Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Congratulations! You Made This The Top-Rated NASCAR Blog

Things in life come and go, but sometimes it is nice to have people recognize time and effort spent for a single goal.

This is the Wednesday press release from the Sports Media Challenge folks who use their own search engine and software to track all kinds of sports blogs.

They were kind enough to rank The Daly Planet as the #1 NASCAR blog on their list.

As you know, the simple format of this site puts one or two issues into the spotlight every day that relate to either NASCAR TV or some aspect of the NASCAR media world.

While I get to pick the topics and write the actual columns, there is only one reason that the nice folks at SMC chose this blog. That is the extensive interaction and the intelligent thoughts provided by you.

Throughout the past year, NASCAR fans of all ages and with all different kinds of opinions have converged here to share their views. Many times, the topics of my columns have come from email sent by readers who feel strongly about an issue.

My opinion of the Internet is that this technology is best used to empower people. It works best when someone comes away from using their computer feeling a sense of community and self-worth. In today's world, sometimes both of those feelings are very hard to come by in real life.

I hope that over the past twelve months, whether you have chosen to comment or not, that you have come here simply to be a part of the sharing of information by people who like NASCAR racing as a sport.

My current goal is to continue to empower readers by adding a forum that will allow new topics to be posted and comments to be generated anytime by any user. We are also working on adding your own reviews of races and other NASCAR TV programming in both text and video form to begin user-generated full-length columns.

Without the help of a lot of people behind-the-scenes, none of this would be possible. Jay over at has been a steady hand and a good friend since the start of this project, and continues to refer readers of his site over to this little blog.

Thanks as well to the many journalists, TV types and network media relations folks who have quietly made sure I had the right information, and often made sure to point out when I did not. Thanks to the TV personalities who agreed to answer your questions during our series of off-season interviews.

Dave Moody at Sirius Speedway gave me an opportunity to appear regularly on his program, and the boys over at let me talk TV on their iTunes Top 100 podcast. This season I will be returning to both.

Finally, I want to make clear once again that you are the reason this project survives. Without a strong community of dedicated readers, the issues that we brought-up to the NASCAR TV networks would not have resulted in the changes we have seen over the last several weeks. Simply put, your words got results.

As we officially open the NASCAR TV season on Thursday with Media Day at Daytona, we all know that soon we will be neck-deep in a slew of NASCAR TV programming that will run at a hectic pace all the way through November.

It is nice to be able to take a moment right now and look back at the incredible amount of opinion and information we created simply by working together. While some computer types may refer to it as "content," I prefer to call it "the real voice of the fans."

According to our friends at SMC, you have officially been heard. Congratulations.

The Daly Planet welcomes comments from readers. Simply click on the COMMENTS button below and follow the easy instructions. There is nothing to join and we do not want your email address. We simply want your opinion about the last twelve months of this Internet project.


SallyB said...

Congratulations, JD! Nice that someone has appreciated all those hours you spent here and recognized the excellence! Any contribution we may have made was inspired by you. Because of your vigilance, this site has been remarkably free of 'flaming', which is another thing that sets it apart from many others. Your willingness to involve those who are actually responsible for some of the content on air also make this site unique. Thanks for bringing us all along for the ride!

Rockin Rich said...

Congratulations! You certainly earned the recognition. I don't know if it will buy anything more than coffee this morning, but, hey, you obviously enjoyed the ride.

I think that your site very much influenced ESPN, Speed, and NASCAR to examine how they were presenting themselves, and to attempt some mid-course corrections.

I also think that it took some guts by Jayski to continue to post your site link on his ESPN owned site. I have to believe that ESPN must have made their feelings known to him about linking a site that was so critical of their TV performance.

I am really looking forward to your being able to continue providing this service, (it is a service), to the racing public.

LuckyForward said...

Again, my thanks to you, Mr. Daly for providing this outlet for the "average fan." You have organized the blog in such a fashion that "regular folks" such as myself may speak to broadcasting issues in a fashion that makes media giants sit up and take notice. Your own comments are always insightful and you manage the blog by keeping all of us on task.



Ken said...

Thank you so much for this Blog. It gives us the opportunity to feel like someone may listen to us and pay attention. I think it has had a great impact on changes that have been made or may be made in the future regarding the broadcasting of NASCAR related shows and races.

