Monday, January 14, 2008

DW Gets The Last Word

Here we go. DW got the last word on my column about pre-race and infield hosts for NASCAR races on TV. Click here and then read the "Oh, by the way" segment.

It is frustrating when someone completely misses the point of a column. But, I guess I should take some comfort in the fact that he read it. First, someone sabotaged the Fox Sports "boogity" poll and now suddenly I am attacking Chris Myers.

Is it February 1st yet?


Anonymous said...

DW said:
"This isn't about business, it's about friendship."


And that's why he can't see that Myers is not the best thing for the broadcast--because he's looking at Myers as a friend.

red said...

i'm just sayin' . . . if those 75 people who gather each tuesday to review the race coverage think that what's being broadcast is the best that everyone can do? well, then mr dw, that might be a clue to the problem right there, doncha think? maybe ask 75 random FANS what we think each week, not just your friends. i suspect you'd get a far different version of that week's race coverage.
as anon11:15am said: it shouldn't be about friendship. it should be about being a professional at what one is being paid to do and executing, week in and week out. lord knows the teams have to perform. why not the broadcast teams as well?

Andy Marquis said...

I'm no Chris Myers fan, but he's better than Suzy Kolber and Mark Fein by leaps and bounds. He adapted to his role quicker than Fein (who only had 6 weeks but still never seemed to grasp the concept of racing) and Suzy Kolber.

elena said...

JD, you say that it's frustrating that DW completely missed the point of your column. But as I read the many, many replies fans sent in, it seemed that most readers here also felt the way DW did. I guess there was a disconnect between what you meant and what a large portion of your readers understood.

Are you being funny or do you mean that DW is not being truthful about the sabotage on his boogity poll?

Daly Planet Editor said...


I guess he was just having a tough day.


Anonymous said...

That poll was sabotaged. Polls like that can be easily sabotaged with a macro. It's happened before and it happened again - when votes start pouring in in that amount over a small period of time, that's a clue. And DW is right about the poll results before that being about the same as in previous years. Not sure if your comment on the poll was meant as a joke.

As for his thoughts on Chris Meyers, I'm not surprised that he feels the need to support a co-worker and friend and get his thoughts out there. Steve Byrnes did the same thing during the Carl Edwards issue. I may not always agree with DW, but I respect his opinion. Like Elena said, it seems like many other posters were confused with the point of the posting too.

Daly Planet Editor said...

The fact that nobody seemed to get the "giving them the business" analogy even with a picture of Ben Dreith on the column kind of bugged me. Maybe it's time to take a break.

Anonymous said...

Aw, c'mon, JD--that was a pretty darned obscure reference!

Anonymous said...

elena said...
JD, you say that it's frustrating that DW completely missed the point of your column. But as I read the many, many replies fans sent in, it seemed that most readers here also felt the way DW did. I guess there was a disconnect between what you meant and what a large portion of your readers understood.
There was no disconnect, in my view. Many people (not all) have no problem with Chris Myers and do not think he (or as the Daly Planet says, any host in his position) is going to be placed under undue scrutiny next month, and nor should he be. He is not the major cog in the engine. I seriously doubt FOX is even thinking about replacing him, as the DP suggest may be necessary based on his upcoming performance, with someone from SPEED. He's a name. As someone said earlier, when I saw Chris Myers reporting from the football game last night, I thought "he's NASCAR." Expert or not, I connect him with NASCAR. Most people seem to like him.

And somehow I don't think so many people (most people) missed the point of this column or were confused. The point was made - and people disagreed with it. Many people. It appears that if we disagree with the Daly Planet in large numbers, then we are are not simply disagreeing, we are "missing the point".

Nice try, but no cigar. We didn't agree with you on this one. We DO agree with you on most things. Let's move on.

Lisa Hogan said...

Hey JD-you're lucky DW didn't try to have you parked! :)

DW ain't called Jaws for nothing!

I didn't vote; but, I don't mind boogity. If I do, my remote has a mute button.

Really nice collage for the photo over the column.

Anonymous said...

No offense but in the blogs you say you are not attacking Chris Myers and its not personal,
it could be anybody.

But in the blogs and your comments belows the blogs you say things I thought were a tiny bit insulting. In the comments you refer to Mr. Myers job as the studio host as a freelance gig with Nascar. How can it be a freelance gig when he's had the job for seven years?

