Friday, October 24, 2008

Did You Watch Jerry Punch Host The Atlanta Rain Out?

The ESPN2 coverage of Sprint Cup qualifying has been rained out. The network has put Jerry Punch, Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree on-the-air from the Infield Pit Studio.

The result is that TV viewers finally get to see Punch working in the role that suits him best. He hosted the rain delay programming and did a great job.

What you do think? Did you watch this show?

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Newracefan said...

DVR is running guess I'll have to switch over. Thanks JD for the info

Daly Planet Editor said...


I live to serve!


PammH said...

I'm watching. Now I don't have to watch the pre-race Sunday. Flagman clip, Andy at Arkon, Jeff gordon piece-I've only seen the tire clip before.

Anonymous said...

This seems to fit DJP, he seems to be relaxed but not in a mono tone kind of way .I always said DJP was really good on NASCAR on ESPN only in it's first carnation. They should try a swap with AB, you got to figure he can't be all that happy, he is smart and knows racing, so he know's his place of expertise, the PxP is just not it. I'm an auto mechanic ,but I'm no autobody mechanic,everybody has their niche .ESPN let Dr. Jerry Punch have his with some pride and dignity .

Anonymous said...

And now it's over.

Anonymous said...

Man, are they going to wear out those Shifting Gears tapes or what? Every time something goes awry with Nascar, just shove the good old Shifting Gears into the playback machine.

Daly Planet Editor said...

The reason is because ESPN has the right to play back the Shiftin' Gears programs.

They do not have the rights to other shows like NASCAR Confidential or any other NASCAR Media Group program.

This should be a good lesson for them to build their rain delay inventory for next season.


Glenn said...

I switched over to see if they would be live. Watched for about a minute, then started watching what I missed today on Speed.
A minute was long enough since I had another choice.

majorshouse said...

I guess that really shows to those of us who have been commenting on this for so long that they desperately need to switch Jerry Punch and Allen Bestwick. He did a much better job with the little bit that I saw him working from the pit stuido.

Anonymous said...

Finally - newer viewers/fans of NASCAR get to see why us "Oldies"
have been telling espn to put Doc where he is best!
Doc was animated, engaged, never at a loss for words & animated. Viewers could see & hear he was enjoying what he was doing, he sounded at ease - actually he sounded like himself!

I hope the suits of espn saw the telecast & took notes.

Labbie said...

I watched a bit until I discovered that Classic was airing a Lute Olsen tribute featuring Arizona's 1997 run to the championship.

My brother was on that team. ;)

Anonymous said...

No, I did not watch.

BUT, JD continue the TV listings.

I.E. make it a permanent part of your site.

Thanks Much.

Daly Planet Editor said...


I have done lots of hoop as a TV crew member, Executive Producer and as an TV exec in conference meetings.

That guy is a class act.


Dot said...

I didn't get to watch any TV today as I had to work. It seems like when I have to work all day on Fridays qual is rained out. I would've liked to see JP in his realm. Thanks to all of you to keep me in the loop.

Good news everyone, I'm off next Friday (Nevada Day), so there will be no rain out for qual.

Labbie said...


There is no doubt about that, his place in College B-Ball history is set. One of the greats.

Jessica said...

I just watched my dvr of the rain-out. It makes me wonder if ESPN is purposefully setting Dr. Punch up for failure. It is so obvious where he belongs, why force him to do Pxp?

Karen said...

Went to the DVR to watch what I missed and enjoyed it very much. JP has got a great sense of humor and obviously is in his element doing interviews and in-studio stories. Too bad he's misused in his current position of PxP. The swapping of AB and JP would make racing on ESPN almost watchable.