Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Raceline" Still Going Strong

Since the start of this NASCAR season, The Daly Planet has been full of stories about Fox Sports, ESPN2 and SPEED.

We talked about NASCAR Now's changes, the NASCAR on Fox Gopher Cam and the big crowds for SPEED's RaceDay chaos.

Flying under-the-radar through all this network chatter is a little weekly TV show that has stood the test of time. More than that, amid the changing landscape of NASCAR's TV partners, this thirty-minute syndicated program has outlasted all the rest.

Raceline truly is the little TV engine that could. Veteran MRN announcer Joe Moore and a small but dedicated cast of characters put together a straightforward show each and every week of the year. You heard me right. Raceline is on-the-air 52 weeks a year across the nation with NASCAR news and features.

Moore has outstanding access to NASCAR personalities, and his hard work pays-off with exclusive interviews and footage that is hard to beat. Walking a fine line between the big NASCAR TV partners and the NASCAR Media Group, Raceline is not heavy on race footage. Instead, it uses Moore's behind-the-scenes access to get candid reactions from the top personalities in the sport to the news stories of the week.

The success of Raceline can be traced to its ability to be used in a wide variety of ways by TV stations and cable TV networks. Moore's show is often used by local TV stations as the lead-in to the broadcast network's Sprint Cup coverage. In addition, the cable networks love the fact that the show is not "dated," and can be used on a variety of days of the week.

Moore also has a deal with the Armed Forces Television Network that makes Raceline available to the US troops worldwide. That is a true statement about the quality of this program. Being chosen as the TV show that gets the NASCAR information across to this hardcore fan base is a true accomplishment.

In this Internet world, Moore has put the control of viewing the show ultimately in the hands of the computer user. Clicking over to racelineonline.com, the shows and clips and features are all available for viewing anytime. In a way, Moore has quietly established a fascinating worldwide chain of distribution for this series.

The website has a forum, direct email to Moore, and a preview of the next show. It also has an affiliate list that helps fans to figure out the best way to catch the show on TV in their area. Trust me, there are plenty of options.

In this year of "big TV" for NASCAR, it is nice to know that there is one independent TV producer still cranking-out a weekly NASCAR show from a family-run business that lets fans enjoy a little bit different perspective on the sport.

Joe Moore is a US Army veteran, a family man in the Norfolk, Virginia area and has been working with MRN Radio since 1983.

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SonicAD said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to bring up Raceline, JD. Not really my favorite show, since it usually is just a rehash of what I already knew (especially since I think it's taped on Tuesdays, but doesn't air here until Saturday). Plus, the overabundance of archive interviews as much as 10 years old to describe current situations can be annoying. I understand it's on a pretty low budget though, and when they are able to do a nice feature (like the Jamaica segment a couple years ago), it turns out nice. Plus, back in 2006, I actually won tickets to Darlington from one of they're ticket giveaways!

It's on 7AM Saturdays here, but I record it, because it's usually worth watching at least some of it.

Matt said...

I forgot about Raceline. It hasn't been on where I am for a few years. It's truly old school NASCAR TV.

darbar said...

It's not on Direct TV or Time Warner or Comcast cable, so it must be a more regional show. I've never heard of it. Is it something carried by local stations rather than a cable network? I know it's not available anywhere here in the Midwest.

SophiaZ123 said...

I found it listed in SW Ohio on TW cable Channel 20 CW.

The site has it listed for NOON sunday but this week it is on 11AM and I have the digital reminder set to remind me.

I never EVER heard of this show before. Wish somebody had mentioned it before now.

It may seem old news to those of us in the Internet cable age but I think it's great this little engine that could has carried on under the radar all these years. Hope my tv guide is correct and it's on here Sunday.

Thanks for the article. I love off the beated path shows.


SonicAD said...


It's a syndicated show carried by local stations. So, my local FOX station carries it, but elsewhere it could be anywhere (though usually it'll land on a channel that has NASCAR on it). But it's up to individual stations to purchase it, so while it has a wide spread across the US from what I can tell, there'll also be areas where it's not on at all.

SophiaZ123 said...


did you go to the site and click on AFFILIATES?

Daly Planet Editor said...


Raceline has a broad distribution. If you email Joe using the link on the site, he will tell you where the show airs in your area.

As I mentioned in my article, full length episodes are also available for viewing directly on the Raceline website.


glenc1 said...

There is a station here that carries it and I watch it if I turn by and find it...I think they move it around depending on other programming. But I have often enjoyed it over the years and have always liked Joe Moore. It's not groundbreaking or whatever--just kind of solid and dependable.

Thornton, Colorado said...

Here in the Denver, Colorado area, it is on FSN, which is an affiliate of Fox Sports Net. I have Comcast Cable, so I know the channel is 26, but I can't vouch for DirectTv or Dish Network.
I catch it now and again, but the timeslot usually is at a time when I am working. Great to know that it's 52 weeks a year. To me, there is never enough NASCAR.

Anonymous said...
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ttc said...

At the end of every show, Joe Moore, Tiffany Ricardo and producer Mike Breaux pick the Sprint Cup winners.

But I have to acknowledge Tiffany Ricardo's faux pas pick of Kyle Busch to win the Bud Shootout a few weeks ago.

Kyle was not in that race!

Otherwise I enjoy Raceline even though it doesn't air in my area until early Monday AM, after the races!

Desmond said...

Raceline is not available on a local station in the L.A. area. But I can catch it on three DirecTV channels: SportsTime Ohio channel 657, Comcast SportsNet West channel 655, and Altitude channel 644.

Anonymous said...

JD...how about something sometime on Fox Sports Net's "Around the Track" show? It airs nationally, a FRI preview and a SUN race recap show. On-air people are good - Jim Noble (former Charlotte radio/TV guy) in the field and Sean Pragano hosting. They do a great job, without all the bells and whistles of ESPN maybe, but much better than SPEED!

Julia said...

Raceline is on every week on Cablevision here in NJ. It's on channel 25. The time it is on changes, cause of local sports coverage, but it is always on all year long. Cool show too!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:37PM,

You are one step ahead of me. I am working on that now, because I usually talk to the folks behind the scenes before I put together a column. Hopefully, we will get to that series shortly.


Anonymous said...

According to the list on the website........I can't get it here in Sandy Eggo. San Jose, Palm Springs and Eureka. Go figure. Guess I'll watch it online. Thanks for the info, Mike.

ttc said...

Mike: Raceline is available on Channel 50; Santa Rosa, CA on Monday at 1:30am.

Better late than never!

darbar said...

WOW anonymous 10:06, aren't you the polite one? I sure hope JD doesn't allow this site to deteriorate to the level of many public websites that become insulting. You don't need to be rude in pointing out my shortcomings. A polite response is all that's needed. Forgive me for my overstatement. I've not seen this show in either Wisconsin or Arizona, where I live. A thousand pardons, please. But next time, please try and be a tad more diplomatic, and JD, please lets now allow unnecessary rude comments. Thank You.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Sorry, that one got by me. Too bad he topped it off like that, everyone has the right to make their point.


Newracefan said...

Not here in the middle of no where either so I guess I'll check the on line version out. Always glad to to find another source for Nascar info. Thanks JD