Monday, May 12, 2008

"This Week In NASCAR" Looks A Lot Like "Trackside"

On the very popular Trackside show on SPEED, host Steve Byrnes has a live audience and three panelists who talk NASCAR for an hour. The result is a raucous show that features a lot of conversation on some good NASCAR topics.

Since the transformation of Inside NEXTEL Cup to This Week In NASCAR, Byrnes has been leading a show still looking for its identity. Normally, two panelists and Byrnes sit alone in the NASCAR Media Group studio and divide their time between previewing the next race and reviewing the past racing weekend.

On this Monday, SPEED stole some elements from the Trackside format to offer a very different version of TWIN. Byrnes hosted an expanded panel of four from the Speedway Club at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. The show was even taped before a live audience.

Joining Byrnes were Michael Waltrip, Kenny Schrader, Chad Knaus and Greg Biffle. These four comprise the panelist that normally rotate through the TWIN programs two at-a-time. On this day, SPEED used the All-Star race as the feature of this show.

TV viewers might have raised an eyebrow when the cameras first revealed the temporary set for this program. It looked a lot like the Monday NASCAR Now show on ESPN2 with the on-air announcers casually seated on high stools in an open set.

As usual, this program began with a preview of the next event despite the fact that several key people involved in the stories of Darlington were seated on the panel. Byrnes dutifully led the panel into an extended conversation about the All-Star race and its history.

Unfortunately, over the last several years SPEED has chosen to emphasize the crashes and suggest that "fisticuffs might ensue" because of the high level of excitement. The actual racing and the format gets lost in this hype, which is something not normally seen in most SPEED shows.

While SPEED tried to create a background behind the panelists, the same was not done for Steve Byrnes. He spent the evening hosting the show with two audience members heads poking over his shoulder. By the end of the evening, this had gone from distracting to aggravating. It was a problem that could have been easily fixed.

Schrader brings a dynamic to the show that is always self-effacing and in good humor. When he is present, everyone can take a deep breath and relax. Several times during the All-Star segment, Schrader stepped-in and brought things back into perspective very quickly. He really is key to this program in several different ways.

Eventually, the panel turned their attention to the action from Darlington. This led to Waltrip and Schrader returning to their conversational relationship that they had developed from years on the "old show." This put Greg Biffle trying to fit-in and Chad Knaus completely off his game. Both three other panelists and a live audience must have been a very new experience to Knaus in his rookie season on this program.

Biffle has worked hard on his TV skills over the past several seasons, and has improved tremendously on-the-air. It is clear that he is frequently not amused by Waltrip's antics and both Biffle and Knaus tend to take things very seriously when they are answering a question.

Byrnes did a good job of following-up with Knaus by asking him specific questions, especially the ones that could have used a crew chief perspective. Knaus is going to have to learn to jump-in without being called on if he is going to work in this TV format.

Most interesting in this show is the disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots." Waltrip and Schrader were not in the Darlington highlights and will not be in the All-Star race. Biffle and Knaus both were key stories in Darlington and their teams will both participate in the All-Star race. It made for an interesting dynamic as the conversation flowed.

Byrnes is also still finding his way, and this show is not responding to the kind of hosting he has done so well for SPEED over the years. The success of this program depends on the panelists to get the attention and have the last word. Byrnes is used to putting the cap on the conversation and is challenged by this new dynamic.

There is no doubt that the on-air talent is following the directions of the production team. Ultimately, Byrnes and company must do what they are told. This program was a stripped-down version of the "feature heavy" shows from the studio and left more time for conversation. If this movement continues, SPEED may find that the most essential element of this show cannot be written, edited or placed on a format.

They key element of this program is the interaction between personalities that are involved in the sport. That interaction has to be allowed to continue for more than thirty seconds or a minute. The less edited features and interviews the better, as veteran fans can attest.

If Byrnes had just thrown-out topics and allowed the panelists to simply talk, it would have resulted in the same kind of free-wheeling conversations that put this original TV series on the map. The highlights have already been seen by the fans, and few are captivated by an extensive preview of an event five days away.

If TWIN wants to continue to tweak the format, they need to look no further than the veteran personalities on their set. Byrnes and company have a lot of racing knowledge that does not need fancy editing or pre-recorded interviews. It was nice to see this show go on location, but fans deserved a little more spontaneity and a little less controlled agenda.

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Anonymous said...

