Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet The Original "Digger"

Three TV networks cover the points races in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. Fox starts things off for thirteen events and then yields to TNT for six races. ESPN eventually steps-in and takes the sport all the way through the end of the season.

Each of these networks brings to the sport a different team of announcers and a different production philosophy. ESPN runs a tight ship with buttoned-down on-air talent and lots of sports information during the races. TNT focuses on promoting the network's entertainment programming and offers the Daytona race in July with limited commercial breaks.

The NASCAR on Fox telecasts began as a friendly group of well-informed experts talking about stock car racing in terms that anyone could understand. Fox made it clear that they welcomed new fans to the sport and wanted to embrace what was called "the casual fan." While the announcers are still welcoming, some things have changed.

Fox executive David Hill likes animated characters in his TV sports programs. "Cleatus" is a robot that appears in the Fox NFL games. Click here to see Conan O'Brien express his views on that topic.

The TV network, however, has other ideas about what to do with their robot. Click here to scope-out the action figure available of this animated creation. Perhaps, the reality that these concepts were ultimately created to drive revenue has not zoomed past you at this point.

All of this brings us to "Digger." The picture above is of the original "Digger." No, not the one from Fox. This "Digger" was an original creation over two decades ago crafted by a company you may remember.

The Shirt Tales was a short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon about five woodland creatures (Tyg Tiger, Pammy Panda, Digger Mole, Rick Raccoon, and Bogey Orangutan) who lived in Oak Tree Park– and spent their time battling crime when they weren’t teasing Park Ranger Mr. Dinkle. The TV cartoon series ran from 1982 through early 1984. Click here for The Shirt Tales Wiki page.

The late voice-over veteran Bob Ogle (click here) created the personality of the "Digger Mole" character for the series. "Digger Mole" was plastered on T-shirts, coffee mugs and the pack was made into a set of take-home figures. They were also featured on a line of Hallmark cards. The merchandising of these type of cartoon characters is a lucrative business.

The fundamental difference between "Digger Mole" and the NASCAR on Fox version of "Digger" is where and how the character appeared. The Shirt Tales was simply a cartoon that was presented as a complete TV program for kids.

The Fox version of "Digger" is an animation that is inserted over a sport that often does not lend itself to easy laughs and the giggles of small children.

Where and how the "Digger" animation is used has changed the TV viewing enjoyment of many NASCAR fans. After an incident that may have altered the entire complexion of a race, seeing "Digger" do his little act somehow trivializes the moment.

Even worse is hearing the NASCAR on Fox announcers trying to somehow come up with yet another funny line about "Digger." Often, they are forced to interrupt the commentary about the real action on the track to pay attention to this animated character. The bottom line is that "Digger" often detracts from the event and has in many ways become the show.

At Daytona, the Fox commentary team sometimes just ignored "Digger" due to the racing action. That made things even stranger. The animation would play, nothing would be said and the mole would go back in his hole as if nothing happened.

Hopefully, California will bring "Digger" in a limited role during caution flags and the lap prior to a restart. Even used once coming back from commercial break would limit the impact of this animation on the actual event.

Ultimately, the biggest problem with "Digger" is that the true level of annoyance is not revealed until Fox departs the NASCAR scene and TNT steps-in. The wide sweeping shots of veteran Director Mike Wells and the TNT production team show the racing in a very different way from the Fox gang. In an instant, "Digger" becomes a memory until the next season.

In a year where NASCAR and the TV partners need to be hyper-sensitive to the fans, perhaps a wiser use of "Digger" can return the focus to the racing and let the drivers provide the excitement for the TV viewers.

Just for the record, "Digger" appeared 20 times in the rain-shortened Daytona 500, 19 times in the race and once in the pre-race show. Thanks to Cheryl and the gang at

We invite you to share your thoughts about "Digger" appearing in the Sprint Cup Series races on Fox. Just click the comments button below. Your comment will appear after it is moderated. This is a family-friendly website and profanity or hateful speech will simply get your comment deleted.

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Glenn said...

