Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The synergy between baseball and NASCAR will be put to the test on Wednesday's edition of NASCAR Now at 6PM Eastern Time. With the Sprint Cup Series racing in New Hampshire this weekend, Allen Bestwick will be appearing on ESPN2 from the one-and-only Fenway Park.

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, Bestwick should be in heaven as he hosts the Roush-Fenway Cup drivers on a visit to the Boston ballpark. David Ragan and Carl Edwards are going to be taking batting practice with the team in the afternoon. Ragan will then throw-out the first pitch for the Red Sox vs. Diamondbacks game that evening.

On Saturday, the Nationwide Series race will migrate over to ABC for a rare weekend broadcast TV appearance. ESPN's Tim Brewer will have the weekend off so the network needs someone to staff the Tech Center.

Filling that need will be Jeff Gordon's crew chief Steve Letarte. A native of Maine, Letarte will get his first exposure in this role on a very big TV network stage. Letarte will have the cutaway car and all the Tech Center toys, so it should be a fun experience for this NASCAR veteran. The race coverage begins at 2:30PM.

ESPN also released the list of ESPY Award presenters. No one from NASCAR yet, but Danica Patrick mentioned right on the front page. Joey Logano might be a good call if the network wants to promote the Nationwide Series as well as the IRL.

For those of you asking, the trio in the ESPN/ABC booth at New Hampshire will be Dr. Jerry Punch, Dale Jarrett and Ray Evernham. Jarrett returns after a planned break and Andy Petree has the weekend off. Allen Bestwick and Brad Daugherty will handle the infield duties.

On a Dale Jarrett-related note, ESPN Classic will have the 1993 Daytona 500 replay on June 26th at 2PM Eastern Time. This was the first of Jarrett's three Daytona 500 wins. Classic also sneaks-in the 1999 Pontiac Excitement 400 from Richmond on June 27th at 3AM. This is DVR Theater at its finest.

Finally, several Daly Planet readers have written-in about the "Where in the World is Kenny Schrader?" feature seen recently on the SPEED Report. Seems this idea may have originated in the TDP reader comments while discussing the issues about TWIN on SPEED.

It was suggested that if Schrader could not physically be on TWIN, than perhaps the show could benefit from a report about Schrader's local racing activities as he travels across the nation enjoying this time in his racing life. Apparently, SPEED liked the idea but not for TWIN. Perhaps, they will eventually give some credit where credit is due.

There will be a full preview of the weekend up later and I appreciate your patience while I have been on vacation in Texas this week. Back to South Florida on Wednesday, and ready for a big weekend of racing from New Hampshire.

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SophiaZ123 said...

I got a kick out of seeing Kenny's book on here...it's a great read !!

JD, I just wanted to say that I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I take it with living in South FL and vacationing in Texas in the summer, you gotta love HOT, HOT, HOT weather.

I know it's important you keep an eye on the place and I appreciate this blog as do so many others.

I also look forward to seeing Edwards and Ragan having fun at the ballpark with AB.

* The stars at night, are big and bright . . . . Deep in the heart of Texas*

(Ok..Sophia will stop singing now)


Tracy said...

Wow, wouldn't a show about Schrader's racing be wonderful?! Count me in as an instant fan.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Daly, thanks for the updates.

Maybe I can express here how disappointed I am in NASCAR Tv overall nowadays. I really appreciate you writing these updates because as far as I'm concerned there's nothing much to write about.

I became a regular (not just occasional) fan of NASCAR in 2005. While I enjoyed the races, I also enjoyed the other programming about the drivers that wasn't directly related to the races. In 2005, I could watch NASCAR Drivers 360 (which made me into a serious fan of NASCAR with the combination of personalities and race footage) and NBS 24/7 every week, and NASCAR Nation (the old version and the new version with LeAnne) every weekday. There was Beyond the Wheel. There was a two-hour special on E! Entertainment about NASCAR, and the drivers were on Larry King Live and other programming. I got to see and "know" a lot about the drivers in 2005 and I only really started watching midway through the season (June).

