Monday, April 14, 2008

Schrader Anchors "Lights Out" Edition Of TWIN

SPEED finally had the opportunity to welcome Ken Schrader back to Monday night. Unfortunately, the program was so poorly lit that viewers could not help but be distracted by the terrible lighting.

Host Steve Byrnes had shadows all over him, Schrader was washed out and Michael Waltrip was totally in the dark. The lighting on this program should have been corrected prior to taping this show.

What Schrader found was a much more structured environment than the old Inside NEXEL Cup program. The panelists now respond to video features and often are allowed to talk in only short responses before the program moves on to a commercial break.

As usual, the program format of TWIN included providing an extensive preview of the upcoming Talladega race. Normally, the next race is only five or six days away, but this week the Sprint Cup Series is off. This means that TWIN provided a preview of a race some thirteen days away instead of talking about a race run two days prior.

Waltrip and Schrader tried to rekindle the banter that made them cult heroes on Monday nights. Schrader began by calling the new official shirts "PJ's" just like Waltrip did previously. He and Waltrip tried to slip-in some below-the-radar comments, but Byrnes was having none of it.

There were once again two conversations in-progress. Byrnes was working hard to move the show through all the production elements. This time, there was simply no room for the kind of off-the-cuff and extended hilarity of the past.

Everytime that Schrader turned around there was a video highlight, a graphic or a feature. There was no time for fun, because there were things to do. This is the new dynamic of TWIN.

Several times there began to be glimpses of the brilliance of the old days. Schrader and Waltrip talking about Phoenix and the COT, giving Mark Martin his due on fuel mileage and asking what happened to Dave Blaney's spotter were "moments" that veteran fans can point to as why this duo built a following.

Just as Waltrip, Greg Biffle and Chad Knaus have worked-out an on-air relationship with Byrnes, Monday night was Schrader's turn. His dry sense of humor was on display, but Byrnes once again had no time to follow-up because of the pace of the program format. In the new show, there is no segment labelled "goofing around."

The NASCAR Media Group that produces this show has consistently provided top-flight video, audio and edited features. The struggle for the new TWIN is to find the balance between highly glossy TV and the absolutely spontaneous fun of the past.

This contrast in styles is made all the more apparent by the NASCAR Now program produced by ESPN2. In that Monday one hour program, four men in sharp business suits sit and talk about racing with Allen Bestwick leading the discussion.

The irony that it was the hard work of Waltrip, Schrader and Bestwick that originally grew SPEED's Monday night franchise show is not lost on viewers. Bringing Schrader back was a good first step, but this show misses a third voice on the panel and someone like Chad Knaus would have been perfect on this Monday.

It was unfortunate that Waltrip was allowed to talk about NASCAR's current drug policy in a confusing manner. Waltrip was absolutely off-base in his facts and his emotional outburst did not serve any purpose. Give Byrnes credit for trying to at least point-out the contradictions in Waltrip's own words.

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Anonymous said...

Just as I thought and wished it would not happen. Kenny's style had a hard time fitting into the structure of the new TWIN. But golly gee wizz. It was real good though to see Kenny back and look forward to seeing him on future programs. He still is Ken Schrader a true racer.

Newracefan said...

I didn't notice the lighting but then I usually don't and I enjoyed the show. I smiled through most of the show and laughed several times. They spent too much time on the upcoming race but the spotters piece was interesting. I agree I wish they could spend more time talking and that could be accompished by leaving out the recap of Speed show highlights that's a waste as far as I'm concerned.

Tracy D said...

Shrader, we've missed you! INC, IWC, we still miss you.

Anonymous said...

JD, I had no problem with MW's response to the NASCAR drug issue. Can you give examples to go along with your criticisms? You were very vague. I realize you might be a bit bias due to the fact that MW opinions clash with your own views on this issue. JD, don't take this a rude comment, I just want to have a good discussion about this.

Patrick said...

I just have to repeat what I said in the other thread:
I can't stand nor understand this backwards format on TWiN. The show is called:

"This Week in Nascar"


"Next Week in Nascar"

or even better(or worse),
"Week After Next in Nascar"
What pray tell is the benefit of discussing the future before the past. People are tuning in the day after an event (okay, two days in this case), not six days in advance of the next (okay, 13). So, what gives?

Kyle said...

I've got it!!!

Call it Next week In NASCAR.

That way you wont even expect anything about the race "yesterday" and can look forward to the race in two weeks.

Kyle said...

