should. If we wanted Yes Men we can watch
any other show or listen to MRN announcers. JD, please do not fall into the trap that equates ESPN "Hype nonsense" with thoughtful criticism of a sport that clearly needs it.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I understand you point completely. When Dave is on WT and talking about racing, he is great.

As I said in an earlier post, I think it is time for SPEED to at least put another two hour edition of WT behind Inside NEXTEL Cup in 2008 so there is an opportunity to review the races other than NASCAR.

What I was trying to focus on in this column was the fact that this Sunday was NASCAR's championship day. The other series were done, this show was supposed to be about NASCAR, and every single guest was a NASCAR guest. Even the co-host.

Mike also knows a lot of other racing series, and talked about F-1with no problem, but the question is why?

If you look at the first post on this comment page, you can see what WT did in the past for the final NASCAR race.

So...what happened? Dave used to pass the ball and let people talk. Now, he is a control freak who must be in charge when NASCAR is being discussed...its weird.

I appreciate your comment and agree that more WT on SPEED is a good idea, maybe next season this show can travel to Homestead once again and put on the kind of program that SPEED did with the F-1boys in Indy.

Charlie said...

JD, I think that Dave and Wind Tunnel were, perhaps, a poor choice as a vehicle for a NASCAR-only themed show. Correct me if I'm wrong, but last year, WT was still a nightly show. Despain had more air time to fill and could more easily satisfy his open-wheel constituents - and more time for NASCAR-rich content. I think that he feels the need-pressure to keep those open wheel fans happy and watching because as a NASCAR show, WT has too much competition. I've spoken with Despain and I don't find him to be anti-NASCAR at all - as Robin Miller certainly is. Dave's a racing geek and would likely prefer to do a motorcyle show if the situation was right. Sunday was a bad programming decision, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

While I didn't see the show, it certainly sounds like an odd place to talk F-1 when you have DW and Mike Joy on. If even for a segment.

I like Despain. Though I rarely watch WT anymore, I do enjoy his style for the most part and typically like his interviewing style. Sounds like he may not have completely bought into what may have been forced on him. I'm sure he sees WT as his franchise and probably resents content being forced on him. Of course, I'm saying that not knowing if that's the case but it is presented as a " Homestead Special" on their program listing so one would assume.........

This article does remind me that Mike Joy is just THE Nascar guy on TV. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give him a weekly show!!!!

Daly Planet Editor said...


I think that is a great point. I would rather have seen an expanded edition of The Chase is On with Steve Byrnes or even just another NASCAR Live with JR and a lot of guests.

As the person who created "This Week in NASCAR with Eli Gold," it makes me crazy that the ability of the fans to directly interact with the drivers is almost gone.

One weekly show, just like the many on radio, that allowed fans to call in and ask questions directly to the top NASCAR stars would be a knock-out.

That is what I assumed this version of WT was going to be when I saw Mike in the studio and DW on the beach. But, instead the first call made NASCAR fans look like idiots and then it was F-1 time.

Maybe its time for a new call-in show with a Wendy or a Steve B. at the helm? Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Dave Despain should not have anything to do with Nascar. A person does not have to be blind to see that he does not care for Nascar at all so why does he even attempt to talk anything about it. He puts down the top names in Nascar any chance he gets such as Tony Stewart. He is not a Stewart fan which is fine, but he should learn to respect them even though he is not a fan and quit trying to insult the fans who are fans by degrading the top names in Nascar. He should also be taken off of Inside Nextel and let someone who does like or appreciate Nascar host the show, but, not him. I think at times his guest feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed DW's comments about what NASCAR has done to the sport and agreed with him on every point. It'd be exciting as heck if the championship was decided by the last five races instead of the last ten. Because or the clamping down on the spirited personalities, NASCAR has made it too 'vanilla'.

I can't help but think that the NASCAR peeps are really embarassed and ashamed of the history of the sport, that it got started by southern boys running moonshine. That the drivers used to get out of the cars and have a fight right there on the track probably horrifies them to no end nowadays.

To me, NASCAR seems so bent on making the sport so clean and pretty that they don't care what longtime fans they run off. They fail to remember that the longtime fans are a huge part of what got the sport where it is today. These same longtime fans are staying away from the tracks in droves and not watching the races on t.v.- probably in even bigger numbers.

What's interesting is that NASCAR is trying so hard to gain new fans by cleaning the sport up, not allowing any 'fireworks' between drivers and keeping controversy and 'dirty laundry' to such a minimum that their plan is not working and they don't seem to see this at all. Nor do they seem to care.