In 2006, there seemed to be less programming but there was still the superior quality of 7 Days and Beyond the Wheel on Speed, plus NBS 24/7 for about half a season before it was cancelled.

In 2007, the programming took a dive IMO with the middling quality of Chasing Glory and Survival of the Fastest, which I think were the worst shows I'd ever seen from NASCAR Images. The ABC summer series about NASCAR was a disappointment. I also stopped seeing drivers (except for Jeff Gordon) featured in mainstream magazines and TV.

And here in 2008? Nothing. I gave up on NASCAR Now early in the season as they weren't showing any personal features on the drivers. I watched last Sunday for the first time in a while, and the "feature" they had on Montoya was a bunch of clips taken from prior interviews and combined - and they acted like it was new. Very disappointing.

I like Wendy V a lot, but her Real Deal features this year have become rote and insubstantial, and feature no information I didn't already know about drivers (Read the transcripts on speedtv.com and you'll see what I mean -there's no "there" there.) The "stories" Rutledge does on RaceDay make me long for the NASCAR Nation days of LeAnne and Co - really - when they let you see drivers and crews off the track (or at short tracks)or at home, not goofing around with Rutledge on race weekend.

NASCAR Confidential on SPEED? Came and went after two episodes. No sign of it anywhere. And I don't remember the last time I saw a NASCAR driver (again, other than Jeff Gordon) on a mainstream magazine cover or interview this year(ESPN the magazine doesn't count to me). The closest NASCAR is getting to mainstream lately is that Carl Edwards' Claritin ads air during primetime TV shows.

So I appreciate you keeping this TV site going because I think this year you have less to work with than any year since I've been a fan. A staid weekly "roundtable" and a hit-or-miss-two-person This Week in NASCAR should not comprise the bulk of NASCAR TV.

It's sad to me. I know NASCAR is trying to reach its core fan and not the casual fan like me who started liking the sport because of NASCAR Drivers 360, but I think all fans (and the drivers, and the sponsors whose drivers would be more popular if they were more "known") are losing out.

Anonymous said...

JD, will you not write a review of this past sunday's race? You ussually have one after every race. Thanks for the site.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:14PM,

We had a very good in-progress page on the race from Sonoma which featured a lot of good comments.

It is still open for folks to offer their opinion.

I have been on the road, and will be returning to full length columns Thursday. Thanks.


SophiaZ123 said...

anon 1:11

I echo your sentiments as do many. I only started watching NASCAR in mid year 2004. We finally got SPEED a year after that (had to get digital) and then another year after that, SPEED removed all their good shows! Before we got SPEED, I read Despain was on 4 or 5 nights a week and now he is down to ONE MEASLEY HOUR?

I enjoyed the series NASCAR 360 behind the scenes stuff as well. I wish SPEED would get with the program instead of the rubbish they show every weeknight.

ESPN plays time slot roulette so much it's hard to catch things AND they rarely promote some great racing shows I have "stumbled" across. Then again, SPEED has played time slot roulette with NASCAR Performance (now one of my favorite shows on SPEED) and T Paint.

I agree we need to see more drivers behind the scenes away from the tracks but I also feel the same way about some Indy drivers. Folks NEVER get a chance to see them off the track except maybe a brief Letterman appearance.


Anonymous said...

Kind of related to TDP: the SPEED forums have this poll going:

How many times per week do you watch NASCAR Now?

I never miss an episode. 4
5-6 times per week. 3
3-4 times per week. 2
1-2 times per week. 14
I never watch NASCAR Now. 23
Total Votes: 46

Looks like NN and ESPN have some work to do...

Karen said...

My TV Guide came in the mail today and although he didn't make the cover, there's a big picture of Kyle Busch and an article about his winning ways and him being the new anti-hero of NASCAR. Also paragraphs re: Jr, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne. Kind of the same premise as before the Daytona 500. Since the 400 is on the 5th, I guess that's why it's in there now.

