Friday, June 6, 2008

TV Notes: Saturday

Here is a rundown of the NASCAR TV action on Saturday:

10 AM - Sprint Cup Practice on SPEED: Steve Byrnes, Jeff Hammond and Larry McReynolds in the booth. Ralph Shaheen and Lindsay Czarniak reporting from the garage area in Pocono.

3:30PM - Nationwide Series Qualifying on ESPN2: Dr. Jerry Punch, Rusty Wallace and Andy Petree in the booth. Dave Burns, Jamie Little, Shannon Spake and Mike Massaro down on pit road. Tim Brewer in the Tech Center in Nashville.

5:30PM - Sprint Cup Happy Hour on SPEED: Bill Weber, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach in the booth. Matt Yocum and Marty Snider reporting from the garage area. This is tape-delayed from earlier in the day due to other live racing.

7PM - Nationwide Series Race on ESPN2: Same ESPN crew as above with Allen Bestwick and Brad Daugherty joining the action from the Infield Pit Center. There will be a post up at 6PM for your comments during and after the race.

10PM - ARCA Race on SPEED: Just a non-NASCAR note. This race will be shown in a two hour tape-delayed program slot. It will actually take place live at 1PM in Pocono.

Midnight - NASCAR Performance on SPEED: Larry McReynolds, Chad Knaus and Doug Richert. (Bootie Barker suspended by NASCAR for six weeks.)

12:30AM - Tradin' Paint on SPEED: Media guest Pete Schnatz of the Philadelphia Inquirer will join host John Roberts and regular panelist Kyle Petty.

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Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Good morning JD,
Yes, Larry M is such an asset to us. Love to hear him. (except when he say the 43top made the race) He gives us at times an insight in his own way that no one can do. Glad he is here for us.

Anonymous said...

OT but ESPN and ABC news are reporting that Jim McKay the legendary sports announcer passed away. I read his biography and he had a couple of pages dedicated doing NASCAR and it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

What is up with SPEED audio this weekend???
The opening on camera segments from Watkins Glen have burbled and garbled audio!!!!
The truck race audio last night was terrible too

This isn't my cable system. its the channel

Bray Kroter

Anonymous said...

Well I live near the glen. All I can say is we have very hott temperatures today in the mid-90s. I dont know alot about TV, but I imagine it can be tough on equipment.

Thats the only excuse I can give to SPEED.

Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up about Jim McKay's passing for your comments.

There will be a post up at 6PM for in-progress comments on the Nationwide Series race tonight on ESPN2.

Questions or comments, just drop us an email at anytime.



AMS fan said...

Thanks for the ARCA update. Since they run old cup cars, that's close enough to post. I hope more people watch. They have good racin' most of the time. The TV coverage is good also.
Michael McDowell, MWR cup driver, will be in the booth.

Lisa Hogan said...

The ESPN crew should really consider following the "less is more" theory.

Even the pit reporters seem bound to give a speech before they can ask a question.

We'll see what TNT has for us this afternoon. :)

Daly Planet Editor said...

No mention in my SPEED weekly notes of John Roberts, Bob Dillner or Randy Pemberton handling happy hour.

As reflected in my notes, it was the TNT crew that was supposed to be on-the-air. Hmmm...

Daly Planet Editor said...


Here we go with TNT and Marc Fein and Larry Mac from the infield. I do not understand why they are standing in the infield unless TNT does not want its special infield stage to be seen on SPEED.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Wow! SPEED is on the air with the first combined practice telecast with the TNT and SPEED crews.

The show began with SPEED's John Roberts and then featured reporters Randy Pemberton and Bob Dillner.

After that, TNT announcer Marc Fein and Larry McReynolds were standing in the infield on a blacktop patch in SPEED shirts. No TNT infield stage.

Now, Bill Weber, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenback are in unmarked blue oxoford shirts that look horrible from the announce booth.

What a mess........

Mary said...

I wish Weber would shut up he drives me nuts.
What with him and Rusty it's not going to be a good weekend.

ri88girl said...

OMG they are awful! Lets hope they improve before tomorrow. It is just wrong to hear Webber coming out of the speed channel

ri88girl said...

Wally is sssssssssso out of practice. I like Mark Fein he reminds me of AB