Happy to see you back JD. I really missed the site this weekend. I wanted to send you e-mails but I see I was right, you had enough without me.
Digger has taken a life of it's own. It's amazing. From what I can tell there seems to be as many hating the rodent as like it. It doesn't bother me that's it's there, but please put it to good use. Having a weekly segment for the continuing efforts of Digger is a bit too much. Yes, I laughed when they played the cartoon section. Partly because it was funny, but mostly because it was ridiculous and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I see Digger about like I see the PXP person on ESPN. Neither is going anywhere soon. At least the rodent only appears occasionally.

Anonymous said...

The obnoxious rodent is insulting on so many levels. First, does Fox really think they need some cartoon character to get someone interested in racing? How insulting to real race fans, and even Nascar itself...are they saying that the racing is so bad that they need to invent a cartoon reason for anyone to watch? Or is it just that the way they present the races is so disjointed that a cartoon is necessary? But, the ultimate insult is that it is really just a way for Fox to try to pry more money out of the pockets of race fans. Ratings are down, tickets sales are lagging, the economy is sliding downhill... and goes for the cheap shot dip into the pocket. Classy.

PammH said...

I will just repeat what I said on the live blog at another site, since you weren't here..:(
It's a HUGE waste of resources & time for REAL race fans! Most of us fans really don't give a hoot about stupid gimmicks. Just show us the RACE!!!
on a personal note, JD-you don't have to blog every show, just give us a place to gripe on Sunday!

TexasRaceLady said...

PammH hit right on the head -- it's a HUGE waste of time for real race fans.

We don't tune in and sit for hours to see a rodent. We tune in to see a RACE.

And again, Pamm has hit it --- just give us a place to gripe on Sunday.

Unknown said...

When I went to my first IRL race at Watkins Glen, there really was a family of in the ground around turn 2. They popped out, then popped back in whenever the cars came around. Eventually they were accustomed to the noise & came out anyways. Distracting but cute. That is the closest to Digger I *ever* want to go...what fans care about this thing? I think SallyB is right; I felt insulted.

Dot said...

JD, You are back in all your glory. XOXO

Digger must go. I'll be at the track on 2/27. I think I'll buy a Digger, put a rope around his neck and drag him behind me. That will take care of one of them. Wish I could do that to the TV Digger.

Has anyone asked any kids about Digger? Does he make them want to watch racing? My daughter was 5 when she started watching racing. She watched because we did. She didn't need no stinkin' Digger.

OT, FOX doesn't only mess with NASCAR. A friend who watches Soccer told me just tonight that when FOX took over coverage, they flashed it all up. He didn't elaborate, but he said watching Soccer hasn't been the same.

Anonymous said...

I just sent a nice little complaint to about the Digger issue. Maybe if all TDP fans/readers do the same, they'll finally get rid of him...or at least cut back. You said it right, JD: We don't need Mike, Larry, and Darrell stopping their discussions to mention that the stupid mole needs to hide or whatever.

stricklinfan82 said...

In my opinion this is the most ridiculous and embarrassing thing I've ever seen on NASCAR television.

I personally do not like the limited perspective the ground-level camera angle provides, I do not like having a screaming cartoon character filling my TV screen every time that camera is used, and I certainly do not like having NASCAR pre-race shows interrupted by cartoons about gophers that have absolutely nothing to do with NASCAR.

It sure is a shame that Fox is following ESPN's lead in making the on-track action nothing but background noise. This practice is inexcusable for both networks don't get me wrong, but at least in ESPN's case they generally tried to keep the distraction material NASCAR-themed ('Trackside'-like shows while cars were qualifying on the track qualifying in the background, behind-the-scenes tours of ESPN's gizmos while cars were on the track practicing, 'NASCAR for Dummies' Teaching Sessions during green flag racing, etc). Fox has taken disrespecting the NASCAR fans to a whole new level here by ignoring the sport they are there to cover with the adventures of non-NASCAR related gopher cartoon characters, in my opinion.

For the first (and thankfully next-to-last) time in 2009 I am apprehensive about a Truck Series television broadcast. I can only hope that this week's installment of the "Fox does the Truck Series" doesn't turn into the debacle that was last year's Digger-dominated Martinsville broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I'm not against this sort of thing in principal, the football robot doesn't bother me for example. But the difference is that digger shows up in the middle of the action (or an important reply) and the announcers waste so much time and energy talking about it.

Use the thing where it doesn't get in the way and I won't complain about it. Otherwise I'm firmly in the "Digger sucks" camp.

Anonymous said...

