Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NASCAR Not Good Enough For Primetime On SPEED

Finally, a brand new TV series from the professionals at The NASCAR Media Group is coming to SPEED in January. The title of the series is NASCAR 39/10 and it is a big chunk of programming that should be a blast for fans.

Consisting of ten shows each three hours in length, this series will review the 2008 Sprint Cup Series with lots of never-before-seen-footage and interviews. Just what NASCAR fans want after a long holiday break.

“January is all about getting jacked up for Daytona,” said SPEED President Hunter Nickell. “We’re going to give race fans a chance to relive their favorite moments from 2008 in a unique way, while at the same time, setting the stage for the new season."

What Nickell did not tell fans is that they may have to take a very long lunch break to see any of the thirty hours of NASCAR 39/10.

The shows air from noon to 3PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting January 7th. Say it with me, noon to 3PM.

SPEED has decided to keep the "reality lifestyle" programs like PINKS, Living the Low Life and Wrecked in primetime. NASCAR apparently does not make the grade.

Looking at the SPEED TV schedule on the network's website, there does not appear to be a re-air of NASCAR 39/10 currently scheduled. Perhaps, that might change before next week.

This situation once again forces fans to get their hands on a DVR, VCR or TiVo in order to record and then watch the NASCAR-themed programs on SPEED. Thirty hours of brand-new quality shows from NMG that sum-up the entire 2008 series should be a great way to start the new year. If you can see them, that is.

It seems strange that SPEED chose to bury this entire program series in an afternoon timeslot. The NASCAR Media Group only had six episodes of NASCAR Confidential on SPEED during the entire 2008 season. This type of glossy and high-end programming has been missing from SPEED for years.

With shows like Trackside, The SPEED Report and Daytona specials set to begin later in January, it certainly would have been nice to see a new NASCAR TV series be given one airing in primetime.

Given the current issues affecting NASCAR and the fact that SPEED is currently one of NASCAR's key TV partners, watching thirty hours of quality NASCAR TV air up-against the local news at noon and the soap opera block is more than just a little painful.

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Newracefan said...

Thank goodness for the DVR. This is crazy, maybe they will repeat when we would have been getting to see Daytona practice or something.

PammH said...

Geez, JD-isn't it obvious??? The suits at Speed figure all us Nascar fans are either on welfare or don't have jobs, so we can watch in the afternoon. Just more dissin' of the race fan, imo. I will tape it of course, but it bugs me to no end that NEW footage is being showed in the middle of the friggin' day!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for anything Nascar about this time, but really?? 12 to 3 on wk-end days??

Anonymous said...

What a shame :(. I'll be home "watching" will have to wait until finish working to actually listen. But I don't get why they're "hiding" this show.

At least I'll have something to do when I'm bored in the evenings but how much nicer would it be to air when people are HOME. Mr. Nickell needs to think about it.

I so miss the SPEED of old. I could put it on and find something to watch even things I didn't know about. That's how I got into the Rally races. They had a theme for each day.

I miss Mr. L he was so willing to listen to us and know what we wanted and was putting a lot of our ideas into place on NA$CAR Nation before he was relieved of his duties :(

Anonymous said...

who watches PINKS, the tow truck show, ect... anyway?
putting new racing programing on durring the week would have me watching speed. I have found myself watching the auto themed shows on discovery HD and not speed so far this winter. a three hour NASCAR show on in the afternoon will save the time of having to watch the stupid ads as I will have to DVR it if I want to watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't think SPEED has ever wanted to be a "NASCAR" network. They are committed to a certain type of programming and it is what it is.

Thank goodness for DVRs. I think the glass is half-full.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of pinks, wrecked and everything else.

I love SPEED TV but they are making a huge marketing mistake here. If their executives would just browse the internet and blogs they would see that NASCAR fans and general racing fans are craving something like this.

They could sweep the prime time slot if they would just open their eyes. Ok, maybe not sweep...but you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

What a load of you-know-what!

SPEED should, based on its name alone, be programming this stuff in prime time.

But maybe their contracs for Program-Length Commercials like Unique Whips won't allow it.

That's the only reason I can fathom why SPEED would do this to loyal NASCAR fans.

Anonymous said...

...On the other hand, listen up, advertisers:

We're going to be forced to record these shows. Know that that means? We're going to skip all your paid commercials when we play back the shows in the evening after work.

Now go tell SPEED you don't want your money wasted that way.

Anonymous said...

Racing News Digest- I would agree with your comments, except that it presumes certain programming types can read, of which I am yet to be convinced.

At the same time, beginning 1/2 or maybe its 1/4 VERSUS is going to be carrying a daily update on the Dakar Rally.

Dot said...

@ Anon 10:47, good point. I'll DVR the show and FF thru the commls as I always do when something is on "tape".

