Sunday, September 14, 2008

NASCAR RaceDay on SPEED from Loudon

It is going to be a wet RaceDay program on SPEED from Loudon. As viewers first saw on NASCAR Now, the rain is continuing to fall and the area is very wet.

It will be John Roberts, Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace hosting RaceDay and with the weather they will probably be moved to the SPEED Stage, which is covered.

Hermie Sadler and Wendy Venturini are the reporters on this program. Venturini's Real Deal feature this week is on the amazing season of Kyle Busch at JGR.

Fan favorite and native New Englander Ken Squier will offer another "essay" that will focus on former Loudon track owner Bob Bahre and his contributions to racing over the years.

Roberts will lead a discussion about what is left for the teams outside the Top 12 who suddenly find themselves dropped from most NASCAR media coverage once The Chase begins.

RaceDay cameras tagged along with Joey Logano this weekend as he was in the #96 car with Home Depot sponsorship and will be in the Sprint Cup race whenever it is run.

There will be lots of guests stopping by. They will include Tony Stewart, David Ragan, Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer and Kurt Busch.

When RaceDay takes to the air, there will be over three hours to the start of the race. Complicating that will be the fact that it is currently raining. This first Chase program is going to take some extra effort on behalf of all concerned to keep the fans interested even though the race will probably not start on time.

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Daly Planet Editor said...

Hey, the boys have a roof! Nice crowd.

Geez said...

WOW! Doubt you would see an intro like that on ESPN. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - Wendy thinks race will start late! What channel will race be bumped to? Any bets?

bobb said...

once again ABC has 2-6 ET blocked out for the race. Sunset is about 7:30 so it may be interesting.

Anonymous said...

RD reported Tony's regular spotter will be with Joey today!?! Why if he's Tony's spotter would JGR send him to JoLo, unless lame duck isn't just for elected officials?

Yup ABC not enough time blocked out for anything except a caution free race, how often does that happen?
Should get interesting.
Think NA$CAR is worried - since the track dryers are on the track waiting to start drying the second the rain stops.

bobb said...

not that it would help today but races should once again start at 1PM so there is time for delays and rain. A few years ago NASCAR even had hurry up mode and started races early. This 2PM Eastern start is bad.

Anonymous said...

Amen this could be a bit crunched for time day.

Tony is good w/new spotter for Chase hmmmmm....
Alrighty conspiracy theorists start thinkin' LOL

Anonymous said...

I was gonna comment on the people standing in the rain, but, then I remembered we've sat in the rain waiting for races to start/restart LOL

JoLo has not done anything to merit the ridiculous amount of hype he is getting. Enough of the kid already!!

Anonymous said...

Watching Raceday...I want a Bud and a shot of Jack Daniels for some reason......Couldn't they get that big bottle off of Jimmy's head?

Bill H said...

Wonder how far into the race (if it gets started) we will be before they move the camera off of Shrub and put it on Logano? Too bad I will be watching Hotpass and miss it.

Bill H

Anonymous said...

OMG ROFLMAO tooo funny & way to early!!

Bill H said...

JD I never noticed, so if you did can you point me to it, but if not, any chance on getting a little inside on how Directv broadcasts the Hotpass? Do they bring their own equipment there, or since they use all the Speed announcers, do they use Speed's equipment or?

How does the Hotpass "deal" jive with the ESPN/TNT/FOX deal? Is Directv paying for the rights or are they passing on some of the profits to Nascar?

Bill H

Anonymous said...

Radar looks like rain will be gone for good from Loudon between 2-3. May be time for a full race after track drying.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent historical story by Ken Squire. What a great job telling the history in NE of autoracing! I love these pieces he does.

Bill H said...

Pooch with the biggest teeth?

Bill H

Anonymous said...

Why is that on? And ( i'm old be gentle) Who is He?

Daly Planet Editor said...


DirecTV has a TV truck for Hot Pass where the announcers sit in little booths with TV monitors divided by the driver channels they are calling. One truck for all.

They use the video from the TV feed and the in-car camera truck to combine in what you see at home.

It is a very simple approach that is working very well for them.

Did that help?


Daly Planet Editor said...

Sure would be nice to see Squier host some more historical stuff.

Only problem is, there is no TV network that will show it.

Anonymous said...

JD - thanks for the info about Hotpass.

Is it just me or is it true, simple like Hotpass & Speed truck race coverage is better.

Anonymous said...

I wish some one would pick up Kens history work too - its really good stuff, more interesting than "lifestyle" shows

Sophia said...

Tony has a new spotter because his went to JL? WTH?

I also wish somebody would package Ken's stuff for a show on SPEED. What a MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!

Ok.....I gotta say this..and then I will feel better but..


I am going to call him Joey Be-gone-O !
I want him off my tv and to see OTHER RACES.

Sheesh..he gets more attention than Jr and Jimmie and Jeff G.

But I will not give him a nik name like Beano...for begone logano...due to a product by that name.


Ok, I feel better.

but I am glad I am not the only one tired of hearing about "toast"


PS: Franchitti on Wind Tunnel.

and speaking of Ken


Now back to the topic of the class.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sophia - wondered where you were LOL ready for "coverage"?