Anonymous said...

ESPN also released the list of ESPY Award presenters. No one from NASCAR yet, but Danica Patrick mentioned right on the front page. Joey Logano might be a good call if the network wants to promote the Nationwide Series as well as the IRL.

Danica's fame transcends the IRL. Joey Logano's fame doesn't transcend NASCAR - yet. I think he would be a poor choice because the people in the audience (other athletes) and at home would be "Who?" NASCAR needs Jimmie Johnson or someone that level to go and present along with Danica, David Beckham, Lance Armstrong, David Ortiz, Steve Nash, Annika Sorenstam, etc.

Not Joey Logano.

Jimmie was on the show last year, so someone like Earnhardt Jr, Kahne, Gordon, Stewart, would be good choices, along with Johnson.

SophiaZ123 said...

It's too bad Helio wasn't chosen for the awards..he has won a few races..course I realize some got to see him win on DWTS. Still he has a good personality.

Plus I hear he is a nice guy. If he hits somebody in the pits, at least he checks on them afterwards!! ;-0

I was a fan but I am so over Danica but the media does not give much insight into her behinds the scene diva behavior. I realize the men are not perfect EITHER, don't get me wrong. But the media has to OVER do EVERYTHING and even though I am glad she won, it's time to give some attention to the MEN in OW.


Small poll on NN. But the show HAS come a long way since last year but ..and I can NOT believe I am saying this, I think I prefer Nicole as host over Ryan...a more laid back conversational style..and if she mis speaks, she's pretty unflappable.

I was a harsh critic of hers on the other show.

Tracy said...

Oh yes! NBS 24/7 and Nascar drivers 360!!!! Inside Nextel Cup when it had Schrader.

Major sighing going on, wiping tears of nostalgia. All that Pinks stuff and the even dumber shows (what is that nutty thing where there people guess speeds on a track for a single car?) are useless.

Dot said...

Dang it Sophia, will you quit writing what I want to say? LOL
Another ditto from Dot.
JD, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. What happened to your link on Jayski?

Jo said...

Wow off to a great start 30 sec on Stewart actively seeking ( how would you do so passively?) a sponsor for himself at HaasCNC. This is the happiest I've seen AB - at Fenway. Nice interview w/Lester,Ragan & then w/Biff.
The interview with Kenseth was interestingly quirky - like friends talking. Jamie was very talkative today. and a good answer about last weeks race. In fact all seem to be having alot of fun.
And to tracys' list I would like to nominate all of the mutations/variations of Pinks & lowriders. HUH? it must be a west coast thing.

I miss Nascar360, Schrader & Speedvision Just an old lady being nostalgic.

SophiaZ123 said...


Isn't it great coming here and seeing like minded posters?! Sure saves typing to echo or say dittos, lol.

I am guessing the only reason Jayski does not have a link to JD recent days is because there are no new colums..if you scroll down the jayski page he still has the DP link from the Monday column.

Not that JD needs anybody to speak for him. :-)

It's so FUN to see AB on NN..sigh..I have only been watching NASCAR shows since 2oo4 and feel nostalgic for some great shows that got the ax when what's his face took over SPEED. Fixed a schedule that was NOT broken and then took off to run DIRECT TV, last I heard. Sigh.

Somebody please hire DESPAIN to be on tv or free talk radio every night again. Even though I mainly follow just NASCAR, IRL and some F1, I like hearing about ALL motorsports. I realize not everybody likes him but I think he is a scream and this household loves his dry and wacky sense of humor. He has a great laugh.


I think I rambled off topic but I am blaming it on the heat and DEWPOINTS in the mid 70s. Nola weather in Ohio. Hate it. This very warm laptop is giving me a hotflash so am signing off. Even with AC on house is 78. Yikes. Gotta be conservative with the utilities.

SophiaZ123 said...


WOW! I missed the first few minutes of NN..did not know that about Stewart. Thanks for posting that here as I sign off.

