Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Johnny TV" Takes A Preseason Swing At "The Daly Planet"

It seems tempers are getting a little tight after only the second week of NASCAR TV coverage on SPEED. The disaster that has been the two weeks of Preseason Thunder and the single week of Trackside seems to have gotten the host of one of those series a bit upset.

The lack of any hard news TV reporting by SPEED on NASCAR issues during this critical time has been beyond puzzling. While Randy Pemberton and Jeff Hammond have tried briefly to address some real issues, most of the TV time has been spent on the normal preseason "fluff" as if nothing was going on behind the scenes.

The only exception to this was a miscue by SPEED that allowed candid Trackside comments made off-camera by Darrell Waltrip to be aired one time. That tape was quickly edited for the re-air and the original content was wiped off YouTube in a day. This (click here) is the TDP column on that incident.

Meanwhile, fans read that ten trucks (click here) might make the trip to California. Brian France boasted that fifteen new teams (click here) have brought COT cars to the R&D Center for approval, but The NASCAR Insiders say most of those teams are "one and done" efforts for Daytona only.

That same day, France announced (click here) a company-wide hiring freeze for NASCAR and all the companies it owns and operates. It also suspended financial bonuses for the top executives. Somehow, all of this never got mentioned on Preseason Thunder.

Friday, unveiled a new column by John Roberts that took a nice big swing at those who dare to question the integrity of some NASCAR TV announcers. Well, apparently that would be the Internet site that you are reading right now. Why Roberts has made the transformation from TV host to columnist is a completely different issue.

Here is part of what he had to say:

Many bloggers have opined that guys like Ray Evernham, Brad Daugherty, Jeff Hammond and others are somehow biased announcers because of their ownership role but I couldn't disagree more. In fact, these professionals at times have gone out of their way to be unbiased. Naturally, there are times when they cannot discuss certain aspects of their businesses on the air and for that, they owe us no explanation.

Ray Evernham has a small interest in a race team, yet you can’t assign a value to his knowledge and experience. He revolutionized the crew chief position, won three championships and brought an entire manufacturer back into the sport, yet people say he’s biased or owes us some information he’s purportedly withholding. Come on, you’re not watching the same race we are.

What Roberts does in rather spectacular fashion is miss the point entirely. It is disclosure that fans want to keep the playing field level.

Veteran TV announcer Marty Reid stepped-in to anchor a single episode of NASCAR Now last season and before he asked ESPN studio analyst Boris Said the first question, he made sure TV viewers knew of Said's relationship with Jack Roush and that Said actually co-owned a Sprint Cup team. What Reid did was disclose the potential conflict before asking for an answer.

One of Robert's key points is that Ray Evernham is not to be questioned about his ownership role or the integrity of his comments as an ESPN analyst. As TDP has said many times, there is no doubt Evernham's history is amazing and his TV abilities are solid. But, writers like Jay Busbee (click here) have called the situation "ethically awkward" for a good reason.

ESPN avoided asking Evernham about issues connected with his Sprint Cup teams on-the-air. This was a decision made in advance and the network stuck to that all season long in 2008. What TDP has objected to is when current team owners get a free pass because of their TV role despite something happening in the sport that is directly connected to them.

This situation has also happened with Michael Waltrip and the old Inside NEXTEL Cup on SPEED. Now, the new host of the replacement program titled This Week in NASCAR is Steve Byrnes and he goes right after Waltrip when there is an issue with MWR.

Byrnes puts Waltrip right on the spot just like Reid did with Boris Said on NASCAR Now. There is a big difference between dealing honestly with NASCAR news issues and trying to hide them from the fans.

It seems ironic that Roberts would pick this weekend to raise the conflict of interest issue after what has to be two weeks of the most disappointing NASCAR TV coverage in years.

SPEED is alone on-the-air for one more week with Preseason Thunder before ESPN returns with the team of Mike Massaro, Nicole Manske, Allen Bestwick and Marty Smith to begin the daily NASCAR Now TV series.

