Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Inside NEXTEL Cup" On SPEED Says Goodbye (Updated)

Updated: This story is now updated in a new post. Refresh our web page at The Daly Planet address to see the new story. Schrader and Waltrip will stay with SPEED for 2008. (1/30/08 10AM Eastern Time)

Updated: David Poole is reporting on Sirius Backstage that Steve Byrnes will be the host of the new show that will replace INC in that Monday timeslot on SPEED. No word yet on the format, or possible driver panel. (1/28/08 10PM Eastern Time)

When people think back on their favorite television programs, they see moments in time that have been imprinted permanently on their psyche.

Over a decade ago, when SpeedVision was a small niche cable TV network, then Executive Producer Bob Scanlon put a little show together about NASCAR. The format was simple. Get one driver from each of the three makes of cars, add-in an experienced host who knew the sport, and let them talk about the race weekend.

Airing the show on a Monday night meant that NASCAR fans would have somewhere to go after watching the action from the weekend. It meant that every fan would have a chance to hear "more" about what really went on behind-the-scenes.

The beauty of the show was that the people on-camera, the "talking heads," were actually real NASCAR drivers who raced over the weekend. The risk of the show was that none of the three would be trained TV professionals, and it might look a bit awkward.

MRN Radio's Allen Bestwick was tapped as the host. His die hard work ethic and unflappable manner would certainly allow him to control the "TV rookies" on the set, and keep the viewers informed with accurate information.

Michael Waltrip, Johnny Benson, and Kenny Schrader would comprise the panel and represent a good overview of the sport. They would be able to relate their own experiences in the race, and then expand on the racing in general and touch on other stories of the week.

Since viewers would probably get tired of hearing from these three drivers all the time, it would be a good idea to get a guest each week to actually drive to the studio in Charlotte, and sit down for a brief interview.

This sounded like a good format. It certainly had potential. There was also one little thing that made it just a little less pressure-packed. No one was watching.

SpeedVision's viewers could be counted on two hands, because the network was working very hard to convince cable systems to add the new service. Back then, it was car racing, motorcycle racing, and lot of programs about airplanes and boats. Four diverse areas of interest, one network.

Now, here we are in 2008. Fox-owned SPEED Channel is the fastest growing cable TV network in North America and in over 70 million homes. The entire network moved from Stamford, CT to Charlotte, NC. The planes and boats are gone as major programming, and cars and motorcycles dominate the network.

But, one thing has remained for SpeedVision and SPEED viewers all these years. In several forms, with several hosts and with several different drivers, Inside Winston/NEXTEL Cup Racing has been there every NASCAR Monday. Except, of course, for the time it was cancelled. But, that is another story.

While reading this column, you may begin to think about moments on this show that you simply will never forget. Nothing was high-tech, nothing was glamorous, and nothing was shocking. For over ten years this little Monday night TV program delivered the one thing that is priceless.

That, my friends, is fun for the entire family in front of the TV set.

What was your favorite moment? Schrader asking Mike Helton how much he made....just for the record? Waltrip faking a microphone failure after his Daytona 500 win...and watching the entire studio almost have a stroke? Someone actually allowing three NASCAR drivers to get hold of a video replay controller? Any Michael Waltrip bad hair day? JB laughing so hard he could not talk?

My favorite moment was when the garbage truck picked up the dumpster behind the studio while the show was in-progress...every week.

Now, after a tough season on-the-air with the 2007 version of Inside NEXTEL Cup, the network has stepped-in and called a timeout. Veteran fans remember when INC was the anchor of an exciting and groundbreaking Monday evening of original NASCAR programming on SPEED.

The cooperation between NASCAR Images and SPEED resulted in fantastic shows that exposed both the good and the bad sides of the sport to fans like never before. In a way, it was a block of "NASCAR reality" programming.

In 2007, INC sat alone on Monday nights. Surrounded by lifestyle shows that reflected the new wave of SPEED management, it was only a matter of time before "TV reality" caught-up with the INC franchise.

What we know is that INC needed to change. What was debated in this forum was the "how," the "who" and the "what." Most of us knew the "why."

What we know right now about INC is that SPEED has ended the version of the program that aired in 2007. We also know that because of the NASCAR and SPEED connection, there is little doubt that a brand-new Monday night NASCAR program will emerge.

The needed changes were pretty simple...in theory. NASCAR has three national touring divisions, all three need to be covered. Because of all the issues in the sport, it would be good to have a weekly guest. Since SPEED has reporters at every race, why not use them to contribute to a weekly SPEED NASCAR program?

The other issue is not so clear-cut, and gets a whole lot of comments and email flowing. That is the choice of the people on-the-air from the studio. When Allen Bestwick was "released," many folks took out their wrath on new host Dave Despain.

In reality, Despain drained the joy and life out of this program like a sharp pin stuck in a big red balloon. The "change of course" from almost out-of-control with Bestwick to always totally in control with Despain was immediate, strange and just plain wrong.

As we have said many times, Dave Despain is a great broadcaster and a time-honored TV racing veteran. The issue is the program, not the person. Race teams use the word "chemistry," and despite the polite conversations and efforts to give honest answers, this program had sometimes become like watching paint dry.

Just as we have seen a major shift in two high profile network TV properties from the ESPN group, we are now waiting to see what SPEED will offer in the way of a new NASCAR Monday night TV show. Nothing will define this show more than who is selected by the network as the host. We should know that next week.

Name the new show what you will, schedule it when you want, and paint the studio set any color. NASCAR fans want fun content presented to them in a way that makes their knowledge of the sport and their love of the personalities grow.

Just like Mike Helton and Brian France promised to loosen the leash on driver behavior this season, it is time for SPEED to do the same. In this season of change, it should be interesting this coming week when the network announces what they have decided to create to replace this decade-old TV franchise.

As we wait for word of their decision, perhaps we could use this "unofficial end" of INC to ask readers to post their favorite moment, best memory, or most interesting interview from the past ten years of this program. When you think of this interesting cast of characters, what comes to your mind?

To add your comment, simply click on the COMMENTS button below and then follow the easy instructions. There is nothing to join, and we do not want your email address. We just want to know, what was your favorite moment from Inside Winston/NEXTEL Cup Racing?


Anonymous said...

I, also, fondly remember the garbage truck. I remember grabbing a Kleenex before watching as I would laugh so hard, tears would come to my eyes. I remember AB always closing with "we'll be back next week if they let us...."
Little did we know how prophetic that phrase would be.
SPEED killed IWC/INC when they dismissed AB and Benson. They just didn't have the decency to hold the funeral at that time.
I haven't watched since then.
Hope SPEED will redeem itself with solid Monday programming....programming that does NOT include Despain or MW.
Should I send condolence flowers to Chris Long?


Sophia said...

Well, I am feeling under the weather and reading this just totally depressed me.

I don't care about the INC bashers, I LOVED this show and aside from a few bombs this year, the show could STILL BE VERY FUNNY and Biffle got better as the year went on.

I shall miss Kenny and Mikey terribly but they should never fixed what wasn't broken a couple years back.

thumbs down to Chris Long killing the show before going on to other things.

I say bring back the same gang of drivers, add guests and maybe a new host.

But I am too sad now to think but I only got to watch this show 3 years. :(


p.s. I STILL learned more about WHAT happened during the races from this show than I did from the talking heads on ANY station. So this is a huge loss in this house.

Anonymous said...

Makiki, I REALLY Do not want to get into this argument again but, I must say, I would want Micheal Waltrip on a Monday night show. His commentary adds something to the show that no other driver's commentary can.

Also, I like current format of INC. If SPEED decides to change it to a news type "weekend wrap-up" show, it would not be as interesting.


kendria said...

I will miss this show. I only got to watch it for 2 seasons. I even tivo'd when I wasn't going to be home. I love when Brian Vickers received serious rubbing after his 1st NASCAR victory. Kenny and Mickey dished out to him all show long. I had tears.

Anonymous said...

Though it has lost some of its luster over the years, mainly after the well-documented changes, I absolutely love the show as well, and will still hold out some hope they do bring it back in some form.

I have many favorite moments, most involving Mikey and Schrader, but one that sticks out in my mind is back in 2002 after the race weekend at Kansas.

It was shortly after Dale Jr. had made his revelation that he had raced most of the year with a concussion, and NASCAR as a result instituted a new rule that drivers had to be cleared to race after hard hits the previous weekend. Mikey had been invloved in a wreck in the Busch race, and on the show couldn't stop saying Chicago instead Kansas. After he had done that a few times, even with JB correcting him once or twice on it, Schrader without missing a beat jumped in and said, "I think we have a candidate for the new concussion policy."

There weren't many more moments from the show that I laughed harder afterwards than that one.

But as I said earlier, I hope they reconsider and bring back the show.

Anonymous said...


INC is still on the Speed schedule for February 18th.

Anonymous said...

We disagree....
But, we obviousy agree on our love for NASCAR. What makes NASCAR fans so special is that they are not all the same.
Go for it....

slithybill said...

I knew it was bound to happen. I knew it was coming. I knew it would be soon. I just didn't expect it to happen like this. I thought SPEED would have the decency to let Kenny Schrader and Michael Waltrip have a chance to say goodbye to their loyal viewing audience. And give JB and AB a chance to come back and say goodbye.

To give them the axe in the off season is just not right.

How much does this show cost to produce? Next to nothing, I imagine. And if they really need to cut costs they can stop blowing up those pictures and mailing them off to viewers every week. I'd be happy going back to the original set with everyone behind a desk. Who needs to see whether Mikey wore the right pants (or even wore socks) every week? I guess SPEED had to make room for two more repeats of PINKS or NOPI Tunervision.

As for a favorite moment, I can't narrow it down to just one or two. Every single week had at least two laugh-out-loud moments for me. I would have to rewind my DVR (or my VCR in the early days) just to make sure I heard them right! If NASCAR really wants "the boys to be boys" this year, then they ought to give every driver a show like this.

Inside Winston Cup Racing actually got me into watching NASCAR races every week. In the eighties and nineties I made sure I never missed the races from Daytona and Talladega and the road courses every year. Then I stumbled upon IWC following the Daytona 500 in 2000. I watched it off and on for a while and thought it was the greatest thing in the world since sliced cheese. Then I started watching the races each week just so I would know what the "distinguished panel of experts" were actually talking about. Then I got addicted to all the races every week, no matter the track. Then I never missed a race, all thanks to IWC.

Without this show on the air, I don't know how much incentive I still have to watch all the races anymore. From practice to qualifying to the race itself, my NASCAR weekend really isn't complete until I finish watching the highlights on INC.

I think the saddest thing to me is that Michael Waltrip was never on the show (on set) following either a win or him just doing good. Even last season, when he won the pole or finished 10th, he wasn't on the show (or it was pre-empted). It figures. I really wanted to see the show when he did good on the track.

So how am I going to get my weekly fix of Schrader and Waltrip now? Maybe NAPA.com will sponsor a webcast with the two of them talking about the weekend. I know I would subscribe!

So rest in peace, Inside Nextel Cup. You will be sorely missed in this non-Nielsen household.

--Bill in Kansas

Andrew S. said...

Why does the schedule on speedtv.com show episodes scheduled to air on BOTH February 11th and February 18th???

Anonymous said...

What a shame that too many people thing that change, just for the sake o change, is always a good thing. But, that seem to be the MO of everything connected to Nascar these days. My most memorable moment actually happened in 2001 when IWC was off the air. Sometime after the 500 they had a 'special' show that originated from someone's shop. While 'the boys' covered whatever race had just been run, it was ovbious that they lobbied for the special show to talk about the Daytona 500 and losing Dale Earnhardt. With Miky having wone the race, and Schrader being the first one to his car after the accident, it was a way for them to pay tribute to a man that they all knew well and obviously respected. I'm going to miss Schraders slightly skewed view of the races, and his ability to poke fun at everyone. While it had been just a shadow of itself with Dave Despain at the helm, that leaves fans with little programming that isn't jammed into race day. Sad to lose one of the few venues where the drivers could actually show their personality. 'Back to basics, eh?'

Anonymous said...

JD this is terrible news. This was the show we always made sure we watched. It went down hill when they brought in DD they needed AB back and Johnny Benson, that's for sure. I too remember Mikey's bad hair days and I remember the time that the panelists asked us viewers to send in cards and letters to keep the program on and we did! Does everyone remember Kenny showing us his "bad" thumb when he said he put it in the engine compartment when it shouldn't have been in there. JD tell us this is an early April Fool's joke because the writer's are on strike. I can't believe this and it's going to ruin my whole weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nothing, SPEED.

