Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SPEED Offers All-Star Announcers With Daytona Memories

Before you go to work on Wednesday, make sure and set your DVR, your Tivo or anything else in your house that can record SPEED Channel at 5:30PM.

As a TV person, this is a great opportunity to have some of the greatest announcers in NASCAR history appear on-camera together. Barney Hall, Ned Jarrett, Ken Squier and Mike Joy will sit down for a thirty minute program specifically about Daytona.

These four have seen a lot of history with the Daytona 500's that they have experienced. This SPEED program will allow them to look back on those special moments, and offer their own personal memories of that time.

This special Voices of the 500 jem will be tucked inside the SPEED line-up for Wednesday. While it may not be a prime time blockbuster, for veteran NASCAR fans it will simply be a treat. Each of these men has an incredible and very different perspective on the events they have seen at Daytona over the past decades.

The opportunity to get them together does not come along too often, and is a part of the big SPEED-HD roll-out during the 100 Hours of NASCAR promotion. Fans should make it a point to get this recorded if you cannot watch it as it airs. Over time, it may come to be a favorite program and a vivid memory of NASCAR's history.

Thank you to those that provided this information. This special moment deserves attention.


Vince said...

JD, was this a last minute addition to Speed's schedule? My Charter cable listing for 5:30pm Wednesday has Nascar Live! in that time slot.

Daly Planet Editor said...

It is under the NASCAR Live umbrella, but I checked with an official source and this is the timeslot that this special will air.

Trust me on this one, record it!



It sure has been nice to hear Ken Squier and all the others this week. SPEED has hit a home run with all of the historical programming and the "Dave Despain on Assignment" series has been simply outstanding.

Kudos to the little guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the dawg. Kudos to Speed for bringing back Ken. Stepped right back into the scene like he never left the booth. A true pro.

Alex said...

The special is starting early. Barney Hall because of his MRN commitment is not going to be on live.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I think it's starting early because of the rain delay!

SophiaZ123 said...

Yep...due to weather problems...started about 10 or 15 minutes early.

Hope it repeats for those of you counting on VCR or DVR.

SophiaZ123 said...

for what it's worth, the best story was at the end imo.

Anonymous said...

JD, it was great to watch that program.

Kingston, NY

Alex said...

There was so much left on the table for what time constraints didn't allow. If they were given an hour or two indoors to discuss things, I would have liked to have them talk about the evolution of the broadcasts into what they are today, not just taking a few select moments.

By no means is this a complaint, I loved the show. It just left me wanting more.

Boyd said...

This was a great program. I got home early from work and got to see the entire show.
Ned, Ken, and Mike. Now those are announcers.
JD, any idea of when the replay will be so I can record it?

Anonymous said...

That was an excellent show! Great info about the advent of in-car cams, comparison of radio and TV calls, etc. I would love to hear more from those guys.

The radio calls, especially, just amaze me. That is truly a fast-moving art form, and I admire the guys who have done it so well. I'd love to hear more inside stories on how they manage to pull it off so well.