With times tough and tempers tight, it is going to be interesting to watch how the TV analysts navigate through a sport in crisis. Evernham, Daugherty, Hammond, Rusty Wallace, Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip will all return in 2009 as both TV announcers and NASCAR owners.

To read the entire column by SPEED's John Roberts, just click here.

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Anonymous said...

ouch...apparently we've touched a nerve, lol. I've said before (and JD's comparison to the Said interview is the perfect example) that whenever our local cable news does a story on Time-Warner, they *always* say 'TW is the parent company, etc.' Ditto for our ABC affiliate which belongs to Clear Channel. They always make a point of referencing the relationship to keep it honest.

I don't think it's asking too much to expect that sort of journalism to be done. Roberts doesn't mention that the same claims of bias have been made about the NFL broadcasters (including this year's tiff between Esiason & Aikman.) There was controversy years ago when Bob Griese covered a college game his son played in. It's not just the 'World Wide Web' that questions these relationships. Most of us (with some exceptions) are not suggesting we don't want these analysts on the air (in terms of this issue.) We just need to keep the disclosure clear. They are always claiming there are new fans; if that is the case, then they wouldn't be aware of all these relationships. You can't give someone a pass on an issue because they have a conflict; you at least have to allow them to say 'I can't talk about that.' I don't think the idea is unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

glenc1 said it perfectly. All it would take is some sort of on air acknowlegement of the connections, just so everyone is aware of it. Not so difficult, is it? And not every announcer shows bias toward a team/driver that they have a connection to. It took me a long time to realize that when Ned Jarret was talking about Dale Jarret it was his son. That's showing no bias. I have to admit, though, that the thought that those of us who post here at TDP have managed to ruffle some feathers with the TV media makes me smile. I find I rather enjoy the feeling of a little 'payback'. Now they know how fans feel when they feed us so much garbage and expect US to sit there and smile.

Anonymous said...

JD - Did you notice the rough start for FOX pit reporters at the 24 Hours of Daytona? In the first couple of segments, Jimmie Johnson corrected a reporter who said there are 36 races in the NASCAR season (Johnson said 38), and Danica Patrick snapped at a reporter who referred to "quarter panels" on her car, stating impatiently (almost rolling her eyes) that they don't have quarter panels.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Maybe it's something in the water, but this racing on TV season has just been rough.


3bud said...

Yeah JD and it's only just begun. Wait until the low car/truck counts start, like the second race in California. Let the white washing begin! Well at least we have some racing today.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Phil Parsons can help fill the fields for those truck races he announces? Now that wouldn't be at all awkward . . .

Dot said...

@ glenc1, Ditto.

Anonymous said...

Johnny (and SPEED in general):

Despite your happy-smiley effort to bury the reality of the 2009 season in NASCAR, you no longer control all the information, so we know the situation.

Telling us we're wrong doesn't help. It only makes you look desperate.

And if you honestly don't know why using active owners as analysts is such an ehtical minefield, you might ask yourself why NFL, NBA, and MLB don't do that.

If an owner can't be honest about the landscape, what possible reason do we have to trust him?

Of course, the same questiuon could be asked about you, Johnnny TV.

Nan S said...

JD, I'm just going to repost my comment that was on the other thread that addressed this column.

"John Robert's article at seems to be based entirely on reading your website. He disagrees with those of us who do not like the conflict of interest created by having current team owners as analysts. He thinks they don't owe any explanation for issues when they have a conflict or inside info. He seems to feel that they don't even have a duty to viewers to say, "I can't talk about this issue, due to conflict of interest, or legal constraints." Instead he seems to support just ignoring items that come up, like the whole Sadler issue. He seems to ignore the point that someone with a financial interest in a team, might want to present them in the best light.

Anyway JD, we can see that this site is read and reacted to by people connected with the sport."