You killed the joy and fun in this show by putting Despain in the host's chair, then instead of fixing it, you cancel it?

I watched this show faithfully, even after you guys screwed it up, because Kenny and Mikey were still funny, along with the "guest" driver.

I figured you'd catch on to the problems and make changes. Guess that was too much effort.

Just when we were becoming hopeful about the 2008, season you dump this on us.

Like I said, thanks for nothing.

Daly Planet Editor said...

jeff and andrew,

You guys certainly do take things rather literally. As I mentioned in the column, the timeslot that this program held will be filled by another show.

SPEED first had it blank, then filled in the blank with "Inside NEXTEL Cup." As we all know, NEXTEL is long gone and this was basically just a title to hold the timeslot.

Right now, what we know is what I related in my column. There will be a new show, it will have a new name, and there will be a shuffling of both the line-up and format.

I promise to update the story when SPEED gets things settled down, and then introduces us to what they have decided to do with this Monday timeslot.

I am sorry you chose to relate this as your only memory of this show that has been on the air for over ten years. If you have a chance, please come back and tell us about your favorite memory of this TV series.


Daly Planet Editor said...

truck series fan,

I don't think it should ruin anything for you. We talked many times here about the tough challenges facing this show.

Rather than focus on it as going away, I would anticipate that the new level of production and on-air resources that SPEED now has will create a new product that will better serve the fan.

AB is not coming back, JB is not coming back, and we all know that you can't "go home again."

My hope is that SPEED and NASCAR Images pull out the stops and create a series that can more than fill the needs of a NASCAR fan base ready for a informative and entertaining show on a Monday after a race weekend.


Anonymous said...


I disagree with you 100%. I had absolutely no problem with INC last season and I'm convinced your negative blogs last season helped contribute to the end of the best show on the weekly NASCAR schedule.

I hope SPEED or somebody comes up with something because going from Sunday to Friday with no decent NASCAR programming will really stink.

Anonymous said...

Sorry JD - that sounded a bit negative and like a personal attack...

I just remember loving the show last year and reading your blog and seeing all of the negativity even though I thought the show was fantastic. I think the power of your blog contributed to SPEED looking at a change.

My comment is really more of a comment on how important your blog has become to the networks and not an attack on you.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 8:54AM,

No problem. I think a lot of the veteran viewers (like me) still cling to the fun past of the show.

Newer fans just take it for what it is now, and email me saying...what are you talking about?

Like most of the NASCAR TV topics we discuss, there really is not a right and wrong, just a good conversation containing all kinds of different viewpoints.

I certainly appreciate and respect yours. Who knows? It might be almost the exact same cast on the same set with a new name!

In TV land, its easy to change a little or a whole lot. Next week it should be interesting to see what SPEED has decided to change...this time.


Anonymous said...

I started watching IWC back in the late 90's and after about 2 episodes, it became my favorite show and NASCAR became my favorite sport.

Here was a show that made the races, and the sport in general, fun! No overanalyzing, no "investigations", no search for controversy. Stick and ball sports lost my interest because they took themselves so seriously.

So, rest in peace, IWC/INC. I hope whatever replaces it recaptures the charming spontaneity that hooked so many of us.

If they just throw a host and a couple of drivers/crewmembers out there and have a recap show, nobody will enjoy it.

Newracefan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newracefan said...

Ok JD, after reading the header I almost started to cry. I love INC. I too became a rabid race fan because of INC. I would watch a race if nothing else was planned and then I found INC. It made me want to watch the race just to see what Mickey and Schrader would say. Now my family calls me a Nascar fanatic. I can only hope what Speed changes it to doesn’t deviate a lot. I wouldn't mind a 90 minute format with the last 30 devoted to Nationwide and Trucks. I never saw the hot seat format but I like the idea even if it's via satellite. This show needs Mikey and Schrader (differences of opinion accepted just don't get nasty). I cannot really explain this well but one thing I remember aside from laughing every week was they showed a clip Jeff Burton purposely moving the tarp covering the car during a rain delay and tugging on the fender. Nascar caught him and sent the car to the back. When interviewed he said that the cover was blowing off and he was fixing it and even thought I had seen it for myself I believed him. Then Mickey commented with a straight face something like see fans "Nascar driver lie" and I was ok with that he was not being nasty or vindictive and it was hysterical I laughed so hard I cried. I for one would be happy to email mail Speed (cards and letters are so 90’s) to save this show. Do we need to start a campaign?

TexasRaceLady said...

Oh, JD, this is terrible news! I loved "the boys" --- they brought silliness and fun to the commentary about the races.

I think my favorite memory is watching Dale Jr. blush to his hairline when Schrader reminded him of a little trip they took to the Midwest when Junior was about 15 or 16. I give anything to know what happened on that trip --- knowing Kenny, it could have been ANYTHING!

I hope SPEED has the good sense to give us a show that has fun as it's middle name.


Anonymous said...

That's a bad way to start my Saturday morning...I wanted to cry when I first read this too.


Emailing SPEED through their comments page (or maybe the email address for the show itself) wouldn't hurt, I just don't know how much it would help.

Daly Planet Editor said...

new race fan and TX Race Lady,

I don't think you need to worry. The TV executive that made a lot of the changes at SPEED including The SPEED Report and INC is now long gone...as are Drew and Nicole.

This new management group has been working hard to expand the NASCAR franchise, and with good results.

We have the growth of the SPEED Stage shows, the Chase program with Carl Edwards, specials from Homestead and the network is now in the middle of a brand new pre-season testing schedule.

The "new guys" seem to be making a lot of good decisions where NASCAR fans are concerned.

Remember, no one is saying Waltrip or Schrader will not return. What we are saying is that they are putting together a new program format because it was clear the old one was not working.

Expect a new title and probably a new host, but beyond that...we will have to wait and see.

I will have more news by Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

After watching the show from it's inception, there's no way I can pick out a segment and say it was my favorite. The whole show with the original crew was fun and exciting every week! You never knew what was going to come out of Mikey's mouth, what quiet comment Kenny would insert with that little smile on his face, or what innocent remark Johnny would react to. As for Bestwick, who can forget all the times he simply dissolved in laughter and could barely get his next words out. The show wasn't structured, nothing was off-limits, and the personalities blended very well, especially when they made some outrageous comments - like "if you don't like what I say, get your own show", or Kenny explaining what happens when two cars want the same space, whether the car in front is pulling rather than the guy in back pushing, etc.

I will admit that when Johnny & AB were shoved out, I lost some of my enthusiasm. Afterall, I had enjoyed many years of my favorite 4 being together and adding the hotseat guest was sheer genius! Then comes Dave Despain and his structured format... He's in control, there will be no more nonsense, and he'll reign Mikey in come hell or highwater. The shows went downhill from there.

The spontaneity of the original cast was what made it so great. Yes, it was absolutely silly at times - and we laughed right along with the panel. With Dave, it's all seriousness and finally boring.

In my opinion, the powers that be at SPEED killed the show when they decided to produce something professional. They forgot that the fans are the viewers, we loved the lively discussions, the constant banter, and the frequent laughter. We didn't want "professional" or "serious" - I can watch a colonoscopy on the Discovery Channel if I want that type of atmosphere.

I don't know what will replace INC, but unless it includes 3 panelists who participate in the sport and one moderator who lets them be themselves, and they ALL have a sense of humor, it will fall by the wayside in just one season.

John, special thanks for the picture at the start of this column - I now have the original INC guys to remind me of all the fun we've had together over the past ten years. Makes a great background for my desk top!

And to SPEED, a special thanks for fixing something that wasn't broke in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Based on Michael's comments to fans at Daytona fanfest, at least at that time he was under the impression that INC has been canceled and he won't be back.

There isn't enough room here to post the many fond memories I have of INC. I looked forward to laughing along with the expert panel each week, hearing their stories and learning things that I wouldn't anywhere else. When something happened during a race I knew that I could tune into INC the next day and it would be explained. Any time something happened in the sport I was always interested in hearing what the expert panel though about it, even if I didn't always agree with their opinions. But most of all it was the sense of fun - I laughed more watching this show than I laugh at most sitcoms!

This show was so unique and it's amazing to me that Speed would go this route instead of just making some tweaks to the format to get it back to what it once was. When I started watching Nascar again it was INC that made me into as much of a fan as I am today. There isn't another Nascar related show that wasn't a race that I enjoyed watching as much as I always looked forward to watching INC.

Through watching INC I also became a big fan of Michael's. Earlier this week Nascar said that they wanted to allow the drivers to show more personality. Well, Michael is definitely one driver who never hesitates to show some personality! In addition, love Michael or hate him, everyone pays attention to what he says - just look at how much discussion there's been about him in this space. A show without Michael would be missing be a lot.

INC will be very missed.

Anonymous said...

I sent SPEED an email.

I doubt it will help, though.

But I wanted them to know that I've watched this show for a long time and am not happy to see it cancelled.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no. This can't be happening. My Monday evenings will never be the same if they don't have Kenny and Michael on this new show. I don't care who sits in the third chair. The chemistry between Kenny and Michael is amazing. Maybe John Roberts or Steve Burns could host the show.

There are too many special moments for me to mention my favorite. Just watching the expression on Kenny's face when Michael said something silly was enough to have me laughing out loud.

Please SPEED, bring back these two guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed, can't believe Speed did this to us, what are they thinking? All they had to do was get a better host and let the 'boys' go back to being the 'boys'. Such good memories!

I also can't believe how they did this, without any farewell from the 'boys'....poop happens!

I have been watching INC every Monday night for the last 10 or 11 yrs. Monday's just won't ever be the same and I won't be getting my Mikey fix, that's really the pits for me.

The thing that I loved was all the fun they had making fun of each other, especially Kenny and Mikey who could just make us all smile with their antics. It was good to see Greg relax a bit and get involved with the fun.....too darn bad DD couldn't have lossened up.

Maybe Speed will come to their senses and change their minds, we can hope.


Anonymous said...

With NASCAR announcing that they most definitely don't want their drivers to be "vanilla" any longer and want their personalities to show through, how in the world can Speed even consider cancelling this anything-but-vanilla show?!? The banter between Kenny and Michael is priceless!! So many funny conversations between the two of them - so many "looks" on Kenny's face in reaction to what Michael just said! It would be hard to pinpoint any one favorite moment. I really enjoy this show and wouldn't miss it. Maybe if they brought Alan Bestwick back the ratings would be way up there once again. And how will we get by if we can't see Michael's hair on Monday's??!!

Sophia said...

Well, I am glad I am not alone in my sadness for the loss of this show. I also almost cried when I read this.

And it matters NOT if they bring back a new show, if Kenny and Mikey are not there to have fun, the show will be a dud.

We do NOT NEED another "trackside show" with that gang, though I enjoy them. INC STILL felt like listening to people discuss the race, the things we ALL missed DURING the race, the behind the scenes stories and sadly, the LAUGHS.

We do not need a serious show of pretaped racing segments done in a boring manner.

I can't bring to mind one memory of the show but the time Vickers wrecked JR and Jimmie to win at Talladega was a good one...the ribbing that boy took from Kenny and Mikey..and Vickers out of text comment, used again and again by Mikey of guys in the pits in the way of cars

"That guy deserved to be run over" LOL.

Or I LOVED the opening teases that they RARELY used this last season...I think it was a couple years ago the camera rolled early because there was Kenny, with partial cookie in hand and a mouthfull of cookie mumbling at the camera what the show was about!!

Then later commenting "I didn't know we were gonna start that soon or I wouldn't have taken a bite of cookie" or some such comment.

Also, I must agree that I STRONGLY disagreed with some of the columns here last year that were so negative, I wondered if some of us watched the same show??

I realize folks disdain for Despain is RAMPANT all over but I still enjoyed him and he had a great laugh.

I am VERY SAD to see this show gone and disappointed enough in this house, that we may cancel the digital box if my room mate can figure out a way to get F1 races on tape to view. I like the truck races but can get those sent to me, though on a delay.

I love NASCAR but Monday nights were my favorite show. RaceDay is fun but one hour would suffice.

but INC, well, I don't care what the buzzkillers say, WE LOVED that show and my room mate often watched even though he prefers IRL and F1.

But we just got the utility bill and the cold weather pushed us way over the even billing...so the only household expense to cut out would be the digital cable.

I can read or listen to shows online for free during the week.

SPEEDS primetime has been JUNK for a few years. The monday night show on the Busch series before or after INC was great.

We ALL kept saying the Monday night show of INC DESERVED a supportive show around it.