Now, about Dave Despain. If he detests NASCAR so much, why does he continue to host these shows? Yes, I know he probably has a contract that requires he do it but any on-air personality worth his salt has the freedom to ask to be removed from a show. At least I would THINK a host could do this.

Vince said...

There are a few posters on this subject that seem to have reading comprehension problems. Reread JD's article again. This version of WT was advertised and promo'd as a special NASCAR edition of the show. Not the regular version of WT. So of course most of us expected the show to be all about Nascar. When DD went off on a tangent with the F1 stuff I thought, WTF! It looked to me like he had his own agenda and didn't care if Mike Joy and DW were there for a NASCAR show.

I switched the show off when the F1 stuff started. I do like DD on his usual WT show on Sunday nights, but again, this was supposed to be about Nascar and it was advertised that way.

I personally think DD and Robin Miller are trying to do anything they can to talk down on Nascar and it's fans because now their precious open wheel drivers are starting to migrate to Nascar and that has them scared shitless.

Just my opinion. Anyway, good article JD. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I liked DW's comments on what NASCAR has wrong with it, this is the first time anyone had enough guts to openly tell NASCAR it really is begining to suck. Also on trading paint I loved it when Robin Miller told Kyle how screwed up nascar is. As far as F1 is concerened why do we even talk about it? as far as I can see it's a foreign sport no longer run in the U.S. even Mike Joy said he likes to see cars "pass" one another. Open wheel racing is going out of style, no one likes to weatch cars two or three minutes behind each other. How can anyone enjoy such boring stuff?

Anonymous said...

I've figured all along that Despain has naked pictures of someone high up at SPEED or he never would have gotten the INC gig. He hates NASCAR and they keep giving him more and more assignments with NASCAR. Stopped watching INC when Bestwick left. Mike Joy would be refreshing as that host.

Jon said...

Someone should point out to Dave that the reason F1 is not a big interest item in the USA is because of the blatant condesending snobbery by the series and their supporters.

I was like ?WTF? when Dave went off on how great F1 was, and how the Tee-Vee audience is sooooo much bigger and better than puny little NASCAR, and why their cheating scandal should be the 'story of the year'. WHO CARES?

We wanted to get our last dose of Stock Car racing for the year, not a lecture about the superiority of F1 and the billionaires that compete to see who can blow the most money. No more USGP anyway, and not many will miss it in my estimation.

SophiaZ123 said...

I enjoyed the Sunday AM show but thought the F1 stuff a bit odd considering the TIME and last day of NASCAR.

That said, and I mean no disrespect, people seem to hate people for whatever reason.

I have PERSONALLY heard, with my OWN TWO EARS, Robin Miller talk about how BORING the F1 races arw ..Rain almost flooded out the ones in Asia but F1 cars can race in the rain. I think it was the race in Montreal where Miller said in order to make the F1 races more exciting, they should bring out a garden hose to WATER the tracks! :)

He might have even made such a comment about the IRL as he rips into that series for a couple years due to the ongoing problems.

I like ALL forms of racing but ADMIT the road races of follow the leader are a bit of a snoozefest to me.

I also think it is totally, TOTALLY FINE to bash NASCAR as the POWERS THAT BE ain't listening to the fans tuning out and staying away from the races.

The fact Miller offered to bow down and worship DW for speaking up on a lot of the problem with NASCAR (COT, Chase and homogenizing personalities) showed me Miller does enjoy NASCAR folks.

Miller has a wicked personality...but just looking at him makes me laugh.

I also believe that "modern NASCAR" is trying to REWRITE HISTORY of the sport. That began with dumping of popular southern tracks, going HOLLYWOOD, and upping ticket prices, campground prices and hotels PRICE gouging getting out of hand. All of this is true as well and Mike Joy brought up the ticket and hotel price issue.

I wish DD would have WT as when I got SPEED last year he was down to one one hour show on Sunday night.

I did not realized DD HATES anybody but he does hate the way NASCAR is killing the spirit of the sport.

As miller said a few months ago and others are now saying, though more tactfully, WE NEED MORE HATE IN RACING!:-)

I guess we see what we 'want or choose' to see in writers and commentators. I enjoy all the guys listed in this article.

To be honest, my brother thinks Miller is NEGATIVE and another guy thinks THIS SITE IS VERY NEGATIVE (the writer)

Well, as somebody who READS all the articles as well as the posts by others, one might say we are ALL NEGATIVE. But JD also praises when it is do, as do we.

Sometimes, life is what you make it but if there is one thing that sure needs fixing, it's NASCAR.

We have tried playing nicely and being polite in criticism and it's gotten us nothing but more dreadful, deplorable, run-the-fans-off coverage.

I shall be listening closely to see if INDEED NASCAR wakes up to the fact, they have a problem with DISENCHANTED FANS?