Daly Planet Editor said...


JR and I have exchanged email on different topics over the past two years and he is very passionate about the NASCAR TV coverage on SPEED.

I do respect his views and certainly he is perhaps the hardest-working announcer of all four NASCAR TV partners.

We all get to express our opinions in this country, and the different viewpoints are certainly always interesting to read.



Anonymous said...

JD- I am fascinated that JR addressed the issue. Except for the notorious ABC switch, I do not recall any of the mainstream, especially newspaper, media ever writing anything at all about their being any criticism of SPEED or EESPN. David Poole did a puff piece on the new SPEED studio without any mention of SPEED's abandonment of anything to do with racing for about 2 months. I find it refreshing that JR acknowledged that criticism exists and responded to it, even though I don't agree with everything he said.

I do believe there needs to be more disclosure of potential conflicts of commentators, but it is not limited to just NASCAR - EESPN never discloses that some of its commentators might have potential conflicts because they might be candidates for positions in the sports about which they are commenting, especially NFL.

If the commentator is knowledgeable (like Ray E), I have no problem with his being involved in the sport and being a commentator - but if he is going to do both, then he should expect to be asked about matters he is involved in just the same as if he were asked the question in the garage. If he cannot answer for some reason then he should say so - the subject should not be avoided just because the commentator is involved.

Newracefan said...

I read the article earlier today and knew he was talking about us. I'm glad to hear his view mainly because it means he's reading what we are saying. I guess because I KNOW the announcers etc. have relationships with team/sponsors/drivers I take that into consideration when I listen to their comments I suppose it should be admitted up front in some way for those that don't know. It doesn't bother me and I for one don't think those announcers show a bias; for the most part anyway so I agree with him there. I would perfer that instead if a off limits like there seemed to be with regards to Ray some sort of comment/statement even within the flow of conversation that he can't/doesn't want to comment on a situation. I'm Ok with that. I am having a little trouble with the "it's all good" going on right now but I don't want "everything sucks" either perhaps we can have both please. Swing away Johnny but keep reading and we'll keep watching.

Tracy D said...

Hey JR, we love ya. Just tell the makeup idiots to leave you alone, deep six the fluff, and man up with the questions. Your guests might actually answer them, and you'd be our hero.

We all know you work harder than most people on TV. You can give 'em heck and still retain your popularity, at least with me.

3bud said...

JR, I think you are one of the best at what you do, my only real issue is we are race fans and just would like to here what is actually going on with the 3 series. Sure there is definitely a place for the " Life style stories" but I just think that there should be a place for the actual news that effects the sport. Most of NASCAR fans dedicate a lot of time following the sport, and just don't want to do so blind. At the least, a mention of the possible problems the economy could be bringing to the Camping World Truck Series. SPEED broadcasts the races, and it happens to the best racing today IMO. When I think of NASCAR TV during the season in General I think SPEED,at least 4 days a week anyway. Just as you can get the world news on the Internet, you can get NASCAR news too. But when the news is of a certain magnitude you tune into the people you trust and hope will give you the straight story.

Vicky D said...

I don't know how John Roberts has enough time to write a column with all his on-air races/shows he is doing. And maybe he needs to practice the Presidential oath of office instead of worrying about Nascar website columns that have issues with fluff and not enough info on real issues. Oh he's not THAT John Roberts????

Unknown said...

I agree completely with Tracy.

I believe that JR has incredible passion for NASCAR and SPEEDTV. What we need now is some frank discussion on the state of our sport. Why are there so many posts about this issue? Because we too have passion for our sport - and are searching desperately for some true TV journalism of the current NASCAR situation.

JR: If you read this post, I want you to know that we have nothing but respect for you and the way you have dedicated yourself to NASCAR and the outstanding coverage you have helped SPEEDTV bring us every week. But lately, things have been tough around NASCAR and it seems that the frank discussions on the state of NASCAR are everywhere BUT television.