Well, like ESPU SPEED has given us the finger on a beloved show.

I can't express anymore my displeasure of this station...but this may just do it.

VL became nothing more than minutia after awhile and if I had to see JJ and his crew chief on one more time I was going to SCREAM.

INC was a completely different MOOD of a show and STILL FUN.


I am most grateful to see fellow posters who feel the LOSS of this show. It helps to know I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

At the end of last season, I kept hoping that SPEED would move INC back to 7:00 and put a new NASCAR show in the 8:00 spot. It makes me very sad to think that I probably won’t have the boys back.

I have watched this show for many years, ever since SPEED was added to my cable. I always taped the show and usually watched every episode at least twice. I had to watch what I had missed while I was laughing.

I have many fond memories of enjoying the boys on Monday nights. I agree with all the funny moments that others have posted. This past season, the ones that come to mind are when the boys would set up Mr. Despain. The “draft lock” episode springs to mind. When Mr. Despain brought up the “draft lock” and the boys just said they didn’t know what he was talking about, I almost fell off my chair laughing. That type of set up happened several times and I always thought that Mr. Despain had said he wanted to discuss something and the boys didn’t but they went along until the cameras were on. “gotcha”

I remember the subtle moments of humor of Schrader giving Mikey a look, of Schrader looking at Bestwick’s notes, and Johnny bowing his head trying to compose himself. Schrader’s occasional apology to the viewers and promising to do better if we would come back always brought a laugh.

I always felt that I was joining friends to discuss the race weekend and I will miss that very much.

Ah, the good times.

Vince said...

I can remember Schrader constantly giving Mikey a hard time about not wearing socks on the show years ago. And Mikey's first cup of coffee. He was wired after that! They couldn't shut him up for the rest of that show! And of course the weekly visit from the trash truck emptying the dumpster outside.

I think the "new" show the last few years was a shell of the old show with AB and JB. I only watched a couple of shows after JB and AB were let go and DD took over as host. I can understand the new fans missing this show, but really for us long time fans the show the last few years was on a continual downward slide.

I think everybody should chill out and wait until Speeds airs the replacement. Who knows, it could blow the old IWC/INC out of the water. And like JD said, nobody said Mikey and Schrader wouldn't be in the new replacement show. So everybody take a chill pill already!

Sophia said...

to Vince

Been near zero or below with chill factor ALL **** week.

So no "chill pill" for this dame.


Sorry, JD, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

If I am recalling correctly, back in the days of the garbage truck, there was also the delivery guy moment. The FedEx/UPS delivery guy happened to knock and then come in through the back door to make the daily deliveries. What he didn't know was that they were taping and all heard the knock. Then when the guy walked in, I think he may have walked right into the set and made an on-air appearance. Talk about hilarious!

Another good one was Mikey getting to the studio late. They started the show without him and when he got there, instead of waiting for a commercial break to go to his chair, he decided to crawl onto the set when he thought the camera was focused on something else. What he didn't realize was the picture was a wide shot and everyone saw him crawl in from the left side and try to sneak into his chair. What a classic moment that made this show must-see TV!!!

Daly Planet Editor said...


We are switching you to decaf for the 2008 season. If I get some info on Mikey or Schrader, I will update right away.

Geez, I am getting bashed all over the net for this story. I certainly wish most of the bashers took the time to read it first.

It has certainly been a very long year.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this totally sucks IF it is completely cancelled. That show was the best thing Speed had going.

We will definitely miss the banter between Mikey & Schrader, even though some people who weren't really paying attention thought they hated each other, and didn't know they are really really good friends.

I remember the first episode I watched. The camera was focused on Schrader and he was talking, then suddenly stops and goes "What is he doing?" The camera panned out and there's Mikey with his shoe off, and checking it out. Mikey goes "Buffy bought me these shoes last week and they are COMFORTABLE" I about fell off my couch laughing. It was so stupid it was hilarious. I was hooked ever since. I became a huge Mikey fan after that.
Speed made a BAD BAD decision of changing the format. Dave Despain might be good for his own show but not on INC. That show required a FUN host like Bestwick, and great characters like Mikey, Schrader, Benson, Kenny Wallace, Jeff Burton, Biffle, and heck, even Kurt Busch(who I don't like) did a great job on that show the time he finally showed up.

We loved that the guys didn't hide their feelings. When Kurt was supposed to be on the show once, and Mikey said he bet Kurt wouldn't show, and Kurt didn't. Mikey wasn't surprised at all and he made it known. He made it known that he & Robby Gordon were NOT friends and told the truth about that Louden incident. Made his feelins known about Robby's "brake checking incident" too. They didn't hide like other SPEED personalities do.


Sophia said...


Funny about the decaff comment.

Well, I see no reason why folks are shooting the messenger.





But I gotta say, I wish you were wrong on the elimination of this show, JD.

Without the guys to talk in casual fashion, this just aint gonna be the same. Kenny and Mikey make this show..as obviously shown when Kenny was off to other races,

I remember the Shoe bit where Mikey stared at his shoe...Kenny's looks were priceless and I also loved how he often said "we promise to be better if you come back next week"


Anonymous said...

I'm sick to death of Michael Waltrip. I don't want to see his face for a very very long time. I'm glad the show is over, and I hope it stays over. Same w/Kenny Wallace. The younger no talent brothers of successful and talented older brothers would never have made it into Nascar Cup if not for their names.

GinaV24 said...

My favorite moment was when Jeff Gordon was the guest and Kenny and Mikey were both kidding him about "hitting people" on the track. They kept showing footage (this was after Martinsville) of Jeff bumping other cars. And the trash truck was a reason for humor that was such an inside joke. I will miss the show that was before AB and Johnny left it. It was so much fun to watch. Watching AB try and keep the guys under a semblance of control, but knowing they were still having fun made it must see TV. Despain may be good at what he does on WT, but he was absolutely the wrong choice on this show. Right now, there's no reason to tune into Speed on Monday night.

cncspd said...

I cannot say for sure what was the one show that had me gasping for air, there were to many. Most of them were with Mikey taking a camera out in the field. I do remember him explaining the "hey people" over in Ponoco. As someone who "took in the show" every week for Speedvision up here in Stamford I remember talking with Harry trying to figure out how we were going to get a live show into Master Control in time for air if the panel had to race on Monday's.

Then in 2001 I made it down to Charlotte and finally met the crew from IWC. I made it down again a few times in 2002 one of which was on November 4th. The day after Johhny won the Pop Secret 400, his first Winston Cup win. I was in the studio watching the taping and that by far is the best and Yes, the dumpster was dumped during the show.

Last year's shows were not on my must watch list as in years past. Chris Long took the fun out of the show. Remember how Mikey said in one show that Rusty wanted the show to be more serious? I guess that is what Chris tried to do and clearly it did not work. Now Chris is gone and ESPN learned the hard way not to listen to Rusty.

I am sure everyone at Speed will come up with another way to give us this type of show again soom.

Anonymous said...

Message to SPEED: Bring back INC in some form (with Mikey & Kenny)!

Anonymous said...

One of the best shows was in 2002 when Johnny finally won his first Cup race at Rockingham. When he came in the next morning he obviously hadn't slept and the trophy still had beer all over it, but he was so happy and it was one of the most marvelous INCs of all time--teasing and joking but Alan, Kenny, and even Mikey the Egomaniac being happy for Johnny. But my favorite was the show in 2002 when Jeff Gordon appeared for the first time, Schrader busted him for a Talladega wreck years ago, and Mikey invited him to come hang out with the Sherrill's Ford fire dept. posse. Alan just surrendered and let the four drivers have their way and it was a magical half-hour of the show. With Despain and the revolving driver/experts (none of whom could out-mouth Mikey), that magical chemistry was rarely present again. Whatever INC is succeeded by, I hope it's a show that can find that chemistry again.

Anonymous said...

This isn't my favorite memory of the show, but everytime I think about the old IWCR, I think about the show after Adam Petty died. They re-aired a segment they recorded with Petty, and talked about Petty the person, not Petty the driver or Petty the lost legacy.

Anonymous said...

4 or 5 years ago....they had a video to open(?) the show of Michael, Kenny and Johnny holding hands and skipping down a race track...I still smile (widely) when I think about it...and I think about it at the start of every show....Even tho this past year was as dry as dust with Despain...
Please don't cancel the best show SPEEDTV has on all week long!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy in FL said....

PLEASE DON'T CANCEL INC, SPEED. If you must, please at least bring Mikey and Kenny back in some form to have a driver's/owner's perspective of the race. Also, please have an introductory show to start the season and a closing recap show and a bloopers show at the end of the season.

I don't have any one favorite memory but it was here that I stumbled upon this show after I had stumbled on Speed back in 2004 when I became a Nascar fan that I became a huge Mikey fan. I loved the ambient noises that Mikey would point out for us that couldn't here in tv land. I also the Buffy hot seat guest appearance and Mikey's antics and Kenny's antics.

I agree that Dave Despain dried the show up but I still watched as I had to have my Mikey fix after the races. I hated it when Mikey would have a good race that either he wouldn't be on or they wouldn't have a show. I especially loved it when AB was host the times that they would do the show live.

When I heard about the show being cancelled, I just about cried and believe me I am not an emotional woman who cries. My heart became very heavy and sad with the news. I truly hope that John is right in that they have not said that Mikey and Kenny would not be back because they are the best team in Nascar television.

I will agree with Deborah that from what I had heard that as of fan fest in Daytona that Michael was under the impression that INC had been cancelled. I hope that from the boos heard in the audience that Speed woke up and decided to revamp INC and bring Mikey and Kenny back in some new format and show.


rich said...

JD, I for one am an optimist. I think that SPEED has their finger on the pulse of NASCAR fandom enough to know what to do next. Of course I have enjoyed all of the last 10 years. How can you not like a show where Mikey comes in looking like he just woke up and wearing docker with no socks. And like everyone else I know it went downhill when they tried to rein in the madness that AB presided over. But I am confident that we are in for a treat with a new show this season.

Anonymous said...

I found IWC the beginning of the 2K2 season. I was reading something on DWs site and there was mention of the show so I checked it out. I kept seeing SPEED and this Totally NA$CAR show that took me forever to FINALLY check out. So I FINALLY tuned into TN and then watched my first IWC show and LOVED IT!

So many memories! Learning in 2K2 why Schrader can only give 1 1/2 thumbs up! Others might have already known, but I found this out during the off-season when they did the "best of" repeats. Heck darn near every show could qualify for that! Mikey's Daytona 500 "glitch". After the fall 2K3 Bristol race I believe it was, Mikey was late and he *tried* to sneak in but of course that plan failed!

The spring 2K2 Bristol Busch recap where Allen was TRYING to do the race run down and the boyz were all "yeah yeah whatever, what about the fight...when do we get to the fight." So when it was time, Allen did a quick recap and then they chatted about it.

The Live shows were always fun because you never knew if Mikey would behave or not.

Mikey's "Party with the Posse" was fun! They showed more stuff during the off season and that was fun!

One that I wish I had kept was from 2K2 when Jamie was the "Hot Seat" Guest right before they realized how hurt Sterling was. And Mikey kept calling him "Scott". Jamie was playing along and everyone's all "whose Scott?" So finally they correct Mikey and I was ROLLING!

I'm trying to think of others. I'm going to have to review my pages from the 2K3 season as I kept all those.

Don't have one memory of the Despain version.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I bet you will be as right about this as you were about ESPN not allowing Speed to broadcast pre-race shows while ESPN was doing so.

Anonymous said...

What I am hearing is that Steve Byrnes is going to be the new host. I think they're still going to have some kind of driver panel but have not heard who'll be on it. The major change is in tone and format. Instead of spending almost all of the show looking back at what happened over the previous weekend, the new show will act as sort of a turning point in terms of looking forward. There will be some review, like on things that might cause issues that carry over, but the feeling is that since they do a couple of hours right after the race and then Wind Tunnel on Sunday nights it gets repetitive. -- David Poole

Anonymous said...

The problem with INC is that the only guy who was any good at hosting the show was Allen Bestwick and they can't use him anymore. They tried to replace him with Mike Massaro a few years ago when Bestwick went to work for NBC and they had to bring Bestwick back. SPEED wants to use someone within the FOX family so they want to avoid using Bestwick. So if what David says is true, They're going to do a new show with Steve Byrnes. Personally, I think he's overused and would prefer Dick Bergren but it's not going to be the same silliness that we all loved anyway. I always liked the banter bewtween Schrader & Mikey.

Anonymous said...