I hate Digger. Hate him. I hate the camera angle. I hate the animated character. I hate the new never-ending Digger cartoons.

But what I hate MOST is the way Waltrip, McReynolds and Joy all give a hearty laugh on cue when the digger animation comes on screen - even though it isn't funny.

FOX will cut to the Digger camera, then the little Digger will pop up his head, and then for the fourth or fifth time, Digger will scream and scurry back into his "hole" as the cars come around the track. And when he does, Larry, Mike, and Darrell burst out in a loud, knee-slapping laughter that screams "we were told to laugh like this."

I know that this isn't really a major issue, but in my opinion it totally destroys the credibility of the announcers. A little chuckle, sure, but when they guffaw like they are just tickled to death by the digger animation, it makes me want to vomit because I am so disgusted by these men who I respect selling out so badly.

bevo said...

This is a bulletin from the real world for Fox executives -

There is no such creature as a "casual" fan. "Fan" is short for fanatic, defined as "a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics."

As NASCAR fans we all know what the perception of the sport is by those who do not follow it. They are not going to be converted by a stupid cartoon character or a Nashvegas act like Keith Urban. In fact all it does is reinforce those ideas.

It amazes me that NASCAR being so bent on changing that image to the point of many believing that they have abandoned their roots not only allows this crap but cooperates with it.

Anonymous said...

it's kinda like "bogity,bogity.bogity. Enough is enough. Welcome back John. I did watch part of the 500, but no laps for Jr in his "accident"..cured me for the season. You know DW saying how bad that was, and then in a heartbeat kissing Jr's (!). Guess NA$CAR got on the phone to him. I give up.

Anonymous said...

I was putting up with Jaws and Crew on Sunday's pre-race show until the Digger cartoon came on. Absolutely the most inane piece I have ever seen. I switched off and didn't return until it was time for the green flag. How's that working for ya Fox?

GinaV24 said...

JD! I'm so happy to see your blog again. Yay! Anyway, back to Digger -- what a waste of time and effort. I want to see the daggone race, not some stupid animation in the middle of the action. First race and one of the biggest race and this is what David Hill thinks race fans want to see? A cartoon rodent? Yep, that's it, David, I just couldn't wait.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back JD.

I agree with your readers "digger
is dumb". Fox should concentrate
on wide view racing and leave
the cartoons for Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe FOX can give the rodent a voice and then get rid of MacReynolds. Seriously, stick to racing and forget your feeble attempts at humor. It's too bad we can't sync the action on the track to MRN's radio broadcast. Are you listening,Fox?
Thanks for the chance to vent.

Tracy D said...

JD, your history of the "Digger" cartoon character was fascinating. I'm always interested in how societal icons evolve and if they do so successfully. The Woodland creatures theme appears to resemble a classic Winnie the Pooh story arc - not a bad one to emulate for a storyteller. However, my children were tiny twenty years ago, and I know Digger and his pals didn't register on their radar, while Winnie did. It would not appear that the original incarnation of Digger proved to be the timeless icon Winne the Pooh is. It seems odd that a failed twenty year old cartoon character has been resurrected to "enhance" racing on TV.

But the point is: the original Digger character was part of a story line for children. Digger on Fox racing has no story, no purpose, no life lessons to teach like Winnie does. Yes, it represents the "fish out of water" theme, but that's all it does. Time after time, it tells the racing fan that it's frightened by those big, bad, fast cars. It's an incredibly stupid use of resources that could be channeled into telling the story of a race, using the very talented Mike Joy, DW, and Larry Mac. All of whom are human. (we hope...)

The camera angle doesn't add much to the racing experience for a home viewer, but its use, if limited, isn't going to make me turn off the race. However, when you add in that idiotic cartoon figure and as someone else said, people I respect acting like nitwits over it, it's enough to make me turn up MRN and hit the mute button on my remote.

Anonymous said...

