Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Got Time And You Got Questions: Ask Away

Since I have some time this afternoon, and since there have been so many questions popping-up in the comments, let's start a brief Q&A session to see how many we can get answered.

To ask your NASCAR TV question, just click on the COMMENTS button below, and follow the instructions. I will respond in the comments column as soon as possible.

If we get this thread going, then I will try to carry it over to Wednesday. Thanks again for all your great comments about the past four days of NASCAR TV, now ask away!

Note: Thanks for all the great questions and a great afternoon of conversation. We will open a Q&A tomorrow afternoon for several hours.


Anonymous said...

Not really a question about tv coverage per se, but why did the ESPN crew seem to act surprised on Sunday that the race was going to end after sunset? It seemed to be one of their bigger "developing" stories of the day.

w17scott said...

Mr. Editor,
It certainly seems the NN host has near-total control of content each week ...at least it seems evident since the show moved in a very different and positive direction when Allen Bestwick and Ryan Burr hosted ...even Marty Reid was credible and the topics were current and relevant despite his grounding in NHRA this season. The question, "How much control does the host have for NASCAR Now and INC?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:38PM,

I think that the drama it added to the telecast worked for them. All of us who are fans knew this was going to happen, but they seem to be catering to the "casual fan" a lot this season.


That is a great question. It seems that when Mr. Kuselias is on, the tone and content of the show are aimed at the "casual fan," but when either Burr or Reid are on, it is hardcore NASCAR news all the way.

Since this has been going on all season, in fact we have been calling this show "bi-polar," we can only surmise that the host has a lot of input.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your extra time. It's lunchtime and I have time to ask before your Q&A gets jam-packed -yay! Bringing this over from the NASCAR Now comments, about there being no NASCAR Now wrapup show until midnight after the Homestead race - when ESPN and ESPN Classic have no live events between 8-midnight, and ESPN2's live events end at 9:30 PM and go to poker repeats.

"ESPN has *three* channels that could provide in-depth post-race championship finale coverage on Sunday November 18 and none of them are doing it.

Instead there's the car auction (ESPN), poker, which appears to be reruns (ESPN2), and the football movie 'Neccesary Roughness' which is showing **twice in a row!!** from 8pm-Midnight (ESPN Classic)."

Are these schedules firm or could ESPN choose to move the car auction, poker, or movie within the next two weeks to air NASCAR Now from Homestead within an hour or two after the race?. Is there some sort of contract in place where these shows have to air, since they apparently not live events?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:57PM,

They are firm and were decided months in advance.

ESPN has two groups of program schedulers. One works long term to deal with issues like start times of live events conflicting on the same days, and even oversees contracts that may run for years.

The second group deals with the short term schedules, which are usually six months out, and then reviewed for three months out. You can see on the ESPN.com program schedule it is usually only three months ahead.

One big issue is that ESPN was doing fine without NASCAR. This entire sport had to be inserted into a group of networks that had been having regularly scheduled events in these exact timeslots for years.

As we saw this season with Tennis, Little League World Seies, and even the National Scrabble Finals. That was my favorite.

The fact that there will be no one hour wrap-up show on the Monday after Homestead boggles the mind. This is a TV contract of hundreds of millions of dollars for ESPN, and you would think that they would want to use their "flagship" NASCAR news show to pay it off the day after the last race.

Good question my friend.

Anonymous said...


You mentioned in a prior post that Mike Helton's concern for the integrity of NASCAR has led him, in the past, to get tough with media outlets who he believes are doing an unsatisfactory job covering the sport. My question, given the countless problems both you and readers have pointed out with ESPN, what kinds of things might Helton (or another NASCAR executive) mandate that ESPN change between now and next July?

I know many readers would like to see Rusty Wallace, Brad Daugherty and/or Jerry Punch get the short haircut, but there are obviously contractual obligations that must be honored.

Thanks for the consideration.

Unknown said...

JD, thanks for the invite, much appreciated.

As stated previously, Dave Dispain and whinneyWaltrip needs to go... INC needs to STAY with Kenny as the Host of the show. It would be so much more fun, exciting and much more informative with Kenny at the helm.

Yes, as you can tell, I am a HUGE Kenny fan... my opinions are solely based on Kenny's abilities and knowledge it takes to Host this show...



Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:05PM,

NASCAR addresses the basics and works back from there.