This 71 year old Race Fan has beeen very fortunate to have always been able to receive INC since the beginning. My wife (not a race fan) always laughed at me for getting my kleenex ready for the show. She enjoyed the happiness I experienced every monday night watching INC. She always made sure that the VCR was set properly in case I had to miss the original show. I enjoyed DD on the old Thursday Night Thunder shows, however, INC was another annimal. At my age, cancelling this show is but another nail in the coffin of racing for me. That's a big statement, however, I am a fan of ALL forms of auto racing and have been wittness to the changes since the late 1940's. Why todays "movers & shakers" in the sport (especially TV) have to take from the older fan and give to the must have now generation, all things simple and fun is beyond me. AB,JB,Kenny & Mikey, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. And don't forget to give my best to the Garbage Truck Driver. Kenny, I last saw you in person on my 70th birthday in Bakersfield where you raced a dirt LM. To see you and the "Gang" the following monday night on INC was a great moment and made the show what it always was, REAL. Glen Blasdel, Alamogordo, NM

Anonymous said...

This was a great show when AB was host, it was fun, enjoyable & refreshing to watch. Dave D was not the guy for this show. SHow started downhill when AB & JBenson waslet go. IWC/NC was part of my Monday night lineup along with Monday night football. Fox knows how to take a good show & screw it all up. As much as I am a big fan of Nascar & love Mikey Waltrip I could not watch the show.

Anonymous said...

Bring back to old gand to IWC/INC or ISC whatever you want to call the show. Allan and the old gang was great to watch.

Old Timer said...

As I remember...Alzheimers aside...IWC was first Inside Winston Cup Racing and aired on The Nashville Network with Eli Gold as the host. TNN lost their races, cancelled the show and Speed picked it up. Thankfully.

It has always been my favorite sitcom and an hour long at that.
Many, many belly laughs. always a hoot. It was best with AB/JB. RIP

Anonymous said...

the show became mikeys comedy hour with mikeys commercials,it was allabout mikey it stopped being a racin show long ago good ridance

Anonymous said...

Once again Speed Channel has attempted to do away with the 35 plus aged viewers. I enjoy all of the NASCAR programming that Speed has shown over the years. This past year of endless hours of "Pinks" and "NOPI Tunervision" is sickening. Our teenage children are even tired of it.

Having been a NASCAR fan since the early 80's and enjoying the knowledge of the veteran drivers, INC was a breath of fresh air from the "talking heads" on network TV.

Ken Schrader is always sharp as a tack and very humble. Mikey is well, Mikey and JB will always be my favorite. Quiet, yet very wise. AB is still one of the most knowledgeable announcers around who has a great rapport with the drivers and gets the story.

I certainly hope Speed will reconsider the decision to reformat the show and get a referee for the panel instead of a time conscience "by the book" host.

Anonymous said...

I must be a old fart because I remember this show when Eli Gold was the host and it has never been the same Alan Bestwick was a good replacement and kept the show moving foward and up in the ratings. Some time during his tenure is became the Michael Waltrip show and then the MW in defense of Toyota show. Is anyone else sick of MW . This is all part of the "New" Nascar where the stands are less than full and thank god You can TIVO a race and not have to see and hear the WWF production that used to be a sport.Watch some old rases on ESPN classic and see what a race brodcatst was whem Nascar was a sport

Anonymous said...

My favorite momemt was when Mikey announced he was going to DEI. I thought that was truly a great show. i lost intrest in the show slowly and must admit did not watch much last season. there are too many "recap" shows now and the roundtable of drivers in and out just wasn't the same. Godspeed...

Anonymous said...

I so looked forward to this show on Monday night. After a long day at work my husband and I would settle down in front of the TV and wait for the laughs and also some information and news. Despain was not the best host for that show, but take Mikey off and Kenny and I am done watching it. By the way Dave you kinda did have a bad headline, most would assume until further reading of comments that the show was canceled totally. SPEED, keep this show and Mikey and Kenny, bring on whoever else you want to go with them, laughing is good for the soul and Mikey and Kenny make people laugh.

Anonymous said...

They always cancel the good stuff!
I could hardly wait for Monday nights EVERY race weekend to hear the good ole boys analyze what really went down. They were insightful and had insider trader knowledge that was invaluable to the race fans watching. Who knew Schrader was smart, funny and diplomatic? His dry humor zings with the best! Mikey is Mikey and you always knew something was going to come out of his mouth that even he had no clue was coming. The Bif has been the best addition and he has gotten better with each episode. I Tivo'd every episode if I couldn't watch live.
For sure- they will now replace it within something dry, canned and unappetizing. We are going to be put on a healthy NASCAR diet! We want the JUNK FOOD Nascar! Bring back the good ole boys!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!! My husband and I loved this show. When the time slot changed to 8 PM on Mondays, we actually gave up the big shows to watch.

I think Kenny's thumbs up was probably the biggest stand out that I remember, but more importantly, we couldn't wait to hear the comments the guys made about the latest "faux pas" at the race the day before, or mistake, or gesture, or wreck, or change, etc. Even more fun were the razzing the guys did to each other.

Yeah, a lot was over the top silly or self indulgent, but oh how entertaining. Isn't that what t.v. is supposed to be. I think it was the best "reality tv" out there.

We did miss AB and JB so much.

It was interesting to see Michael and Dave try to act decent to each other at first(expecially after I recall Michael calling Dave "wind bag" before Dave came.

I'm happy for AB. He is the best announcer for Nascar we think and deserves his new role.

It was great seeing JB doing so well last year.

Gosh, I wish they would reconsider and bring them back.

Thanks for all the great memories guys. Someone please keep Kenny in the spotlight somewhere. He deserves it!!!

Unknown said...

This to me was one of the funniest shows on TV. And very informative. It was one of the very few shows I would watch every week. It was not boring like the actual races. It was entertaining unlike the races.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR and SPEED once again "POOPS" on the "REAL" fans of auto racing by removing a icon of the sport. All I know is they better find a place for Kenny " Not Ready for Prime Time" Schrader who defines what a real racer is!

Anonymous said...

There were so many great moments on IWC, Kenny's "half a thumbs up", the first time Mikey's chair sank down behind the desk, the completely out of control feeling that AB would barely rein in at the last second, the time my ex-wife's question of the week was aired, all so great. Then they put Dave Despair in the chair and drained the life from the show. It was like someone in the control booth turned the "suck" button up to ten, instituted the rule by decree and started the stopwatch. I'll wait for something like the original IWC to return, but I doubt it will happen in this NASCAR world. Cookie cutter tracks, cookie cutter cars, and lifeless shows all go together so well with the "new NASCAR".

James Crooks said...

JD, I hated to read your comment about being trashed all over the net for posting what you did. I agree, people need to read what you wrote before trashing you.

I was a big fan of INC before Dave Despain took over, and although I respect him as a journalist, I did not like the direction the show took after his arrival. I really found myself getting bored with the show.

I hope that Speed Tv will come up with a worthy replacement.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Dave Despain was the nail in the coffin for this show. He is a pompous know-it-all that sucked the life right out of what used to be the best NASCAR show on TV. How sad. Look out Trackside. Next thing you know they'll mess this show up too.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the others that once Dave took over for Alan the show lost a lot of it's appeal.

Some of Michael's comments were childish and hard to sit through but Kenny was there to get him back on track in manner that had humor behind it.

I like seeing the drivers giving their take on what went on in the race. They are giving us a bird's eye view of it instead of getting it from a second guessing media person.

I hope the rumored show to replace it does not have Dave at the control of it.... Bring back Alan or even Wendy would be a good person to head the control of the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Speed should put another edition of Wind Tunnel on in place of INC. Wind Tunnel best show on Speed.

INC doesn't work any more. IMO it was Waltrip who killed the show.

Anonymous said...

I guess I was one of the fortunate few who got to see the show from episode one. The chemistry between AB, KS, JB & MW was irreplaceable and irrepressible right from the start.

AB's signoff "...if they let us." perfectly summed up the main reason the show was so enjoyable. These were real people talking about something they obviously love, having fun doing so, and not worrying about appearing to be professional broadcasters. I never missed an episode until AB left. When the cast changed, so did the channel on my cable box.

I can't really say I have a favorite moment. They were all wonderful. I loved Mikey's "live" reports, his bad hair days, and his playing with his chair. When JB laughed, everyone laughed. Schrader's quick wit and timing when making his comebacks and asides rivals that of the best professional comedians. And AB's struggling to maintain order in chaos was priceless. That and his "perfect hair" literally "capped" off the show perfectly.

Add the enjoyment of watching the show to the fact that I learned more about what happened at the race that week than I ever could from all the other "professional" broadcasters, and you'll get a sense of why I never missed a show.

I still have most of those first seasons on tape... now I guess I'll have to go back and replay some so I can wade in nostalgia for a time.

William G. said...

How could I forget the time Mikey said, "Watch this", then pulled the lever on his chair?

Or when they started letting the highest-finishing panelist intro the show, and one week it was Shrader, who finished 32nd, because, as he put it, "We all sucked this week."

There were lots of great moments on that show. Personally, though, I'd like to see any new format scaled back to 30 minutes and do away completely with the race review. It's always great to hear about the drivers' take on whatever the controversy of the week is (like Biffle's take on the whole Edwards/Kenseth scuffle), but as far as showing a clip of the Napa car slapping the wall and asking Mikey what happened here, that gets old quick.

I fully agree that the Bestwik years were great. The Despain season(s) not so much. By the end, I'd quit watching altogether.

What made INC special wasn't really the people so much as the freedom those people took to speak what was on their mind, which was usually a complete 180 from all the other NASCAR coverage out there. INC was like a safe place where drivers could vent.

Personally, I'd like to see a panel show with Biffle, Stewart, and Harvick, or maybe even a rotating panel each week. THIS WEEK IN NASCAR or something like that. Scale down the set, maybe even take it on the road.

INC will definitely be remembered as ground-breaking, and here's hoping its next spiritual incarnation will be just as irreverent and silly as the first.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I'm sick to death of Michael Waltrip. I don't want to see his face for a very very long time. I'm glad the show is over, and I hope it stays over. Same w/Kenny Wallace. The younger no talent brothers of successful and talented older brothers would never have made it into Nascar Cup if not for their names."

I thought I was the only one! When a show comes on with a Waltrip or Wallace mouthing off, I either turn it off or bite my tongue and hope they go away quickly.

Ashley said...

Pretty much, just like Rockingham and North Wilkesboro, there is no respect for anything that traditional NASCAR fans like.

Evidently there's more money to be made elsewhere. More action, more camera cuts, younger, hipper, more annoying drivers.

You nailed it when you said Despain "sucked the life out of the show".

Anonymous said...

Speed killed this show plain and simple. Getting rid of Johnny Benson was a terrible mistake but nothing compared to bringing in Dave Despain. Speed needs to understand viewers like me tuned in to be entertained by Benson, Waltrip & Kenny Schrader and their off the script wing-it styles of commentary and just plain fun. I watched the first 3 episodes after Despain took his position as a Catholic Nun riding herd over a classroom of 6 year olds. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I thought I was watching the Dave Despain I'm In Control Here Show and not a show BY drivers FOR fans. Despain has his own show and people apparently like to tune in and watch it so let him return to it and be happy --- but for Heaven's sake give us fans back the program we grew to love!

Anonymous said...

Inside Nextel Cup is simply one of the best shows that Speed Tv has.

The reason I say "has",instead of had is this.

Taking the show off the air is a gigantic mistake.

Speed did this once before.

Due to popular demand .They had to bring it back.

I guess they never learned their lesson.

pallysjramp88 said...

I cant believe this has happned. I love INC now with it gone and Mikey my Mondays will be boaring. I loved Mikey and his bad hair days and when he was late for taping he had to crawl on the floor to get to the desk.

But my favorite memory was Jamie McMurray was on for the frist time or may have been his second time. Any way back then they had people cal in and ask question. Any way thi sguy named Scott was asking a question and Mikey anawered it and Jamie I think said something to. Well from then on Mikey Called Jamie "Scott". Jamie was confused to why Mikey told "Scott" he could answer the questions to. Jamie looked at Mikey and said my name is Jamie and Mikey looked at Jamie and said something to the effect.

"Well to me your Scott" so for several weeks everyone called Jamie"Scott" he thopught it was kinda funny that he was being called Scott. Even some of the announcers called him Jamie "Scott". To this day I call him Jamie Scott.

I hope Speed gets slammed by e-mails demanding they bring back INC and Mikey cause till they do I wont be watching any re-caps of the races..pally

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aven 1000%.The Awful Announcing web site must have a field day every time the Waltrip Brothers touch a microphone!!