Opps hadn't read Patric s response before doing mine! Great minds think alike and all that :)

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:07PM,

No problems. Did you watch the show really?

MW said so many things that were fundamentally wrong it was amazing.

He said Fike "peed in a bottle" and then did drugs. Fike never took a drug test prior to his arrest by the police in an amusement park. No one in the sport ever asked to have him tested.

Waltrip said NASCAR's current policy works, despite the point above being the reason for the entire discussion.

He said there is always a way to "get around" a drug policy. He never explained how drivers would "get around" random post-race testing.

There is no personal agenda, but you have to be careful on TV. If you are giving your opinion, then say it. If you are stating fact on national TV, sometimes it is a good thing to be factually correct.

An active drug addict drove in NASCAR races and would have continued to do so unless a amusement park rent-a-cop knocked on the window of his car. Fike would be out there today, strung out and trying to hide his habit while racing in the Truck Series.

Waltrip never mentioned his MWR drug testing policy for employees as Rusty Wallace did on ESPN and instead got loud and emotional on a subject that has deserved better attention since Shane Hmiel crashed DJ at Bristol.

Many of us feel strongly about this issue, and have for years. The other professional sports from tennis to soccer have a program in place that works great.

When the top names in the sport ask NASCAR to step-in and help police potential drug use, the response has to be more than emotional.


Anonymous said...

I was as disappointed with Michael Waltrip's comments as I was with Kyle Petty's comments on "Tradin' Paint". Kyle thinks the current policy is fine, and even had the nerve to distinguish between the NASCAR series, saying that the drug trouble wasn't in the Cup series, it was in the other series. Where does he think Cup drivers come from? They come from Nationwide and Craftsman trucks. The ignorance on display and lack of educating themselves when they know they are going to be asked about it on TV was somewhat mind-boggling. It's sad drivers who are much younger than these two are among the ones who are speaking up and speaking up much more rationally. Too bad they don't have a TV platform like Waltrip and Petty.

I agree with Mr. Daly's comments. These are both very influential drivers -unfortunately not for what they've accomplished on track but because of their family names - and they need to be more careful what they say when they have this platform.

Anonymous said...

JD, I think you have opened a can of worms with this story. You opened it up to comments that could bash different drivers and teams. I thought this blog was strictly about TV and not other racing only issues? After all you said you wouldn't mix the two early on in this blog. You are now beginning to mix the two way too much.

Also, was it me, or did Dave Despain not make an appearance on today's TWIN? I thought he normally makes an appearance. is something going on there?

Sophia said...

HUGE HYPOCRITICAL SIGH. Ok, after reading here about Mikey's comments, I tuned into TWIN on the second viewing about 12.25

I take it Mikey said this drug thing at the end cause I turned over just to see his rant end and saw him try to give Kenny a hug, LOL.

but I believe what I read here and am also VERY DISAPPOINTED if Mikey said Fike peed in a cup and then did drugs??

even if he did, yes, there are ways around a drug test. Some places say go in the bathroom and fill this.

Others listen to you thru the stall door.

OTHER PLACES make a person of the same sex WITNESS your urinating. I know this to be fact because unless you see it come out of the body, Mikey is can cheat a drug test.

I know of one doctor that stored old urine so when he used over a weekend, it would not show up in the next drug test!! But the person taking his urine noticed it did not feel warm (the sample cup)

Others, using old urine stored in a private bathroom (empty hair spray bottle, for instance!!) have gotten creative by holding the container in a sink of hot water for a minute or two, drying it off and handing it to 'drug person.' Where I worked, the sample was shipped off the premises to be checked.

But like I said, I still think Mikey was wrong but the guys screaming 'we need to pee in a cup', would they be willing to do it with a "witness".

That's the only way to be sure it's said person's urine.

Just thought i would add my knowledge on drug testing from several years back. Now some places use hair analysis which shows stuff in your system longer. but I do not know the specificities of which drugs show up. I am talking 18 years ago when I was involved in the process.

Off to watch the end of this show.

Sophia said...


I hear what you are saying about MW comments on Fike.

I took him to be trying to explain Fike's mind set. He said that Fike said something like "I am going to pee in a cup, and then go do drugs."

I would LOVE to hear Waltrip CLARIFY that statement. Was he trying to make a fact, or extrapolate?

I am still very disappointed in Petty and Mikey's comment but will cut him some slack for his 'wording' of the comment. but then, Schrader basically agreed?

