Monday, September 15, 2008

Bowyer Steals Biffle's Thunder

The theme of this week where TV is concerned might simply be "expect the unexpected." This Week In NASCAR on SPEED has worked hard all year to make itself into a program that fans can once again enjoy.

This Monday, TWIN had a very unexpected pleasure. Loudon winner Greg Biffle was on the panel with Michael Waltrip and host Steve Byrnes. Biffle had been struggling and this was going to be a great moment for him on SPEED. Then, a strange thing happened. His name was Clint Bowyer.

After a brief conversation with both Biffle and Waltrip about the weekend, Byrnes normally turns to the race highlights and the fun begins. This week, Byrnes introduced a two-segment feature on Clint Bowyer. Fans first saw Bowyer at the NASCAR media day in New York City and then a second segment aired following Bowyer through his weekend in Loudon.

It was not until twenty minutes into the program that Biffle and Waltrip finally got to participate in their own show. This was especially ironic because once again the pre-recorded segments really took the momentum out of the episode. A panelist had actually won the first Chase race and TWIN viewers had just spent a long time watching a feature about Clint Bowyer.

Byrnes led the team through the highlights and Biffle talked about a lot of interesting topics where Roush-Fenway Racing was concerned. Changes on the pit crew and sharing his set-up with Carl Edwards for the race were two good notes. Once the highlights were over, the gang was back in good spirits but thirty minutes of the show was now gone.

A shot-in-the-arm for this Monday was the second appearance of Humpy Wheeler. His pre-recorded monologue about Bob Bahre and Bruton Smith was something only veteran NASCAR fans could understand and this was the right place for it. The NASCAR Media Group should have fun expanding and working on Wheeler's role in this show. Hopefully, he will return for 2009.

Waltrip had fun with the Truck highlights and that is exactly what the series needed. An taped interview with Ron Hornaday should have been included, especially after what Hornaday dealt with during the week before he dominated and won the race.

The two veterans on the set then talked about Dover. It was very informative and showed exactly why this show fills a void. Waltrip was fun and entertaining even as Biffle added the facts about today's racing at the Monster Mile. The panel had a good feeling that Biffle might have a shot at making it two in a row.

A look back at the 2007 Dover race was well-edited and showed-off once again what The NASCAR Media Group does best. Reminding viewers of what is coming up next by using the images and sound from the media coverage of the event has been a trademark of NMG.

It still is not clear why the Bowyer segments were in this show or even what they meant. Biffle should have been front-and-center and the highlights from Loudon should have lead the program. After a long battle this year to show the race review before any other program features, it certainly was an interesting call to change the order this week.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get this, either.

You have winner of the race right on the set...and you introduce taped pieces about another driver, who did NOT win, instead of talking with Biffle?

TWIN looks like they've been taking "story" lessons from ESPN, and now we see what happens when the story changes.

Erik said...

This show still is somewhat of an enigma to me. It leaves me scratching my head on the decisions they've made at times.

Anonymous said...

The Bowyer segment should have been after the review - before the preview. Odd.#$%^ style. Please Speed this IS NOT the bandwagon to jump on!

I really enjoyed tonights show otherwise. Humpy is just so informative, in the most casual way.
Good not to forget the sports past.

Liked the CTS was covered. Mikey had it - at some point when fighting ya gotta realize the officials are there & give it up.
Lots of hard penalties out of that one. I too, wish they had an interview w/Ron.

Lou said...

Enjoyed the segment with Humpy Wheeler. A nice look back and then to the present. Hope he will be a constant on the show in the future.

Mindy said...

Didn't TWiN have a segment on Bowyer last week too? A little too much Bowyer. Move to the next Chaser.

I thought the show was good. With Biffle's win and MWR running better everyone seemed energized this week, they looked excited for the next race.

Liked the Humpy addition too.

Anonymous said...