Anonymous said...

I too, can't find one particular show that sticks out. I do remember Junior turning beet red at Kenny's comment on his trip to the Midwest. I do know IWC made my husband laugh (even though he couldn't stand Mikey) everytime I made him watch (every Monday).

I remember after one race, there was some kind of confrontation after the race, and the guys talked about it. I believe it involved Jeff Green. We would never have known that if those guys didn't let us know. And what about Kenny's remarks about the fuel fiasco with Mikey at Daytona last year? He put Mikey on the spot with that one!

It was the best show out there when AB was the host. I cried when they took Alan off. Hopefully, the new cast will be just as funny, with us learning what goes on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I loved INC, I enjoyed it with AB or Despain, the format of unpolished tv host, of course being drivers is what made the show. I fear it was the last glimmer of Nascar as i loved it spontaneous and about people, I guess this is progress but i call it regress, NASCAR is not hollywood and the more they try to make it that the more they kill the essence of the very thing that made NASCAR what it is err.. was. I must say Goodbye to speed between Monday and Friday afternoons now because the steady diet of PINKS, the crap Unique Whips, and NOPI (ghetto) tunervision, etc. Really well sucks and I wont be watching I 'm not asking to turn Speed into NASCAR TV, but cant we have our monday back????

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 11:47AM,

The rules for posting are on the right side of the main page.

If you would like to come back and re-post without the colorful language, I would encourage you to do so.

Many thousands of people have manged to completely post their thoughts and feelings on that day's topic without any problem.

I would encourage you to join them.


Anonymous said...

Well.. i LOVED the show with Alan and johnny... never watched a whole show after that..if i want highlights i can get them anywhere...

heres hoping they do something that involoves all three series more equitably..because if we dont know the drivers of the truck and busch ...err nationwide series..we will never cheer for them..or spend our hard earned money to see them when they get to cup....jmo

long live JB !!championship in 2008 trucks

Anonymous said...

Mostly, I remember laughing and feeling good both during and after IWC/INC. We laughed all week long about this show and made sure to watch the race so we could "get" all the comments to come on Monday night.

Individual moments might include any time JB (which was infrequent and well-timed) piped up with one of his dry but hilarious comments -- or KS giving a thumbs up -- or a Mikey ramble -- or references to the Big Red Trailer -- or how 8 tires work better than 4 -- and on, and on, and on. Of course, the garbage truck was a favorite, too. I also loved the snippets about Schrader's dirt racing and his track in MO. Loose and unscripted banter -- sure hope the replacement show can do even 1/4 the job IWC/INC did. Better yet, go back to the old format that is tried and true and GREAT FUN.

I totally agree, and commented frequently, that much of the life left the show when AB and JB were released -- that total chemistry was priceless and irreplaceable. Although I also loved DD's own show, and wish it were still on 4 nights a week, he just wasn't the right fit for IWC/INC. And, why can't they bring back AB anyway? He and JB brought just the right dry humor to the show to highlight the other's craziness and make the whole experience light and fun.

Boo Hoo, I say -- Boo Hoo.


Anonymous said...

When Dave replaced Alan INC should have been canceled at that time. If Speed can continue with Unique Whips which is one of the sorriest programs ever shown as far as I am concerned they can cancel the entire SPEED channel.

Anonymous said...

AB getting his hair messed up stands out. The combo of of AB JB KS and MW made the best show on the air. I lost a lot of respect for SPEED when Dave Despair took over for AB. He started the downfall of the show. Little E's Back In The Day is the only thing left for me there.
Dave Despain and the top 35 are two things I can live without.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One funny segment was told by Schrader after Talladega a couple of years ago. He got crashed out early, so he decided to make an early exit home. He jumped on his cycle and headed toward Charlotte by himself. He stopped in north Georgia at a truck stop for gas and decided to go into the trucker's lounge where the race was on TV and check on the race standings. He walked into the room unrecognized and asked one of the guys there how the race was going. The guy gave him some a brief synopsis and proceeded to tell Schrader about the early crash that took out Schrader and a few others. That's when Kenny piped in and said "yeah, I saw THAT ONE." About that time, the guy did a double-take and looked at Schraader and said "you're him!"

Schrader acknowledged that he was "him" in the way that only Kenny could have. This was one of those stories that you had to see & hear Kenny tell with his own wit and facial expressions to get the full priceless humor from. I'd love to see that clip again someday.

Anonymous said...

Please put the original guys back on. They were the highlight of my Monday nights. It was like the inmates running the asylum. Mikey and Kenny were so funny.
My favorite one was when Mikey reminded everyone that his fan club was having a meeting at some hotel in Charlotte and Kenny, without missing a beat said, "I didn't know they still had a phone booth in that hotel." I thought I would die laughing.
Hey, how about just replaying the old shows?

Anonymous said...

So many comments!This must be a record.I've followed NASCAR for 40 years.IMO,there are too many NASCAR shows on now,and some should be dropped.I've watched IWC/INC since the start and enjoyed it till AB and JB left.I hope that SPEED buries it real deep,and puts a subliminal message in it's broadcasts to make viewers forget.SPEED,thanks for snubbing a quality show,and ignoring your viewers.R.I.P.

GinaV24 said...

JD, you want people to actually READ something before they respond? Surely you jest! Don't let the turkeys get you down!

Anonymous said...

The success of INC was most likely due to the format. It was a stroke of genius to have the fan sit in his easy chair while professional drivers take the race apart with stop action, and explain what really happened, while also cracking wise about their own, and their fellow drivers, faux paux's.
I would limit the subject to the most recent cup race only and add another show for Busch and trucks if the interest is there.

Now if you want it to be an NBC prime time hit, have the drivers speak uninhibited about what really went on in the race and who did what. Like that would ever happen.


Anonymous said...

For all the years it was on, it was my favorite (except Q and racing) TV show. When Speed switched from a free cable channel to a premium TV channel, we bought premium. And, while the show was better with Bestwick and Benson, it was still good with DeSpain and Biffle. Back in 2000, in the Newark airport, when we all were stranded while waiting for a plane to Atlanta, I mentioned the show. I was surprised both at the number of people who watched it and that a couple of people had actually gotten interested in NASCAR by watching the show. Mikey and Bestwick have always been a good team. They did a Busch TV race a year or two ago that was one of the best ever - it was like sitting around with friends watching a race.

I do agree with others that there are too many recaps and that the format of watching all of the race has to be changed. But I will miss the show.

Anonymous said...

"Thats' all Folks"!!!

Just another step in the wrong direction for the sport. Schrader, Kenny, Johnny and Alan made it real. Bif and others weren't perfect and I hated to hear MW go on but that was the show. I felt like I was sitting in the back of a hauler listening to the three go on. My favorite show last year was MW trying to cover his butt when he rolled the Toyota FourRuner and walked 2 miles home.

When Despain came in it was like the management told him to take over. People who liked INC weren't the people we (speed, Nascar) wanted to get to. NASCAR is not soceerballs and tattoo's. We "were" Meat and potatoes and INC. Now where did I leave my Winston's ?

Anonymous said...

If Speed has to kill INC, then they could put Wind Tunnel back on 5 nights a week. Make it a 30 minute show. Chopping Wind Tunnel down was bad enough, but axing INC? Horrible. The Media truly is killing the spirit of the sport.

Anonymous said...

my favorite INC memory will forever be mikey explaining the refueling of a cup car in a birds&beestype of senario& seeing bestwicks reaction!!!!

Sophia said...

robbie r

YES! I remember hearing Kenny tell that story about crashing out early and heading home..and finally being recognized after being told he, Schrader, had crashed out earlier.

Oh, my.

Too bad Chris long screwed up this show.

I still say we need LESS SRIPTED and more free rein on tv.

Everybody seems to be blasting Dave D but I am sure it was the new producers that made him keep the show on track..and remember, Chris long WANTED it to be more detailed rehashing of the race.

Huge mistake...huge.

We all loved feeling like we were eavesdropping from another room.

Not another generic talking head show.

SPEED SUCKS and is obviously aiming their shows at white trash and teens with their Nopi shows and Unique whips, Pinks and such. Embarrassing.

I don't believe they are going to retool the show or Mikey would not have been told it was canceled. OF COURSE NEXTEL would not be in the title if they were just keeping the show and changing the name.

But as far as getting new young drivers.

Not for most of us.

But what a huge disappointment and insult to the older fans.

Sorry we loved this show so much so TPTB at SPEED could not respond to the mess C Long made. AB may be at ESPU but they could've brought in a better host AND kept the hotseat each week. :(

Anonymous said...

Aaaarrgghhh!!! I used to watch when the regional Fox Sports Net would replay this, so that was probably 8 or 9 years ago.

My favorite moment was when Mikey's Busch car was penalized for a trick rear axle, and Macey heard it on Sirius that "Mommy has an illegal rear end". I laughed so hard at that one.

I hated the release of AB and Johnny, but hate this even more. As good as the upgrade to HD looks on Speed, I'd trade it for IWC. What the hell are they thinkin?

Maybe we'll be surprised and Speed will give us a repacked upgraded version of IWC. And maybe Mikey will win Daytona again. And maybe . . . ahhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye INC, I will miss you
I really loved this show, even with Dave and Mikey
Bad enough NASCAR makes changes for change sake, but why oh why cancel a show this good

Anonymous said...

I remember watching this back when it was on Speedvision, which was much better than SPEED. AB is probably the best play by play commentator out there today and should take Dr. Jerry Punch's place in ESPN.

Also, gotta love JB, great guy, great racer. Once he was off the show, the chemistry went down hill. The Biff and BV can't, well no body can, replace JB.

Good luck in 2008 JB (best driver in the truck series hands down)

Anonymous said...

NO,NO,NO I Love INC. I only found the show 3 short years ago. I plan my Monday nites around watching it. My favorite moment was when Kenny and Michael busted Brian Vickers chops throughout the whole show when he "won" the race by wrecking Jimmy and Dale Jr.
Please reconsider and bring INC back.

Anonymous said...

I can remember when it was Inside Winston Cup.Thats when it was a show. With all the changes made to it, the format etc.this was bound to happen sooner or later..

I liked Johnny and Kenny on the show.MW , always has something to say and always will, least Schrader kept him in check.

Not everyone in the NASCAR world thinks MW is funny, or even remotely hilarious.

The downfall of this stems back to the "new regime" of NASCAR placing fans last, not first as Bill JR always made it a point to do.

Anonymous said...

am i reading this right? you people have complained for months about INC and especially MW. no loss here. i stopped watching INC and truck racing so i don 't have to listen to MW. he must have pictures on someone. most over-rated person in all of racing

Anonymous said...

INC was the only "Reality" show I watched every week. It was the only time I had control of the remote. I will miss "my boys" alot. I'm sad, I think every one else has pretty much said it all.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone in the NASCAR world thinks MW is funny, or even remotely hilarious.

No, but plenty of us do.

Anonymous said...

This has completely depressed me. Here I am, in the dead of Jan. in serious INC withdrawl and now I find out I'm never ever going to get my fix again.
I used to tape the races, and then tape INC and then I'd rush through the race just so I could get to the boys.
My favorite moment has to be the Schrader story mentioned above, but my recent favorite is the "Brokeback Mountain!" episode last year after Jimmy won Texas and they had that horrible cowboy had picture up of him and Knaus. Another good one was when they brought on Leffler on as a guest several weeks after he took out Mikey at Daytona, and we all just waited for Mikey to drill him, and were not disappointed.
Despain didn't bug me too much but Vickers was stiff as a board. Biffle was a much better replacement for JB as the straight man. Mikey and Schrader are my favorite part of the show and AB was and still is my favorite racing announcer. It's such a shame I could only see him on disastrous, error prone, mistake laden, missed restart, missed lead passes, incomprehensible NBC/TNT coverage.
In short, this sucks. SPEED channel deserves to get roasted for this. If it weren't for Truck Racing there'd be no reason for keeping it on my cable plan.

Anonymous said...

I have only been a NASCAR fan for 5 years, but I have been an INC fan for every one of those years. I even had the chance to go sit in on a taping a few years ago. What a fun show, especially in the "old days". I always listened for the trash truck, looked to see whether Mikey was wearing socks, and couldn't wait to see what jabs the original panel would take at each other each Monday.

The original knife in the back was when Chris Long decided he had to mess with something that wasn't broken and showed AB and Jb the door. DD was never a big fan of NASCAR, and it was painful to see him try and fit in to the chaos that made INC what it was. Now, the fix has totally broken the product...and those of us that enjoyed the show are left with nothing to watch on Monday nights.

