Saturday, May 3, 2008

In-Progress On Saturday: Pre-Race Programming

It will be a one hour Saturday morning version of NASCAR Now that kicks-off the day for NASCAR fans at 10AM Eastern Time. The show will be anchored from the ESPN studios and will feature live reports from Richmond. It will be ESPNEWS on-the-air after the race with coverage of the Infield Media Center interviews and highlights.

SPEED begins the NASCAR day at 3:30PM Eastern with Tradin' Paint. This week it will be Washington Post reporter and veteran NASCAR writer Liz Clarke joining Kyle Petty and host John Roberts. It should be interesting to see what they have to say about the big Friday night TV network simulcast of the Nationwide Series race. Clarke's recent NASCAR book, One Helluva Ride, is a great read for fans.

NASCAR Performance follows at 4PM and this show has been building a big audience. Larry McReynolds hosts the show and has Chad Knaus and Bootie Barker along on his crew chief panel. This fast-paced thirty minute show is worth watching or recording, both for its outstanding information and also its very good sense of humor.

NASCAR in a Hurry is up next at 4:30PM, and either Randy Pemberton or Adam Alexander will be recapping the best video from the past twenty-four hours. This show is a cross between Entertainment Tonight and SportsCenter. Lots of video with a host that simply introduces the next feature. It is an easy way for fans to get caught-up on what has gone on in practice, qualifying and the Nationwide Series race.

At 5PM, it is time for "the franchise" to hit the air. RaceDay will be two hours of chaos as usual and that is exactly what fans of the show enjoy. John Roberts will be hosting alongside Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace.

This week's show will have Robby Gordon as a live guest. Gordon has some interesting stories to tell about his recent rally adventures as well as a NASCAR team update. Wendy Venturini's Real Deal segment this week will feature Casey Mears.

There will also be a recap of the staged photo opportunity recently at Darlington involving Carl Edwards and NASCAR legend David Pearson. It was this column in the The Daly Planet that informed readers of the hilarious and outspoken interview Pearson gave to Nicole Manske at NASCAR Now that day. It should be interesting to see how SPEED chooses to present the same information.

A very positive feature on RaceDay will be a report on the NASCAR ties to the upcoming ARCA race at Rockingham. This track has been restored to working order and has been the scene of many test sessions, but Sunday the ARCA guys will be putting fifty cars (last season's Cup cars) on the track for what should be a great show. Kudos to Andy Hillenburg and the entire dedicated Rockingham staff.

Two notes for viewers. ESPN pit reporter Jamie Little and Mike Skinner are featured in the post-produced Toyota Celebrity race from Long Beach, CA on SPEED at 3PM. Also, SPEED will continue to keep Victory Lane on Sunday after the SPEED Report. Viewers looking for post-race content will have to turn to ESPNEWS.

This post will serve to host your comments about this "block" of pre-race programming on Saturday. There will be a new post up for the Sprint Cup race at 6PM, one hour prior to airtime.

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Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Just want you to all to know that I did enjoy NN.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for keeping us informed on "what is going on where." NASCAR Now was very informative...Marty Smith is a great asset to ESPN. Also liked the clips with the U.S. Navy.

There will be a lot to see today, sandwiched in between other sports including the Kentucky Derby.

SophiaZ123 said...

Kyle Petty is the second driver to say this week that Dario's hard hit was one of the WORST things he has ever seen, and scariest wrecks.

I am still stunned at the lack of attention it got on ESPN but I am glad others know how bad it was....

I can't remember the other peson who commented...DW maybe?

SophiaZ123 said...

P.S. Glad Trading Paint got a new desk and got rid of the split screen. :)


Anonymous said...

"Also, SPEED will continue to keep Victory Lane on Sunday after the SPEED Report."

JD, again I think many fans want or need (if they don't have ESPNEWS) this post race coverage from SPEED. This forces fans to wait an ENTIRE day after the race to see a post-race show. Why can't SPEED put Victory Lane on Saturday in addition to having in in its "Sunday racing block" with wind tunnel and SPEED report?
JD, I think you should do a column on that.

Anonymous said...

"and got rid of the split screen."