That sounded and still sounds insulting to me. It's clear they see him as part of the FOX team not a freelancer. I can understand why DW took it and the original blog comments the way he did.

However, I also agree with you most of the time.

Anonymous said...

JD, I agree with anonymous at 1:19, it sometimes seems that you have some difficulty when your readers question things you post or when more than a few don't share your viewpoints. We may get your point completely, but that doesn't mean that we have to agree with you - nor do you have to agree with us. Also, just as you have your blog here, DW has his own space to post his opinions, and he's completely entitled to "get the last word" there if he so chooses no matter how frustrating you may find it.

elena said...

JD, I enjoy your blog and agree with lots of your opinions, but I am a little puzzeled by a comment you make about DW. You state he thinks you are attacking Chris Myers. I read his blog. He never mentions you or the Daly Planet.You use pretty strong language and he does not. He says:

'So cut old Chris some slack, give him a break, and just take it from somebody who knows — he is very good at what he does and we are lucky to have him.'

I say thou protests too much, me thinks.

Billy Delyon said...

The funny thing about the Boogity poll also is, it was going to the NO's anyway before some one got busy and got it up to 90,000 votes...

In fact, I sent JD a email at about 9:30 pm pst. on friday night, and at that point the vote was 40% yes to 60% no, at about 15,000 votes. But of course he goes with a number from a couple hours earlier that 'fit' into the way he's said the numbers have gone in the past. What a cop out. I guess it'll be MUTE the beginning of all fox telecast for this fan. I liked it maybe the first time he did it, but by the 3rd race of Fox's new NASCAR coverage, I hated it, and still do to this day. It adds to the 'all nascar fans are hicks that aren't to bright' rep if you ask me.

I also noticed his little Chris deal in todays collum and thought, Hmmmm DW's reading the dalyplanet!!!

Keep up the good work JD.

Because of you and us, I think we'll see some changes in ESPN and TNN's coverage this season.

Billy Delyon said...

Another note on the 'sabotage' of the poll..

DW wrote in that post, 'if you don't like the way the numbers are going, the refresh and vote till you like the way their going'.

So, DW tell people how to pad his poll, then he doesn't like the way it turned out....


Anonymous said...

Re: the "Boogity" poll...if anyone honestly believed DW would go long with a result suggesting he stop using the phrase...well, there's this bridge I want to sell you.

The idea that it was tampered with was just a handy way to get out of having to abide by the results.

Anonymous said...

I am a little puzzeled by a comment you make about DW. You state he thinks you are attacking Chris Myers. I read his blog. He never mentions you or the Daly Planet.

No, DW just said, "I am not giving anyone 'the business.'"

Now go back and re-read the title of JD's column about Myers and tell us again that DW wasn't referring to this blog in this column.

elena said...

anon 2.53

JD refers to DW on DW's first mention on Chris. Even on the second column, can DW not write what he wishes on HIS own blog? He makes it plain that he was not trying to make it a column, about discussing Chris and his work for Fox NASCAR. DW mearly wanted to explain why he had made a comment, because Chris is his friend.

I say you can re-read both of DW's comments and see how low key he is about the matter.

Hey, I don't want to make this a spitting contest. That's my opinion and I explain why I feel the way I do. You don't, and that just dandy with me.

My last comment on DW/Chris/JD.

elena :>)

stricklinfan82 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stricklinfan82 said...


I understand your opinion that NASCAR fans were frustrated with the Kolber/Musburger/Kuselias/Fowler/Fein studio host debacles of a year ago and that you think Chris Myers will be the next obvious target of those fans since he's also a studio host that's not a "NASCAR only guy".

Personally though I thought it was unfair for you to single out Myers as the "outsider" and expect him to be destroyed by the fans like those other individuals were last year. Myers has worked every Fox/FX broadcast of Cup races, Busch races, Truck races, ARCA races, and Saturday Happy Hours since 2001 (with the exceptions of a few Monday rainouts when the "Hollywood Hotel" didn't stick around and a few stand-alone Busch and Truck races).

In my opinion that should have earned him enough respect to not be considered in the same class as Brent "it's a good thing this city's NFL team is really bad right now or the stands at this race would be completely empty" Musburger or Chris "I'm a college football guy all year long so why the hell am I hosting ESPN's return to NASCAR at Daytona" Fowler.