I posted this below, but it does bear repeating:

Somone needs to tell the SPEED guys that not everyone has an HD TV and their graphics need to be visible to everyone, even those with old fashioned 4:3 TVs.

I know they are new at this, but it is a no-brainer--even the local TV guys get this concept.

Newracefan said...

This is the first time I had problems seeing the entire graphic. Yes I also do not have Speed HD. I generally enjoyed TWIN and laughed through a lot of it, which is good. I agree about the heads behind Steve they should not have been there. It was kind of fun hearing the NW cars in the backround. Chad was thrown off a little but I bet if they did another show with all these guys he would be right back on. Don't forget he might be a little distracted he and Jimmie did not have a good night at Darlington (of course a bad night for them is 13th). I am still enjoying this show and will keep watching.

Anonymous said...

I also posted this on the last blog.
Ditto on the HD broadcast. I have an HD but my Sat provider has not yet given us the option of Speed HD, still only SD. They didn't convert the signal down to SD. Was it Speed's fault or my provider? Either way it was chopped-up on both sides of the screen and very, very annoying. The show was decent but could have been great if the discussions were expanded on. Instead only one or two people commented on some really good topics and then for only a few seconds! Some of the topics alone would have made for an excellent half hour show segment. JD, I agree on the fans in the background - move 'em to the bar! Forget the sizzle - we want more steak!
Jim in Toronto

Anonymous said...

a very lackluster show on speed mon night. M Waltrip, as always, controlled the show and it made for an ackward uncomfortable tension and S Byrnes could not get it back.

Questions from audience were OK but were unnecessary and they could have used the graphics.

Not sure why Schrader was there as he is not participating in the All-Star Race and was not in Darlington and added little to the show.

Compare TWIN to NN and you will see why NN is far superior. This TWIN needs a major revision to succeed or Monday nights will be more living the low life or Pass Time type of shows in the future.

SophiaZ123 said...

I moved my comments on the other thread here as well.
JD totally agree about the audience behind SB. who the hello taped this show??? Also the folks asking a question, sounded totally fake and scripted as they could barely read their 'own question'? Awkward and stilted.

I caught Knaus' ignorant Derby "joke". TASTELES!@#$%^^@. Think he would have made that joke if he ever owned a horse, OR if Bootie Barker was on the set???


You took the words out of my mouth about the graphic...every time I clicked over from DWTStars, a graphic was on TWIN running OFF the left side of the page. Basic 101, tv folks.

More have 4.3 than do not. SPEED is the only station I have seen this happen with again and again...they made numerous graphical errors...and I did NOT watch the entire show...and horrible lighting tonight (blinding white behind schrader) and when they mentioned "Digger" I went to DWTS and skipped taping.

The look was HORRIBLE and I will take the so called, poorly lit studio over this horrible mess...on top of the horrible sequence.

each commercial break I caught graphics. Could not believe ANYBODY at SPEED 'figgered' it out. Local tv guys here understand the concept, too.

May 12, 2008 9:16 PM

P.S. Since apparently nobody was allowed to talk much, am glad I did not tape the show as it sounds like a waste of bodies. Again, why not just call this the Steve Byrnes show and let him yap between the video tapes?

The faces STARING AT ME FROM over Steve's shoulder woulda driven me crazy if I watched the entire show.

Bad enough in glimpses.

Ritchie said...

Mr. Daly, I definitely get your point about the crash and fights being the focus of their highlights. If you knew nothing about NASCAR, you would think those guys couldn't drive.

The discussion was very bad. There is absolutely no chemistry between the panelists. Many have said it is because the same people are not on the show all of the time. I don't know if that is the only thing going on or not.

I liked what Mr. Daly wrote about the drivers who were integrally part of the race (Biffle & Knaus) versus those who are barely registering (Waltrip and Schrader). There is a definite chasm between those panelists.

My opinion is that this show is going to have to make a decision soon. Are they going to continually cling to the past and let this show die an agonizing death, or will they allow this show to progress into the future with a new, relevant panel?

I think this show is important, so I hope they allow this show to progress.

Anonymous said...

I was OK with the folks behind Steve. What *is* distracting and annoying are the folks on Trackside. I liked it better when they faced the folks, I still fear someone throwing something at the guys.

SallyB said...