Can you please explain, sophia? I have no idea what you are referring to.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:26PM.

Last season SPEED made it clear that the Saturday night races ended too late for them to present Victory Lane in primetime.

They want this show to be a feature program, and not on at midnight or later. I agree with you, but SPEED is going to once again not show Victory Lane until Sunday.

Keep the pressure on, and keep making your voice heard. That got great results with ESPN, hopefully SPEED will consider changing this for 2009.


Newracefan said...

I actually agree with Speed about VL on Sunday. By the time the race ends Sat night I am toast. I've been sitting in front of the TV for at least 4 hours and it's usually 6 counting RaceDay etc. I have reached Nascar overload and am ready to call it a night. If it was shown Sat late I would DVR and watch the next day

Anonymous said...

Hate to mention it, but Fox has only allowed a 3 1/2 hour window for baseball this week.

Extra innings would begin the old collapsing pre-race show trick.

Daly Planet Editor said...

You could have knocked me over with a feather when "Tradin' Paint" totally avoided talking about the Nationwide race from ESPN that was carried live on SPEED.

I am certainly going to follow-up on that one.


Newracefan said...

JD wasn't Tradin Paint taped before the NW race perhaps they didn't want to say anything until after it was over and all went well.

Vicky D said...

I enjoyed Tradin' Paint it was really something tha Kyle & the gal there (I forgot her name) agreed on a lot of items. Yes, this will be really funny for Nascar if the baseball game goes over.

Anonymous said...

Rutledge needs to be kicked to the curb. He is just gawd awful, and by far the worst on-air talent of anyone across all NASCAR TV networks. He is just dead weight on RaceDay. The show would be much better without him. If I wanted lame attempts at humor, I'd watch a comedy. I watch RaceDay for pre race news.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jimmy Spencer - that Rutledge segment was pathetic. The guy has no shame and is only marginally (at best) funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi, fellow viewers. I just tuned in to RaceDay. Can anyone please tell me if they have already discussed last night's race? I wanted to hear their take on the Kyle-Stephen altercation.

Lisa in San Antonio

AMS fan said...

I'm so impressed. Spencer actually said "Hendrick" not "Hendrix". Good job Jimmy.

cncspd said...

SophiaZ123 said...
What is a back haul feed line with no breaks?

Sorry for not getting back to you last night.

The back haul feed goes up to the satellite (or via a fiber optic line) directly from the site of the event. (in this case the track)
The network (ESPN, Speed or whoever) then takes the back haul feed and adds in the break material. Now, the back haul feed becomes the front haul feed. The local stations then take the front haul feed and send it out to you. Generally the front haul feed has locations within the show where your local station can put there own material in.

So watching back haul feed of the race in SD is better than watching the front haul feed in HD.

JD can tell you how nice it is to watch the back haul!

The cameras are still following the action during the breaks and that is how I saw Reut. spin during the break late night.
Tonight however I will be watching at home instead of at work so no back haul for me.

Anonymous said...

@newracefan--true but it's still early on the west coast so they would be up and those like me who don't know how to take themselves to bed would still be up. *or* at least can record it and watch during the day Sunday and not have to wait.

@JD--I don't think they did Tradin' Paint today, I double checked the recording and it was dusk behind the gang and it was getting darker as the show went on.

@Lisa--they talked about the Stephen-Kylie incident in the opening segment.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight however I will be watching at home instead of at work so no back haul for me."

cncspd, How can you access this feed of which you speak of? Must you have connections to a TV station?

Newracefan said...

Lisa you missed the discussion about Kyle and Steven. They basically just laughed

Anonymous said...

Thanks gymmie. Guess I missed it. Dang!


Anonymous said...

Gymmie, I was just about to say that about newracefans comment. IT IS still early on the west coast. So should we just forget about the west coast fans? I dont think so.

cncspd said...

I work for a broadcasting company that is given access to the feeds by the host brodcaster.

SophiaZ123 said...


Thanks for the back haul feed explanation. I LOVE hearing about this. :)

anon about T Paint Split screen. a couple weeks they used a split screen to show the guest and Kyle on the tv like they do on news talking heads show. I HATED IT...very distracting!!