So, I love Mike and Kenny but they could use ENLIGHTENMENT on the drug/alcohol topic as could Petty and the brass of NASCAR.

I used to go to open AA meetings years ago and heard HORROR stories of how WELL PROFESSIONALS HID THEIR HABITS from pilots, to surgeons, to guys in office or factory jobs.

You certainly can not tell by looking.

And many addicts have charming, great personalities!!!

p.s. This TWIN SHOW STINKS and they need to cut 90% of the videos...ZZZzzzz. Though the part about the type of binoculars the spotters wore was intersting but no doubt, AIRED ELSEWHERE before tonight.

The best part of the show was the 4 minutes of Mikey and Schrader.

SPEED can keep the rest.


Also, I don't think the set was that dark just DREADFUL light placement. Who did the lighting? Stevie Wonder??

Janrod20 said...

Tonights show is better with Kenny back!! But they need to do more tweaking. They need three drivers and they need to let the drivers talk !! The interaction between Mikey and Kenny is so funny! They need less videos and more insider talk. Us fans love to hear the latest behind the scenes scoop!!

KoHoSo said...

On Sunday, I noticed the promo during Wind Tunnel advertising the fact that Waltrip and Schrader would be this week's panelists. I have not watched "Next Week in NASCAR" (good one, kyle!) since I stated a few weeks ago in these blog comments that I was done with the show. But, especially since I'm home sick, I went ahead and put it in my DVR's "record" list for this week to give it another chance since two-thirds of the original panel would be present.

It was definitely good to see Mikey and Kenny clowning around again, at least when they could. And, I still have absolutely no complaint about Byrnes. But, the facts remain that the show is backwards, they spend too much time on the recorded video features, and the panelists are not given enough time to make the show anywhere near as special as it once was. It must be maddening to watch without it being recorded and having the ability to whiz through everything except where the panelists get to talk. I will record it again in the future if I know that Schrader is there and watch my own "edited highlights" of the program. But, in general, I stand by my previous statements that this format stinks to high heaven and it's a sham to consider it truly related to IWC/INC.

On the drug front, I don't know why anybody would be surprised at the position of the drivers on the question, especially Waltrip. I like Mikey, but you had to know that he was going to brown-nose NASCAR on this issue. I love both of those guys, but I think that they come from too different of a time and place to understand the modern world as it relates to drugs -- everything from who uses them to the whole network out there to help people hide their use from those who would seek to discover it.

IMHO, NASCAR was lucky to catch Fike. And, I say that from experience. I was a heavy marijuana smoker for many years and also dabbled in psychedelics. In the 20 or so years I did those things, your hair would stand on end if you knew the things I did while under the influence -- including driving jobs (admittedly not at 190 mph). I never slipped up on my cover tactics, so I never got caught...not by the police, and not by any employer's drug test (all of which I passed easily thanks to various methods).

No matter whether one's position on drug use in general is zero-tolerance or libertarian, I think we all agree that NASCAR is a place where it cannot be tolerated. Mikey and Kenny have inadvertently done a great disservice to this issue by advocating to the many fans who watch TWIN that everything is fine as is. I can only hope that somebody somewhere is able to educate them that this is a safety issue just as important as those that led to the "Car of Today" and that it needs to be approached with even more vigor. I can only imagine the uproar and disgrace that would come to NASCAR from the major media outlets if a championship-altering wreck, and injury, or (heaven forbid) a death is caused by a Cup driver on any abused or illegal drug.

Anonymous said...

With the announcement that Kenny would be back, I tried to watch the show last night. I gave up after just 10 minutes. With the even more frenetic than usual Michael Waltrip flying all over the place, it made me wonder just what HE was on. Beween his blind support of any and all things Nascar, and his wanderingbabble, I just couldn't take it anymore. It was great to see Schrader, but even he can't make this show palatable to me. Taped 'highlights' with Mikey spouting the party line, and it's just not worth watching.

Ritchie said...

Everyone, JD is right on about Mr. Waltrip's comments. This isn't about "Mikey Bashing", as some try to make it out to be whenever Mr. Waltrip is criticized. It has to do with the show content that he provides every week. I find it very doubtful that he "misspoke", because I find Mr. Waltrip to be a very measured speaker. Even though he plays the part of the hyperactive funny guy, he always has an agenda. Think about it, when you count all NASCAR content shows and commercials, Mr. Waltrip is on TV more than most professional TV people. He actually may be on TV more than president Bush. Therefore, what he said was probably said with intent.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tom said...

