Saturday, June 28, 2008

In-Progress At Memphis: Craftsman Trucks On SPEED

The one-day action will be fast and furious as the Craftsman Truck Series takes to the track in Memphis, TN on SPEED.

Action begins with coverage of qualifying at 6PM Eastern Time. At 8:30PM the network returns with the pre-race show and then coverage of the race at 9PM.

Rick Allen and Phil Parsons will be calling the NCTS action all day long with Ray Dunlap and Adam Alexander patrolling pit road and the garage area. Krista Voda will host The Set-Up pre-race show before turning things over to Allen. Update: Doug Richert will be joining SPEED for the NCTS qualifying and the race.

SPEED has consistently delivered a quality product for fans with few gimmicks and lots of good solid racing. The focus of the broadcast follows the real story of the race, and that is not always who is leading. The coverage of pit road and the critical final lap of the races has been outstanding.

There is no doubt that not only is the NCTS the best racing of NASCAR's three national touring series, but the coverage on SPEED is also consistently solid. This series benefits from having a full-time TV production crew who only steps-aside early in the season when the Trucks race at the same track as the Cup Series during the Fox coverage.

Now, with TNT and then ESPN in the mix for the Cup races, the SPEED gang will be handling the remainder of the series. Look for the trademark qualities of Phil Parsons that include a smooth and personal style that compliments the play-by-play abilities of Allen. Dunlap is having a good season, and Adam Alexander is about to break-out for SPEED and tackle bigger TV assignments.

The square peg in this round TV hole is Krista Voda. Her recent appearances as a co-anchor of The SPEED Report have reminded viewers of her ability in the studio. Somehow, having Voda appear for thirty minutes before a Truck race and then disappear for the remainder of the telecast just does not make sense. Along with Alexander, look for Voda to be offered additional opportunities for 2009 with both the Fox and SPEED families.

Memphis should provide a good contrast in style and substance to the flat and slippery track in New Hampshire. Look for the SPEED gang to have a good show.

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Daly Planet Editor said...

Voda is on her game tonight. This series has come a long way.

Rick said...

Easy night moderating the comments tonight JD?

Where is everyone?!?!?

Karen said...

Hate to be a traitor, but I've been flipping over from the IRL race in Richmond.

Newracefan said...

Just got home missed NW and most of the Trucks (thank goodness for the DVR). I'm missing Mikey his excitement prob would have gotten me tp pay more attention to the race. Have the guys been that quite all race or am I just tired?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to only see 4 comments as well...I was away from the 'puter but watching.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Just got back to my hotel room. Missed NW race also, watching end of tr. uck race. Also reviewing comments from NW race, some good comments

SophiaZ123 said...

Well we watched the IRL Demolition Derby. WTH was that about.

JD is the camera person from Fox working in the IRL now? CAMERA work HORRIBLE and just the winner, flagman and crew celebrations. STINKS? I don't think they showed one wreck LIVE. UNBELIEVABLE.

Then I turn on the truck race and it's a mess and now a red flag and a GWC.

I hope the camera work has been better at this doubt it is with SPEED but it's astonishing how bad things were in Richmond...geez..some girl on pit road could not word things worth a darn either. Made you appreciate the voices we have in the NASCAR races for SURE.

The truck races have had several GWC

SophiaZ123 said...

Congratulations Ron Hornaday. Fireworks are big tonight..first in Richmond and Now Truck race.

@@$^@&$^ TW digital tv guide just disappeared...sigh...hope it's still taping crimeny.

I will watch the pre race after this is over.

Anonymous said...

YOUPPI Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Good race coverage today on SPEED.

Newracefan said...

I perked up a little, great end to the race. I'll have to watch the DVR later this week since tomorrow is a little booked up with the cup stuff.

Daly Planet Editor said...

We have not had a big response to open comments on the NCTS races because the TV production is so buttoned-up.

It is a consistent package that viewers have come to enjoy for the last several seasons.

The IRL race was a curiosity and the NHRA was also in action the week after the big accident.

Combined with lots of folks taking the week off, this should be a slow NASCAR week leading up to Daytona.

By the way, there are PLENTY of good tickets still available!


SophiaZ123 said...

I am psyched for DAYTONA and the TNT limited commercial coverage, JD !!!

I might just bake a cake for that race!! Unless it's hot..then might make a cheese cake..the no bake kind work well on a hot summer day. I am enjoying watching the Pre race on the Truck series...does not last for HOURS and HOURS.

I know many claim the ratings are up but i think it would behoove RACE DAY to go back to one hour (less fluff and more real stuff) and have the show on later.

I am curious what your hinting about with Krista for next year.

I forget which reporter it was but after interviewing Johnny Benson said "here in Milwaukee...or we aren't in Milwaukee..we are in Memphis"...can you say travel fatigue..and easy mistake and it made JB smile really big and I got a charge out of it, too.


On another note it's TRAGIC and sad Eric Darnell lost a good friend and house mate to a car crash. TOUGH week for him.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Pick 'em Ups are definitely consistent it's very rare that there's anything negative that I can think of to say about them or the production.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Once again, Thank You SPEED for a good view of the finish along w/the drop down.

Karen said...

On another note it's TRAGIC and sad Eric Darnell lost a good friend and house mate to a car crash. TOUGH week for him.

Sophia, the story's on He was on Stanton Barrett's crew, I think.