One issue this season for Fox, TNT, and ESPN has been not showing the cars on the track finishing the race. It happened just this weekend on the Busch race.

The network showed two split-screen boxes with Kevin Harvick in one winning the race, and Carl Edwards in the other winning the championship. It was ridiculous.

No other cars were shown finishing, and viewers could not tell what lap the drivers were on, or where they were on the track.

Showing the cars in the race cross the finish line is a fundamental issue for NASCAR. If the viewer at home is seeing less than the fan at the track, there is an issue.

When Kyle Petty finished third at Charlotte in the Coca-Cola 600 driving the Coke Zero car for Petty Racing and he was not shown on TV, all hell broke loose.

It is this type of simple issue of missing restarts for three minute commercial breaks, putting announcers and others on-camera during green flag racing, and leaving after the race without even interviewing the winner that will be on the agenda.

Wouldn't you like to be in on those meetings?

Unknown said...

In regard to ESPN, opps one last note...

IMHO, Rusty and Jerry both need a new job... their opinions pretty much stink and they seem to "argue" with either too much. We, the fans, want facts that are true not some made up stories that these two try to persuade people to think.

ESPN coverage of the post race is purely pathetic... if they are going to do the race, they need to do it all!



Daly Planet Editor said...


If you mean Kenny Wallace, he is a lot of fun but the host position for this show requres a TV person who is familiar with the TV skills of hosting.

There is a lot of conversation going-on in their ear, a lot of prep work including meetings and video editing, and a lot of "herding" the drivers back to something close to the topic at hand.

When Kenny was on this show, it began his TV career. He has worked very hard to keep himself active in the media scene. As he gets a little bit older, it would be nice to see him invest some educational time toward learning more TV skills, as I think he has a unique ability to relate to a large portion of the NASCAR fan base.

stricklinfan82 said...

Any words on ESPN's plans for the week leading up to Ford Championship Week at Homestead?

I think you mentioned that Speed has big plans in store for us but I haven't heard anything about ESPN doing anything special to cover the biggest, if not certainly the 2nd biggest, week of the NASCAR season. Any insights?

Unknown said...

JD... NO, I am NOT referring to Kenny Wallace... (sorry I should have specified)

Kenny SCHRADER, thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions, if I may.

Could it be that Erik K's contract language requires ESPN to retain him as the primary host of NASCAR Now?

Also, is there such a thing as a NASCAR broadcast minimum standard? Perhaps something that requires at least posting the finishing order prior to signing off? If not, could there be?

I apologize if they are redundant questions.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Daly, I would like to know what you think of ESPN's use of the espn.com crew of Marty Smith, Terry Blount, David Newton, and Angelique Chengelis.

I ask because ESPN is making a very big and expensive run at a lot of famous sports columnists like Rick Reilly from SI. I was really surprised that they just landed JA Adande, the great NBA columnist from the LA times. Not only is he writing on ESPN.com, he's on all the NBA shows, Sportscenter, and he even has a three minute "JA Adande Lounge" on TV and online, where he talks all things NBA.

My question is why aren't the NASCAR espn.com people getting the same oppurtunities across NASCAR (they barely get them on NASCAR Now!) You can tell that JA is a TV newcomer and is not quite comfortable yet, but they're still giving him the airtime to improve. Obivously they believe in the potential. Why don't the NASCAR reporters columnists get a chance like that? thanks.

Unknown said...

I see very few mediums for fans to get to directly comment about poor coverage on television. Is there a way to directly send complaints about things to NASCAR about the situation?

Daly Planet Editor said...


I think KS's days might be numbered on that show unless he finds himself a fulltime ride for 2008. I would love to see him move over to the host position, but that does not seem to be something that he would like to do.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:23PM,

He is there at ESPN's discretion.

Currently, there are no big "manual" of TV standards for NASACAR like other sports, it would probably be impossible.

You should see the NBA manual..wow!

Unknown said...

JD... why would Kenny Schrader need a full time ride in 2008 to be the Host of INC? Dave Dispain does not have a ride of any kind!

Did anyone ask KennyS if he was interested in Hosting fulltime?

KennyS would be an absolute asset to INC!!

Thanks for your time and comments,


stricklinfan82 said...

One more quick question JD,

I was wondering who has control of the in-car camera directing (i.e switching from roof cam to bumper cam, or panning the cameras)?