Speed has competely destroyed what used to be a good network. Pinks, Unique Whips, Nopi Tunervision....have at it. I don't watch it, and don't care about it. I want NASCAR, and the funniest way to re-live a race weekend was to tune in Monday nights.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was when it was Inside Winston Cup and the three would go "Off Topic" and talk about the race from a drivers perspective.

Anonymous said...

"they had a 'special' show that originated from someone's shop." - from SALLYB

Sally, the show was called 'One More Time' and was done at Johnny Bensons shop when he was with MB2 and Valvoline sponsored him. That was one of my favorite shows. Also, I still feel, the title of that show was a much better fit and represented what the show was about, rather then Inside Winston Cup (Nextel).

My rememberances are multiplied like everyone else here. It is sooo very hard to take out one or two, because their was always 5 or 6 per episode! I will try tho.

I have to say the garbage man was usually always on time! I wish I could say that about mine over here in Los Angeles area. HAHAHA And really, what was so good about him coming every week on such a timely manner was the surprise it had on the guys every darn week! HAHAHA They were always surprised as if it were almost the first time!

I loved several things about the shows that made me laugh, but the one thing that always brought it home to me that these were men, doing a job just like everyone else, was when the kids would come onto the set. That was always the best of times. It was at the end, and we could watch Johnny and Mikey gush with their girls. WOW! How sweet.

I also loved the beginning of the show, when the highest finisher would announce. Sometimes they were late, sometimes ran long in announcing, sometimes didn't know what to say...LOVED IT!

Kenny Schraders stories were always fabulous! Loved the 1 1/2 thumbs up and the going in circles with a cart with a lawnmower engine while his mom relaxed. (Is that right? So many stories,, I hope I didn't mess it up.) Point being, until Kenny wrote his book, we could only get those stories from IWC/INC.

I loved how when their was a question about how something worked mechanically or something, Mikey and Kenny would always throw it to Johnny because he was "the smart one" and then the camera would go to the astonished look on JB face! Then he'd explain how 'whatever' worked.

My favorite Mikey moment was him trying to explain how he wanted the Cup cars to be...(I can't even explain it but he just kept going on and on and on, and then Schrader finally interupted him and said "Mikey, you want the cars to be like trucks? We already have trucks." or something. It's in my head, and like all Mikey moments, are very difficult to explain. But it did make me want to wet myself! HAHAHA

Another thing, I remember that the "Expert Panel" was very humble and were always surprised when people would come up to them and say they watched the show and how good it was. And that the most "Hollywood" IWC/INC got was Mikey getting his hair done sometimes in Los Angeles or New York and then getting ribbed in Charlotte for it.

I think the difference between Allen Bestwick and Dave wasn't the control, but Allen listened to the guys as we did. Dave had a list and stuck to it. Allen was us, and we all were able to sit and eavesdrop on a weekly conversation between NASCAR drivers. It was all very comfy cozy and lived in where Daves version was structured.

If the show comes back, I hope SPEED finds three drivers with a wonderful rappor as JB, Mikey and Kenny did. I hope that SPEED will have 1 Cup driver, 1 truck driver and 1 Nationwide driver being the "expert panal". And I hope that SPEED keeps them together regardless of where their career goes, so we can see how things really work in NASCAR. I also hope that SPEED keeps the show at an hour long or 1 1/2 hours so all three divisions could be really talked about and have a guest, too, along with Q & A's. There are enough recap shows that go from one thing to another...bring back the show that explains why some things happen not just that it happened.

Sorry for the book.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Inside Nextel Cup didn't let Johnny Benson or Allen Bestwick really say good-bye either. It was all very sad. SPEED gave them like 20 seconds at the end of their each respected last shows to say good-bye without any tribute. So for this show to change without anyone saying "Good-bye" is what SPEED does best. At least when it comes to INC.

Anonymous said...

Great memories you shared.
Do you also remember how not only did AB and JB not get to say "goodbye", SPEED ran promos throughout their last show for the "new INC' the following week?
How rude.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I've loved reading the above comments and recalling those same memories and laughing all over again. All of the old shows with Allen, Kenny, Johnny, and Mikey were wonderful. It was top priority for me to park myself in front of the TV on Monday nights. I taped every show and usually rewound the tape and watched it again because there was always something that was so funny I just had to see it again. I NEVER answered the phone or a ringing doorbell during the show.

I loved the old Inside Winston Cup set with Kenny sitting next to Allen trying to peek at Allen's notes. I loved Allen's laugh, Mikey saying whatever popped in his head and Kenny's reaction. Sometimes just the look on his face spoke more than words. And Johnny sitting between them trying so hard to be serious. I loved the questions they threw at the hot seat guest each week. Kenny Wallace was also a perfect fill in when one of the others wasn't there.

I lost interest in the show when AB and JB were dismissed but never really blamed Dave Despain. I like him on Wind Tunnel and felt he was just following SPEED's orders to maintain order and keep the show on track and that tactic is what ruined the show for me. It was the spontaneity of the original show with Allen just sort of having control and being able to laugh at the antics of the others that made the show special.
The show has been dying a slow death since AB & JB's departure so that makes the news of its cancellation easier to take at this point in time.

Maybe ESPN could begin a new era with Allen hosting a new show with Kenny, Mikey, and Johnny...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this show in the early days with AB as host. it was a riot almost every week, and a joy to behold. Even if one of the drivers missed the race their insight was welcome.
I have to admit that I stopped watching when the show jumped the shark with Despain replacing AB. He was clearly the wrong choice for that particular show.
I really wish Speed luck with the new show, and I hope that the folks at ESPN take advantage of this and put their own IWC/INC type show on ESPN2 Monday nights with AB at the helm and Mikey, Biffle and Schraeder giving their own brand of commentary.

Anonymous said...

"Not everyone in the NASCAR world thinks MW is funny, or even remotely hilarious.

No, but plenty of us do.

January 27, 2008 4:38 PM"

Yeah one can tell that many think MW is funny,he is insightful and has a wealth of knowledge..

Maybe ask David Hyder how he feels about that statement...Since naturally Mikey knew nothing a year ago......

MW is a vocal point in NASCAR currently, some think funny,and wonderful.There are also those whom think that he is some, (keyword SOME) of the issue with modern NASCAR..

There were some great moents posted on here of IWC and they were great times, went down since JB left

Unknown said...

Thanks, hopeless fan, for saving me a lot of typing, since you said pretty much everything I had planned to.

The chemistry between AB, JB, KS and MW made it "can't miss" TV.

Daly Planet Editor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 5:55PM,

Could you post that comment in the NYT thread please?

I emailed with her today, and she seemed just fine.

I do hope your website is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Being a NASCAR fan since the 70's I have seen many things change from being able to buy tickets on a Sunday afternoon at Martinsville to being told that I have to buy Bush tickets to get Cup tickets at Bristol. As AB would have said "so we digress". When AB lost the spot on INC I knew the show was in trouble. The show was informative and entertaining. I know the eclectic personalities made the show what is was and I personally will miss it. Times are changing once again sport fans...Hang on to your seat cushion.

Anonymous said...

Just bring back Allen and The Boys and a guest and of course the garbage truck and we will all be "HAPPY AGAIN AT LAST"!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You make me want to weep! I emailed SPEED a few weeks ago to try to find out what was going on... I never got a reply. I agree with the poster that said your negative blogs may have contributed to the show's demise.... I admit, it wasn't what it used to be.... God Bless Alan and JB....but I HAD to have my Mikey and Kenny fix every week. And Biff was loosening up...In the glory years...it was my FAVORITE show on television... I only wish I'd have had the foresight to keep all those shows...As for a favorite memory... so hard to pick... Kenny talking about using a ladder to peek at Buffy in the motor home lot.... "Scott" McMurry... Michael's interview of Dale Earnhardt in New York in the hotel room.... Kenny's looks, he and Mikey would have their own conversation going before Alan could get them back on track... I had a question answered on the show.... It was fun when they tried to cover all three series and discuss things, not necessarily give you a play by play of the race like the new format did... I watched the race, thats not what I tuned in for... I liked the inside information...I can honestly say if the new show doesn't include Michael and Kenny, count me out! It would free some time up in my Monday night television schedule.... I haven't had that hour in a REALLY long time... I think Michael drove for Citgo when I started watching and Shrader was in the SKOAL car...
So very sad......

Anonymous said...

IWC/INC was my FAVORITE show on TV! It's the only show I would schedule my evening around, or if that wasn't possible, I'd DVR it.

Favorite moments??? There were too many to remember. I loved the banter between Mikey and Kenny S.

I loved the old "hot seat" interviews.

I must say, though, I knew the show was doomed when they canned Allen Bestwick. Chemistry? He HAD chemistry with Kenny, Johnny and Mikey.

Dave Despain is AWESOME on Wind Tunnel, but too dry/serious for INC.

I'll miss it terribly, but whatever Speed comes up with, I hope Mikey, Johnny and Kenny are part of it!

Anonymous said...

ack AB, Schrader JB for the trucks, Kenny Wallace for "Nationwide" MW and a guest. This was the best "real people" program on TV for years. It gave us real race fans some insight into racing lives. I loved as did the rest of my very extensive family.

Anonymous said...

This program was one that I looked forward to and it will be missed bye my family. As a 24/7 worker if I was unable to see the race live it gave us all the information from a drivers view. - Love Dave but it slid down hill since Allen left. It was like taking Mike Wallace from 60 minutes. Hope you can find your way back INC. We will miss you.- Goreville IL.

Anonymous said...

This is blasphemy, although the new management is responsible for hurting INC I always looked forward to watching it on Monday. I love the way that Waltrip and Schrader get along. I look forward to all of the off the wall comments that Waltrip comes up with.

The killed NASCAR Nation and made it a crappy life style show and then canned that. The moved Wind Tunnel from Monday - Thursday to just Sunday. Now this. SPEED is making all of thier shows stiff and boring.

AB works at ESPN now I hope they consider picking this up on EPSN 2, but hell all of ESPN's programming is stiffer than SPEEDS.

Anonymous said...

I loved this show and would watch every Monday. When Alan left, I left. I tried to tune in, but it was no longer funny and spur of the moment type of progamming. I loved the way Alan always seemed to be so stressed to do the show on time, but yet had to laugh and join in with the guys when they would talk over the time limit! The garbage truck was just vintage. Miss ya'll

Anonymous said...

I will miss the show. I'd rather here the comments from men that were behind the wheel in action, than from some reporter on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

The show died for me after Allen was let go.

I really don't know what happened, but I miss him being in more of a leadership role during the races. He, in my opinion, is the best commentator on tv.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine the 3 STOOGES without the 3 STOOGES.It just doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I liked IWC/INC it didn't matter to who was on the show. It was Monday night must see tv.

I hope that they don't fill the time slot with some of the fodder that they are feeding us now. To me Pinks stinks and NOPI is dopey.

Frank, Sebring,Fl

Anonymous said...

I won't miss it...because I haven't seen it for nearly a year, because I gradually lost interest with the revised format and stopped making a point to watch it. A lot of folks blame Despain, but I don't...he was directed to run the show that way. (He's a lot more fun on Wind Tunnel.) Mikey too, doesn't seem as fun in the new format. I think that in addition to the constraints put on the show by the producers, Michael's role as a team owner has made him more politically correct (ie: less fun.) As the dry news show it had become, it was not nearly as compelling.

Previously, it was so fun that even my wife would watch it...and she usually only tolerates my race-watching. And catching Michael crawling in was hilarious, but certainly not the only funny moment!

But I don't think the show started on SpeedVision. If I remember correctly, the show began on TBS and was picked up by SV when Turner got out of race broadcasting. I thought I was an early-adopter of the show, but I don't remember it with Eli Gold as a host though. It can't have been as good.

And count me as another viewer who is dismayed by the current programming on SPEED. You couldn't pay me to watch the "fake reality" shows they are trying to foist on us.

I hope the SPEED can come up with something good to replace INC. Not a big Byrnes fan, but maybe they can create something fun.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've read so many memories, and my own were surfaced, HOW CAN I BUY DVDs OF THE OLD SHOWS? I never recorded them, except for the one after JB won at Rockingham. And where that tape is, I'll never know. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?

Anonymous said...

Monday nights were great for a race recap and to find some of the moments I may have missed during the race, plus the driver insight was awesome. INC took a dive when Despain took over, he truly sucked the life and personality out of the show.

Anonymous said...