Some weeks ago, I stated that I would cease taping this show. I have done that, but chose to watch because of the return of Kenny. Initially, I was happy for even a brief glimpse of chemistry. Eventually Mikeys nonsense made even those glimmers of fun a moot point for me. Clearly, the show is very tight (those who complained last year, be careful what you wish for!), but I am not sure even with a more free format the show would be any good. The amount of NASCAR party line drivel that comes out of Mikey's mouth could make it unwatchable. Sorry, this show is off the list again.

Inverness, FL

Daly Planet Editor said...


Come back and post without the H-word please.

About Waltrip: You cannot confuse liking the driver with talking about the TV personality. Even thought it is the same person, they are two completly different roles.

We all choose in life what to say and what not to say. In this case, on national TV, Waltrip took exception to opinions of the top drivers in the sport and tried to explain how the current drug testing policy is working just fine.

Unfortunately, he had just finished talking about how Fike hid his problem and the same entire system failed totally.

This show is taped. They can always fix things, re-do things, or think about what to say before the segment is taped. Perhaps, talking to a professional drug counselor would have helped Waltrip to understand just how totally off-base his comments were in the real world of 2008.


Anonymous said...

Best way to watch the show,record it,then watch the last of the show first,then the first of it last.We
have then what makes since.
Ron Il.

Anonymous said...

Fastest TWIN I have ever watched, first I taped it, then I zipped through all the boring stuff, clips, promos, commercials etc, then I stopped Only for the Kenny Mikey conversations. Watched the whole show in six minutes a new record. This show could be fixed very cheaply four steno chairs from Staples - $20, $20 woth of plywood from Home Depot or Lowes for a desk. One camera and four guys but not the current host doesn't have a humerous bone in his body and the best show on speed is back. Get with the program speed.

Anonymous said...

Mike thinks Helton's and Hunter's drug policy is working huh,then why didn't they catch Fike even after by his own admission he had been using herion FOR 8 MONTHS!Their drug policy is LAME!

Anonymous said...

I think Shrader's comeback went ok. I could have (along with Kenny) done without the hug from Mikey. You are correct, JD, Steve doesn't let them finish up their stories and that was what was good about the old program with AB - he let them get out of control every once in awhile. They need that hot seat guest the sooner the better. I didn't notice the lighting but I guess I'm not a professional tv person. I also think Nascar's drug policy needs tweaking if it was working so well, Fike (and another driver banned from Nascar for life) wouldn't have been out on the track racing.

Anonymous said...

Nascar, get a drug policy in place, forget the "garage will take care of it"...just do it...don't get labled like all the other sports...TWIN, glad to see Kenny back on...format, keep working, it will come around.


Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head when you said mikey was in the dark. all the ranting goes along with "i didn't know about additive". "i didn't know about sway bar". worst commentator,driver ever

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Anonymous from Kentucky posted at 9:45 a.m. April 15. The comment was short and to the point.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to make it past 15 minutes of yet more "everything NASCAR is wonderful".

Anonymous said...

YEA, THE SHOW STILL SUCK'S it's not This Week Next Week or This Week Last Year,a 100 Scharder's isn't gona change the format or feel of the show. Leave it to corporate suit's to screw up a good show, and Mr Fike slipped through alot of finger's other than NASCAR'S. long live WIND TUNNEL,support your local track's Geoff FL

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who also noted that kenny agreed completely with what mikey said about the drug policy? I find it interesting no one else has mentioned that aspect far it is only about how far off base Waltrip is.

I am getting the impression the "older" drivers are the ones saying they are happy with the current policy, and the "younger" drivers are the ones asking for changes.

I miss the old days of Mikey, JB, Kenny and Alan...but was glad to see Kenny back. I wish he would stay....I don't know why he isn't full time any more.

Newracefan said...

While I don't agree with Mikey that the Nascar drug policy is sufficient I do agree with him that there are ways around urine drug screens. Does anyone one know if Nascar does urine's with the initial or the more sensitive tests? I also find it interesting that everyone is going on about Mikey but didn't I also hear Schrader say that what Nascar is doing is sufficient. (I watched once but haven't had time to review again). They did talk about it being a self policing sport perhaps all the guys need to be more proactive. I know Mikey didn't mention about his company's policy but it is part of the contract the owners have with Nascar and he has to have some type of policy, those policies may not include drivers and perhaps that is why he did not feel the need to bring it up. This is a hugh issue I wonder if it will continue to go on or fade away until the next bombshell

Newracefan said...

