Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Media Notes:
Bruton Smith will add lights, but will not re-configure Loudon for 2009. Look for a Saturday New Hampshire night race in the future.
For those asking about Claire B. Lang's Dialed-In show, she is on XM Channel 148 from 3 to 6PM Eastern Time. More news on her Internet access will follow.
For our Canadian readers, TSN2 has just launched on Bell cable bringing NASCAR back.
Jeff Foxworthy is writing an animated pilot for Fox about a dysfunctional NASCAR family. Rumor is that it might replace King of the Hill.
ABC TV rating went up from a 2.9 to a 3.2 for Sprint Cup race from New Hampshire.
TV ratings for the Craftsman Truck Series race from New Hampshire are up 29%.
Tuesday's NASCAR Now will be one hour in length.
Click here for the ESPN Fantasy Racing results simulator. Cool or creepy?

Dover and Las Vegas Entry Count:
46 cars entered at Dover in the Sprint Cup race. The list includes a TBA, Stanton Barrett, and Johnny Sauter in the FUBAR Dodge. So, 43 full-time teams.
43 cars entered at Dover in the Nationwide race. The list includes Morgan Shepherd, Justin Hobgood and Johnny Chapman. Lots of starting and parking going-on.
31 trucks entered at Las Vegas in the Craftsman Truck race. The list includes a TBA, John Andretti and Andy Lally. Without these three, the count would be 28.

This post will be updated throughout Tuesday. Feel free to comment below.


Anonymous said...

Fox already has a show like Foxworthy's family, it's called King of the Hill.

From Jayski: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel visits with #48-Jimmie Johnson when it returns on Tuesday, Sept 16th, on HBO. The premiere of the show is scheduled to air at 10:00pm/et.(HBO PR)(9-14-2008)

haus20 said...

Once again this week, the truck race will be the the race to see.

majorshouse said...

The truck race is always the one to see because they really race and the coverage that Speed gives us is always first rate and is really exciting to watch. I just wish that the Cup and nationwide races were that much fun to watch instead of the snoozers that they have become.

Karen said...

If NASCAR doesn't want the fans to be known as rednecks, this show by Foxworthy is not going to help that image.

Adam T. Martin said...

^^^Agree Karen.

I liked how NASCAR wasn't so mainstream in the 1990s.

batchief said...

John, a simple question, how does Nascar allow FUBAR on a car? Is there something in that other than what I learned from the military years ago?

KoHoSo said...

Jeff Foxworthy is writing an animated pilot for Fox about a dysfunctional NASCAR family.

Great. I'm sure that will go a long way in helping to reduce the stereotypes about NASCAR fans and Southerners in general.


Richard in N.C. said...

JD- Wait a minute, I need to scratch my neck. I am a big Jeff Foxworthy fan and I would much rather have him write a show poking fun at NASCAR fans (like me) than some LA or NY media type who "thinks" he/she knows something about NASCAR and its fans.

I do find it interesting that the most unruly "redneck" crowd for Larry Mc's NASCAR Performance show on SPEED was last weekend in NH.

But what do I know, I'm only a NASCAR fan - and that special, wise commentator Lenox Rawlings of the Winston-Salem Journal has written and stated publicly that NASCAR fans are (quote) "ignorant and gullible."

Mary said...

JD - thanks for the info re Claire B - I won't chuck out the XM after all!!

Daly Planet Editor said...
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batchief said...

Thanks for the info John, who'd a thunk it. Even knowing it is an energy drink doesn't change the first thing that comes to my mind. Also, I am around almost daily, just don't jump in the waters on all topics.

batchief said...

It is getfubar.com. Just checked it out, fubar.com is something entirely different.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for the correction. Still a strange product.

Daly Planet Editor said...


There will be more info coming on Claire about her Internet access and future plans down the road.


PammH said...

Fantasy simulator=WAAAAAY creepy...shudder.

Mary said...

Thanks JD I'm listening to the show now.

Anonymous said...

Hey J.D,

Although it may be off topic, I have a question regarding Kyle Bush running off after the Race at Loudon, avoiding the media and not being available for interviews ( which was little mentioned about or made of). Why hasn't Kyle been fined by NASCAR as I believed Tony Stewart ( I think )was for doing the same thing?

Daly Planet Editor said...


Ultimately, the goal is to make all athletes into video games.

There is some new TV stuff coming soon that will overlay video game technology right onto the screen.

Nothing like the Fox 3-D stuff, this is going to be like an EA Sports game. How it is used is going to be very interesting.

ESPN is now testing the waters on the NFL preview shows with this stuff.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:14PM,

Good question. The answer is that only the top three drivers have to go to the Infield Media Center for interviews after the race.

The second and third place drivers sometimes have to be "motivated" to do so.

None of the other drivers have any mandatory obligation to the media after the race. This may change for 2009.

We thought that once The Chase was in the mix, all 12 would get put in the mandatory category for the last ten races, but so far they have not.


Grover said...

The gossip factory is rampant here in vegas.....

The way I hear it is someone is offering $5k to start and park a truck to some camping world west drivers if they can get nascar to give them a truck lic.....

Not bad pay for an hours work....

Dot said...

@ Grover,

A couple of years ago they did get some S&Ps to get in the race. The field was either 34 or 35.

Does it really matter if there isn't a full field? Don't the drivers make more money because there's more slices of pie? Regarding Cup & NW, it would irk me if I was an actual full time team having to share the purse with the S&Ps. You're either committed or your not.

Daly Planet Editor said...


The pie is not split differently because of the number of cars or trucks. The Nationwide Series pays enough to make it worthwhile to bring a car, qualify at the rear of the field and then park before the first gas stop.

No pit crew and no extra tires needed. The fuel is free.

What folks were talking about is the very short field for the Trucks in Vegas. That series is in deep trouble. With only 31 including three questionable entries, the real number is 28.

In another two months, the Trucks haul to Phoenix. How many make that trek is anyone's guess. This is going to be a tough off-season between the Nationwide COT and the Trucks losing teams.


Dot said...

Thanks for the clarification JD. I had no clue how the pie was split.

Another question I'd like to ask. Did I read here that Bruton couldn't put up lights @ NH because the neighbors would pitch a fit? Is this his way to "lose" a date at this track and move it to KY? I'm sure he doesn't want to lose more money especially after what's happening in Charlotte with the new drag strip money issue.

Karen said...

From Jayski: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel visits with #48-Jimmie Johnson when it returns on Tuesday, Sept 16th, on HBO.

Who knew JJ gets car sick when in the passenger seat? Good segment.