Saturday, May 24, 2008

In-Progress At Mansfield: Craftsman Trucks On SPEED

The Craftsman Truck Series moves to the half-mile at Mansfield Motorsports Park on Saturday afternoon for a live race on SPEED. The track is located in Mansfield, Ohio.

The Set-Up at 12:30PM Eastern Time will kick-off the coverage. Since regular pre-race host Krista Voda is at Lowes' Motor Speedway working for Fox, it should be Rick Allen who hosts this show as well as the race coverage.

Ray Dunlap and Adam Alexander will be reporting from pit road. Phil Parsons will be alongside of Allen in the booth. The TV race coverage begins at 1PM.

Last week Johnny Benson was a panelist on NASCAR Now, and then he went out and grabbed the pole at Mansfield averaging slightly over 110mph. This should be a good short-track race that will have a fast pace.

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Anonymous said...

Great i get to listen to the truck race today while i watch.(No Mikie)
Tks.JD Ron Il.

bevo said...

I love the truck races at tracks like this. It really gives them a unique feel, something to separate them from SC and NW races.

The best TV on-air crew in motor sports.

bevo said...

Anyone else having sound problems? Distortion especially on Rick Allen's mic on my tv.

Daly Planet Editor said...


No problems in the cable TV world since the beginning of the race.


Daly Planet Editor said...


I stand corrected. I turned the volume up louder and Allen's mic is hammering against the distortion level.

Sounds like Phil has issues as well. Perhaps, they are searching to solve the problems as we speak.


bevo said...

Thanks JD. That's why I was thinking it wasn't my DirecTV.

Looks like we might have a few fists flying before too long on the track.

Anonymous said...

Very good camera work today. I don't have HD but the pictures seem so clear and bright on my TV.

And no 'Digger Cam' to contend with!

These guys aren't playing very nice today!

Steve L.

Anonymous said...

Good coverage today. Although it would have been even better with MW in the booth to add to the broadcast.

SophiaZ123 said...

This race is CRAZY! LOL.

i wish folks on basic cable got SPEED...imo some of the best racing we see.

I need to plant some flowers and am taping the race but can't LEAVE the television, lol.

Oh, my...when the boys in the booth said you'd think guys over 45 would have more sense...acting like they are racing for the win with so many laps to

Oh my.

bevo said...

Rick and Phil are doing a great job, they're on top of all the action. I'm enjoying it much more without Waltrip in the booth.

Daly Planet Editor said...

This might be one of the best races Rick Allen has called. He and Phil seems to work well without a third person, whoever that might be.

Nice aggressive TV coverage from the Producer and Director.


Newracefan said...

It's a great race all around. With all the action going on a 3rd person in the booth might be one too many although I do like MW calling the truck races in general.

bevo said...

Now that's the way to call the last laps of a race!

haus20 said...

Rick and Phil are the 2nd best broadcast team on TV...I would take them over any of the NBC - TNT - ESPN crews.

What excitement at the finish.

bevo said...

Great job once again for the whole Speed crew. Great direction, timely replays, great camera work and perfect call by Rick and Phil.

I wish the Fox, TNT and ESPN head honchos would watch and learn how to present a race.

Lisa Hogan said...

I have said all season that the SPEED truck crew cover the race for the fans. They do a better job than the other networks.

Great coverage today. What a finish!

Rick and Phil had a wonderful broadcast. I like Mikey just not in the booth. He jabbers.

Thanks SPEED crew.

stricklinfan82 said...

Unbelievably exciting finish and Speed certainly had the right men in the broadcast booth to convey that excitement to the fans at home. Great job by Rick Allen & Phil Parsons.

Loved the vertical results drop-down at the finish. That's much more effective than the ESPN method of doing it horizontally and only showing 3 names at a time and the Fox method of... well ... doing nothing. I was bummed that we didn't get to see everyone finish but I can at least understand the reasoning behind that decision in a rare instance like this where the finish for the win was that close and that exciting (even though I still disagreed with it).

I've gotta tip my cap to David Starr for being such a class act. A lot of drivers could learn from how Mr. Starr handled that situation.

And of course major kudos to Donny Lia. WOW. I got yelled out here for suggesting that Lia should have gotten more TV coverage at Martinsville instead of getting completely buried by the story of another newcomer that he outran on that day. Now I definitely feel much better about the stance I made back then :)

Speedcouch said...

It was SUCH a relief to not to have to listen to Manic Waltrip this week! Rick and Phil were a bit too hyper for me, but obviously this is what the producers expect these days.

SPEED was just pathetic when they came back from one commercial, only to show a billboard and go right back away without showing anything but a short in-car shot. Thank goodness for MRN!

I can't understand how so many folks claim how wonderful SPEED's coverage is and how ratings can be up. Ever since they took over the truck broadcasts, the commercials have been ridiculous!

They missed 1 1/2 laps after one restart too.

kang said...

Speed did a good job today but did miss some restarts.It was a good finish but a poor race.Nascar needs to order up some soft tires for all the series.On a side note Stricklinfan82 says D.Starr was a class act.While I would never disagree with anything stricklinfan82 says Dennis Setzer might.

stricklinfan82 said...


I was referring to the post-race interview where Starr was gracious to Donny Lia despite the last lap contact. The Setzer incident had slipped my mind but now that you mention it that might be why he was so gracious to Lia, LOL. Very good point.