Anon 1213 I guess I was composing while you were posting. Mikey and Schrader do agree on the policy so why does Mikey get slammed and Schrader get a pass. Was it because Mikey pontificated and Schrader didn't?

Sophia said...

Anon 12.13

I mentioned Kenny agreeing with Mikey but folks do love to BASH Mikey (like they did Despain last year who was 100 times better than SB. The latter is fine with his buddies on friday)

Kyle and and others thought WEEKS ago this show should be NEXT week in NASCAR and moved to Wed or Thursday so folks would be past the wanting to discuss SUNDAY's RACE.


Its about promoting SPEED/Fox shows. That's why SPEED is now selling DIGGER T shirts because we can't get enough of the hype on SPEED (Saracasn, btw)

As somebody said, 100 KS could not fix this show. It's not only wrecked, but on the side of the road and crashed.

Thanks to whomever said they DVR it and watch it backwards!! I asked weeks ago if that would be less annoying, LOL.

Still, for only 4-6 minutes of conversation, I can't stomach this show.

Even BESTWICK could not fix this show in it's current format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The show's all filler and no meat. They need to get rid of almost all of the pre-taped stuff and let the guests speak.
It's incredibly frustrating to have two of the most knowledgeable and funny NASCAR personalities on set and know that they won't get more than a few seconds to say anything before they get interrupted by a robot host and replaced by some absolutely pointless puff piece.

If Speed wants to have a show where Steve Byrnes lokks back at all of the other Speed/Fox shows from the past weekend, that's fine. They can put it on and I will skip it. They can even throw-in all of the pre-taped drivel that they kept in their back pocket for a rain delay. What really gets me is that they tell me that MW and KS will be on to talk about NASCAR, and then they serve the leftovers from the last week (or the previous year) instead! All the while there are two people on set that I really want to listen to, but can't!
I've been watching IWC, INC and now TWIN for 10 years, but I'm just about ready to give up. The only plus side is that I can fast-forward through the boring bits and have it done with in no time.


Ziggy said...

Will somebody from one of these outfits please read this blog!. I know one thing, if I bought advertising on TWIN & read these comments I would be asking questions as it sounds like viewership is deminishing.
Parts that need replacing:
1)Dump S.B., 2)Flipflop the segments & reduce the amount of time spent on next weeks event.
One totally Assbackwards program.

Still Looking for the old INC/IWC

Sophia said...


AMEN TO YOUR POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SusanB said...

I was glad to see Kenny back but it was still hard to watch this show. I have no problems with the panel(well maybe go back to 3 panelists) but I really don't enjoy the 20 to 25 minutes used up on the show for the next race(especially when it is 2 weeks away).
I can really say that I miss INC. The only thing I wish they had changed from that show was the host. The show did not need a major overhaul. I find myself tuning in and losing interest within the first 10 minutes and I usually don't watch the rest of the show.
I miss the guys talking and I think there is just to many pre-taped segments.

Anonymous said...

I watched the show on ESPN, and then the SPEED Show... Poor Alan was trying hard to liven that group up...even using familiar Mikey and Shrader lines to do it.... about the wall being too close.... and Steve and the video tape dragging the other show down.... I just don't get it... I don't want to see the look forward at the beginning, and much of that stuff I don't frankly want to see at all... I know they spend MUCH money on the videoediting and want to use it but.... we want the personalities... I loved having Kenny back... I didn't mind the hug, I'd have liked to hug him for coming back! I thought it was funny.... Everyone knows that Mikey is going to side with Nascar... he always does... why rip him when you know that's Mikey? I don't blame him as a team owner, I'd try to stay on their good side also...
I loved the interaction between Michael and Kenny too bad Speed insists on only allowing ua a few minutes of that in the hour long program..... Perhaps we need to all email SPEED with our concerns about the preview first policy... griping on here obviously isn't doing anything....

Anonymous said...

I put up with the 20 minutes of Dega talk just because I wanted to hear Kenny. Lord knows I've missed him!

The video filler still stinks, Steve B is way too rigid, and focusing so much time on the upcoming race is a waste.

I want to hear about the last race. There are enough pre-race shows to cover the next one. Ugh! They'll just never learn!


Steve L. said...

Last week, I removed TWIN from my to-do list on my TIVO, but after seeing Kenny coming on the show I decided to try it one more time.

Boy was I disappointed. You could tell the guys wanted to talk about the race but was reminded by SB a time or two that "we'll get to that later on in the show". I knew then we were going to see a long preview of Dega.