NASCAR Hotpass and the normal TV broadcast network have the same access to the in-car camera shots and I was wondering who had ultimate control over the directing of each in-car camera. Are the Hotpass directors at the mercy of the directing decisions of the ESPN/TNT/Fox directors or vice versa? Or are the in-car cameras directed independently and out of the control of both the TV network director and the Hotpass directors?

Anonymous said...

JD, thanks for answering questions.

From what they have shown us, ESPN has spent a mega fortune in all types of equipment and gadgets in preparation for broadcasting NASCAR.

It seems that they have lacked the personnel to do it. It's like having the wrong person for certain jobs.

Are they able to offer contracts to personnel from other stations? These people would not be competing with ESPN, because they would only work in their off season. I speaking about some of the guys that work for Fox.

I think it's terrible that ESPN seems to have a truckload of people to do the races. It's hard to warm up to so many people. And then they never seem to be a team.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is a weird question but it has been bothering me for the whole time I have watched NASCAR, almost three years.

During practice, qualifying, prerace and the race, the pit/garage reporters do a lot of driver/crew interviews, right? While many of them end the interviews by saying a quick "thanks" or "thank you", there are a few who absolutely WILL NOT say thank you to the person they are interviewing. They turn back to the camera and say some summary comments or something (I don't know what you call it) and usually the driver is just sort of standing there, not knowing if the interview is over or if they should move -you can tell it in their facial expression. I could name specific reporter names, but out of politeness I won't.

It's sooooo rude and awkward! And they can't say that reporters don't/shouldn't do that. The sideline reporters in college basketball (mens/womens) say thanks and then turn and start talking back to the camera all the time.I don't watch a lot of pro basketball, but when I do it seems like when the sideline reporter grabs a player at the half for a quick comments, they ususally say thank you.

Is it really that hard? Do they think it makes them look unprofessional or subservient (sp?)Maybe it is/does, but I hope they know it bothers some people! sorry for the weird question. :-)

Anonymous said...

We know that it's a given that football will always beat al sports. Right now we have the NBA and they just live with it.

What are the possibilities that in a few years NASCAR would offer most races in fall, on Saturdays (not neccesarily nights)? Surely NCAA football is not as big a competitor. Are the ratings for Saturday night races good?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:26PM,

Both JA and Mike Wilbon hit it big, Wilbon to the tune of two million dollars a year...nice.

As this was the first year back in NASCAR for ESPN, it was clearly a disaster for them in the studio.

They quietly fired Doug Banks, who is a big time radio host for ABC, and kept Kuselias, who doubles as a fill-in on ESPN Radio. Neither of these two men had been to a NASCAR race, or knew anything at all about the sport.

Despite his protests, Tim Cowlishaw is not and has never been a NASCAR writer. He is a fan just like Brad Daugherty who also happens to write a column for the Dallas Morning News. In the studio, he is making steam come out of the ears of the "real" NASCAR Insiders with his wild rants and claims.

All four of the NASCAR Now Insiders have put in good seasons, with Terry Blount and Marty Smith leading the way. Blount is great with Ryan Burr, and Marty has the potential to be a NN show host in the future. They both have the personalities for TV.

I think Jayki being in the mix has caused a weird dynamic for ESPN. Instead of getting behind him, and integrating the NASCAR Insiders into his site, ESPN has kept them on ESPN.com only. When is the last time you heard the ESPN-owned Jayski.com mentioned on NASCAR Now? That would be never.

There has to be a re-shuffling of .com resources and people for next season, I certainly would like to see Jayski become a player in that, instead of an outcast.

Daly Planet Editor said...


The problem is having the TV skills to be the host, he would need a fulltime ride to continue as a panelist.


Daly Planet Editor said...


I am told that BSI, the in-car camera company, routes the full in-car feed to each truck so that both the Hot Pass and TV network have all the angles for their use.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:38PM,

ESPN demands that anyone who works for them on this package on both ESPN and ABC remain exclusive to them. Only a really good agent can get around that little nugget.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:49PM,

That is one of my biggest pet peeves. You will always see the old style veterans like Bestwick and Berggren say thank you, but that style is quickly giving way to the Jamie Little style of "I am done with you now just stand there awkwardly while I finish" interviews.

That is one reason the NASCAR boys were not too pleased with ESPN this season. Remember when Mike Massaro got pushed to keep talking to Junior after he was just pushed out of the Chase? That was brutal.