Or do they go along with their cash covered blinders and continue to thumb their noses at us while allowing ESPN to do the same.

This is just my two cents.

Ok, a buck and a half! ;-)

p.s. Aside from a few passing articles on line from Jayski, THIS SITE seems to be the ONLY one with the guts to TAKE ON NASCAR. I am sure this causes grief for our fearless webmeister but what I want to know is WHY?

Why is NOBODY ELSE griping about ESPN and TPTB at NASCAR?

Will they yank media credentials if one dares to speak the TRUTH and address the white elephant in the room?

That's why I love this site...JD reflects how MANY OF US FEEL about what is happening to NASCAR.

Personally, I feel the sport is betraying all of us on a variety of levels. Folks who have been watching this sport for decades will attest to that

PammH said...

Yes, credentials have been pulled by Nascar for negative comments! Matt McLaughlin for one-rite after Big E's death. Monte Dunne comes very close to crossing the line frequently. David Poole sucks up just enough to stay on Nascar's good side. I read ALOT of Nascar stuff. Sorry this is abit off-topic, JD-but there are articles out there critical of Nascar & the TV coverage besides yours

SophiaZ123 said...

Thanks Pammh...I just see the OCCASSIONAL negative stuff about NASCAR online.

David Poole lost me forever when he bragged about ESPN having enough equipment to land the space shuttle...yet not enough cameras to go around the track and SHOW US THE RACE.

Yet not enough radios to give us FOLLOW UP on crashes or engine problems.

Not enough common sense to give us a run through the field.

Not enough common sense to talk about ALL THE DRIVERS.

Oy vey, I still get mad when I think about his article.

I was not into NASCAR until 2004 so am not familiar with what went on in the industry writing insight after Earnhardt's death.

But thanks for clarifying things for me.

Accept for the person that does the Cheers and Jeers, I see little sniping about the coverage....well except for the classic comment by R Miller that he would pay to get Rusty Wallace out of the booth.

I have heard NASCAR likes to "control the written word on the sport" which is why many of us are left COMPLETELY FLUMMOXED why NASCAR allows such SLOPPY coverage of the races and the sport on their N Now shows.

Daly Planet Editor said...

New column is up about INC.

GinaV24 said...

I taped the show to watch later and was really pleased and suprised to hear DW make his comments about the problems that NASCAR is facing. Didn't he get the memo? NASCAR doesn't have any problems, everything is wonderful if you believe Hollywood France and Helton and the rest of the shills for NASCAR. I'll bet that DW gets into trouble for it and will change his tune by Daytona -- then he will be singing the same song that Larry, Moe and Curly were singing on the RACEDAY show -- everything is wonderful, the emperor's clothes are so beautiful! Despain doesn't like NASCAR, he'd rather talk about any other form of racing and resents the heck out of having to do it. However, if it was supposed to be a NASCAR themed show, then I would expect him to be a professional and act like one in presenting the material. And he does have serious control issues -- on INC, he just can't stand it when they guys act up -- and it's the silliness and the insider talk that I tune in for -- it's called Inside Nextel Cup for a reason! I want to hear that part, not follow the script. DD's little digs get old really fast. Most NASCAR fans know that there are problems facing the sport, it's a shame that NASCAR refuses to acknowledge them and actually change things for the better. They have made it quite clear that the only thing that's important is the money coming into the France family's coffers. Trouble is, they seem to have forgotten that it is the fan's that are the golden geese in this scenario and if they turn off, tune out and quit going to races -- there will be NO money coming in -- who wil they race for -- the sponsors? And I agree that making the drivers all be "vanilla" makes things a lot less interesting -- a little hate would be a good thing -- true rivalry between racers at the least- I'm a Gordon fan and the lovefest between Gordon and Johnson during the Chase made ME sick. I usually like WT even when DD annoys me, but when he gets too cranky, well, I can get that anywhere, so I vote with my remote, just like I've been doing with the race coverage since TNT took it over.

Anonymous said...

Was sorry when Despain took over Inside Nextel Cup.

Hope NASCAR was listening to DW's comments. He hit the nail on the head with almost all his comments. GO DW!!!

Desmond said...

I missed the show, but I have just read Darrell Waltrip's takes on the various NASCAR issue.

I say, bless you DW!

Now just get rid of your boogity-boogity-boogity and all will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

nascar get back to racing get rid of all the endless taking

Anonymous said...

nascar get back to racing get rid of all the endless taking

Anonymous said...

i think if jeff gordon had a crew cheif like chad he would win alot more he did when ray was his crew cheif. rkjohnston if dont beleive me just ask me...or any other jeff gordon fan...