This show is just plain awful. It makes no sense what so ever to keep a format that clearly isn't working. Nothing but a big promotion for MWR, Speed, and NASCAR.

I usually don't watch NN but did tape it and watch it last night. And even with Terry Labonte calming down the normal tone of the show, (from what I read in JD's other post), it was 100 times better than TWIN.

Until I read here on JD's site where TWIN has finally changed for the better, I think I'm going to start watching NN from now on. At least there I'm not watching half the show about next weeks race and they let their people talk.

Anonymous said...

I've tried and tried but I think I'm done with TWIN. Last night was so frustrating with Byrnes constantly stifling Schrader to run another video package. An absolute shame...

Kenny had some good ones started but wasn't allowed to see them come to fruition.

As someone who watches everything NASCAR (and I mean everything) it's hard to believe a show with so much potential will no longer be watched by me.

As Denny Hamlin would say after reading his book: "Sad".

Anonymous said...

I liked Kenny saying, "it isn't who has the fastest car, its who gets there first". : ) Glad he's back.

Anonymous said...

I became a Nascar fan by watching the original IWC if I had never found it I would probably still only watching open wheel. Much more of this show as it is and I'll go back to open wheel. I will even throw in the fifty bucks so that they can get a better set and bring back mikey kenny johny and allen.

Sophia said...

Boy was I disappointed. You could tell the guys wanted to talk about the race but was reminded by SB a time or two that "we'll get to that later on in the show". I knew then we were going to see a long preview of Dega.


speed does not care. Their newly 'update' website is HORRID!!!!! They do NOT care what fans want to make things easier.

It's how many weeks into TWIN and this show still is RUBBISH.

SB is an even stiffer host and must have somebody yelling in his ear constantly.

As I said, NOT WORTH TAPING to hear 'six minutes of converastion'/

I must say I am reading KENNY's BOOK GOTTA RACE and wish somebody would do specials with him. Man is chalk full of stories that WE USED TO HEAR even with Despain but he is chopped off with the new host and sorrya$$ format.

Last night was even more disappointed than I expected and I was mad for tuning in but wanted to hear the comments about drug testing.

Sad Mikey and Kenny are living in the dark ages.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I didn't have a problem with the lighting as I don't see it as any different from most of Speed's programs. It was great to see Kenny back, but the show is too "programmed" and SB needs to let them go off script and just yak. That's when the show is at it's best.

As far as the drug comments is concerned, MW, like Helton and the rest of the bigwigs at Nascar, have their head in the sand. Both Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon said they've never been tested, and most other drivers said the same. That's not a drug testing program, that's an ignorance program. MW's comments were dead wrong as Fike was never tested and would probably still be driving if he hadn't been caught in a parking lot in Ohio. I guess Helton's reasonable suspicion doesn't work either.

I don't think this drug thing is a old vs new driver thing as quite a few of the older veterans said they'd have no problem with testing. The only ones I've heard slant to the negative is Waltrip and Petty. Most every other driver said they'd pee in a bottle anytime, no question. I'm not sure what these two have against an updated drug testing program, but for MW, maybe his being found in his car, in an altered state a while back has something to do with his views.

To the poster who asked where Dave Despain was, uh, he was canned and hasn't been on TWIN as Steve Byrnes replaced him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice it being "dark" either.

@JD--I know when Allen hosted they talked about the show pretty much being done in one taping. They've had a *few* do-overs, but it was a very rare thing :). There was one in 2K3 where Allen introduced it as something about "welcome to the do-over edition" how they messed up the original one so bad they had to do it again. So apparently they have to royally screw up to re-tape. I don't remember which so it was off hand, I'd have to check them all.

Kathy said...

If you only do testing when someone is suspected of using, then there is an inherent accusation of use when testing is requested. That doesn't work. No one wants to falsely accuse someone of using drugs so there have to be very obvious signs before any action is taken. Random testing of ALL drivers is the only fair way of performing tests and does not single out any particular one.

Did anyone else notice the eye-rolling from Kenny when Mikey said that DE told him he knew what he was doing at Talledega and he trusted his knowledge? It was followed up in the next segment with a compliment and an "I believe you" from SB and a "sincere" question from Kenny about it, but it seemed to be an unnecessary put-down and I found it disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Hey,I've got an idea for the drug test thing.How about a pee test zone in the fan zone and if they fail we can throw tomato's at'em and call'em bad name's when they leave Geoff FL