What next? TWIN backasswards again? Just when I thought we had a chance with SPEED. JD, your comments are going to be busy. You were right when you said not to put our typing fingers away in the off season.

This Nickell guy is worth about 2 cents. Is he related to the Emperor? Must've gone to the same CEO/President school.

I might be having a blonde moment, but why is it called NASCAR 39/10? I get the 10 part (hrs).

bevo said...

Just to echo some other comments - how stupid are they at Speed? Real bright to schedule this in the afternoon when nobody is watching and force your audience to Tivo it thereby skipping the ads.

I sure hope those advertisers see this post and realize that they have just wasted a lot of money on nothing. Maybe then the suits at Speed will be shown the door and some intelligent people brought in who realize who their audience is.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction when I read the time slot for this programming was that I MUST have misread it. Then I remembered this is Nascar, and realized that it had to be true. Of course, this means they won't have to go up against the resumption of new episodes of the usual network fare, so I suppose there might be a twisted logic in this. What a shame they couldn't have planned showing this during the holiday, when many fans had time off to celebrate with family. But, as was pointed out, when I tape it, I can easily FF thru all the commercials that are sure to be part of it. It will be the first time I have watched Speed since race season ended.

Anonymous said...

It will be the first time I have watched Speed since race season ended.

Good point.

Me, too. Which is funny, because I watched a lot of it during the season, but once it was over, I didn't even notice how I'd stopped even checking on what SPEED has on.

The "thrill" of towing cars doesn't get me to watch, nor does seeing people customize cars for celebrities, and I just don't care about "Pinks" anymore.

Tracy D said...

Richard, when is the Dakar going to be on Versus? My new Fios connection carries that channel. I'll be watching, you can bet. As someone else said, I'm catching the Discovery HD racing stuff when I can.

I haven't tuned into Speed since the end of the season. No kidding. Once, I couldn't wait for 24/7, Behind the Wheel, etc. And CMT carried The Ride of Their Lives. Sheesh.

Speed just doesn't want the Nascar fan, I guess. How sad, since we're pretty much a loyal group of viewers.

Anonymous said...

SPEED is another example of a good idea being tinkered with until it fades. They lost me when they cancelled "Lost Drive-In" without ever showing "Thunder In Carolina."

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll be missing too much. If I understand correctly, they are three hour shows of LAST years'highlights. That means over thirty hours of Jimmie Johnson. No thanks, I think I have some paint drying to watch.

rich said...

UNBELIEVABLE but thanks JD for the heads up on the showing. I would have missed it since I don't watch the reality programming. You know, it is really strange that the one channel which is devoted to cars has nothing on worth watching now.

Geeze said...

Dot said...

I might be having a blonde moment, but why is it called NASCAR 39/10? I get the 10 part (hrs)."


Sorry for the caps.

Rockin Rich said...

I have also been wondering ever since I first saw the title, even before this article was posted.

What does 39/10 stand for?


Anonymous said...

SPEED is going downhill just as fast as NASCAR itself and it's a very steep hill!!!

How did you guess SPEED's new name?

"The Reality Lifestyle Channel"

Steve L. said...

At this point in the off-season, I'd watch Lawnmower Racin' if it was on! I'm sure a bunch of people would.

Speed is really missing the boat on this. There's so many forms of racing out there that could be filmed, edited, and shown during the off NASCAR season to bring in viewers.

And showing this new show at the time chosen, why wasn't it to air on the weekends? Saturday or Sunday evening would have been a better time slot IMO.

We're real race fans, we'll watch most anything racin'. Heck, right now I'd watch marbles racing down a plank if they'd show it! But Pinks, Wrecked, and that other crap, not for me. I, too, have not looked at Speed since seasons end.

Anonymous said...

It isn't called SPEED for racing, it's for how fast they change their programing.

Ziggy said...

Been thinkin about the commercials... probably be Infomericals anyway. Who else would want to spend their limited $ on a NASCAR related program during the "off season" in the middle of a weekday afternoon afternoon ???

Anonymous said...

It sayd that there are 10 shows of 3 hours each. That makes a total of 30 hours of the 2008 season. I watched every race and didn't see 30 hours of good racing the entire season. I don't think I can sit through 30 hours of infomercials from NA$CAR.

Anonymous said...

Remember TNN about fifteen years ago? Races broadcast every night. Stock cars, ARCA, dirt late models, modifieds, Hooters Pro Cup, etc. That was when they were the NASHVILLE network, not SpikeTV.
Speed should be just that, SPEED. I sense a pay tier channel coming soon, much like what MTV did with their music videos. MTV is all reality, all the time, and you have to purchase a higher tier to get music videos.
Me thinks the execs at SPEED are going to do just that.

Tom said...