That INC was cancelled comes as a disappointment of major proportion - but no shock. As a race fan and participant for more years I care to admit, it is simply one more "improvement" that our sport has been subject to by some desk jockey. A media executive who has never been to a race as we knew them, makes changes that he feels will make our sport more palatable to a larger audience. In the meantime the "old Schoolers" hardly recognize racing anymore. Too many people did not have the sense to leave the product closer to it's original grassroots form. All of the "improvements" have just pushed the real race fan further away. They just don't get the message.

There was no single show that I could point to - I watched the AB/JB version faithfully for years, because I never knew what would happen next. Just like we used to never know what was going to happen next when we went to or watched a race before all of the improvements. Is there a correlation here?

Maybe the new show will feature Jaques, Dario, Sam Jr., Juan and be co-hosted by DD and someone with a British or other accent. What a great idea !!! Then SPEED could cater to all of the open wheel fans these guys brought to stock car racing. I mean all those folks occupying those ever growing numbers of empty seats and declining ratings.

INC and stock car racing were never really broken but have received a lot of fixing. Yes a lot of people have made a lot of money that otherwise would not have been made. I hope they all save some for a rainy day unless a lot of unfixing happens.

INC and racing as we knew it are just victims of evolution. I guess I will just have to try and find real entertainment some place else.

Anonymous said...

WOW! First "Inside NBS" Which I looooooooooooved by the way. I miss Alan's and Hank's comments they was so full of humor. And, they are easy on the eyes. Now this one? What next NASCAR, Speed Channel? I personally think Your screwin up. But, Hey what do I know? Not like your gonna care anyways.

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment was when Mikey was talking about the new shoes Buffy had bought for him. I loved that he could just go off in a different direction and that Kenny Schrader would gladly follow him, so to speak.

It's too bad that Dave Despain never seemed to appreciate humor and always had to rein everyone in. What a fuddy-dud!

I do hope that we are given a new show that will be just as fun to watch and that Mikey is on it. INC was the one show that pretty much guaranteed a lot of good laughs. It was a very bright spot in the world of serious, no-humor, stuffy-shirt reporting.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww Speed... how can you do this? I guess they are making room for more quality programming like Unique Whips and NOPI Tuner.
As a Canadian viewer I could always count on being able to watch INC and since ESPN is not available here it means less Nascar programming for me. Although the show lost a lot of it's appeal when they replaced AB I will really miss it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment was Mikey miming his first response over the remote after the 2003 500. The boy ain't right, but he's amusing the proper dose.

I'll miss the show, but I'm afraid it had run its course. There was a certain chemistry that made it work, and now that Bestwick is unavailable and the drivers are out or on their way out of Cup (unless MW starts making races regularly this year) it's just time.

I have to say Dave Despain is getting a bad rap here. He was pretty clearly assigned the show with a mandate from management to get it under contral and somewhat on schedule. That may reflect a complete misunderstanding of what the show was about, but I hate to see an employee blamed for management's short sightedness.

I just hope Speed know what they're doing. Maybe in a few months some other fans will be working on the memories they can share when the new show is going off the air in 10 years or so

Anonymous said...

I love that show. I recorded the show every week, and would watch it and re-watch it!

Kenny and Mikey's conversations are priceless. Kenny's spotter stories are great. Kenny's recollection of events and drivers is very refreshing in this vanilla world of nascar today. The Bif's story of exiting his burning car and the reason why he didn't use the fire extinguisher was surprisingly funny. Kenny and Mikey "throwing Vickers under the bus" after his first Cup win was a comedy classic. They were relentless in dogging him after his controversial bump and win.

The show has a great display of personality and sense of humor which is missing not only in nascars' younger drivers but also in tv shows today.

Hopefully this good bye is just a title change.

The only way to make this show better is to make it 2 hours- 1 hour live show and 1 hour rerun past IWC/INC. I would really like to watch all the reruns of IWC/INC from episode 1.

Anonymous said...

I always looked so forward to Monday nights. I too taped it on the VCR and then later DVR'd it. I had it set to be recoreded every time it was on. I am a huge Mikey fan and lloked forward to he and Kenny going at it each week. An earlier post talked about it becomeing an all MW show. Well shows need sponsors and apparently NAPA stepped up to the plate to help out. I really preferred the earlier verisons with AB when they were all behind the desk, the "Hot Seat" and of course the trash truck. I remember one time there being a question about DW's truck team or something about DW. Michael said something to the effect of "let's find out" and picked up his cell phone and called DW during the show. I fondly remember the episode when MW was really late and was seen crawling to his chair. It was a standing joke that MW was always running a little late because of the meetings a DEI on mondays. I did NOT like it nearly as well when they moved into the individual chairs and brought DD on board. He acted too much like a comandant and tried to keep to tight of control on the boys. What made it great TV was the fact that you never knew what was going to happen next. I still watched though to get my Mikey fix.

Anonymous said...

Wow I see that if its not to the liking here your comment is removed...No bad verbage was used but it wasnt a we love MW post.

All it statesd is "we all didnt love MW nor think he was funny.Plus that he is one of the vocal points of the new NASCAR.

Sophia said...

Ok, I have seen plenty of Mikey bashing here all year (some folks just can't stand him) and their posts are NOT deleted. John has his reasons and states the rules clearly.

I also shall miss my Kenny and Mikey fix but I gotta tell you, Schrader missed a LOT of shows the last couple of years and they always dragged.

Personally, for me and others, any new show has to have Kenny and Mikey. Maybe it could be like a mini old fashioned Tonight show once a week. Kenny and Mikey and somebody to keep the boys in line. No woman, though (Please no offense) allow some free rein. If Kenny and Mikey ain't there, show an old rerun of IWC.

Have a guests on each week...make the show an hour...discuss the race for 20 minutes as Kenny and Mikey share stories of behind the scenes. Or maybe to keep the budget down, they could have a producer talk out of a speaker ala Charlie's Angel's and keep the boys on topic! :-)

I loved Biffle towards the end of this season and thought these three Stooges worked.

I also will repeat, Dave is getting ripped for being the buzzkill when he only does what the voices in his head tell him.

Who can forget the best stories are from Kenny...."Sorry about your luck"...just a look or sidelong glance from Kenny could make me laugh. He listens, he has a spark in his eye and everybody loves him.

I love Mikey but he CAN be overbearing but Kenny is a good balance.

I am trying to remember a story about Kenny's spotter...Kenny saying something about so and so driving like he's crazy...spotter got impatient and was like "So what, you're all crazy" i.e. meaning all drivers have to be a little nuts to race...I can't remember the details but the story made me laugh and I heard it more than once.

You all can talk about new blood, a younger version of this show but sorry, the magic was the people on it.

Like somebody posted, and I don't know if is was sarcasm or flattery...What good is the stooges with out the stooges...course they went thru some changes back in the day.

So I will compare these guys to the Marx Brothers...Kenny and Mikey a modern Chico and Groucho Marx..and has quite as old JB was, he was pratically Harpo (who never spoke in the movies)

Sigh, I too would like to buy the old shows IN THEIR ENTIRETY.

I remember an episode of Johnny Carson DECADES ago when Dean Martin, George Gobel and somebody else was on....Dino kept tipping his cigarette ashes in Gobel's drink and Gobel had no idea.

Finally, after the audience kept laughing came George G's famous quote "Did you ever feel like the world was a tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

Today's late night talk shows can't hold a candle to that kind of organized chaos.

And THAT was the spirit of IWC and INC (I got some shows sent to me before we got SPEED)

If F1 and Trucks were not on there, it's tempting to get rid of SPEED. INC was the BEST follow up to the race with the behind the scenese tidbits...forget SHOWING the race...just listen to the stories.

Sorry for the manifesto.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching after AB and Johnny B. Left the show. I tried watch the show after, it just wasn't the same show. It, for me had lost it's chemistry.

My favorite memories were the MW "Roving Reporter" segments. They were funny.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:34AM,

The rules for posting are on the right side of the main page.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please say it isn't so. I have been watching INC for at least 8 years and it is one show I have looked forward to every week during the racing season. When the actual race broadcast was a dismal failure, I would always say to myself "at least I can see what really went on when I watch INC on Monday night". I cannot imagine a Monday night without Mikey and Kenny cracking me up, but giving a really informative review of the weekend's races. To the powers that be at Speed: Please, please, please let the new show be a similar format with Mikey, Kenny and another like-minded racing personality!!!

Anonymous said...

I too will miss this show, many times I laughed till my sides hurt, not as much tho since DD took over. His 'in control' dry attitude killed it for me. AB was just perfect with the drivers.

Anonymous said...

SPEED is NOT interested in NASCAR or racing in general. They would rather show us some crap about some foreign car or a souped up sewing machine! I rarely watch the channel anymore because I hate PINKS an NOPI crap! GIVE ME MORE DIRT RACING! Taking INC off is just the beginning of the end, wait and see!

Anonymous said...

I for one will not miss INC because I quit watching when they got rid of JB and AB. It's not that I dislike Dave, ( he just did what he was hired to do) the show just lost it's identity and therefor its intertainment value. It was no longer a fun show to watch.

Anonymous said...

SPEED is NOT interested in NASCAR or racing in general.
So that Preseason Thunder stuff everyday is nothing?

The three-hour pre-race show for every Cup race?

NASCAR Performance?

Tradin' Paint?

Victory Lane?

Cup practice, Cup qualifying?

All that, every week, and you claim SPEED is "not interested" in NASCAR.

Man, they sure fooled me.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, NASCAR and INC have the same problem...they WERE fun and interesting, and now they aren't. There was a time when I really cared about the drivers, their stories and their past performance. Now the history is gone and romance of the sport is dying, replaced by one more young gun after another that nobody cares about. The personality of the sport, just as with INC, is gone. It's very sad.

Anonymous said...

I will miss it in spite of its most recent 'version' being rather sad. For this last season, I will never forget the moment when Michael Waltrip made the comment about Greg being wrong about his brakes. I've never seen anything so rude on a panel show. It might not be a good moment, but it sure was memorable.

As to the past--the garbage truck and Michael's socks (or lack thereof) came to mind, but really--my first look at the show was on our local FSN. We didn't have SPEED available til about 2002, but I used to catch IWC occasionally on our local Fox Sports Net. I loved the talk, but what made me laugh was the set looked like it cost a $1.98, and they sounded like they were talking out of a tin can (not sure that was SPEED or just the rebroadcast quality.) But they were funny enough that you didn't really care how poor the production value was. I think a lot of things 'killed' the show, but I just hope SPEED keeps coming up with better things. I hope they give Dave his other hour back on Wind Tunnel--I think that format suits him fine.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that I have to go from November to January with next to no NASCAR coverage. Now they want to take away my Monday NASCAR fix. Please, please, please say it ain't so!!!

Anonymous said...

Will miss INC and the goofy antics of Schrader, Mikey and Kenny. DD helped kill the show. He was boring!! Bring back AB and all will be well, but the powers to be don't listen to the people. They are as bad as politicians. They kill a show that actually is good and not fake premade responses.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing from an anonymous source that there will still be a NASCAR show on Monday nights at 8:00 pm featuring a host and panel that will review the NASCAR action from the previous weekend. They obviouls will change the name of the show since Nextel is no longer the title sponsor. The panel will be made up of some very familiar faces and the host will be another familiar face. The reason INC is still listed on SpeedTV.com is because they are still waiting to make a formal announcement that will likely coincide with the launch of the new website.

I apologize for not picking a favorite INC moment but there are too many. I'm just happy that the show will be returning.

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame this show might not be around for 2008. Funny moments?...every show was funny AND informative throughout.
AB was definately the best host for this group of NASCAR misfits. Talk about "Must See TV"...this was IT!

Unknown said...

The original mix of people had the chemistry. Trying to transform the show into yet another "hard hitting, fast paced recap of the weekend's racing action!" was a huge mistake.

What the original show captured was the warmth of the relationships between the drivers and opened a window onto their lives and thoughts. I found it akin to a few local dirt track drivers sitting in the paddock after the races, knocking back a couple cold ones and bench racing, talking about their night in the driver's seat. Allan did a yeoman's job of keeping them between the lines without clamping a lid on their personalities.

I will and do miss them all.

Sorry, but I rue the day that Fox ever purchased Speedvision.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to blame Speed, or Despain. Dave is good at what he does. That show just didn't fit his personality. AB was great with the 3 stooges of NASCAR..(MW,JB,and KS) They made us laugh and understand the drivers view. But if those guys in front of the camera didn't sit behind the wheel that weekend it's kinda hard to explain what happened like back in the day. Speed has 2 great tv personalities to fit that show, who needs a host. John Roberts could have done it, bring in Spencer and/or Kenny Wallace.
Just poor people choices.