I hate Digger. I hate David Hill. Oh, sorry, JD. I didn't mean to put up any "hateful" speech, but I remember before the season started, David Hill came out with an angry, agenda-driven tirade against NASCAR, the fans, etc. He said that the networks, not NASCAR or the fans should dictate start times. I could go on and on, but ever since you announced your "retirement", it seems the Digger hype machine went into overdrive. It almost seems as if he went above and beyond trying to shove that crap down our throats. A five minute episode? A comic book? 20 times during the course of the day? I agree with other posters that there is NO place for that animated disaster during a stock car race. It insults everyones intelligence, and makes David Hill a clown prince in our eyes. What happens if a car wrecks, and it happens right over the digger cam, and the driver is injured? You bet it trivializes the seriousness of whats going on. I thought I had a deep , dark hatred for Jerry Punch. Then I realized that he's only human, and it's not right to carry that kind of resentment. Then I was introduced to David Hill.....

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back JD. Missed your column. As far as that idiotic rodent goes, get rid of it already. I watch racing for racing's sake, not some cash cow that fox has devised to do nothing more than fleece people out of more hard earned cash. What's next? T-shirts, hats. Thid is the true measure of how much power the networks have over the content of the sport that is now nas$car.

Anonymous said...

First of all, welcome back John!

As for "Digger," I cannot believe that Fox plans to expand this cartoon character as far as they will. If there is indeed a "Digger" movie, not only will I not pay to see it, they couldn't pay me a million dollars, maybe even ten million!

When I see an accident, I want to know two things: is/are the driver(s) OK, and what led to the accident. "Digger" is merely an intrusion.

Newracefan said...

Ok here goes, I don't HATE Digger but it is way overused and I still want to know how much (an estimate is fine) Keith Urban got for that Digger song. Playing it 2 times in a row was poor planning in my estimation. The cartoon was cute but save it for the rain delays or red flags. I actually find it more annoying when Larry and DW comment on the animation in the corner of the screen since that means they are watching the prompter and not the track, I can ignore it if they do. In general Fox tone it down a lot wnd we'll stop screaming.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of haters.

Television broadcasts of races these days seem to think we all are unfamiliar with the sport. Thank goodness for MRN and PRN.

Oh, and glad to see this place running again JD! I make it a regular stop on my day-to-day web browsing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back JD.
Man this Digger crap has to rank as the biggest waste of time yet. Lets see we seen this moronic rodent 19 times along with the caned laughter in the booth. The majority of drivers dont get that kind of attention. Just because someone from Fox thinks this is cute doesnt make it so!
I dont watch the race to see a friggin rodent over and over.
What is so hard to understand about that? Fox yeah you Fox are you listening?

Is TNT here yet?

Sophia said...

Digger may be cute stuffed toy or animation but NO PLACE FOR IT during a race.

I agree, the
first time a SERIOUS crash happens and silly Digger is playing over it, will be tasteless.

This type of thing belongs on another show (Is Hee Haw still around? :-) )

Oh, and I thought the original Digger was "Digger Barnes".

Pamela Ewing's daddy and Miss Ellie's first love, and Jocks constant enemy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a couple cousins who are "Digger age" and there's no way they have the attention span to ever sit through a 4-5 hour race. FOX aggressively going after this market seems ill-conceived.

Lisa Hogan said...

I was already sick of Digger back when they had the fake naming contest (as if they weren't already making the t-shirts)

Laughs and comments from the guys in the booth, just plain embarrassing!

I guess Mr. Hill is going for an Emmy in the animation category! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sophia, I think Coach 'Digger' Phelps probably predates In the 'I never knew this' category...Coach Phelps got the name because his father owned a funeral service. (I imagine this is well known by NCAAB fans, but I'm not one...) But it brings to mind...maybe we can have Digger bury someone out David Hill (j/k).

KoHoSo said...

I came here to show a friend that TDP had closed and was overjoyed to see its return! Thank you Mr. Daly!

Since TDP is back, let me bring back the comment I made about Digger last season because it still stands, even more so now that he has entered the third dimension, generated his own theme song, and, most concerning of all, reproduced...

Digger should be taken out behind the Hollywood Hotel and killed with a shovel. >:-)

Anonymous said...

Digger is an insult to race fans.
Once again Fox does not understand, it's not about Fox, it's about watching an autorace, not about watching how clever a TV Production company can be.
Grow up show us the cars racing on the track.......

Maybe someday Fox will get the hint, but I doubt it...
Oh, and it is nice to have you back JD ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, this was the only section of the race telecast that my three year old son was interested in. This must be the new demographic NASCAR and its television stations are aiming at.
Digger is a complete waste of resources and time i have ever seen.