SPEED's coverage of NASCAR these past few years has been top-notch. We know that it is tough to bite the hand that feeds you, but now is when we need to ask the tough questions. We need to see the tough realities that are before us in NASCAR. Providing NASCAR fans with the "everything is wine and roses" approach diminishes the credibility of SPEEDTV and tarnishes the exemplary record you hold.

Come on, man - help us out. We really need to see the JR we all know and respect.

Cheers, AFMSgt

E-Ticket said...

JD thanks for staying with us and doing this I know last year at this time you where questioning doing this.

I don't think they are ever completely honest or unbiased. They never really acknowledge either. Does anything know that Jeff Hammond is part owner of a truck team?? I honestly didn't know till a few weeks ago he was.

That is proof right there. They act like Journalists but are on TV and can't tell the truth because of their friends..

Anonymous said...

I knew the people at Speed were reading your blog based on the changes they have made. I give them credit for changing things. What I don't give them credit for is blatantly ignoring that the guys with the answers are sitting at the table. If they come to the table, they are there for their insider knowledge. I guess we are all suppose to pretend that they don't know what's going on with their respective teams. Gives a whole new meaning to figure head!

Johnny TV, I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Speed has become like the rest of the TV and Print Media. Reporting only what they want you to know. My response to this is the same. I do not seek news from the Television any longer.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like John Roberts' column reads any differently than many of the comments in your comment section. I think many of your readers have made the same points - and they are valid.

kang said...

Seems to me the bottom line on Speeds Nascar coverage could be answered by J. Roberts.Does he consider himself to be a journalist? If not what is he? If yes,does he have editorial control of the shows he hosts? If not has Speed or Nascar censored what stories he can cover? Perhaps he will address this in his next blog report.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

anon 12:41am...I think we all know JD has his own perspective...that's why it is a blog...

We don't all defend him; and many occasionally disagree. But it's not about making JR look bad. He's one of the better ones; some of us just don't agree with his opinion on this particular issue. It's not brain surgery.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the talking heads at SPEED can only say what they're allowed to say. And they aren't going to throw anybody under the bus especially since these are the same people/drivers/owners that they have to work with on TV weekly. It would be fun for us to sit at home and watch but it isn't going to happen. Nothing negative will ever be said about NA$CAR on SPEED. Even if the negative things are true. Everything has to be PC to keep all the babies happy. I don't like it but I can see why they do it.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 12:41AM,

I would be happy to send you a bio link if you would drop me an email at when you have a moment.



Anonymous said...

This topic continues to puzzle me. Any half serious Nascar fan knows Evernham's history and current linkage to the sport. Making some big statement prior to asking a question seems a bit over the top. I just watched the Steelers Playoff game. At halftime,Bill Cowher was one of the analysts discussing the first half. I don't recall a bunch of pre-qualifiers stated before the discussion started. I'm no big fan of Roberts,but I'm not anywhere near upset about it as TDP is.

Daly Planet Editor said...

How does it puzzle you? Trying to compare coaches who are no longer coaching to active owners in a professional sport makes no sense at all.

Disclosing ownership before answering questions about teams in which you may or may not have a substantial (multi-million dollar) interest is easy to do.

Cowher gets paid to coach, he was never an owner of the Steelers and is not currently an NFL team owner.


rich said...

First to JR, we have always thought that you are the "best" but we have a different opinion on this than you. Are you a journalist or a shill? Ask the hard questions and we are big enough to take them, good or bad.
Now to the Ray E problem. I work at a daily newspaper owned by a family which also own TV stations, shopping malls etc. Anytime in the paper that they discuss one of their other holdings it is always disclosed in the article. Simply good journalism.

bevo said...

Ten years ago I could understand a media personality not understanding what a blog was but it amazes me that it happens today. TDP is simply the views of one person concerning the coverage of and about NASCAR. All of the rest of us just chirp in whether we agree, disagree or offer another take on the issue raised. No media personality is forced at gun point to read it.

