Thursday, February 14, 2008

Program Notes: Dale Junior and Dale Jarrett Both On ESPN2 Friday

Just a reminder that the very interesting Shifting Gears TV series featuring Dale Earnhard Jr. will be airing the second episode Friday evening at 6:30PM Eastern Time.

This timeslot is just early enough to miss it as it airs, so this would be one show to add to the DVR or TiVo line-up. This ninety minute episode follows a 6PM NASCAR Now show hosted by Ryan Burr. Co-host Nicole Manske will be reporting from Daytona.

ESPN2 also offers Dale Jarrett on-the-air at 3PM as a part of the broadcast team covering the Nationwide Series qualifying. Fans are already a little upset that the network did not choose to cover earlier practice sessions, but ESPN2 gets a clean slate for their coverage this season. We wish them all the best.

There are lots of changes on the ESPN broadcast team, and this qualifying show will be a good "teaser" of the personnel in-place for the Saturday Nationwide race.

SPEED will also be live from Daytona on Friday from 10AM to 3PM Eastern. The network will carry a NASCAR Live program, and then cover the Sprint Cup practice for the 500.

Following that afternoon session, Trackside is at 6:30PM, NCTS Set-Up is at 7:30 and the Truck Series race follows at 8PM.

It should be a fun day and night of NASCAR TV with a great ending.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that the Shifting Gears program on ESPN2 tonight will NOT be repeated. The program it airs against, Trackside, is scheduled to repeat at 11:30 PM Eastern, followed by a repeat of the Humpy show from earlier this week.

And the third *new* episode of Shifting Gears (90 min) airs after the Nationwide race tomorrow. Why ESPN2 is airing two new 90 minute episodes over two days with no repeats is a puzzle to me, but this has always been the schedule.

ESPN (not ESPN2) is repeating the first episode of Shifting Gears the evening of the Daytona 500 at 9PM, but no repeats scheduled for the other two episodes through Feb 25 at least. The final two episodes of the series will air around the Indy 500.

SophiaZ123 said...

Loved the show but they could have TURNED DOWN THE MUSIC..and the close captioning on ESPN runs at the top over faces due to the TICKER on the bottom...still, it was good to see the behind the scenes stuff about the changes...but Jr is like I always thought he was...humble, thankful...wears the last name of his Daddy heavy on his shoulders...hope the media will back off this year.

elena said...

I loved the show. It really gives you an insight on Jr and how he happened to chose Rick Hendrick as his new boss. I have read before on blogs how Jr did not like DW. It is not so. DW has played a prominate part in this whole thing.

It really shows how much Jr is into relationships. He really values friendships. Though I must say, I think most of the drivers are this way, not all but most.

Some reporter mentioned about his new dress code at work, and Jr said "I want to look like an owner."

My favorite part was when his sister said she had never seen him so happy. Finally.