The Bowyer piece was shot last week (before the race) in NYC. If NASCAR knew then that Biffle was going to win I am sure they would have picked to shot him.
It is not a simple task to just decide to tape a driver and in takes a big effort to put something like that together.

Anonymous said...

But part of producing a good show is to be able to throw out what you have planned and change it when the circumstances change.

What happend tonight on TWIN was just plain lazy.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 10:10PM,

So what was it doing in this show? That is what I don't understand. It's nice they taped Clint in NYC and with his folks. What does that have to do with this show and Biffle winning in Loudon?

It seems that because NASCAR does not have any long-form programming on TV anymore during the week, they forced this into this SPEED show. I have to admit, I completely did not get the point.


Tracy said...

I had the feeling they'd done the Bowyer piece a while ago, anticipating he might win at Loudon. Then he had such a great practice run, they probably put the piece into the lineup without qualms.

Biffle showed a lot of class, especially in congratulating MW on his teams' improvements, as well as pointing out Reutimann's name on the driver's handouts for last week, showing DR led the most laps in Richmond.

Anonymous said...

It's truly a shame that Biffle wasn't allowed to "shine" in his victory :(.

The Bowyer segment would have been perfect for The Chase is On but they did away with that :(. Of course with 12 you can't do one a week, but it's good to highlight some of the guys and see what they're up to :) away from the track.

I really enjoyed the Humpy segment as well! I really hope it continues next year! The stories he can tell :).

I also would have liked to see some comments from Grampa. I thought Steve was trying to open the door at one point, but no one walked through.

Anonymous said...

I understand they filmed this specifically for this week's show, but couldn't they have shown it in the back end instead of in the first thirty minutes of the show?

That probably would have eliminated any of these comments and questions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe after saturday.everyone thought clint was a lock for the win. The script was written. just like espn, and you don't change the script, no matter what happens in the race.
Did anyone else notice, that MW did not mention all of his sponsors, or even toyoto when talking about his three cars.

Anonymous said...

@Anon1127 - I agree if they had put it anywhere after the review I doubt many would have said a word. Some one would have - but not many

NorCalFan said...

Enough of Boywer already. I agree that segment should have been shown after the review of the Loudon race because it took the focus away from Biffle's win. And for what purpose?? I'm guessing Waltrip also has heard and seen more than enough of Bowyer since their incident at Bristol.

I enjoy Humpy's segments since he tells interesting stories about NASCAR that aren't commonly known even to the dedicated fan. Also liked Mikey's comments on the history of Dover's track surface.

IMO the show has evolved from being absolutely annoying to watch due to the preview coming before the review to actually being enjoyable to watch even though there's the occasional hiccup (like tonight).

It would even be better with 3 panelists.

Dot said...

@ Norcalfan, I agree with you. I was going to say the same thing about Mikey in regards to Bowyer.

I thought Greg was so much fun tonight. He needs to win more often. It really loosens him up.

@ Jo, I hope that the TWIN producers aren't jumping on that band wagon either. But I agree, if it was already in the can, what could they do? Mikey made a comment about just because you "win" practice, doesn't mean you're going to win the race. I got a hint of a dig there.

Anonymous said...

I was totally confused by all the Bowyer coverage at the brginning of the show. It's as if after he dominated practice that TWIN put those clips together anticipating a win and used the footage even when he didn't win???? The Kyle sway bar discussion was really lame. Byrnes asked how that could happen, and just like a politician,Waltrip talked for five minutes without answering the question of how a heim joint could break. Biffle didn't help. He suggested a bolt fell out???? So that's how it broke? Not a great TWIN!

Anonymous said...

The thinking behind the segment on Boyer is really pretty transparent . These shows never miss an opportunity to stir the pot . Waltrip was sandbagged by a segment on Boyer , and the shows' producer sat back and waited for the nasty comments to begin . But oh darn , Waltrip didn't take the bait . The huge glut of NASCAR themed shows has forced each one to do anything they can think of to one up the others . This time it backfired .