Kenn Fong said...


For decades, I was a casual fan, so I know such creatures exist, or used to exist.

One of the problems we have is some of us get the idea that the whole world is like us. It's not. A lot of the decisions made on television are made for a reason, based on sound research and focus groups. I know this, because years ago, I was selected to be in a focus group, and was interviewed, along with others, in an office suite with a one-way glass wall with executives watching from the adjacent office.

I take a contrarian view. I don't believe the whole broadcast should be created to suit my interests 100%. I still believe network television is a broadcasting medium. They're looking for numbers and they're casting big nets looking for tonnage.

Don't get me wrong; I dislike Digger (and Rutledge) and wish he wasn't a part of the racecast. But my dislike for him is not enough to motivate me to make other plans during a race. (Although a new job in retail might force me to work on Sundays.)

As much as we all dislike Digger, I'll think for now there's not a lot we can do about him, short of complaining about him in focus-groups. I'll bet there was a container-load of Digger dolls sent from China during the off-season, along with another one filled with t-shirts. The best thing we can do is make sure not to buy any of those for the little ones in our lives and hope that Fox is forced to donate them all to some charity in Africa, the way sports organizations donate championship gear printed with the losing team's logos on them.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Anonymous said...

I actually, for once, agree fully with you JD. Digger is going to be a big mistake fan wise. The ultimate goal is sell more Digger stuff.
I remeber the original Digger. He was cute, and apropo for his audience.
"New" Digger is not.
Let's just get back to racing.

Anonymous said...

I think Digger belongs on a spit over charcoal on someone's grill in the infield. With cold beer and fries on the side. And guacamole.

David Hill loves this? What's up with that? I am supposed to be the idiot here-the NASCAR fan stereotype and all-but is David doing his Ted Baxter thingy here?

Anonymous said...

[b]Larry, Mike, and Darrell burst out in a loud, knee-slapping laughter that screams "we were told to laugh like this."[/b]

SPOT ON! I really hate to hear Mike Joy laughing at that cartoon. I have so much respect for him as a broadcaster. When DW is hawking his t-shirts or website (actually, he hasn't mentioned his website this year, thank god), Mike Joy always seems above all that. But when he laughs at Digger he is getting right down in the mud and soiling his reputation.

Anonymous said...

I urge every reader of this website to go to:

Please go to this website and report your distaste for Digger. We can talk amongst ourselves all we want, but unless they hear from us it doesn't mean anything.

Please, don't skip this reply - take 30 seconds right now, go to the FOX Sports feedback webpage and tell them you hate digger!

Jessica said...

Ok. JD I am very glad you are back. I think the fans benefit from having a place to share their views on NASCAR media coverage where they feel like they are being heard by the people who can do something about it.

As for Digger....I don't hate him. I don't mind the camera angle. I do think he is a bit over-hyped. Maybe he and Sliced Bread (TM) can get together and talk about how much damage over-hyping can do for your reputation. I do, on occasion, watch NASCAR with small children (4, 7, 8, and 12) and they love Digger. I know no one wants to hear it but sitting through a long race is hard for young kids who may like racing but don't get all of it and/or can't be entertained by the same things us adults are. (e.g. color commentary, technical information and the like) "Digger watch" was fun for the kids and in that context I can forgive the "bit much" of it all.

Anonymous said...

I do think the Digger hype adds nothing to the race broadcast. I like the camera angle at certain times, but adding a rodent to the view adds nothing. Actually it is distracting, annoying and something I would rather not see. If the Digger animation and theme would be cut immediately, I would be forever grateful. I think many people view Digger as a marketing opportunity rather than something that adds to the broadcast.

Anonymous said...

If they would use the digger animation like they use the Cletus robot during the NFL broadcasts, it would be fine. Just leave it out of the race coverage. It's distracting, and doesn't add anything to the broadcast or the race.

GinaV24 said...

Glad to see you back, JD! I really missed this site!

Anyway, Digger just does nothing for me. What a waste of space. The robot on NFL doesn't interefere with the action going on. I guess they are going to have to start putting TV timeouts in races, too, so that FOX can do all their crap. I enjoyed the history of the original Digger. Thanks for giving us back our place to talk about NASCAR TV.

Jaycee said...