You're certainly entitiled to your opinion but I have much more respect for Mr. Myers than I do the other individuals, because Myers has spent between 5 and 6 months of each of the last 7 years hosting every NASCAR broadcast on Fox and FX.

I concede that he's certainly not a Mike Joy or Allen Bestwick that's been a "hardcore NASCAR guy" for decades. He's also not a John Roberts or Steve Byrnes that coves this sport for 12 months a year. At the same time he is NOT a Suzy Kolber or Brent Musburger that holds another high-profile full-time job and gets thrown in front of a NASCAR TV camera one day a week and is an insult to every race fan watching because they know NOTHING about this sport or any of the people in it and most likely don't care to.

As I said in response to your previous column:

Do I ever want Myers in the broadcast booth for a race? Absolutely not.

Would I cry if Krista Voda or Steve Byrnes replaced him as the studio host? Not at all.

But am I going to be offended by Chris Myers like I was when Chris Fowler, Suzy Kolber, Brent Musburger, and Erik Kuselias suddenly became NASCAR hosts last year? No.

My respect for NASCAR on-air personalities has to be earned over a course of time. For me 7 years has been enough for Mr. Myers to earn my respect.

I applaud DW for sticking up for Chris Myers on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that Chris Myers always "gets" to do the funny stuff unrelated to racing, like the game-show skits or the let's-look-at-old-pictures segments?

Ever notice the real NASCAR guys (say, DW) don't do them?


Because, I suspect, they're unwilling to be the ones who (a) look dumb, and (b) put the drivers in the position of doing something ridiculous on TV.

But Myers will. Does he do this when he covers other sports? No.

Andy Marquis said...

Hey Billy,
TNN doesn't exsist anymore. I dooubt ESPN will make changes. They haven't made any changes by now.

TNT should get rid of Fein and move Weber downstairs. I like Bill but he doesn't fill the play-by-play role very well. It's be cool if TNT put Ralph or Marty in the booth.

ESPN, as an overall network, sucks. They haven't made changes in the past and probably never will. IF ESPN keeps Jerry in the booth and has Suzy Kolber and Jamie Little in ANY role during their races, I will be watching Redskins football.

It's wrong for me to just pin Rusty and Jerry and Jamie and Suzy. Their production sucks. Mr. Daly's also noted they're bringing back all the mickey mouse graphics and the terrible aspects of their production, so we know ESPN's going to still suck.

Anonymous said...

John. You and DW are both to blame here. The column about meyers did seem like you were attacking him for covering football and NASCAR.

Yes we all know he is not NASCAR knowledgeable, but he has improved. He is someone that most fans can tolerate. The fact that DW posted a column to defend Meyers was nice. But for you to post another column saying "DW gets the last word" and then you add "First, someone sabotaged the Fox Sports "boogity" poll and now suddenly I am attacking Chris Myers." The sarcasim their is so un-called for.

Your column is to better NASCAR television. But the ones about meyers and your feud with DW is hurting television. You are turning people against DW and making a mockery with your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

John the reasons you stated for Meyers not being a NASCAR Guy and comparing him to Suzy Kolber is like saying...You yourself can't be a NASCAR television critic because you have experience in other TV besides Racing.

Comparing Meyers to Kolber is unfair. Nothing ever seems good enough. You complain about FOX and the season has not even started yet.

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever noticed that Chris Myers always "gets" to do the funny stuff unrelated to racing, like the game-show skits or the let's-look-at-old-pictures segments?

Ever notice the real NASCAR guys (say, DW) don't do them?


Because, I suspect, they're unwilling to be the ones who (a) look dumb, and (b) put the drivers in the position of doing something ridiculous on TV.

But Myers will. Does he do this when he covers other sports? No.

January 14, 2008 3:17 PM "

Uhhh...that's not correct. The "real" NASCAR guys DW and Hammond have done skits on the preshow. I specifically remember the one where they dressed up as used-car salesmen and did a NASCAR parody of those used car commercials - because my whole family thought it was *very* funny. Because it was just like the real commercials, we enjoyed it (I think it was on last season). That's the deal with FOX they can go from being serious to being silly and still be credible.

This is in the *preshow*, remember. Nobody is asking them to be silly when the green flag drops.

Chris doesn't look dumb in those segments you mentioned. There's a difference between fun and dumb. And if the drivers had a problem with it, they wouldn't show up would they? I've seen Gordon, Kenseth, Johnson, Harvick, Biffle, all do those segments. They seem to survive just fine and - enjoy themselves.