Hearing that Schrader would be on the show, I decided to give it one more try. I had the TV on, sound up, but have no recall of anything memorable about a show that had minimal converstaion between slickly edited pre packaged video clips of old news. This show is floundering badly, and the 'live audience' was totally ridiculous. A typical Fox/Speed 'gimmick' that serves no purpose. Compared to NN this is a waste of my time. Sorry to see a formerly good show have such an slow, agonizing death.

PammH said...

I thought the total package was just pathetic!! The backgrounds behind everyone were distracting...and this is the first time I have seen the oversize graphics...VERY annoying, as is MW!!

Anonymous said...

The show was decent, I liked all the panelist, they each have their own interesting contributions that relate to their own situations and they are all differnt, so keep it light but informative and let the guys talk longer. Steve was alittle like Dave Despain last night. I enjoy this show, but the guys sitting on those stools made them look stiff and alittle uncomfortable, so the new seating style did not work for me.

Anonymous said...

The mix of guests was good. Problem is that Waltrip can be great or a complete dufus. The problem with having active drivers on is that they're reluctant to criticize their peers. Look at the lengths Biffle went to in avoiding commenting on Kyle Busch. They showed Truex running over Hamlin and asked Michael to comment. He responded by saying how well COT's can take a hit and that the track was last resurfaced in 1995! What nonsense! The audience questions were good and handled quickly without rambling on. The show that followed TWIN was a total joke.

Anonymous said...

sop said

I caught Knaus' ignorant Derby "joke". TASTELES!@#$%^^@. Think he would have made that joke if he ever owned a horse, OR if Bootie Barker was on the set???

I said,

WAHHHHHHH! The PC police are out in force.

I found it rather entertaining. (JD-And you say that Chad and Mike do not work well together? Chad did not skip a beat on that one.)

I guess a majority would agree that they would be happier if the guests were Dale, Earnhardt and Junior.....right? This sounds similar to Tony Stewart, Jeff Burton and Kyle Busch in that lap down traffic shouldn't be on the track let alone racing. How about a rule that no one outside the top twenty is allowed on the track or on TV?

I think the problem is the production of the entire show by beginning with the next race on the schedule.

Deborah said...

I don't understand the comment about Knaus being unsettled by a live audience - didn't he used to be (or still is) a panelist on Nascar Performance which taped at times on the Speed stage at the track in front of a live audience? For sure it isn't Chad's first time working for Speed or appearing in front of a live audience.

I thought the panelists looked a little uncomfortable and I wondered whether they were really able to relax on the stools they were sitting on. If they weren't fully comfortable with the set-up that might have led to some issues with the way they interacted. However, while I didn't enjoy the lengthy preview of the All-Star race at the top of the show, I thought the discussion was okay last night given what they had to work with. There's not always going to be a lot of big incidents or news to talk about.

I didn't like the "live" audience bit at all. I felt like they only made a half-hearted effort with that as there were quite a few empty seats. I agree that the questions from the fans seemed very forced - those questions could have been taped any time and any where as opposed to during a "live" show.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

The show is ok, currently watching the reair on Tuesday morning. At 53 minutes into the show is the banter that I miss between Kenny and MW,and I was busting a gut laughing so hard.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Knaus is a co-host of NASCAR Performance with Larry McReynolds and Bootie Barker. They tape it in a small area off from the SPEED Stage, but there is a live crowd.

My comment was that during NP Knaus is talking about his bread-and-butter with two guys who are interested in talking about the same thing.

Here on TWIN, he was just getting used to two panelists in a quiet studio, even if one of them was Michael Waltrip.

On this program, he had four on the panel and Byrnes in full Trackside mode. Knaus is very analytical, and MW and Schrader are the complete opposite.

This left Byrnes to point questions directly to Knaus to get him in the action, and Steve did a good job of that.

There were two dynamics in play. First, the old time relationship between MW and Schrader and all the kidding around. Then, the serious answers of Biffle and Knaus.

It sure did make for an interesting mix of conversation.


Julie said...

Is there room for improvement here? Sure there is - the audience was a distraction, and Speed needs to get the technical glitches of being in HD down for the large majority of their audience that doesn't view it in that format. That said, I thought that last night's show was the best episode I've seen since it was reformatted. Biffle and Knaus are a good "Yin" to Schrader and Mikey's "Yang." They offer more thoughtful, informative answers, while Schrader and Mikey lighten things up with comic relief. My personal preference is more toward the information vs the entertainment, but having a balance of both is a good thing.