I am in favor of starting a "Keep Digger in His Hole" petition immediately. The "fun factor" was gone mid-way through the Daytona 500.

Anonymous said...

This caught me off guard that this site was back. the digger thing has been overplayed. get rid of it. simple.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I want to join those in welcoming this site back to active status - the voice of reason returns!

As to Digger, I agree with those who feel the canned laughter by those in the booth is the most annoying, next to having it forced upon us constantly, almost seeming to give it priority over the race.

So, to put it mildly, Dump Digger!

Anonymous said...

Anyine else see the NASCAR sell-a-thon fom Vegas last night on QVC??

Guess what? A "die cast" car being hawked by none other than DW that featured Digger on it!!
So its obvious Hill and Waltrip are in this fraud together.
The ratings were way of for Daytona and California. I turned my set off FOX AND DID NOT COME BACK as soon as the idiotic digger cartoon short came on.
This is a scam foited on us fans. R

Anonymous said...

I defy anyone this side of Fox's marketing department to find any value in Digger.

Sometimes he blocks the action. The crew is forced to fake amusement at antics they've seen dozens of times already. His new appearances during post-commercial 'billboards' distracts from the broadcast sponsor logos, which I'm sure amuses advertisers. The camera angle he promotes is overused; maybe once out of four or five times does it show anything worth viewing.

Oh, wait; I did find one good thing to say about him. He makes 'Boogity', Draft Track, Crank It Up, the Hollywood Hotel, and all the other Fox gimmicks seem almost acceptable. Ward Burton would know what to do with Digger and his kin.

Anonymous said...

Fox Television is just doing what they do best. Destroying intennigence. SallyB says it perfectly, but she's missing one aspect.. FOX itself is insulting. It's content on almost all it's programming is slated to the absolute lowest common denominator. The network is about money and anything which will create more revenue streams. "digger' (I seriously get the creeps just typing the damned things name) is just such another case. But, the issue to me is not just... the gopher, but the duck, the animated swooshing car, the inane commentary, the way the actual race is relegated to sometimes less than a third of the viewing area. The ENTIRE presentation now is a commercial. All of it. Nascar long ago forgot the reason it is as big as it is. The high speed competition of cars closer to actual stock configurations was compelling. Seeing the rivalries and alliances grow across a season from drivers and teams who were allowed to be real people instead of cold medicine shilling ad men who also happen to drive cars was compelling. The truth that the sport was accessible to the average 'guy' because one doesn't need to be a super athlete to compete in the ranks was compelling. Well... it's all gone. The vehicles raced today are a hood and a trunk like a real street car. It costs millions to race and the average 'guy' simply can't compete with out also becoming a shill for his sponsor.
That, to me is the worst of it all, and Fox is just the logical next step into total commercialism. So, look for it... next week on Fox! Survivor-NASCAR. Watch how a team of castaways survive a weekend of racing in the infield subsisting only on cartoon gopher.

Anonymous said...

Digger sucks!
Please remove it.

Anonymous said...

Argghh! I hate digger! I wish somebody would run his ass over, scoop him up with a shovel and throw him in the trash where he belongs. Damn rodent! It is bad enough I have to listen to DW and now I have to watch a stupid cartoon rat. I can't wait till it switches over to NBC and that is sad.

Anonymous said...

For the love of all that is holy in this world would you please get rid of that stupid rodent "digger". You are sinking lower than a AIG executive cashing his bonus check. Just televise the race, we don't need to be entertained by a cartoon gopher or whatever the hell it is. This is just another example of generating another revenue stream. Tshirts, stuffed animals and all of the other crap are over the top. It is bad enough I have to listen to DW and his dumb boogitty-boogitty-boogitty, the Hollywood Hotel and Hammond with his face lifts and plastic surgery. Don't forget to "crank-it-up". Ugghh! Enough already. Just televise the race and make sure you are done with comercials when the race restarts! Is it really too much to ask?

Unknown said...

I've been thinking for quite awhile that I might be in the minority with my dislike of FOX, and their "down home" commentary with Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds (boogity - boogity, etc.). And now, with all the hype, and excessive attention (even at the sake of race coverage), to the character Digger, there has to be a way to watch the race without the annoyances that FOX brings to the sport. Maybe, at least until ESPN starts their coverage, I'll go out to the car and listen to my Sirius radio...