Anonymous said...

Why is ESPN so committed to using their in-house (and largely Nascar-ignorant) staff on Nascar broadcasts? Do they believe these folks will attract "casual" ESPN viewers to watch Nascar?

I don't get it. From my easychair it looks like their picking the perfect strategy to alienate the existing Nascar fan base...

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:54PM,

Its not Saturdays that are the solution, its night time.

The night races are the big hope of NASCAR, but right now the TV network schedule and the facilities without lights are hampering the issue.

Nothing will serve this sport better than moving more of the Cup races under the lights.

Daly Planet Editor said...


It was purely safety, comfort, and control. We have seen ESPN bypass some of the top names in the sport to use in-house folks who do not know Rich Bickle from Dick Trickle!

Anonymous said...

Two questions, please:
1)Any way to find out if FOX/FX will bring back the show NASCAR Drivers:360 or ESPN2 will bring back NASCAR Drivers: Nonstop?

2)I saw that Joey Logano is getting his own diecasts in preparation for his mid-season Nationwide series debut next season. He's the first driver not in the top three series to get a Motorsports Authentics diecast/licensing program. The annoucement also says: 'MA will produce a series of t-shirts, hats and other apparel as demand dictates between now and Logano’s trek toward Sprint Cup.'

Do you think it would be a good idea or a bad idea for ESPN to hype him as one of the faces or the face of the Nationwide series for 2008? I don't know if they have plans to do it, but if this kid is getting his own diecast from the company co-owned by the Frances and Bruton Smith, it wouldn't surprise me if that process is underway.

I kind of hate one athlete getting all the hype unless they've won some championships because they might fizzle out too early. But I guess the Nationwide Series needs all the help it can get -what do you think? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does NASCAR have statistical people to provide their on-camera folks stats on whomever they are talking to? Like through an ear piece?

I notice that when watching football or baseball, they will thank the guys providing them stats during the broadcast.

I'm reminded of Mike Massaro talking to Dale Jr. and asking practically offensive questions about some people's opinion that he is really not a good driver. Jr. answer was great, but I wanted to slap Mike. Jr. is pretty much in line with his famous father, as far as wins and poles. He's way ahead of Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte, and many others.

Unknown said...

Hi JD,

Thank you for opening up your time to day to answer questions.

I am curious to know if NASCAR will again be inserting TNT into the summer schedule next year. I felt that was a little odd and it didn't give that group time to "gel" together.

Also, what do you think the chances are the NASCAR will move the races to its own network when these contracts expire?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 3:36PM,

Nothing that I have seen has either of those shows returning.

Joey is going to be ESPN's first "cause" now that they have stumbled across the Grand National Series, which took us all year to get them to notice.

Look for tons of hype all around him, as well as several Cup starts.

Anon 3:37PM,

The Pit Producer and Producer have access to all the computer info during the race that includes all the stats. They talk directly into the pit reporter's ear if they want some additional questions asked.


TNT will be back with their six race package for 2008.

slithybill said...

I'm also surprised that NASCAR Now isn't on the day after Homestead. I guess since it's airing on the mighty ESPN at 10:00pm following the Homestead race that should be enough for us fans. And they're giving us an extra 15 minutes of NASCAR Countdown prior to Homestead!

At least ESPN2 is doing a review of the Cup season on November 25th. That starts at 1:30pm ET and is followed at 2:00pm by a 30-minute review of the Busch season. Wow. 30 whole minutes per series. That's less than 1 minute per race.

Meanwhile, ESPN Classic will take 6 hours on the same day to re-run the races from Watkins Glen and Kansas.

Why won't ESPN give us NASCAR fans the respect we deserve? Are the ratings that bad?

TexasRaceLady said...

JD, has word trickled down the grapevine as to the reason the race started early on Sunday?

Daly Planet Editor said...


My understanding is that ESPN2 is doing a thirty minute NASCAR Now, their normal show, at midnight on Sunday/Monday after the race.

There is no one hour show on Monday, or any one hour show to wrap things up.

Anonymous said...

In Sunday's raceday thread comments, this was a very good comment:
"ann ominous said...
That was one of the few good things about NASCAR Nation - they showed drivers making charity appearances.

But that show was all fluff. Nobody can seem to get the right mix of news and fluff."