It has been my experience over the years that the people who can listen to criticism and learn from it are the ones who succeed in their profession and earn respect. The insecure ones are surrounded by yes men and every word and action must be praised.

People in the media until now only had to concern themselves with a few media critics in newspapers. The consumer was expected to shut up and accept the product. The days of "we know more about what you want than you do" are over. Newspapers are folding, magazines are disappearing because of that attitude. A wise man would take that into consideration and learn from it.

Anonymous said...

West Coast Diane said:

Bevo at 11:24. Well said! My sentiments, exactly.

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog post I will no longer be visiting. This blog was for TV news and to talk about how to improve. All it has turned into is a site to bash NASCAR personalities and have the same people comment over and over and praise JD. When you go back to your old format give me a call, I liked it better.

I would also like to point out there was no intervews with NASCAR personalities on this site like there was last season because most in the business have learned to shy away from this blog for various reasons that most readers fail to realize.

Daly Planet Editor said...


What the heck are you talking about? Is it conspiracy Sunday?

I chose not to do the on-air talent interviews this winter because there was so much going on with the news in the sport.

The ownership conflict issue has been batted around for the two years of the new TV contract by all different kinds of writers.

Are you sure that you are not upset that the real DW was accidentally shown and the true nature of the "acting" that the announcers do was exposed to all the public? That shocked even me.

How can the very same guy who is worried that California is going to be a "ghost town" spend his on-air time yukking it up about Jeff Gordon's go-kart racing and Jimmie Johnson's beard?

This upcoming tough season and the extraordinary economic pressures the sport is feeling need the NASCAR on-air personalities to honestly help the fans honestly understand what is really going on.

The information on websites like Jayksi and scenedaily does not match the fluff on SPEED.

As one reader commented, how hard is it to be honest and then let the fans sort it out?

BTW - Nice job in Irwindale.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to point out there was no intervews with NASCAR personalities on this site like there was last season because most in the business have learned to shy away from this blog for various reasons that most readers fail to realize.

I don't buy this for a second.

IF drivers avoided thise site, which JD said they didn't, I imagine it is because they know JD would ask real questions, not fluff about their hair, pets, or wives.

Anonymous said...

When you go back to your old format give me a call, I liked it better.

A lot of us would like to say this to NASCAR!

Anonymous said...

This is NASCAR folks. "Full Disclosure" is not a foreign's simply NOT ALLOWED. Any person who desires media access and credentials has to play by NASCAR rules or do their reporting from outside the track. Funny story...I "media personality" friend of mine took offense when I referred them the "reporters" of the business and bunch of "pukes." When he pushed me to either explain or apologize, I told him that they simply regurgitate press releases. I then apologized for offending him...there's no "true reporting" and certainly no "investigative reporting" being done by these folks. It's all fluff. But it's either "fluff" or go find another sport to cover...NASCAR RULES!!

GinaV24 said...

Well, how nice of John Roberts to be offended that the fans might object to not getting real information. Too bad. Keep up the good work, JD. I'd rather have the facts than be fed this pablum that NASCAR and its media hacks think I want.

Dear John Roberts: Take note: Not all NASCAR fans are stupid.

Anonymous said...

AHHH. They did it on the Grand Am race today...showed the winner cross the finish line and then jerk the camera away and ignore the rest of the field...

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sorry to hear Mr. Joy is upset :( (my guess based on the user name and JDs Irwnindale comment b/c the user name is part of his email addy).

I hate to see Mr. Joy or any other personalities upset. JD and us posters are just saying what we're thinking. We've had no TV for what 6 weeks and reading on various sites about lawsuits, teams merging/dissolving, drivers being released, etc. and TV acting like nothing happened in the last 6 weeks.