Apparently others did not like it either and it's gone. As is the awkward table where we could see the bad posture or the legs of the guests which was bizarre.

Thanks SPEED for tweaking TPaint to make it more viewer friendly.

Newracefan said...

Sorry I did forget about the West Coast but the length of time still stands. If there isn't at least somewhat of a break between race end and VL I pay much less attention or DVR for later. Unless of course my driver won then I am ordering out for dinner and watching.

SophiaZ123 said...

Wow! I missed a couple moments of Trading Paint and TOTALLY missed the Steve Wallace talk. Darn it..also got a call into the show towards the end.

TP and NP NEED STANDARD TIMES AND REPEATS. I love NP and really loved the tech stuff they showed today. That is MUST SEE TV if you are a detail freak like me. The more I know the better I like it. They used to cover this stuff once in a while on INC (back when SPEED had a FUN "CONVERSATIONAL TALK SHOW ON MONDAY and not some video filled trainwreck, but as i was saying.

I love the emails of questions and the trio of Larry, Chad and Booty. That show DESERVES MORE ATTENTION.

JD, don't you think NP should be part of a Monday night block on SPEED since most of us think TWIN in it's CURRENT FORMAT STINKS? TP would be good Mon PM as well.

I also miss VL being after the CUP race..they did that a LOT last season and STILL would repeat it on Sun before the SPEED Report.

Sadly, SPEED has made many tv show blunders...RUINING the discussion of the SUNDAY RACE for 40 minutes on INC and not showcasing some shows that MANY WOULD ENJOY!!! TP and NP.


pbump said...


I am so jealous you get to watch that feed when you are at work! Sounds awesome!

I have to go to NYC the rest of the year and will be living in a corp apt - which has basic cable.... No HD, NO DTV, NO Hotpass, NO Speed, NO F1, probably no Classic for the rest of the season!!!!! I am excited about working in NYC, but SO UPSET about losing so much nascar/racing coverage!!!!

I thought about getting DTV to Go, but it is still WAY too expensive so I will have to rely on SD network, internet and this great site!!! Needless to say, I will be living vicariously through your access to see the back haul feed!!

SophiaZ123 said...

Off topic briefly...turned on NBC for the My Old Ky Home song for the horrible was the sound to pick up SO MUCH OF THE CROWD talking and yelling.

Wow...Golf has gone downhill with jerks yelling "Get it in the hole" after a golf swing..and folks can't respect History at Churchill Downs.

Now back to Race Day.

Nice to see Robby interviewed though my room mate was cutting the grass near my room at the time and had to try and read close captioning*&^#!$#! Go Robby!!!

SophiaZ123 said...


You have my sympathies for losing so much access to NASCAR with your trip to NYC. I hope you enjoy the city. My neice lives there but I can't imagine a concrete jungle. She and her fiance went from St. Thomas in the virgin islands with a GORGEOUS sunset view everynight, to a Loft in Brooklyn!! they did move upstairs and now have a distant view of the Empire State Building and LOVE living with subways and no driving!! They adapted well.


SophiaZ123 said...
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Anonymous said...
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SophiaZ123 said...
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Newracefan said...

We appear to be having another MLB conflict. I'm thinking no prerace but hopefully not a repeat of the last mess

PammH said...

I'm hearing reports from East Coast folks that they have a ballgame instead of pre-race.

AMS fan said...

So far so good. Thanks to Kenny on Raceday for taking the high road. Very impressive to say right off the bat " I can't talk about Stephen" that showed how professional you are. Then you gave a great statement after JR said it would be all right.
Rutledge does at least get everyone off track for some half-baked silliness during all the high pressure of everyone having to be "politically correct and perfect"
I enjoyed the explanation of the 7-post rig. It would be nice if they would do a series explaining what the individual parts do and how they help. Not to in depth though, I ain't that smart.
I haven't noticed and dead horse beatings yet, but Digger is there, they still have time.
Enjoyable so far.
Hey JD, can we get spell check? I'm not to good at this, a good speller would help.
That's pretty cool, their using "Live" in car timing for the ticker. What a novel idea?!