When is SPEED or ESPN going to put together a show that can get the right mixture of news and "fluff"? They're missing a big market.

Example: Juan Pablo Montoya signed autographs and his crew pumped gas for customers at a Texaco station in Texas last week and there was a funny writeup in the paper about it. I'm sure drivers do this stuff all the time. Why can't we see it so fans can see the drivers in a more relaxed setting on TV and get more exposure to them?

Daly Planet Editor said...

TX race lady,

That is the question of the moment, which no one can answer. The TV guys are puzzled, the media types are puzzled, and certainly all the folks who got affected by that decision are puzzled.

Once again, if anyone out there who knows cares to help us a bit, we would all like to know what happened.

Anonymous said...

just wondering here JD.... have all of your old friends at the networks gotten to you that you no longer write reviews about the races? you had a pretty cool website that talk about NASCAR TV, which I feel has now become just a bickering session for 40 to 50 people. after reading through 30 posts about whether the football game on espn2 is going to end on time, maybe one person asks or makes a good remark. Did you really buckle to the pressure? why the change in the way you worked your webpage?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:22PM,

It is a crying shame that this sport has suddenly been presented on TV as a bunch of guys who just show-up and race. That is just so wrong.

The reality of this entire season has slipped away with no network stepping up and following the sport like they care.

We have seen both SPEED and now ESPN take whacks at daily shows, and fail miserably.

Just think, if ESPN got a downtown Mooresville storefront, made a big deal out of them being there, and had a crowd outside like the Today Show, NN would rock.

In today's digital world, they could access the ESPN servers from this location, and establish a NASCAR beach-head which could become a destination for both teams and fans.

From Toys for Tots all the way up to the Victory Junction Gang Camp, the NASCAR world is spinning all the time, even in the off-season.

Eventually, NASCAR will come to their senses and explore creating their own Cable TV network mixed with a simulcast on InternetTV. This is the only way to control the content, and save the sport from its slow decline.

One interactive and fan friendly TV network would be a very good start.

Anonymous said...

How are the on-board cameras assigned?

For instance, Michael Waltrip always has an on-board camera if he makes the race. Why would ESPN or FOX place one on him considering his situation?

Is it money driven?

Daly Planet Editor said...

midwest race fan,

We decided to open in-progress comments because of the amount of email we were receiving during the races. This has been both positive and negative.

The original intent of the site was simply to be a daily posted column with follow-up comments from readers.

The site averages over five thousand views a day, with sometimes over ten thousand on the race days and Monday.

As we look to 2008, we are evaluating the best way to mix columns about selected NASCAR TV programs and still allow fans to post TV comments while races are in-progress.

We are leaning toward establishing a forum for the in-progress comments, as well as other specific topics.

That will allow the columns to return to talking about one issue, and getting comments on that issue.

My TV friends are just like everybody else, some of them love the fact that we are recognizing them for their hard work, and others are angry that someone is now looking over their shoulder.

It certainly has been interesting to see how the mainstream media flees from this subject of NASCAR TV at the drop of a hat.

When you miss the winning pass at Talladega on national TV and you are The Worldwide Leader In Sports, you figure it might show-up somewhere in the sports pages.

Where it showed-up was right here. I am proud of what we have done, and if it goes away tomorrow, it was worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

How are the ratings figured when it comes to the DVR/TIVO's out here being used? For exmaple, a lot of us are taping the pre-race shows on ESPN/ABC AND on speed. I might only watch a part of each show but usually end up deleting the ESPN/ABC pre-race show. (usually as soon as I hear that song, you know the one)

When I record both shows, does it count both for the ratings or am I even included in the rating equation?

Anonymous said...

In order to be counted for ratings purposes, you must hve either a Nielsen meter or a diary.

If you don'tt have one of those--and you'd know if you did--what you watch isn't counted at all toward the ratings figures.

Unknown said...

Though I didn't use it on Sunday, I noticed that the race was also broadcast in Spanish on SAP. Does anyone know who they used for the announcers?


Daly Planet Editor said...


Funny you should ask that. Along with other Daly Planet readers, we tried to switch over to the Spanish language broadcast, only to be told by our TV's that there was no Spanish audio feed available.

I have no idea if ESPN Deportes carried the race, but there certainly was no simulcast by my South Florida ABC affiliate in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

The difference between a Ryan Burr/AB, heck even Marty Reed seemed to flow so much better than the Erik K shows...