Billy Delyon said...

ESPN hasn't made any announcements as to who will be part of the coverage.

So I guess we'll all have to see if they change or not.

Lets all remember also that last year was ESPN's first year of coverage under the 'New TV NASCAR' deal that started in '01.
Lets also remember, A TON of fans HATED Fox when they first took over from ESPN. And we can all thank FOX for the 'fancy graphics' cause they are the ones that brought that to the sport. ESPN is just trying to have their own 'fancy graphics'.

andy, my mistake, I always think of TNT as TNN, its a habit from the old days of watchin nascar. TNT and TNN basically had the same crews for coverage back before '01.

Daly Planet Editor said...

feud? mockery? unfair? How many times do I have to say go back and read the column.

This issue has NOTHING to do with Chris Myers. As you can see from the many compliments in the original article, this column was about the "infield host position."

The comparison was between the SPEED hosts who work all season long and the Sprint Cup hosts who only work on one part of the three network package.

This is a classic debate that has some folks talking about one slice of the pie and others talking about the whole pie.

There are three network infield hosts, and Chris just happens to be one of them.

When each of these hosts is done with their part of the package, NASCAR fans never see them again until next season.

Meanwhile, the "cable guys" like Byrnes, Roberts and Voda work all season long. The simple question was will the TV broadcast networks continue to use their "in-house" announcers as hosts, or move toward the announcers who work in the sport all season long if the rating continue to slide?

I still think that is a good question to talk about, and it can certainly be done without calling anyone names.

Let's get something straight, there are no complaints about the Fox crew, no hidden agendas, and no issues specific to one announcer. How many different ways can I say that?

If you are searching for a right and a wrong on a site like this that focuses on opinion, it is going to be a long search.

The entire point of the site is to offer a topic, and then open the floor for comments. In the last eleven months, we have had thousands of fans offer their opinions.

The one thing that is different for the NASCAR fans this season is that The Daly Planet did not exist at this time last year. There were no columns offered with Fox Sports in the article before the season.

The number one issue on the TV agenda is ratings. If the ratings continue to slip after Daytona, it should be interesting to see what changes.

33 days to the Daytona 500 on Fox.


LuckyForward said...

One of the realities about offering a perspective is that in those moments when your ideas are the most correct and "hit home", it is at that moment that others react negatively to what has been said.

Mr. Daly, take this for what it is: you have become a voice that others are reckoning with; what you say is indeed being heard . . .

Billy Delyon said...

Here here luckyforward.!!

Well said.

elena said...

I think that the tv ratings go up or down for a variety of reasons. They do not always have to do with the sportscasters, even though it surely is an important aspect of importance.

Especially in many stick and ball sports, it depends on how healthy the sport or teams are doing. but even in individual sports, like when Tiger plays, the ratings go up. I've seen what looks like hundreds of fans walk out when Jr. is out of the race. His fans don't really care who is in the booth.

My mom liked Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon. On a couple of occasions both would be out before the end of the race. She'd quit watching. It was never about the booth.

They say that if the Packers play the Pats for the Super Bowl, the ratings will go through the roof. It would not be as high if it was the Seahawks and the Chargers. Even though it still will be the Fox crew doing the broadcast.

I think there are so many problems with NASCAR, some of it has to do with growing so fast, chasing money (that includeds the drivers), etc. I hope they continue to change to make things better, but I hope the changes don't come too fast.

I apprecialte JD and his goal to make the watching of races better for fans. I hope the discussions continue.

Anonymous said...

I'm not reading the column again. I think the feeling is going to stay the same. You're not going to change anyone's mind with your continued explanations. If you stand by your opinion, as you said, there's no right or wrong- then be prepared to accept it that people aren't agreeing with it.

And not writing two extra columns about DW talking about the original column might help people not think you're taking it personally.

This is exactly like a few months ago when you wrote columns about your shock that Speed Channel would show the F1 championship race in the RaceDay timeslot. And your insistence that RaceDay should not be moved two hours early, but should be placed on another network because it was so very important it be shown in that timeslot.

Though post after post after post stated that viewers thought it was OK, just this once (because, you know, F1 championship?), you insisted there would be repercussions for SPEED and RaceDay for moving the program to the morning and not doing as you suggested. I believe you used that exact word.

