Monday, February 2, 2009

Craftsman Resurfaces On ESPN's NASCAR Coverage

Veteran reporter Michael Smith of The Sports Business Journal published a Monday story about the Craftsman brand coming back into NASCAR.

Here is an excerpt:

Sears Craftsman has struck a deal to title sponsor ESPN’s “Tech Garage,” providing the tool brand with an on-air presence in the network’s NASCAR broadcasts before, during and after the race. The seven-figure, multiplatform sponsorship will go across ESPN’s Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup broadcasts, “SportsCenter,” print, radio and online.

ESPN will use the “Craftsman Tech Garage” as a segment to explain technological aspects of racing.

To read the entire story, click here.

It is nice to hear that Craftsman is returning to NASCAR, although there was no mention of SPEED being included in the Craftsman media buys for 2009. For many years, Craftsman was closely identified with SPEED through the Truck Series.

ESPN has now confirmed that Craftsman will be replacing DISH Network as the sponsor of Tim Brewer and his at-track location will now be known as the Craftsman Tech Garage. Thanks for ESPN for taking the time to confirm this item.

Update: Click here for the ESPN media release on the details of the Craftsman deal.

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Anonymous said...

Seems a little more appropriate that a tool company would be sponsoring the Tech Center, don't you think?

I welcome them, even though I still dislike ESPN"s coverage.

Marc C. said...

ow about replacing Tim Brewer too?

Anonymous said...

This is just another example that companies have to continue to advertise. They may change their tactics, but they have to keep their brand in the mind of consumers.

alex said...

I wonder if they spent more on that than they did for title sponsorship on the Truck series.

Anonymous said...

I think Sears did not get as much for their money on the Truck series. The trucks have little attendance and few tv viewers. Sears can now get more exposure for the amount they are spending.

Sears said they did not want to sponsor a driver, and even though some folks think NASCAR should send sponsors to drivers, the companies are the ones who decide where they want to spend their money.

Sears might have wanted, for example to go with Dale Jr, but couldn't because of JJ and Kobalt. Jr said that that was one of the problems he had with sponsors. Not that there was only a lack of cmpanies, but that sometimes there was a conflict with an exsisting sponsor.

Glad to see that Sears, UPS and Sprint are amoung those who will spend more this season. Go NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Craftsman will still be involved. Now hubby will get to see new tools ( read toys) for his wishlist.
This deal will get them lots of air time for sure & that can only be good!

Anonymous said...

Tool Time with Tim?

It won't be the same without Ray but I'll see how Tim does :)

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up about the Monday NASCAR Now program.


Anonymous said...

If the dollars were close to equal, I think Craftsman was better off with the truck series sponsorship.

Did anyone refer to them as "NASCAR trucks" or "racing trucks"? No, it was always the Craftsman Trucks. Just like the Busch Series and Winston Cup Series were for years, almost every mention of the races, the racers or the vehicles included the sponsor's name. It's not the same (yet) with Nationwide or Nextel/Sprint, but I suppose it will get that way in time if the sponsors stick with the series.

Anonymous said...

Any chance they'll send Tim Brewer to Personality School or Excitement Training? I dread his monotonous dialogue and a new set and new tools won't help that...