Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hope You Are Having A Nice Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all and we hope the day goes smoothly where family and friends are concerned.

Below is the Thanksgiving menu at TDP for you to browse once the eating and football is done. Just click on the title to open the story and as always your comments are welcome.

Who was the best pre-race show host of 2008?

Your choice for best pit reporter this season?

Who was best in the booth when it comes to race analysis?

How about your favorite play-by-play announcer of the past ten months?

New: IRL chooses to use Brazilian ethanol in 2009 with an explanation.

How you are ultimately paying for these big ESPN sports TV contracts.

The TV cost-cutting talk has begun for the 2009 season with Fox and ESPN leading the way.

ESPN and GEM's Ray Evernham is making news for rumors of retirement.

TDP will return on Friday with the continuing "best of 2008" series and we greatly appreciate all the wonderful comments on these topics.


Lou said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your work on this blog.


Karen said...


You take it easy. You deserve the break. Eat lots of turkey and plop down on the recliner and take a nap while watching football.

This site has been a saving grace for me the past two years and I thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

TexasRaceLady said...

Have a wonderful, blessed holiday, JD.

Anonymous said...

From my family to you, a wish for a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for this wonderful place to go each day.


Lisa Hogan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to those with whom you are sharing this day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow posters.

Once again, JD, thank you for providing this sane zone! :)

Sophia said...

I echo Lisa and everybody's sentiments. Have a good holiday and enjoy the break, JD.


red said...

Hey gang! Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the wonderful moments that surround us in our life on a daily basis. Thanks to JD's incredibly hard work, TDP is one of my thankful moments. I've made some great e-acquaintances here and I look forward to my daily visit to this site. I laugh, I growl, I get frustrated and I get angry -- but I miss it when I can't join in the conversation.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Please keep the people in Mumbai and around the world in your thoughts and prayers today and going forward. We are a very blessed people, indeed!


Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks everyone, looks like this is going to be a very interesting off-season. Glad the holidays went well.


Dot said...

@ Red, Ditto.

Newracefan said...

Now that I can sit down a relax hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, have you started you Christmas shopping yet :)