Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Testing Show On SPEED

This will be the page for reader comments on the 7PM Eastern Time version of SPEED's Pre-Season Thunder as they continue with this daily pre-season show.

With on-track action complete for the Sprint Cup Series and the first test session, the program moved into the studio. Steve Byrnes and Larry McReynolds co-hosted the show, with pre-recorded features and news reports from Bob Dillner and Jeff Hammond.

The network continued with a good amount of driver soundbites that touched on a lot of the new issues in testing as a result of the COT. These interviews featured the top teams and showed a good cross-section of teams and agendas.

It was nice to have Larry McReynolds back, because he speaks to a lot of fundamental issues that really show his all-around understanding of this series. His commentary in this first pre-season appearance was right on the money and continues to be accurate to the finest detail. Larry Mac was back.

This is the type of program that SPEED made the commitment to add for this season and with good results. Establishing for fans a daily show at 7PM during this run-up to Speedweeks is a very positive step for SPEED. This NASCAR series has also served as a promotional platform for SPEED's coverage of the Rolex 24 in late January.

If you have enjoyed the shows this week, please leave us your opinion below. Just click on the COMMENTS button and follow the instructions. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Thursday and Friday shows are tough when testing ended on Wednesday.

But the Thursday show was pretty good. Not sure what's left to say on Friday.

Anonymous said...

In reference to what they could do for the Friday show, it would be nice if they aired some snippets from the Fan Fest for those who can't make to Daytona. Also the trucks will be in town over the weekend for testing, so there's that session to preview along with the Cup session that starts Monday.

Anonymous said...

JD,thanx for being here. This is one of the most civil blogs around and with no spin. Just straight talk. I know there has alot of footage that was not shown on the days of testing to take us through today. I am glad to see the cars back on the track and the racers back at what they do best.

Grandma J

Newracefan said...

Thursdays show was good to. More insight from Hammond. Steve and Larry Mac in the studio also worked. I only need to hear Wendy's voice and it will all be complete.

Lisa Hogan said...

The SPEED nightly shows have been a treat. They haven’t made me leave the table hungry. The shows were well balanced.

I appreciate all the information included in the bottom-of-the-screen scroll. Since ESPN had me so well trained to ignore the bottom of the screen, I especially enjoyed the scroll continuing during commercials.

Well done, SPEED! I’m looking forward to next week’s shows.

DB1 said...

I've been needing a NASCAR fix, and this coverage was just the ticket. Good to have a daily show with intelligent coverage for a change!