Friday, November 14, 2008

Check The Podcast For Friday

The guys over at are talking TV and we were happy to chat. To catch the Friday (11-14-08) podcast just surf on over to and click on the LISTEN NOW link on the podcast section.

Buck and Bass are always ready to play and the Rowdy podcast is consistently in iTunes Top 100 Podcasts. That is no easy feat to achieve.

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Anonymous said...

I liked your views on everything except for the end. I disagree, I think we at least have 43 cars for Sprint Cup next year that might include people like Carl Long though.

Dot said...

JD, it seemed strange to hear your voice after reading it for so long. You should post your picture so we can put a face to it.

You made some good comments in explaining the contract between ESPN/ABC and NASCAR. Can they revise the contract? Or is it written in stone?

I have to agree with anon 1:21am. Cup will look like the NW series with the S&Ps. If you look at the stats for this year, about half of the 43 teams ran all of the races. Can the odd wads even afford the entry fees? Will NASCAR reduce some of those costs? NASCAR is going to have to do more than cut testing to make racing affordable for everyone.

Anonymous said...

OK now I got a voice to go with the words. Thanks for explaining the TV contract in such detail. I got it now (finally)

The no testing policy is a joke. They just can't test at the tracks they race at!?! How dumb - & knee jerk. Why not no weekday testing, open the track a day early. Only test where you race. That would have saved money. Now its just like before. Nothing will change, teams will still go to where ever to test.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 1:21AM,

So far it is not even close to 30. If you heard my comment, it was that there will not be 36 full-time teams.

There might be 50 cars that show up for Daytona, but when that race is over, the reality of the season will be revealed.

I certainly hope things sort themselves out during the winter.


Anonymous said...

Agree...great to have a voice now...and I agree with dot...where's that picture of you :)

@jajaye..agreed about the testing policy. I agree with that sentiment. They should allow them to stay a day or come in a day early and test while they're there.