And have we heard of any repercussions of Raceday being shown two hours early once during a season? Nope. Most fans don't even remember it.

If you can't understand why viewers don't lump Myers in with Kolber and Fein, reading your column again isn't going to help. Sorry.

If you want us to take the high ground, then you need to think about that when you choose the words for your original column.

Joe from Philly said...

Hey JD.

Just wanted to post as someone who understood your point.

Keep up the good work! As luckyforward just said, you're obviously being heard.

Anonymous said...

I "got" it, too, JD.

It's too bad some others seem to have decided what you were saying (or were going to say) that they failed to read what you actually *did* write.

keep going!

SophiaZ123 said...

I get a lot of obscure references, but did not happen to capture this one.

I think it's time to move on. This site is about opinions and perspectives and I second what Luckyforward said.

REALITY is in the eye of the beholder as is PERCEPTION. They often differ. big deal. Sure I whine and gripe as often as many but sometimes, you just need to let things go.

JD i have disagreed with you a few times and posted about it, other times, it wasn't that big a deal and I let it go.

Still, this site is so valuable to many of us.

CERTAINLY you know by now, folks love to SHOOT the messenger, even if the message might not always be clear to those on the recieving end.

And those with the guts to stand up against the tide (i.e. the tide being paid media folks AFRAID for their jobs to criticize NASACAR and TV coverage) are not always seen in a favorable light at first.

Peace out, folks. :-)

Ken said...

Did anyone really thinK DW would follow a poll? After all, he has been dependent on NASCAR for a very long time and I expect him to behave like NASCAR.

Matt said...

I'm not getting into this Chris Myers debate, I'm not a huge fan of his, but I like him better than the other "infield" reporteres. What bothers me about DW's column is his "I meet with with 75 people every Tuesday" comment. Is he trying to tell us that since he meets with 75 people, he doesn't need to or pay attention to other critics of FOX?

Newracefan said...

JD, I also got your original post and when I read DW's first post I assumed he didn't read all the comments where you tried to redirect and futher explain. I still think the fact that he reads this blog is great and outweighs any negatives. I also agree with Luckyforward and it's probably best for all of us to move on.
PS. JD if you really want him to understand your point email him and have him talk to Mike Joy and Steve Byrnes. Maybe he hasn't been following the blog that long.

Anonymous said...

I think ole' DW is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Ya know nice to your face but a knife to your gut..., don't fall for it fans. (This is a perfect example)...His passive aggressive way of taking up for Myers sounded so "nice".

Read it closer, it was an all out attack.

DW, why don't you let Myers fight his own battles.

PammH said...

okay, I get that alot of people have NO problem w/CM. Some of us do & we understand what JD is saying here. But geez folks, lighten up abit on him. We ALL loved this blog & what it helped us to do all season (pitch a bitch, to be blunt). Don't help him decide it's too much trouble by dumping on him. Folks in the know read this site & I LOVE that my voice is at least being acknowledged, and once in a great while, paid attention to. Where the hell else are we going to get that????

Anonymous said...

I think ole' DW is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Ya know nice to your face but a knife to your gut..., don't fall for it fans. (This is a perfect example)...His passive aggressive way of taking up for Myers sounded so "nice".

Ding, ding, ding--we have a winner!

Anonymous said...

jIt seems like every single column and 99% of the comments you make are pushing
Alan Bestwick and Steve Byrnes forward for a booth position, and as I read the column attacking Chris Meyers, I thought.. ah another hit piece.. this time on Chris Meyers .. I suspect to start a get rid of Chris Meyers and replace him w/Steve Byrnes movement.

So predictable.. espn bad.. everyone at espn terrible.. Speed is wonderful.. Allen Bestwick and Steve Byrnes should be in the booth.. any booth.

This site has no credibility because of an extreme and obvious personal agenda.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 9:35PM,

Next time you stop by, if you could leave your opinion of anything close to the topic at hand it would be appreciated.

The way this works is you tell us why Bestwick is wrong for the booth and why you think Steve Byrnes does not deserve new opportunities. The way to do it is to make your case.

I would invite you to come back and reinforce your statements with your own opinions. Thanks.

JamesP. said...