Is this not something they would notice at ESPN jd?

If it is something they'd notice, why is erik K still a host?


Anonymous said...

For Nielsen viewers (those viewers assigned a diary or meter), the shows you watch on your DVR the same day it's recorded are registered in the overnight ratings. Those ratings are available the next day.

There are two other main ratings now: Live + 3 Day DVR viewing (viewer watches recording within 3 days; ratings available within one week) and Live + 7 Day DVR Viewing (viewer watches recording within 7 days; ratings available within 3 weeks). Nielsen and the networks are finding this additional DVR data can make a difference of two million viewers or more on certain shows. it's currently causing all kinds of problems for networks in recognizing what shows are truly successful since it takes 3 weeks to get those ratings.

However DVR use rarely affects ratings on sports events, which are usually watched the day they are recorded.

Sorry to butt in John; thanks for the Q&A.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I think they are just letting him ride out the season. He is a fulltime guy who also fills in on the radio a lot and is of value to them.

I hope he finds a fulltime gig there that works for him, he is a good talk radio guy because he challenges everyone and has a very analytical mind (he is a lawyer, after all).

In his bio he certainly appears to be a nice family guy, but just a fish out of water on NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

Marty Reid hosts NASCAR Now tonight and on Wednesday and Thursday as well. Could this be the end of EK? Tonight's show is about how we could make NASCAR better. David Poole, Marty Smith, and Jeff Burton will discuss with Marty Reid.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you could understand what I was asking.. Mercy do I need to spell check and edit before hitting "publish your comment".

Well, I hope your right about them just letting Erik the clueless (as far as NASCAR to be fair) ride out the season. With Marty Reid hosting 3 shows this week, its probably a good guess that Ryan Burr will be in there to close out the week. That certainly is good news. Cause I have to tell you, if I tune into the first NASCAR Now of the season next year and Erik is the host, I would probably never watch the show again, and I'm sure I would not be alone.

Another question I have is this, with the likes of John Kernan (NHRA) and Bob Jenkins (something like the 'Indy level 2 series') still employed by ESPN, why are these men not involved with the NASCAR package? It truly baffles this fans mind they are not involved. I hear Bob Jenkins calls from years past and yearn to have him back in the booth.. Both men were the best of the best IMO...

Daly Planet Editor said...

No irony there...huh?

Anonymous said...

Marty, were GLAD TO BE STUCK with you for the next 3 nights...


Newracefan said...

Marty Reid on Nascar now today. Started out with " how to make Nascar better" Wow but him as host wasn't one and then when listing all the topics did not relate to TV.. But they have Burton, Marty Smith, David Poole, Helton not avail. OMG this might be a great show. I need to stop and watch

Anonymous said...

JD, until this season, I understood that SPEED was moving toward being the NASCAR station and was a stalking horse for an exclusive NASCAR station, but this year it seems that SPEED has actually cut back on its NASCAR coverage, except on the weekend. What happened - or was I misinformed? Thanks.

w17scott said...

Mr. Editor -
Great format tonight ...enjoyed Marty Reid's near lack of control over input, but very professional to let everyone be heard ...what a kick with three highly qualified 'guests' ...fantastic expressions from Marty as the comments kept flying

Anonymous said...

poor marty, some of these questions are horrible...


Anonymous said...

I have a question related to this new episode of NASCAR Now. While I'm so excited about this episode (true content!!) I could scream, I was taken aback when Marty Reid introduced the discussion by calling NASCAR "The country's second largest sport".

My question: how can an anchor get away with spouting PR swill? Shouldn't an anchor be very careful in the facts they use? It's not the #2 sport in revenue or attendance and it's not the number #2 sport on TV in cumulative weekly ratings (the NBA and MLB complained to NASCAR about using that phrase a few years back, though they continue to use it and people continue to parrot it.) That's not going to make people like me who care about facts and figures warm up to him if he toes the party line.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Going to take a break to deal with this NASCAR Now issue before my email tops one hundred in thirty minutes....always interesting in TV land.

Anonymous said...

JD, I noticed something different about the music video that airs before the opening intro on INC. The music in the intro at the midnight airtime was different than the music at the 8pm airtime. I also notice this same situation with the "rear view mirror" segment on NASCAR victory lane. The music is always different in the re-air than in the original air time. I have not seen this done with any other TV show. Is there any particular reason why this is done?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

JD, will the writers strike effect anyone anywhere in NASCAR TV?