Kathy said...

Well deserved!

Lisa Hogan said...

Well, I feel like we should get all dressed up and celebrate!

Congratulations, JD!

TexasRaceLady said...

Way to go, JD. Without your hard work and dedication, this "little" blog would have gotten nowhere.

Thank you for giving "the little people" a place to speak. We're the ones that pays the bills, so we should have some say in things.

I need to find my best party dress and my dancing shoes. There's a party going on ! ! !

Dan said...

Congratulations JD. I've enjoyed this site since I found it last spring and it has become one of my first reads every day. I'm glad you made the decision to continue on.

Anonymous said...

The professional quality of this blog's writing boosts it above most similar sites covering NASCAR; the overall quality of the readers' comments is much better and more cogent than what you'll find eksewhere, too.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr. Daly

How great is this for you and all of us. I know this is like a broken record, but thank you for the time you gave us with this blog. Maybe the changes we see on coverage on TV this year are a result of your efforts and our comments on how we feel about the coverage we have seen during the 2007 season. As a casual fan of the sport at the current time and fading as I see the sport change. Thank you


RaceDR said...

JD, that is great! I'm sure you weren't looking for the recognition but it sure is nice to get. You deserve it. You have obviously spent a great deal of time ferreting out info about the broadcasts and your comments have proved to be spot on. You blog is one of my first reads everyday. Keep it up!

hawkeye said...

Congratulations J.D. and thank you for continuing on with this blog. This recognition of your efforts and diligence has been well earned. Thanks again, for all you do.

jfs-va said...

JD, just think. If you had decided to ride into the sunset after one year of blogging you could have gone out on top. :D

But seriously, this is great news for all of us. I'm looking forward to discussing the coverage of the races this year almost as much as the races themselves...almost.

SophiaZ123 said...

Congratulations, JD! Way to go.

It's great to get recognition for your work and to know you get such great fans to make savvy comments here.

I have learned so much here about how TV works and appreciate others that take time to explain things when I miss it on my tv!

And the first person that makes a "Sophia needs a DVR comment" is not getting any cake!


Looking forward to this season.

Oh, and honestly, I do believe THIS SITE made a difference in how the networks responded. It remains to be seen how the races will be aired.

But I am glad JD had the guts to put things in writing here for us to rant, scream and complain (legit) and have a little haven to share with like minded people.

For most all of last year other writers were signing up for the spine donor's list to get the guts to criticize NASCAR itself and the networks.

It's only before the beginning of the upcoming season that articles have been sprouting up about what NASCAR can do to win back the fans.

Hello, we coulda told people that, just go back and read the comments from last summer.

Will there be so much green flag racing being covered up by INTERVIEWS or pre-recorded stuff that I am dead-heading marigolds again during the races??

Stay tuned.


I am glad you decided to continue on for 2008 Mr. Daly.



Shawnna said...

Congrats, JD! I, too, have much enjoyed this blog over the past year. I don't post very often, but I do read your articles and all the comments every work day. (Don't tell my boss!)

Thanks to everyone who's made this such a successful endeavor!

Shawnna in OKC

Vince said...

Well..........I'm sitting here in the middle of a blizzard in west central Michigan and this is the best news I've heard all day! Congrats you JD and to all my fellow posters who's comments, suggestions and ideas made all this possible. I look forward to another year of keeping the Nascar broadcast networks and media on the straight and narrow of providing us with the best possible coverage of our sport.

Looking forward to the new site JD. When is the "go live" date? Need any beta testers?

Vince (somewhere in snow up to my a** Michigan.)

elena said...

JD, congratulations! You certainly have left your mark on the NASCAR world.

I agree that because of your vigilence, this blog actually discusses the topic at hand and seldom degenerates into just bomb throwers.

I look forward to the new site and the new NASCAR year. I too am in the middle of a huge snow storm just north of Chicago. Ugh!

granny b said...

Congrats JD. I like many others find this a "must read" spot. Thanks for giving us a forum to discuss the media coverage. Also, thanks for your diligence in keeping this a troll-free zone. It is appreciated.

Boyd said...

Congrats JD!
It's nice to see the 'little blog' that I look forward to everyday get some recognition.
You have consistantly picked topics that we the fans can discuss, and hopefully identify for the media guys that may be too close to see the problems.