My question is a simple one. Is John Daly on the take from Steve Burns, ABestwick, or Krista Voda? At first, it was nice to come here and talk about the broadcasts during the race, but more and more, I keep finding that on this site, there are only three Nascar broadcasters. Byrnes-Bestwick-Voda. The only one of the three who is a good "booth" guy is Bestwick. I'm sorry, but this site seems more and more biased.

Anonymous said...

why you think Steve Byrnes does not deserve new opportunities

---Steve Byrnes is great. Does he (or John or Krista) deserve new opportunities at Chris Myers' expense?


The situation is just not that dire. Or dire at all, really.

AndyPandy said...

To anonymous at 9:35 - although I am a Chris Myers fan, I looked at the piece as a hit on the position of race host, not a hit on Myers. As far as the comments pushing Bestwick, I think 99% of the posts on all NASCAR sites push Bestwick for a booth position and slam ESPN in general. Also, while I see positive Byrnes comments, I don't see a hidden agenda for a booth slot.

Have you forgotten that this is someone's person site that we have been invited to participate in? Shouldn't the owner's thoughts be obvious in the owner's posts, whether or not it is called a 'personal agenda'?

However, I do find it funny that someone is stating that this site has no credibility - anonymously!

Anonymous said...

"The way this works is you tell us why Bestwick is wrong for the booth and why you think Steve Byrnes does not deserve new opportunities. The way to do it is to make your case."

You just made my case with the above hysterical post again pushing Bestwick & Byrnes for a Booth position, actually an admittance you trashed Meyers hoping to create a ground swell to replace him with in this case Byrnes i.e. Planet Personal Agenda.

Daly Planet Editor said...


We are talking TV. It just so happens that Voda, Byrnes, and Roberts are three fulltime NASCAR folks who host shows.

The driving force behind the beginning of this discussion was ratings, not performance. As I said in my earlier article, Chris is a versatile TV journalist.

It seems a lot of people just "want" things to be a certain way. Just like when a NASCAR team is not performing, something happens. My question was, what do you think is going to happen if the ratings continue to drop?



Anonymous said...

If the ratings drop, there are probably also other factors, such as the production of the races.

Or ontrack issues, such as Jr not winning, all the 45+ drivers retiring or being phased out (an overlooked problem) or the COT providing uninteresting racing.

I think the last thing FOX will look at is to change their onair staff. They've got a pretty solid one. The last mistake they made was putting Jeannie Zelasko in the pits - and they quietly and quickly rectified it a few weeks in.

Since SPEED is connected with FOX, I don't really see a place for any more SPEED folks on FOX at this point. (They'd be well used at TNT or ESPN, but then they wouldn't be able to work for both FOX and SPEED.) So it would be their choice to make that jump or not. I'd hate to see them jump to TNT for six weeks, but some could definitely be used at ESPN.

Matt said...

John, if FOX ratings drop it will have NOTHING to do with their coverage. Race start times, boring races, and other general problems with NASCAR itself will be the cause, not FOX. One thing I don't think any of us wants is FOX to make foolish changes to their coverage, i.e. "dumb-down" coverage or put Joe Buck on the telecast, just because ratings fall. While ratings dropped with ESPN, it was both due to poor coverage on a new network and problems in NASCAR. FOX is a well-known name now in NASCAR and will not contribute in any way to poor ratings unless something "new" is added.

elena said...

I don't think Fox would get rid of any of their pre-race team if the tv ratings go down. They have the pulse of the fans and are well aware of the popularity of their team.

When the baseball ratings went in the tank after the strike in 94, no one blamed the sportscasters. Harry Carey, Dick Enberg, Vin Scully were all great, but they could not get an angry public to return to baseball. It's the same with NASCAR.

Fox is a bit on the cutting edge and I know that drives some people crazy, but we are talking about pre race stuff. David Hill, Fox Sports Chairman stated today that Fox is going to have a glitzier pregame program than usual--and will go all out to promote "American Idol." He also added that all entertainment elements will stop by kickoff: "no personalities in the booth. I disagree with that totally--200%."

I realize that many fans don't like all the silliness, but according to Fox, that's part of why people tune in. I have friends who hate Jimmie Kimmel and now Frank Caliendo on the pregame show. I love it. I look forward to the comedy skits. No matter how often Terry Bradshaw says things like "possum, the other white meat, or my mama's probation officer," I laugh.

By the way, Mr. Hill said that DW would not be dropping the boogity phrase, "because I've got a bigger vote than anybody else." I guess Mr. Hill likes it.