We don't want sugar coating and talk about potty training and beard growth. There is a time and a place for that. We want to understand what all the "rumors" are going to mean when we tune in on the 12th for the Duels and then the Daytona races for all the Series on the weekend. Is Daytona going to be a "fake" view of the season? Meaning are the teams that show up going to attempt the full season or are they there for the money and seeing what they can do after that?

I think that JD and the fans are being real when TV isn't being. When TV starts to address reality and get rid of the sugar coating, then we'll have other things to talk about. Sometimes it does come a bit harsh, but I think that we'd being doing a disservice considering TPTB actually read this blog to not do so. That they know we're not happy with the product that's being produced. That people are not tuning in because short of an accidental 3 minute airing the truth isn't being aired. That TV is acting like all is OK and the fans aren't happy.

I hope that Mr. Joy comes back and understands where the fans are coming from.

I also hope that Mr. Roberts understands our frustration. We do love and appreciate the work y'all are doing and that we do have something to watch, but we are starving for real news. We want to know and understand how the changes will affect TV and we want to know how those who are presenting it is tied into it all. Even with Evernham it was so he still an owner, does he have any say, etc.

Anonymous said...

JD- In fact I do believe CBS & Bill Cowher demonstrate how "insiders" should be dealt with. Either the Sunday of the Conf. championships or the preceding Sunday Cowher was asked on the air about the stories about his interest in the Browns & Jets jobs and he responded on the air. Subject raised & dealt with.

At the same time, puff pieces are not limited to SPEED. The estimable Lee Spencer very recently went to Montreal to interview Geo. Gillett and her article thereon contained nothing about Elliott S. or PE - and my recollection is that this was before the merger announcement. If those subjects were out-of-bounds as a condition of the interview, that should have been disclosed.

Anyone that thinks NASCAR limits what the non-TV media writes about NASCAR must not read what I do. Lee Spencer and Mike Mulhern, in particular, have distinct anti-NASCAR bias and have accused it of almost every ill known to mankind.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought it interesting that JR, who works for Speed and Fox, would defend the analysts for another network. It must be an issue he has had time to think through thoroughly and has developed some firm opinions about. One might want to note those he has to ride herd on and keep in some semblance of intelligent order. I will not 2nd guess what JR says. He has hard earned experience to draw on for his own point of view that I cannot claim.
As for his becoming a columnist...all of the tv analysts and reporters for SPEED regularly do columns for, even Jimmy Spencer.

Anonymous said...

I second guess everyone--just part of my habit. It's not that I don't value people's experience & knowledge, but I'm never going to agree with everyone on everything...and yes, I do consciously wonder what each person's motive/point of view is, regardless of what network they're on (also, regardless of the sport.) Anyone remember the Salt Lake Olys frenzy? There was no question in my mind that it was largely fed by TWO North Americans who overreacted because of their own bias and misled people. It happens; people are human.

Even beyond sports, there have been controversies where we discovered that 'news' stories were actually produced 'inside' and were essentially good free publicity for politicians. If networks just make it clear where everyone stands in terms of ownership/involvement, then we can value comments in our own way. Richard's comparison to Cowher is a good one; I saw that as well...easily done.

But I also agree that expecting people to be up front all the time (ie, DW) when they could get fired for it is tough...people *have* been fired for it. Twooo knows that well. NASCAR fears the honesty in a way I've never understood. You can listen to the NFL guys ragging on players, owners, officials, coaches...and it's no big deal. Make a slight criticism of NASCAR and you get a phone call from Daytona. I just feel like NASCAR is much more at fault than the analysts.

Anonymous said...

Twooo said ...
" Give Me a Call"?????
If you can't "agree to disagree" in a blog/forum format,then please, stay home and sit by the phone...cuz it ain't gonna ring.
While I tend to think that JD over dramatizes from time to time, in this case he is onto a basic tenet of journalism that ethically mandates certain disclosures on the part of those diseminating so-called "neutral" viewpoints.