Anonymous said...

This IS NOT gonna go over well with the folks in Bristol, CT!!!!

Newracefan said...

JD this is great news and very well deserved. I can not even begin to imagine how many hours you spend to gives us a place to discuss our opinions each day. I know I check this site every day and most days more that once. It's the first place I look (even before checking my e mail) when I open my laptop. I can not wait for the new site. Thanks so much and I also believe this blog had much to do with the changes in Nascar TV coverage.

Mike said...

Awesome, JD. I am so glad I found this blog last year. Can't wait to read your opinions during the '08 season!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations JD!

Stock Car Gazette said...

Congrats, Mr. Daly. This is a well-deserved award. Your columns are always thoughtful, well-written, and I almost always learn something. Hey, you wanna come write for MY website?? :o)

Mike Irwin

David said...

Congratulations on the Blog, you do an awesome job and appreciate your hard work. I used to it Jayski's before I hit anything else in the morning but I find yours a must read every day. Did you notice in Peter Kings Monday Morning Quarterback column that he had to watch the SuperBowl on TV in the hospital and he was livid about the amount of commercials. First one in 24 years he had not seen live. I guess it is just not us folks in the Racing world that complain about those. Thanks for helping us to get better TV coverage and good luck in the coming year!!

fbu1 said...

Good job JD! It has been interesting watching your little blog blossom into a significant media voice over the past season. Well done!

Richard in N.C. said...

JD- CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!! However, I think you deserved at least a Nobel prize.

Moreover, the REAL prize is The Daly Planet's continuing. Thank you!!

diane said...

So, does this mean that you are committed to doing the 2008 season?

Daly Planet Editor said...

Yes, Diane we will continue and are in the process of moving to a more user friendly environment.

What we are rolling out is full forum that will allow users to post topics of their own.

That will loosen the reigns and allow fans to raise the TV issues they are interested in discussing, in addition to my daily columns.



batchief said...

Congratulations John, this is some very deserved recognition. Who'd a thunk it in just one years time that the powers-that-be in the blog world would understand what you are trying to accomplish here and appreciate it.

Steve L said...

Great news JD!
I've been coming here several times a day for the last year. I'm glad I got 'on board' early last spring to watch this little blog grow to what it is today.
Thanks for all your hard work and the many hours you've put into this:

"Top-Rated NASCAR Blog"

PammH said...

Congrats, JD!! I have read some of the other blogs-they don't touch on what yours does! Glad you decided to stay & give us a place to voice our opinions-where they will be read! :)

Charlie Turner said...

Hey JD, just wanted to ad my Congrats too. The recognition is very well deserved. Keep putting out the good stuff

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Editor! Ya done good!

Now, do ya think we could do something about the number of commercials in a race? My amateur suggestion would be to double the price and cut the time and number in half. Same money, half the nuisance!

MBeard, Muskogee, OK

chase said...

John - congratulations are in order - not that any of us were surprised because you are simply the best at giving us the information we need, allowing us to vent, giving us a forum to disseminate information and wonders of wonders, people who are either directly connected with NASCAR are REALLY READING and reacting! Jay has my thanks for continuing to post your blog and our comments - Rockin Rich said it well. We are indebted to you John and thanks a million for keeping us all sane!

GinaV24 said...

Congratulations, JD. Well-deserved recognition for all your hard work and thanks for giving all of us NASCAR fans a place to talk about the issues that so many other people ignored for so long. A place for the fans to have a voice! And I'm so glad to hear that you're going to continue in 2008. This made my day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thank you for letting us share on your blog! Like many other readers, it's one of my first 'stops' when getting online each day.

I'm looking forward to the new additions you're going to implement as well as future topics and reader comments.

Austin, Texas

Jimmy C said...

Congatulations, JD! You really deserve it. I read your blog pretty much daily, and have come to depend on it.

Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!

Jo said...

JD, a well-deserved honor. You've worked hard to make this a place where people can find intelligent discussion, and I'm glad you're being recognized for it. And thanks for keeping the party going.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else here think that Ryan Burr on NASCAR Now looks like Herman Munster(check-out the haircut)? He also has the same monotone voice as Herman, I just can't watch him!