Patrick said...

First, the topic at hand: If ratings continue to drop while Fox is broadcasting, perhaps Nascar should look at itself. Is the racing exciting as it can be? Are there too many cautions? Is there enough passing? Many of the drivers who have migrated from the open-wheel series say they are here because there is passing on the track, not a follow-the-leader or passes in the pits. If ratings are dropping because of the coverage, I'm not sure how much blame can be placed on the infield host. I think most can wait for the play-by-play of the real action. That is where the tuning-in or tuning-out will take place.
I think AndyPandy gets the point JD was trying to make. Is there a need for an infield studio/segment/host/guest/etc.? If so, will the powers that be look harder at the full-time Nascar personalities or the journeyman. I think I understand why networks think it's necessary. When the non-faithful tune in, will a familiar face that they seen/enjoy in another sport compel them to stick around and see if their friendly face is presenting something interesting. If Suzy can bring the different perspective that DW insists they Myers is there for, then I'm all for her sticking around. I just find her easy on the eyes and probably don't even know there are words coming out of her mouth.
Secondly, does DW get the Last Word after this article? Or are you getting it with this article?
Lastly: c) It makes me feel good that DW is reading this space. I'm not a fan of the boogity, but I'm more irritated with follow-up "pull the belts tight" Hey, I need my own catch phrase each race, too. Before you know it, each on-air personality will get to spout their catch phrase before the first commercial break at lap 4.

Anonymous said...

I just find her easy on the eyes and probably don't even know there are words coming out of her mouth.

Now, that's a ringing endorsement Suzy's ability!

Sorry, when I watch a race, I'm not doing it so I can see pretty women. There are plenty of other places and times I can do that.

I want the talent hosting the show to know more about the event than I do, so they can tell me something new. Suzy Kolber has yet to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, patrick, why don't you write to ESPN and see if they'll make her wear a bikini?

Anonymous said...

"I think AndyPandy gets the point JD was trying to make. Is there a need for an infield studio/segment/host/guest/etc.? If so, will the powers that be look harder at the full-time Nascar personalities or the journeyman."

You people crack me up. If FOX is the Nascar leader, why are they going to bump Chris Meyers out of his spot for one of the people that John Daly's PR firm continues to push. And if ratings fall, why are they going to look at Chris Meyers as the reason? Why would they look at doing away with the infield studio thing. Oh that must be the reason why the ratings are falling. Please. It must be Chris' fault that you see all those empty seats in the grand stands.
Topeka, KS

Anonymous said...

John Daly's PR firm

Didn't know he had one. Does it represent on-air talent?

What's its name?

Or are you just making this up?

elena said...

From the information the Tennesean published, the ratings are down, but Fox did not falter this past year.
Fox in 2005= 6.0
2006= 5.6
2007= 5.9
So Fox actually went up from last year.

Other channels in 2005= 5.2
2006= 4.7
2007= 3.9
It looks like Fox leaves NASCAR in good condition and when they turn it over, the ratings go down. So after ABC/ESPN leave the season with a 3.9 rating, how on earth can Fox and its talent be held responsible to bring the ratings back up year after year?

As you can see, Fox turned a 5.2 rating to a 5.6, they turned a 4.7 into a 5.9, and now they will turn the dismal 3.9 into what?

While I maintain that the somewhat declining popularity of NASCAR is a result of many issues, if tv coverage does play a part in it, I think the examination of the ratings would conclude that the Fox crew don't seem to be the ones that are dragging NASCAR down.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Sorry guys,

No PR firm. No announcer agenda. No behind-the-scenes "pay-offs."

Just an eleven month on-going conversation about the TV side of a billion dollar plus television contract that is one of the richest in sports history.

ps - Never met Krista Voda, never met John Roberts, never get the point?

PlayingTime said...

And let us not forget here, DW was the most booed driver in Cup history until Rusty booted him in a The Winston event. From then on DW could do no wrong.

If not for Rusty....

Richard in N.C. said...

JD- Since I do not really "know" the TV business, I am resigned to their being a highly visible, non-racing person involved on a continuing basis so prospective fans can see a familiar face when they check in, and hopefully stay. I am biased because I like Chris Myers, but he is what I think race fans deserve - someone with talent who makes a real effort to learn the sport and know what he (or she) is talking about.