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

soph123, Hope this helps answer. It is from the Monday shoot out post, where someone else also asked about the coloum on Jayski

Daly Planet Editor said...

Jay only links the full length columns that I forward to him. Sometimes, we have an overlap of information and I do not need a link.

The columns will being this Friday with a New Hampshire preview. Thanks for noticing.


June 25, 2008 1:30 PM

Dot said...

To Sophia & Lou,

Thanks for the info.

Wow, Stewart looking at Newman as a teammate. I think the real reason Tony is leaving JGR is Toyota. He is a loyal Chevy man. I hope he does well.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:34PM,

I agree with your comments on Danica. My point was that ESPN is stuck with the Nationwide Series for seven more years and next season they will be going to the "mini-COT" for the full schedule.

ESPN needs to step-up with more than just bad promos to get their telecasts watched. "Sliced Bread" is just the guy.


Erik said...


Oh, the woes of broadcasting live sporting events. This isn't NASCAR related, though, the worldwide television feed for a semi-final match in the Euro 2008 soccer tournament was knocked offline from Vienna, Austria.

From point of view of anyone that lives outside the USA, that is HUGE. ESPN lost the feed like everyone else.

The game was between Germany and Turkey. Auto factories shut down in Germany so the workers could see the game. To say this is a big event in that part of the world is an understatement.

To top it off, during the outage, Germany scored to take the lead, and Turkey tied it up with a couple of minutes left. The feed finally returned in the final minute where Germany scored the go ahead goal, only to have the feed lost yet again prior to the final whistle.

Rockin Rich said...

Okay, did Tantrum Tony "let the cat out of the bag" tonight? I don't watch the two NASCAR news/entertainment shows. I just can't devote the time.

Did he indirectly, but semi-officially, announce his departure for Haas/CNC? Jayski doesn't update his news/rumors postings until midnight at the earliest, (guy's got to sleep sometime!). I would hope there will be a follow up there.

Or, did it appear to be more of his joking and teasing of the media he so loves, (he kids because he cares?).

Thanks to anyone that can share what went on.

SophiaZ123 said...


WOW! thanks for the soccer outage story. Yes I know it's huge HUGE in Europe. Those poor fans..and we thought we got screwed during the Bristol race last year..and another race went black briefly for many of you or cut off last year from ABC methinks.

Rockin' Rich: ESPN has the story on their NASCAR page about TS. I would post the links but they don't work here if they are too long.

I understand Tony being a Chevy guy but my brother and some friends have given me Tony Stewart hat, T shirts and just last Nov for my birthday I got to pick out a HOME DEPOT Jacket. So I hope Tony waits a year before the leap. =:-)

A week after my Schrader T shirt arrived, Woods took him out of the 21 car and there went the Little Debbie Sponsor. I am being purely selfish of course... was bummed to read Zippy's comments last week, too. Zippy felt Tony had made up his mind but that he (Zippy) did not know (yea right) but doesnt' sound like Zippy will be following Tony. Zippy likes the security JGR has for him and he just added a new baby to the family. We have ALL seen the struggles of MWR and in today's times, a new team/owner is risky business. But reading Zippy's comments was like reading about an old fave married couple getting a divorce that neither party wanted!? Been together 10 years.

I wish Tony well no matter WHAT and will root for him (and Jr and many others)but how many really think he will wait to go on his own in 2010?

I still can't believe I missed that news in the first couple minutes of NN.

Miss a minute miss a lot!

Daly Planet Editor said...


Next time email me an item like that please and do not post it in the comments section. Thanks.


GinaV24 said...

I loved Kenny's book. I own it and it was a great read. I'm sorry but I don't watch other shows to see the NASCAR guys do their thing. It's fun for them to do it, but I don't really care. A the conflicts that can arise with too many sports on ESPN! LOL Oh well, I see that the Nationwide race is on ABC this week, that works for me. Hope you had a nice vacation, JD.