Ray Evernham is on tv because of his history in the sport. The fact that he still particiaptes as an owner demands that he either:
recuse himself from talking about any issues related to ownership, or; tell what he knows about whats going on in the sport.
We can get propaganda plenty of places, we don't need it disguised as "analysis"
Grow up TWO00-and stop believing your press releases and company hype

Sophia said...
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Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up about the Rolex 24 and the Toyota All-Star Shootout.



red said...

i continue to be puzzled by this whole subject. it just seems to make sense to make clear to viewers that a commentator has a vested interest in the topic being discussed. it's not an accusation against the commentator: it's simply a matter of journalistic ethics. i don't understand why the media partners are responding in a defensive manner.

i'm not advocating that these men shouldn't have a continuing role in the broadcasts of the sport: i think john roberts is dead-on in his comments about the difference between former stick 'n ball athletes and nascar drivers and owners in the broadcast booth. and i think evernham's insights are valuable and important: i truly appreciate hearing from such an incredible nascar talent on a weekly basis.

i'm not saying that evernham and dw and brad d and the rest can't be objective, can't provide us with great insight and knowledge and should be silent. but i do expect that, if one is going to sit in a broadcast booth, covering a sport in which one still has a FINANCIAL interest beyond the broadcast booth, than someone in that booth has the responsibility to make clear that there is an ownership aspect involved. just that, no more.

as for the discussion in re: the "state of nascar": here's my frustration. i feel as if some in the nascar media -- and everyone in nascar itself -- are working too hard to convince me that everything's just fine, that i shouldn't worry and that i should just be ok with fluff pieces and a lack of serious, honest analysis. to me, it all feels rather paternalistic and is a bare step above a pat on the head and a "let us handle this. you just trust us: it's all fine."

not only is that nonsense, it's insulting. and so i've turned it all off and won't be watching until the actual racing starts. my fellow fans in the area are still planning our yearly daytona party, we're still arguing whether stewart-haas racing has a chance or whether the #48 team is going to be the unprecedent 4-time champs and we're still making plans to go to the truck races at dover.

but we're tired of the lack of serious, intelligent, sober appraisal of the sport and its future. the off-season is winding down and i, for one, would appreciate someone using these last few weeks to discuss the state of the sport in an honest way.

i have great respect for john roberts and i have read and re-read his opinion. i just can't agree with him on this one.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see Mr. Joy or any other personalities upset.

What do you expect?

He's doing what he's being forced to do, and is unhappy that we can tell we're being patronized.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

JD, Thanks for bringing us fans the little truth about the sport that we get.

Unknown said...

Why is NASCAR the only "big-time" sport with "sponsored" announcers?

Anonymous said...

NASCAR wags the dog.SPEED commentators tow the line,or get fired.

Daly Planet Editor said...

The rules for posting are located on the right side of the main page.



Anonymous said...

Most of the TV coverage regarding the Sprint-Is-Now-Hemorrhaging-Jobs-and-Money Series is delicately handled to appease NASCAR as a whole. Now, more than ever, we're going to see commentators and reporters tiptoeing through NASCAR's tulips.

Most racing fans are not living in a fantasy world. Many of them are suffering through so many difficult events that they seek out NASCAR coverage to:
A) Get their mind on something else, other than our economic state.
B) Find out that NASCAR is struggling just as much as they are.

I know that "B" sounds strange.

But there are thousands of weekend racers and fans that are cutting "racing" out of their lives. They can't afford it. When they're watching NASCAR coverage, they don't want to feel isolated from the racing family, they want to feel included.

Not reporting on lay-offs, money troubles, lack of sponsorship, etc. is only adding fuel to the mythical fire that the NASCAR elite is just that: elite. The current coverage has come off as snobbish, ignorant and unfeeling.

Just like the current state of NASCAR racing.

Even blessed F1 has admitted financial woes. That shows a strange quality in F1 that NASCAR does not possess.