Speed has taken a step in the right direction with this crew, and even the audience is okay as long as they're made more subtle. They weren't screaming, shouting, and holding up signs. Big improvement over Trackside.

Luna said...

Still agree with the fact that the show a**backwards. Although this preview of the All Star Race was more compelling than last week’s about Darlington.

To me it doesn’t matter if Shrader is in a race or not. His presence on a show is all that’s important. He brings years of experience, and he is one of the most likable guys around. I love the chemistry between him and Mikey. Personally, I think Chad is doing great. Just because he seems a little square, doesn’t make it bad. Although his comment about the Derby could have been viewed as distasteful, it was off the cuff, and there was no harm meant. Despite the cringe I felt—I laughed at the same time. Biff is great too. I wasn’t fond of him prior to his appearance on the show’s previous incarnations (perhaps because of those dorky Subway ads?). As you note, JD, his TV skills have developed, and I like the “straight man” persona. I think the four of them do very well together.

Totally agree that the show is too scripted. Although Byrnes does an immensely better job and has a heck of a lot better personality than did Mister Wind Tunnel. You’re right. If SPEED just let these guys loose it would be a much better show. Remember the old show? When the host—I’m so bad, his name escapes me at the moment--had absolutely no control over Mikey and Shrader? It was the best!!

Have no comments about the HD stuff, as I’m watching the show on my computer on TVUPlayer. If anyone’s ticked off about the HD, just think of me, as I watch the show a day late, in a tiny window (resolution at full screen is awful), and the audio and video just happen to be a little bit off. Don’t worry about the HD stuff…

No need to reiterate that SPEED should flip the segments, and give more time to the analysis of the race itself and not just the crashes. Also, it would be helpful if they inserted captions for the in-car audio segments. Sometimes it’s hard to hear exactly what’s being said.

Finally, JD, to answer your question from last week, I’m in Moscow as my husband got a job here last Oct. Have been here since Jan. Brought cat and dog with me. (Chad’s comment last week about his dog puking had me rolling on the floor laughing.) I miss watching the races. One of the sports channels here actually had highlights of Darlington on Monday. It’s really weird to watch NASCAR with Russian commentary—especially when you can’t understand it.

Hope I didn’t overstay my welcome by writing too much…(Yikes.)

PS – I never realized there was such animosity out there toward Mikey. The guy’s a riot! I wouldn’t be watching the show if he weren’t there! The shoe thing was pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

I like the show much better with Kenny there. It is fun to watch Kenny and Mikey have fun together like last year. It seems that four guests seems to work much better. They still cover way too much of the up coming week. I enjoyed this show so much last year because it left the hype at the door. Now it is creeping in and looks like all the other shows that I don't watch for that very reason. Go back to last years format and I will be a true fan again.This weeks show was a peek at how good this could be withour the hype!!

Kathy said...

I have to agree with Julie...this show wasn't that bad! It was the first time this season I haven't felt uncomfortable with them beginning with the preview of the upcoming race. Maybe it was because they were at the track rather than in the studio.

I'm sure there are a lot of viewers to whom the technical glitches really matter and it will always lack a certain polish, but that doesn't diminish my pleasure in watching the show.

I wonder if this forum isn't more likely to draw comment from viewers with negative feelings toward the show rather than the ones who watch and enjoy the content. I hope if Speed does pay attention to our comments that they take that into consideration.

Anonymous said...

Audience behind Steve didn't bother me, they were subdued and watching the show, unlike trackside or raceday where the fans are obnoxious and drunk. I like the live feel. The audience questions were so canned, in front of some horrible background, they could have been anywhere. The panel was good although for me it's too many people talking at once. I like the concept, although the format is still backwards.

Anonymous said...

People behind the set are distracting and should be stopped. I can't think of 1 good reason for doing this, but many reasons for not doing it. Many of these people must have some alcohol in them to act the way they do. After watching NN and having it so good I was hanging on every word,I realize MW has worn out his welcome with me. It's like a comedian telling the same jokes every time you see them, with him it's the same old act every time he's on TV it's time for new, interesting people on the show. If ESPN can easily land people like Ricky Craven, SPEED should be able to find good people for this show!!

Daly Planet Editor said...


I could not disagree with you more on that point. The vast majority of the comments about SPEED are positive when talking NASCAR. Even The SPEED Report has become a good NASCAR partner.