Anonymous said...

Bowyer? Who is Bowyer? Congrats Biff on a great race and good job Mikey for being a class act. Besides the piece on that other guy, hmmm can't recall his name, the show was informative, funny and loved Humpy Wheeler, what interesting stories he has to tell.

Lisa Hogan said...

The Bowyer video just seemed to be weird in the placement in this show.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the show. Really laughed when Biffle looked into the camera and did the eyebrow wiggle. :)

Newracefan said...

I was also a little confused about the CB piece placement and it threw the guys off initially. Loved the Humpy piece it's a nice addition. Overall not as much fun as I thought it would be with Biff "the race winner" right there but there have been worse.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bowyer win Loudon last year?

Kinda wondering if he wasn't getting defending race winner treatment and the fact that the piece could only have been shot during the NYC Chase media blitz, they chose the driver of the Jack Daniel's car to get back to their "homespun, just folks" fan base. I could see a Bowyer piece airing the week before Kansas, but they at the least should have put it somewhere else in the show after giving Biffle his proper due for drawing first blood in the Chase. Let him give the viewers his mindset as it would be his first time to tell his story in a non hat-dance manner.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the weekly Chase related show that Carl Edwards co-hosted on SPEED? That was much better than any of their lifestyle trash. SPEED is worthless. NASCAR needs to go elsewhere if that is the kind of treatment they get by the leading motorsports specialty network not willing lift a finger and promote the sport during the week.

Ziggy said...

When they came out of a commerical break there at the beginning of the show & SB started the lead in for the CB segment I had to look at the clock thinkin I fell asleep. Honest to God I did fall asleep after that & missed the remainder of the telecast.
Thumbs down to the producers.

Anonymous said...

The part of the CB piece with his parents had aired before. I hazily remember it being shown at last year's awards banquet, but I could be wrong. I know that I have seen it before.

Sophia said...

WOW! Sorry to see this show is being produced by the person that puts things backwards and kills the momentum. I am STUNNED to read this review after the show FINALLY IMPROVED with a REVIEW First and then the preview.

Thanks for telling me what I missed. Imay skip this show as well.

Hurricane Ike winds made it to Ohio sunday and knocked out power for MILLIONS!! and lost power for 48 hrs, stores closed, nobody went to work or school on monday..this 'wind storm' happened during a SUNNY day) and I listened to the the last part of the race on radio on PRN. Those guys got so excited.

at this point reading here (Haven't even done the race comments yet) I am glad I missed the monday night shows...but I am sorry I missed Biffle on VL and the SPEED sun night shows.

Hope all are safe in the heavy part of the storm.

Dot said...

@ Lisa Hogan,

I wanted to mention GBs eyebrow wiggle in my post too, but I couldn't think of what to call it. Thanks.

Matt Carey said...

I was a fan on the Bowyer segment, especially because I was in it, interviewing Clint Bowyer!

Anonymous said...

@Matt - I didn't DISLIKE the segment, just where it was placed.
BTW Nice job. Wish placement in the show was better thought out.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 8:56PM,

"The Chase Is On" is not being produced this season by SPEED.

Carl Edwards lives in MO and the logistics did not work with him down the stretch.

SPEED chose not to replace him with another driver and continue the program. Imagine that.


Sophia said...

Ok, all I could watch this week was the TWIN "Bonus" content on

LMAO, it was a fun clip. What Mikey said about himself at the end of PRICELESS!! Hope y'all heard it.

Karen said...


I couldn't find it earlier this evening but checked again thanks to your post and it was funny.

Dot said...

Just got back from watching the TWIN clip. OMG. You gotta love Mikey. Too funny.

Lou said...

JD, although I do look at the clips on TWIN on, I did not look at the latest one after watching the show. But after reading the previous 3 comments, I just had to go there. And they are correct.... Just too funny and enjoyable. I hope Mike, Greg and Steve enjoyed it as much as we did.