Saturday, February 21, 2009

Note: The Camping World Truck Series race is on Fox at 3PM, not SPEED. There are a select number of Truck Series races that appear on Fox each season as a part of the NASCAR TV contract.

The NASCAR on Fox broadcast team handles the coverage of these races. In the past, this coverage also included Digger coming over for a visit with the CWTS.

Note: Mike Wallace will co-host the Sunday morning edition of NASCAR Now on ESPN2. Wallace will then join ESPNEWS after the race for analysis and finally guest on the Monday roundtable panel of the one hour NASCAR Now program hosted by Allen Bestwick.


Charlie said...

I know this probably isn't the place to post this but -
I just now decided to go to the Daly Planet web site and to remember how nice it was to go here and get inside facts and good discussion about Nascar. To my surprise I see that the Daly Planet is back.
Thank You JD for coming back. I can't tell you in words how much I appreciate you and this site.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mike Joy & Larry Mac covering qualifying for the Truck series on Friday. So, I'm left to assume it's Joy, Larry, and DW calling the Truck race? I seem to recall they had the "truck" team of Rick Allen, Phil Parsons & DW do this race last year.

By the way, the other Truck race that Fox will do this year is Martinsville next month. Under this new contract, Fox does 2 Truck races each season.

Daly Planet Editor said...

It is the NASCAR on Fox announce team that will be covering the Truck Series race in Cali.

drh277 said...


During qualifying do the announcers not see the tracker that we see? The reason i ask is because they act like they have no idea if the driver is going to be on the pole if he is close but we can see he is in 3rd or 4th place and going backwards.

Anonymous said...

Hi John and thank you for passing this information along to all your loyal followers. Don't burn yourself out. I would much rather have you less frequently than not at all.

Daly Planet Editor said...


"Act" is the key word in your post.


boyd said...

Thank you JD.
It's nice to be home.
Just saw the truck line up, some names that I've never seen, so what is the talent level?

Sophia said...

Hmmm..i was hoping for comments during truck race.

Sound cut in and out (ONGOING problem for SPEED, too this season!)but thought billy ray did great with anthem, stuck with tradition, no messing with the tune. :-)

New obnoxious Digger Cam graphic to ADD to the intrusion.

How long to TNT and will Mike Wells be back, JD! :-)


Charlie said...

Truck race so far to me is Kyle Busch, commercial, kyle busch, commercial. Then DW says Todd Bodine and Skinner will wreck each other passing and bump drafting, going back and forth, then kyle busch, commercial.
Speed and Fox better get there sound problems fixed. Last week and this week sound problems.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Sophia, Billy Ray did a decent job. Sucks the mic problems :(

Glad to see Phil, I miss Rick :(

Sophia said...

Ditto charlie. sound issues REPEATEDLY. I shall HATE Truck series if it's all about Kyle :(

I missed the SPEED gang but in all fairness I was multi tasking during the race. Oh but I DID NOTICE more, newer "D" cam. *sigh* but was it me or did the guys in booth sometimes ignore him...I have a feeling they are told how to promote so we can NOT fault the guys we love in the booth. I don't think.

Gymmie yes too bad we ONCE again had sound problems for an Anthem that was GOOD. Many times for some singers, the mic could have a mute button for those of us at home.

I'm just sayin' :-)

Vicky D said...

I hadn't checked in days and days and looked today and there ya are. I enjoyed the truck race I think the race was too short. I also liked Phil Parsons in the pre-race show. We were especially happy to see Houston's David Starr come in 4th too. Welcome back and thanks - the 500 just wasn't the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe California is a good track to showcase the Truck series to a broadcast network audience. Next year, instead of the 2 Fox broadcasts being California & Martinsville, they may want to look at doing the Atlanta & Martinsville truck races.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone happen to catch what the emblem is on Starr's uniform that they appeared to be trying to cover up for TV? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised that FOX chose to use the its crew for the truck race this year. There really is no point in sending 4 "additional" on-air talent to the event for a race that takes 2 hours to do. That was probably a money-saving move.