That is what makes this transition rough. Last season, it was ESPN that took it hard because of their NASCAR problems with both the races and NASCAR Now.

This season, there continues to be a focus only on the SPEED Stage programs and the practice and qualifying. Perhaps, if there were some additional NASCAR programming around TWIN on Mondays it would help a lot.


Mike said...

This version of INC is slowing growing on me. I've given up when it comes to thrashing the format. Reduce SB's contribution & increase the segment on last week's race would just about do it IMHO.

Tracy said...

Amen, JD, to your comment about other Nascar programming on Monday on Speed, both to support TWIN and to placate those of us who aren't happy with its current format.

As Sophia said, the lighting was simply dreadful. Everyone looked washed out. Hated the canned race segment. It stopped the show's pace, which was struggling anyway. I too watched just for Shrader, and when he was allowed to talk (the story about the crashed car in Dover was a hoot), the show picked up its pace immensely.

SophiaZ123 said...

Since I did not tape or try watching the middle segment of the re-air I get the feeling there were too many guests and not enough talk time (judging by the comments)

Oh, and I am not the PC police about Chad's comment. Tasteless and poor taste are always in style where I come from. That said, I enjoy Chad and used to be an anti Chad kind of person. Watching he and the others on NP have sold me on his knowledge and he works well with Larry Mac and Bootie.

I PREFER studio shows period. No screaming fans, waving signs, drunk and so LOUD you can't hear "Trackside" so I have mostly given up on that show.

I prefer the regular studio in charlotte.

Still this show would have to change the sequence, get schrader on regularly and tell SB to "LIGHTEN UP from your script". He is more of a school marm than Despain ever was...with so many shows on SPEED I still feel this show is SB's deal and the 'talking panel' a pale after thought, compare to shows gone by.

I do enjoy MW with Kenny...but I have come to enjoy Biffle.

so if they get this show a compass, and a roadmap to get in STARTED and ending in the right direction, and ban 70 per cent of the video I keep hearing about (except the Sunday race and scanner chatter, that's apropo) I would tune in.

The HD graphics CAN be fixed but this show cannot as long as they keep it running as is...bassackwards.


Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Yes, Tracy 1203PM
I also watched the reair Tuesday morning, just to see Kenny. Even though he is not in races last and next weekend, it was good and light w/his perspective on what is important.

Anonymous said...

Diane said My 2 cents:

Show needs at least 3 plus Steve. Two not enough, 4 too many with all the other stuff. (Maybe they do 2 and did 4 for this show so they don't "look" like NN. Silly.

Kill the bar stools for any future shows.

Next live show, no crowd behind.

Move Steve to the left(our view). For some reason, seems awkward.

Although they obviously will never listen to us:

Kill the canned packages.

Reverse next/last race order.

Use closed captioned for scanner feature. That is a great feature, but very difficult to understand who is saying what sometimes.

I am totally ambivalent about watching this show, when in the past it was a must see. Usually read this blog first, then FF thru to find the "good" stuff that sounded interesting and the scanner feature.

Can't believe Speed has become the 2007 ESPN of 2008...if that makes sense :-)

SophiaZ123 said...

Anon 1.04

Bingo and dittos to your post

chuck said...

I liked the show. In fact, I enjoy it much more than the NN round table (I find myself skipping through many segments on NN).

Reverse the show order and it would be great. I enjoy seeing the personality of the panelist. One of the few shows where I actually laugh out loud!

Lisa Hogan said...

Awkward. That sums up the style of this show to me. From the high chairs they borrowed from ESPN, the graphics that did not fit on my TV, the backgrounds behind all of them, the studio guests who looked very uncomfortable, the close-ups of panelists when coming out of video, the preview before the review. Just awkward.

I tuned in last night because Schrader was going to be on. Otherwise, just not my type of show. I enjoyed the style of IWC, less with INC because of Mr. Despain. I will stick with the SPEED weekend shows.

My favorite graphic from last night: SCAR Craftsman Truck Ser

darbar said...

Who offers Speed in HD? We certainly don't have it here with Time Warner, and I don't see it anywhere on Direct TV?

The graphics blunder was irritating. How could they not see that? It seemed like a grade school blunder.