Anonymous said...

Daly Planet Editor said...

Funny you should ask that. Along with other Daly Planet readers, we tried to switch over to the Spanish language broadcast, only to be told by our TV's that there was no Spanish audio feed available.

I have no idea if ESPN Deportes carried the race, but there certainly was no simulcast by my South Florida ABC affiliate in Spanish.

November 6, 2007 5:24 PM

There was no Spanish SAP in San Diego either. I mentioned this on the "in-progress" board and someone also confirmed they could not get this Spanish version in Atlanta either. I checked the schedule for ESPN deportes and they did not cover the race.

JD, Why would ESPN say that this Spanish version was available when it seems like no one was able to get it.

Anonymous said...

Billy Delyon said...
poor marty, some of these questions are horrible...


November 6, 2007 6:17 PM

According to the fine people on this blog...It is the host who is the one makes the questions or is that just the thought when EK is on??

Anonymous said...

Does ESPN rely on the November sweeps to set their rates? If so, why haven't they invested more of an effort to improve their telecasts since it would affect their revenue?

Anonymous said...

Having a NASCAR TV station has been mentioned. I read today that the NFL continues fo have problems getting their network included in the basic-channel package or even carried on cable at no extra charge to the cable subscribers.
And this is after 4 years from the powerful NFL.

My question: Are there lessons that NASCAR has learned on this uphill battle by the NFL? Did the NFL make mistakes that can be avoided?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for all your good questions today, I will open a new Q&A forum tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Why did ABC insist on showing every one of Jeff & Jimmie's pitstops ... even when they were NOT in the top 3 or 4 (or even top 20) ?? We all know that they're the only ones who have a chance to win the championship ... All this did was frustrate & irritate the fans of the other 41 drivers in the race ... It's an insult to the other drivers too ...

Add in everytime they pulled the "points standings as of now" bit ...

ABC has proven they don't care about the fans or the other 41 drivers or all of their sponsors ...

Are they even at all surprised that the ratings are down for the last 5 weeks?? I'm not ... And as long as there is a Hendrick dominance, the ratings will continue to slip ...

Karen said...

I'm confused. You can listen to MRN on Nascar.com website? If so, would someone clue me in how to do that? I didn't see anyplace to click on radio.


Anonymous said...

JD, thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment. I really like your comments on the shows and most of it is dead on in my book. I just hate all the bickering back in forth that has come of the in race chat rooms. I like your ideas for 2008. I'll keep checking your site out. I'm a huge nascar fan. can you believe ESPN didn't show kevin harvick cross the line at texas. THEY SUCK! where is FOX when you need them!!!!

midwest race fan

Anonymous said...

KAREN- I did listen to last Friday's Truck race off NASCAR.com, but I'm not positive how I did so. I just went to NASCAR.com and if you go to RACES and then on the right click on either Busch or Truck there is a Radio Broadcast item which does not show when you are looking at the Nextel Cup screen under Races. Maybe Busch or Truck radio broadcast is free, but for Nextel Cup you have to use a pay service. Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

I'm confused. You can listen to MRN on Nascar.com website? If so, would someone clue me in how to do that? I didn't see anyplace to click on radio.

You have to pay. It's part of the Trackpass package on nascar.com. It comes with Raceview or Pitcommand or you can sign up for the stand-alone Scanner package. You get MRN, plus all the drivers communication and the officials radio channel

Anonymous said...

The reason the music is changed on the open of INC and the rear view mirror on Victory Lane is because both shows re-air and popular music can not air more than once without extra cost.

Anonymous said...

"While many of them end the interviews by saying a quick "thanks" or "thank you", there are a few who absolutely WILL NOT say thank you to the person they are interviewing. ... I could name specific reporter names, but out of politeness I won't."

I'm not that polite.;) Bob Dilner, Mike Massaro, Jamie Little, Marty Snider (NBC/TNT) have been most guilty of this on the Cup broadcast level IMO. Wendy Venturini is great, but she forgets to say thank you more often than not. At least she remembers sometimes, the others I mentioned never say it.

It really annoys me too.

Question: who decides if the prerace shows are going to be 1 hour or 1/2 hour and why? Sometimes FOX, TNT and ABC have are on for an hour prerace (entirely too long) and other times 1/2 that.