Put the people you have on payroll to use.. If monday is to soon, lets go to Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest problem with INC was the change to DD from Allen Bestwick. Many of us loved the out of control "naturalness" of the show with Allen. Also, DD has his opinions of all the drivers which he forces on all the listeners. IF I am a fan of one particular driver, I don't want to hear old windbag blow him down every week. DD has to many conspiracy theories, that is why no one I know watches windtunnel unless there favortie driver is a guest.


Anonymous said...

Ummm....INC is on Speed TV's schedule. Why do you say it's cancelled when everywhere I've looked it's not been (plus an insider from the speedtv boards said the show was going to have facelift, not be cancelled). Saying that the show has been cancelled without the facts, and not posting an update or anything is misinforming everyone imo.

Daly Planet Editor said...


They are just parking the timeslot with that title on the site. Obviously, since there is no more NEXTEL it should be a clue that it is not really a working show title.

The cable guides want some kind of title listed for every program, and we are all waiting to see what the new title and program will be.

If you have an issue like this in the future, just email me and we can sort it out without it being in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Saying that the show has been cancelled without the facts, and not posting an update or anything is misinforming everyone imo.
Didn't MW say last week that it waxs cancelled as well? He ought to know!

Anonymous said...

Cancel my favorite show of the week? I'm mortified! I also think Steve Brynes would be a perfect host for the show, he really laughs out loud when something strikes him funny...I like that and he manages to keep Trackside rolling.(my second favorite show - Windtunnel's 3rd.)
Favorite moments, there were a few each week! Kenny Schrader's comments always cracked me up..."sooner or later you know your gonna hit the wall...they put it right there on the edge of the track!" & "when 2 cars head into the turn side by side you just know nothing good is gonna happen!" & " Ran out of talent" & " got behind in his steering" & "I just closed my eyes cause I didn't want to see what was going to happen." Mikey's a hoot too, the way his comments marvelled Schrader, the looks on Kenny's face & his quick witted remarks were classic! JB & AB were also perfect for the show...Alan losing control then just laughing along with the rest of the guys and I liked JB having the real answer to whatever when needed.
Bif seemed to be catching on too, great (dry) sence of humour and he really got a kick out of the banter between Ken & Mikey.
As they say just a short stagger, lurch, weave down tha shore from where I live in Nova Scotia Canada; " Bye Lard Tunderin Me Son...be after ta tellin me it taint so!"

Bob Blaney

Anonymous said...

for the past 7 years, since i finally got cable, and becoming a nascar/winston cup fan..this has been one of my favorite shows. i set up my vcr to tape the show for times i had to work late, and laughed my butt off pretty much every week, as well as learned more about the sport. DD, yeah, not a fav (too dry) but heck, its better him than NOTHING!
speed....why bother even covering the races anymore? might as well just read about it online..bummer

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, wouldn't Kyle Petty be great as a host with three drivers?

Anonymous said...

While I like Steve a lot, and I think he's great in all the projects he does with SPEED/FOX, I was hoping to see a new face on this new show. Randy or Wendy or even Krista would have been great choices as well.

Anonymous said...

It is because of INC and Michael Waltrip that I became a HUGE NASCAR fan. My husband and I now go to MIS every year!!!

I hope SPEED is smart and keeps Michael and Kenny......if not, I think SPEED will suffer the loss of some viewers. Michael and Kenny's antics make the show, and I for one have learned a lot from them.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, wouldn't Kyle Petty be great as a host with three drivers?


I was a big fan of Kyle until I watched his rude, boorish behavior on TP last season. He treated everyone who disagreed with him very poorly, shouting at them, taunting them, talking over them. apparently, he can't have a discussion without getting angry.

I lost a lot of respect for Kyle last year.

Anonymous said...

My two favorite lines:

MW--"I just ran out of talent."

Kenny, reacting to an impending crash: "Nothing good can come out of this."

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite memories of the show is when Mikey made fun of Dave Despain's voice. I never laughed so hard!! Too funny! I too remember the Jeff Burton thing with him taking off the cover of the car, that was funny. I think they should do a guest driver thing. Like they should have the winning driver from each race sit with Schrader, Waltrip and YES a new host and not Dave because he was not too fun on that kind of show. Can't wait to see what the new format will be?? And why should they talk about the other series? The name of the program is/was Inside NEXTEL/Sprint Cup!!The other series can get their own show!!


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Dave Despain wrecked it. Put Bestwick back in and it's fixed - duh. Like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I stopped watching when Despain came aboard. Put Bestwick back, and refresh the panel with current drivers. All fixed.

Anonymous said...

I wish Steve Byrnes well in whatever the new show turns out to be. If it is even close to what the "golden years" were with Allen, Johnny, Mikey, and Ken, I will be very happy. After the Despain years, anything would be an improvement.

I also think that NASCAR Images should put out the first season(s) on DVD so that newer fans like me can see what all the talk I have heard is about.

Sophia said...

Oh, Kenny's comments were always fun and said with great delivery. He is one of those guys, I don't think he TRIES to be funny...but just is.

Like when something bad happens on a track and a driver is upset or the media makes a big deal out of an issue, I have heard Kenny Say

"Let's see, I am putting on a fireproof suit, fireproof booties, fireproof gloves, a HANS device and a helmet. Yea, I think things could get a little dangerous out there."

Or talking about closing his eyes before hitting the wall when spinning out...and wondering "why haven't I hit it yet" and opening his eyes and Kablam!!! Oh, geez.

sorry folks ANY NEW INCARNATION of this show w/o Schrader will be like trying to do remakes of old tv shows with the modern movie era. You can't go back and redo the magic with new actors.

Same with new drivers. Sure you can get younger drivers or better drivers but who cares. Its the personality from KENNY I want to see. And the focus on the young guns and top 10 drivers is nauseating.

Come ON SHOW RESPECT to the veteran drivers, and the taste of veteran fans...though I know, NASCAR isn't really interested in that and judging by SPEED's putrid night time prime time shows, neither are they.


Sophia said...

Well, thanks for the update John but the 'familiar faces' could be ANY of the guys from SPEED. Most of us only care that Kenny and Mikey are part of it and if I had to pick just one, Schrader.

If they are throwing in the guys from Race Day, no thanks. I enjoy them on Sunday but two hours is a bit much. SPEED needed to keep that show one hour.

I am leery of who the 'familiar faces' are going to be.

Newracefan said...

Thanks for the update JD, Speed says we'll be happy with familiar faces, that means Mikey and Kenny at the very leasts. I'll be happy with Steve Burns he can somewhat control those Trackside guys and still keep it fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

Heard that the show will be called "This Week in NASCAR" and will be hosted by Steve Byrnes. MW,KS and GB will return.

Anonymous said...

Also,the show will look at all three NASCAR national series, and will focus on the next race as well as the last race. Crew chief's will also play a weekly role.

Anonymous said...

I just read the scoop on the new show and couldn't be happier! We get Krista Voda and Steve Byrnes!! And Mikey and Kenny, too!!

The new version should be a lot of fun to watch. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Speedvision has become just plain unbearable since FOX totally destroyed it. I hope they all fall on their asses. I don't watch it much anymore and back in the day that's all my tv would be on all day. Its the FOX corporate goons I despise. Deve, Madison VA, fan of all auto racing, not just nascar.

Anonymous said...

I had a bunch of Mikey quotes:

"So, are you pro-boogity or anti-boogity?"

"I sometimes come up with my best lines when the cameras aren't on."

"DEP! Hey! That's for your, uh, nipples. It keeps them soft when you're running marathons."

"He broke a tire."

I'm going to blog some of them and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

Other funny things:

What about the power washer? The time Mikey's earpiece fell in his ear canal? The bear joke? Anytime Mikey and Kenny Wallace were on the set at the same time?

Then there was:

"Allen, you just stick to the commentary and we'll provide the comedy."

"There's no solution to the problem. There's 150,000 people there and the ratings are great! Sometimes, you've just got to take one for the team."

"I asked my crew chief, 'Next time someone wrecks me, and if Buffy goes down off the box after them, could you call me?' Because I'd run to see that."

"Anyone out there who thinks NASCAR rules are a little goofy sometimes should take a look at the Formula One rulebook."

"'En fuego' ... I think that's German for 'on fire.'"

"I don't know if any of you have seen Kurt's arms, but I've seen bigger muscles on a squirrel's leg."

"You're gonna love it! It's gonna be more better! Brian (France) took all of the good adjectives and left with them. Me, Johnny, and Kenny, we don't know many good words, so trust us. Go with us on this one."

"Hello, and welcome to Nextel Inside Nextel Cup Racing. I don't know the name of this show, anyway."

"This show is probably more popular in Canada than it is anywhere in the whole country."

"You're breaking up. Who's pregnant?"

"We've got 120 laps to go, these guys are just riding, taking care of their equipment. That drives me nuts when people think that. People in general think we're just cruising, waiting to get to the good part. Every lap, you drive like your hair's on fire."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Speed execs:


It's the easiest way to build an audience! No-brainer!

Oh, I forgot ... no brains...

Anonymous said...

I have not watched the show since they dropped JB. Alan was the only host with enough personality to host this show. Michael was a bit over the top most shows but JB and Kenny made the show. Kenny for the wit, Johnny for the technical, and Michael for the comedy. Alan kept it all together. The guest appearances provided suspense. In my opinion Speed was better before Fox bought it. World Rally, F1, and just enough Nascar. Too much Nascar now.

tallmanplmn said...

This show is the reason I took an active interest in the racin' deal. I watched a couple episodes back in early 02 season and had to watch some races to see what these characters were all about. I was hooked. Funny, insightful, honest and very informative for a novice fan. The thing I liked best is the panel had no agenda other than having a good time (and shamelessly plugging sponsors). For me, the season will not be the same without this program.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappoinyed! First Speed cancels my favorite show "Beyond the Wheel" (and no other show has ever made the cars look cooler), and now, no Mikey. Damn you Speed TV!

My favorite moments on INC were when Mikey's cell phone would ring. And I always looked forward to seeing how crazy Mikey's hair would look or what shoes he would wear.

Bummer. ---- Penny/Everett PA

Anonymous said...

Okay - I only caught on to INC in 2007, mostly because I am (not popular with this crowd) a Despain fain due to motorcycles (the guy rides a badass Guzzi!). So, I started watching the show, loved the format and the fact that I didn't have to watch four hours of roundy-rounds and boring commentation to get the highlights of the race. Also, the behind the scenes aspect really got my attention.

On another note, Speed has two slots for the 18th as "Pass Time" and I can't find any info. I suppose I'll record it and just find out what is aired.

Thanks for the blog and I am glad to see that I am not alone in missing INC as well as being drawn to the sport by the show.

Anonymous said...

I might be going against the grain here but I totally
disagree with last years show. I thought it was better then ever. I have been a die hard fan of the show for years. I thing Despain added lots of insight that most race fans just didn't get.
Besides that there is absolutely not replacing the format. Even after watching every moment of the cup race I always enjoyed the recap and insight. The only not so great shows were the ones without Mickey and Kenny!! If there were any complaint from me it would be to get rid of the dudes they had on the show sometimes. Stiffs that just sat there and didn't say anything. Get some better drivers on there speed, maybe that would help.
I would rather just have Dave, Kenny and Mickey on there.
Very lame that in the reality show age we have to lose and veteran show.

Anonymous said...

I too am sad to hear that INC is gone. I will miss Kenny and Mikey and the race review. I have to admit that the show was just not as good after they dropped Allan and Johnny. Just did not work with Despain. But I did tune in most weeks to see what was going on. Who knows. Maybe the suits at Speed will realize that they made a mistake and bring it back. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I, too, miss the "old style" IWC. However, too much of any one thing, good or bad, gets old after a while, and that's what happened when AB was let go. I understand Benson's release, he wasn't in Cup anymore, and that show was all about Cup.

Waltrip can funny, if not downright hystercial at times, but there towards the end(with AB at the helm), his incessant yammering started to get annoying. Especially so when it was way off topic.

Dave was given the charge to corral the boys, and while AB had let it slip so much, it made the change come across so drastic.

After watching the newest iteration, it's more than apparent Byrnes has been given his own marching orders. Where Dave was saddled with control, Steve is supposed to be down-home chummy with the group. It appears, and comes across as, being forced. In time will chemistry develop with them? Similar to what it was like with AB? Something different and unique? Or fall flat like it did with Dave?

Only time will tell.