I do want to make a comment on this, and I hope it doesn't violate any TOS. But I found this week's Wind Tunnel to be fascinating. I loved how Despain put Carl Edwards on the hot seat with the discussion of the yaw on his, and other Roush cars. Finally, someone had the guts to point out this obvious manipulating of the cars and it will be even more interesting to see how Nascar handles this "advantage".

Anonymous said...

@darbar--I SWEAR at the beginning of the season there was a SPEED HD channel somewhere in the 700s. I went to check the other day after reading one of the columns and it's not there. I thought it was really odd, I pay everything on line and don't receive a paper statement for TWC so I don't know if they sent out an update or what. Heck, I didn't know I had certain channels for a few months.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of the drunks hollering over the panel on Trackside and Tradin' Paint. Have some security on prem and if someone is being excessively obnoxious, bounce them. Easy fix.

The only reason I recorded TWIN this morning was Schrader. As usual, he did not disappoint. What did make me go "hmmmm" is nobody asked Biffle what he thought about the bump from Shrub that sent Biff sideways. (Save of the year so far BTW.) Also, no comments on how Shrub threw his crew under the bus all through the race. Shoot, even Larry Mac said he should shut up.

No mention of the Nationwide Series. Shrub wrecks and blames it on Brad Kesolowski who was a lap down. Brad had as much of a right as Shrub did to be racing hard since he was racing for the Lucky Dog. (No, I am NOT a Shrub fan.)

I didn't even notice the graphics since I was fixing/eating breakfast, but I'll take everyone's word for it.

Richmond, VA

Anonymous said...

I like to think that it was TDP and the commenters that got ESPN to change their ways. Look at the improvement of NN.
Now this year we are going to be busy trying to get SPEED to change TWIN. Last weekends race must be shown first. There is just no flow the way it is now.

I don't care if Ken Schrader never races a Cup car again. He must be on the show. His comments are hysterical. He and Mikey, priceless. Ken's opinions, whether he is in the race or not are spot on.


SophiaZ123 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...


Please re-word your comments about SPEED and myself and you can re-post.

I appreciate your opinions, but there is a point in time where you need to appreciate that there are other points of view and those might not agree with yours.

SPEED and NMG are trying a new show. We can influence it by continuing to remark about what is not exactly to our liking, but there is no positive result that is going to come from calling people names.

I have met the Producers of this show, and they are very pro-NASCAR and fan friendly. Since they also read this blog every day, I would appreciate it if we could maintain a civil tone. Thanks.


SophiaZ123 said...



Gosh, I don't even REMEMBER what I said that was a put down to YOU but i can assure you that was NEVER MY INTENTION?????

I am afraid you misconstrued what I said. I was simply using your word as a quote for what SPEED apparently use.

Man, it was NEVER meant as a put down to YOU, trust me.

Sorry for any faux paux or insult here or to you.

Last thing on my mind.

Daly Planet Editor said...


No problem. Just change some nouns and re-post.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


I watched about 1/2 of the show live as I taped it and flipped back & forth to NN on ESPN which aired at same time in SoCal. I will watch TWIN again when I get a chance but I think I need to put forth a few thoughts.

Things that struck me:

*) This was a "special" so I didn't give too much thought to the stuff that seems to have bothered so many re: graphics etc. One thing that struck me was the HEIGHT of the stools! It was almost comical. Don't understand that one.

*) Did it seem to anyone else as it did to me that far and away the main purpose of this show was to hype SPEED's ALL-Star race coverage?

*) How come the people who think Mike or Schrader don't belong on this show because they're not competing for wins aren't complaining about Rusty Wallace or Ricky Craven on Nascar Now when they aren't even currently competing ? All the above offer unique and valuable insights to the flow of info.

*) I thought the fan questions weren't a bad feature considering they actually let the amateur fans ask them. It was one of my favorite parts of IWC when they let the expert panel answer this type of question.

The smooth flow of NASCAR Now and Bestwick's steady and sure helming of that effort stand in stark comparison to the awkwardness of TWIN's format. NN still needs to develop chemistry, and I think unfortunately that will not be forthcoming with the rotating guest panelists.

Nevertheless it has gone from an almost unwatchable show last year, to now vying for my viewing priority since TWIN is so hard to stay with. And I am forever a Mike and Schrader fan, which makes it all the harder to say that.

Anonymous said...

I'm "dannyboy". The 2 posts directly above this one are
mine, for the record..

I'm still blog challenged..

AndyPandy said...

I especcially liked the chopped off graphic for PEED Channel near the end!