I'll tell you what, I am NOT going to DVR it! I could, but until those suits get some programming sense, all bets are off. I am speaking as a complete race fan, not just NASCAR. I have noticed I don't even regularly check SPEED when I am putting my weeks programs together. Not worth it! Had enough manufactured drama! Show us some REAL drama! On the track! During the weeknights!

Inverness, FL

Anonymous said...

Tracy- According to Race Fan TV, linked above, Versus beins daily highlights of the Dakar Sunday 1/4.

boyd said...

At least I have DVR. I've already invited some of our friends over to watch this that don't have one.

Just shows that the importance of NASCAR hasn't really changed that much since we had to catch snippets on the Wide World of Sports.

Anonymous said...

WOW guess that gives me an excuse to save $20 and cancel SPEED

Anonymous said...

JD, is there any way to find out what the ratings are for the silly Pinks, Unique Whips, and the tow truck show? Are they that great? The powers-that-be at Speed must have the collective IQ of a gnat or else they would have put a racing-related show on in primetime. Who does Speed think they are, NBC, losing five hours of primetime programming to show Jay Leno at 10pm? Sheesh !!!

Anonymous said...

When is the Speed Channel going to get it? How will anyone be able to see this program? I live on the west coast and will never be home at that time. They need to repeat this new show in the evenings. Most of us Nascar fans are busy trying to make money so they can go to a race in person this year!!!

Dot said...

@ Geez, thanks. I'm blonde, not deaf, lol.

@ Steve L, I so agree with you. For added excitement, they should leave the blades in the mowers.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, who in the hell watches "pinks" and "livin' the low life"? No nascar fan that I know does. SPEED needs to get it together.

Anonymous said...

30 hrs. of what?? rain--green_white_checker--"idiot speak by kenny/jimmy??"---give me reruns of despain---how about "live" (or tapes of) : icebowl(talladega)> snowball derby(pensc.)> daytona short tracks(speedweeks)> etc. ----------bean counters at SPEED like "pinks" and all that other crap cause it's cheap to produce/rerun!! i already pay tier charge now.-------their pre-race show is "hee-haw - yuk-yuk crap"--post-race same!! stinky!! ----------- espn for me next year.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that rerunning Wind Tunnel or F1 Review shows, or composites thereof, would be just as cheap, or cheaper, and much better for viewers and, in the long run, for SPEED.

Rockin Rich said...

Re — 39/10: Yeah, JD, I'm not deaf either! Hope our asking wasn't annoying.

I suppose that we could have gone to the Speed website, (which I assume is where your reply came from), but that site is such a pain to navigate that I almost never go there.

Maybe if they had titled it 38/10 the synapses would have made a connection. I guess they are counting the two Dual, (Duel?), 175's as one race. Almost all references I see to Cup racing list 36 points, and two non-points races.

Oh well, now that we have calmed that super important tempest in a teacup, we can move on to other pressing issues. I expect that TDP is going to be a very busy place as all the "crazy behind the scenes" issues you referenced in your MLB piece come to light.

Happy New Year to you, and all the readers/contributors of TDP! Even the troll kiddies! Who knows, maybe some of the responses from your regular readers that they see to their ranting will sink in on one or two of them??

Anonymous said...

HBO doesn't show movies, MTV doesn't do music, why should SPEED do racing. Just another fine job from the people at FOX! THANKS FOX!

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who say that there should be some kind of NASCAR show in prime time, whether it's a re-air of this show, a magazine show, or something else.

However, it's apparent that Speed wants to go in the proverbial "different direction."

This watering down of programming is true all over the dial. MTV rarely airs videos. TV Land airs newer shows and reality games at the expense of the 1950s and '60s. G4 now has stunt shows instead of tech-support tutorials. AMC (American Movie Classics) now has original shows like Mad Men in addition to films. And I'm sure I have left out other examples.

So I guess we have to accept this afternoon time slot and move on.[sigh]

Anonymous said...

Just for the record "Lost Drive In" DID run "Thunder In Carolina"... and I recorded the finest restored copy of it I've ever seen... that was 2001 and it's STILL not available on DVD... only version available looks all washed out and skanky....
Speed Vision was much better than Speed is now....

Kenn Fong said...


How much does Speed make on the upteenth rerun of the reality programming they produced in-house? Would they deliberately choose to make less money by burying a more lucrative "NASCAR 39/10"?

I know you understand this, but perhaps it's time to remind some of your other readers:

It's called "Show Business." Not "Let's Show How Much We Disrespect NASCAR Fans."

They're not sitting around in offices holding pools guessing the number of angry comments will be posted in TDP in the first 24 hours.

Or are they?

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Anonymous said...

You have it listed as starting on Jan. 7th from noon to 3 pm. I'm not finding it on my listings at all for speed... have they changed the day that it will air?

Anonymous said...

How do you get 39/10. What do the numbers stand for? If 39 is the number of races, which races are they adding to the point races? Thanks for clarifying!