Empathy expressed in media releases/coverage that relates to the fans and the current global economic climate. Fans know that F1 truly isn't empathetic to anyone or anything; but in this day and age, the presentation of empathy goes a lot further than what it used to.

I wonder what kind of coverage NASCAR media will give to Sprint when it's gobbled up by a stronger telecommunications company? What happens if CAT, Home Depot, Aflac, 3M...continue to see sharp drops in dividends and they teeter closer towards going off the edge of the cliff? Will it present any sponsorship exit-strategies for them?

Instead we get reports that JJ cut his finger before the Rolex event.

I cut my finger opening my phone bill yesterday...can I get a scrolling headline on CNN...please?

Anonymous said...

Keep it up John. As far as I can tell, no one other than you is asking the tough questions about Nascar and its media partners. No one likes to dwell on the negative, but questions like car counts, silent media-affiliated owners and start n' park "teams" go to the essense of the sport and deserve to looked at closely.

KoHoSo said...

I have a bad feeling about all of this...a feeling that the various online discussions of all aspects of NASCAR are going to become a political-like target...a feeling that, no matter how level-headed and reasoned the statements of our esteemed Mr. Daly and others like him are that NASCAR and those associated with their power structure will continue to turn up their incorrect rhetoric against those who speak out for honesty, balance, and change...a feeling that the responses to even the most basic of inquiries are going to be nothing but half-factual rants that will seem like they are coming from Bill O'Reilly or Keith Olbermann.

No, we're not there yet and my hope is that it is only these bad economic times that are causing people to react so irrationally and that it will pass and bring everybody back to their senses after a good lesson learned. However, we're on that path, so I have that bad feeling.

As for the comments by Mr. Two00, I am surprised and extremely disappointed.

Delenn said...

To be honest, I don't really like the way this blog has gone too, but I do not in any way suggest it is incorrect to go this way.

There is so much we don't know, so much we suspect to be true, and noone is talking about any of it. The Nascar fans are not stupid. We know Nascar teams are hurting, but noone is talking about it.

What is going to happen for the trucks and nationwide series - will there be anywhere near enough cars after Daytona? Is Nascar avoiding the situation, or could they look better by showing us they are doing something. We just do not know.

If TwoOO is Mike Joy, please understand where we are coming from. Mike Joy is *the best* in the business, period.

I for one would like nothing more than this blog to return to the heady task of removing one Dr Punch from the ESPN booth, but some things are more important.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.25 11:11p--Oh I know...I guess it's because of folks I like. But if it were someone i didn't like then I wouldn't give a hoot about.

I have no hopes for this week being different. But it'll be interesting to see how next week turns out with NN being back and if NN gives us the news and answers the questions we've been begging for, if we'll suddenly get news from the SPEED gang.

Anonymous said...

Agreed glenc1 & bevo & others.

Justa side note - the "info/news/shows" about NASCAR in the off season have been so awful I dvr & just scroll thru.

Johnny TV we know you are a sincere hard worker. as a fan I want things asked, issues addressed & real info. Not fluffiness feel good.

Hey - Home Depot is closing stores, shuttering an entire branch - is it to effect the racing sponsorship? Who knows - no one has the stones to ask.

Anonymous said...

Well,wish I had taped the show with DW and his comments about the California Ghosttown.

JR needs to take constructive criticism for himself and the show and learn something that will better him and the show,I do like JR as a host though.

Speed really butchered up the Preaseason Thunder show last night,Larry Macs segement was a black screen and the show ended up 3-5 minutes early,I was looking for a post by JD on this issue.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Those guys are so mad at me right now that I just let than one pass.

Whoever is in charge of Preseason Thunder from a producing standpoint has done NASCAR fans a great disservice this year.

Why the announcers are ticked-off at me is a brand new deal. The next couple of weeks should be fun with ESPN and SPEED both on the air.