Saturday, June 7, 2008

NASCAR TV Notes: Sunday

Here are some TV program notes for Sunday with all listings in Eastern Daylight Time. There will be a post up for comments about the Sprint Cup race at Noon.

9AM - Tradin' Paint on SPEED: Pete Schnatz of the Philadelphia Inquirer is the media guest who will join John Roberts and Kyle Petty for this show from Pocono.

9:30AM - ESPN Tribute to Jim McKay on Outside the Lines: Bob Ley will host a retrospective on McKay's amazing contribution to sports television. Certainly something for veteran fans to add to the video collection. You can also click on the picture above for the full-size downloadable version.

9:30AM - NASCAR Performance: Host Larry McReynolds is joined by Chad Knaus and Doug Richert to review the technical challenges of Pocono. Bootie Barker is on a six week suspension from NASCAR.

10AM - NASCAR Now on ESPN2: Nicole Manske will host as Ryan Burr is at Pocono reporting for the show. One hour edition that features live reports and will focus on previewing the Pocono Sprint Cup race.

10AM - NASCAR In A Hurry on SPEED: Adam Alexander hosts a thirty minute look back at the best NASCAR video of the last forty eight hours. Lots of clips played-back from racing action to funny moments. Fast-paced recap show.

10:30AM - RaceDay on SPEED: This show has now been moved earlier to not clash with the ninety minute pre-race programming on TNT. John Roberts hosts with Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart as featured guests. Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace are on the panel, with Hermie Sadler and Rutledge Wood contributing. Wendy Venturini will interview the Mattioli's about continued ownership of the Pocono track.

12:30PM - NASCAR Live on TNT and Allstate Countdown to Green: Two pre-race shows from the track hosted by the TNT crew. The pit reporters will contribute as well as TNT airing some pre-produced features. Ninety minutes in total.

2PM - Sprint Cup Series on TNT from Pocono: Marc Fein handles the infield action with Larry McReynolds. Bill Weber, Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach call the action from the booth. Lindsay Czarniak, Matt Yocum, Ralph Shaheen and Marty Snider patrol pit road.

8PM - Victory Lane on SPEED: Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace join John Roberts from Victory Lane to interview the winning driver, crew chief and owner. Spontaneous show with usually some interesting information. Lots of good emotion.

This post will host your TV-related comments about these programs. Add your opinion by clicking on the COMMENTS button below. The rules for posting are listed on the right side of the main page. Thanks again for stopping by The Daly Planet.


alex said...

At 9:30 am tomorrow, ESPN will have a half-hour tribute show to Jim McKay.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for that note alex.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Alex, I'll set my DVR!

Of course 30 minutes doesn't seem to be enough time, considering his history in Sportscasting, but I look forward to it nonetheless.

Of course growing up all we had was WWoS but I remember him calling many a sport. Many of todays sportscasters need to check out his tapes and be schooled by the master.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Guess if I'd learn to read I would have seen that JD updated it on the story

alex said...

I guess 30 minutes is too much for them. They've got to discuss the horses first.

Vicky D said...

And his reporting of the Olympics tragedy in 1972 is unforgettable (for us who remember it).

Lou,Kingston,NY said...

Good Morning JD,
Ref: NASCAR RACE DAY @1030. Is it me or is the stage higher or what? I like the fact that I maybe seeing less of the signs from the rear as they are distracting. I have been at a race or two. And have seen how SPEED get the crowd exceited. And I like that I do not have to see the crowd in the rear.

alex said...

For those who missed Outside the Lines this morning, I taped the Jim McKay segment and put it up on Youtube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Daly Planet Editor said...

Wow, Roberts ended RaceDay by asking viewers to turn to Fox and watch the Formula-1 coverage!

Tell me these boys do not have some problems going on.

PammH said...

I found that pretty interesting also!

Newracefan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newracefan said...

Let's try this again. I went to TNT and not Fox and Oh boy I can't wait to hear what JD says about this set and wardrobe, I think I liked the prep school look from yesterday better then jackets without ties.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up for comments about the TNT coverage both online and on TV.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Can you believe that one? Just think about it. The lead announcer on SPEED ends his top-rated pre-race show and looks right into the camera and tells viewers to turn on Fox and watch Formula 1. That is huge.

Think they missed everything that RaceDay used to offer? No Wendy pit walk, no driver introduction interviews, nothing leading up to the race itself. This show has been effectively gutted.


Newracefan said...

JD is TNT going to continue to have 2 prerace shows. If they drop the 60 min one and just keep the 30 min right before the race; Race Day will recover, if not poor Wendy will be in the motor coach lot for the duration.

Newracefan said...

Poor Marty, Lindsey etc that heat and still wearing those stupid firesuits as the pit reporters. I never understood that concept

Anonymous said...

Those fire suits are not "stupid". I think it started in the late 80s or early 90s on ESPN. I believe it was Jerry Punch reporting from a pit when there was a fire....and the reporter was very close by. Hence, the suits to this day.

I do not like those silly sound effects that race in when TNT shows the drivers name and position.

Joel said...

We all know by now that you are a Super Fan for Wendy, but the show is still good even if she doesn't get to do driver interviews at the end...she still has "Real Deal" and the other live you only tune into the end to see her? "This show is effectively gutted?" Talk about tunnel vision for Wendy! Dude, she's married...move on.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Wendy herself is not the issue. The show shifted last season into a program that ran right up until the TV network that was showing the race came on the air.

RaceDay even overlapped with Fox one time this season, covering the Hollywood Hotel.

My point is that by moving the entire show back over an hour you change almost all the dynamics of what is happening at the track.

The program is much more than just the SPEED Stage and pre-produced reports. It just happens that Wendy is the reporter on this program, it could be anyone.

Shifting the program early had her talking to people in the motor home lot and generally showing viewers that NOTHING was happening at the track two hours before air.

If have notice the show for the last year, the first hour is interviews and the feautures. The second hour is the live stuff and even Hermie was pressed into duty to help with interviews from the drive introduction area.

The entire show has been changed.

PS - I am about the same age as Wendy's dad. Classy comment.

SophiaZ123 said...

Well, I missed Race day because I did not want to start watching TV SO MANY HOURS before the race came, i stuck with very little pre race..saw a couple minutes of Tony on RD and then later Allison interview with Larry Mac while channel hustling F! and part of pre race coverage but did not see much.

I agree, JD that the whole appeal of RD (since I am no fan of outside screaming fans and waving signs) is the 'what's going on at the track' with meetings and last minute chats with drivers. I did enjoy seeing one of Tony's Siamese cats inside his door. :)

But i probably will skip most all pre race and stick with post race stories....i can read here or elsewhere online stuff before the race. Between S Report, VL and Wind Tunnel I am all tv'd out on sundays!

Still on VL tonight I was thrilled to hear Spencer rip on the 'safety crew' and baloney/malarkey explanation of their purpose.

Also, Kenny wallace commented we have to listen that the COT needs is way too hot, still doesn't handle....and some other things. He said he loves the sport but then wrapped up with a sarcastic comment like "More people are watching, the ratings are up so the sport is fine" !! Go, Kenny.

Then I read Darby refuses to listen to the drivers about the COT. Personally, I had NO IDEA they were even hotter than the older cars...was that addressed on any pre race shows?

sigh...gonna be a long season for the drivers.