Friday, February 27, 2009

SPEED Handles The Las Vegas Action On Friday

ESPN the Weekend is in full swing down in Orlando, FL at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. Click here for more info on the festivities.

That leaves the NASCAR action from Las Vegas all to SPEED on Friday. The network hosts both Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series with the Trackside program rounding-out the evening.

It will be John Roberts kicking things off at 1PM ET with NASCAR Live. He will be joined by Randy Pemberton and Bob Dillner as reporters. This show offers the stories of the day before the cars get on the track for the afternoon.

Next up will be Nationwide Series practice at 1:30pm. Steve Byrnes will call the action with Hermie Sadler and Jeff Hammond alongside. While this series has the races telecast by ESPN, the SPEED team offers a very professional and quite watchable practice telecast.

At 3PM the Sprint Cup Series cars take to the track for practice. This brings the NASCAR on Fox crew to the table as Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds take over. This crew will remain to watch the Nationwide Series final practice at 4:30PM as well.

ESPN2 will sneak-in a NASCAR Now program at 6PM hosted by Nicole Manske. Updates will be provided from Las Vegas and the news will be reviewed.

All hands will be on deck at 6:30PM as the full NASCAR on Fox crew present live Sprint Cup Series qualifying on SPEED. There are going to be some very good stories to follow in this session, which could prove to be the most interesting of the young season.

Names like Max Papis, Todd Bodine, Jeremy Mayfield and Brad Keselowski will be trying to make the field. There are 51 cars set to make a qualifying attempt.

The night will be finished with Trackside at 8:30PM. Jeff Hammond, Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds will scurry down to join host Steve Byrnes for the show. Guests include Scott Riggs, Jamie McMurray, and Jeremy Mayfield. Bruton Smith's son Marcus, who replaced Humpy Wheeler at Lowe's Motor Speedway will also appear.

SPEED has been doing an excellent job at both practice and qualifying coverage since the new NASCAR TV contract began in 2007. Having a consistent day where all the action is on one network serves the fans quite well and also allows the ongoing stories to be paid-off regardless of when they are ready to be reported. This Friday should be no different.

Just a quick note: Randy LaJoie was flying solo as the expert on the Thursday edition of NASCAR Now on ESPN2. This is the first time we have seen LaJoie in this role which he handled quite well. It may not only be Ricky Craven who finds his role expanding with this TV series.

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Anonymous said...

even though off the track speed is lacking this year, their actual on track coverage is by far the best. its a must watch when they cover a practice session. they do some crazy things sometimes

Dot said...

I'll be at the track tomorrow. Thanks for the Trackside line up JD.

JD, the "click here" couldn't find the story. Is it me, or you?

Anonymous said...

It's Friday! YABA DABA DO!

Good Morning JD and everyone!

I agree Randy did a great job on NN :). I do hope we get to see more of Randy. I think he has a lot of wisdom even if he thinks some foiks are the best thing since Sliced Bread *giggle*.

I'll be watching everything..DVR is set up. I do like having everything on one channel.

I see that NA$CAR Confidential is offering a repeat at noon, I hope they do new shows. Mr. Squire did a great job hosting.

I do hope that they cover the some of the GOGHer stories and they don't get lost under the "stars". I know the Go or Go Home show started off well by covering the GOGHers but as the shows went on they "forgot" about the GOGHers and it became an extension of NA$CAR Live!.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Click on the words "click here" for the Disney blog. It gives the names of the athletes and on-ar talent that are in FL for this thing.


majorshouse said...

I too agree that Speed by far has the best coverage of them all and still wish that they had the exclusive tv contract rather than the mess we know it as. I also saw LaJoy on NN last night and thought that he did a good job and think that both he and Ricky Craven will be seeing much more air time.

Unknown said...

Will be away for the weekend so I'm going to miss everything although I should be home for the cup race. I would love to DVR everything but I know I'll never watch it all so I'm being selective. Trackside, NP, NN, Raceday and the races. I'll read through to see if I missed anything important. See you all Sunday

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - looks like ESPN the weekend doesn't include NASCAR on ESPN the weekend but only stick and ball sports.

Once again the bristol boys snub NASCAR big-time. Can Brian France be happy about this?

Vicky D said...

And last Sunday's Nascar Now with just the two of them (Massaro & LaJoie) was very informative and they both worked very well together.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Mickey Mouse and Goofy! I'll be watching all day to get my NASCAR fix!

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 8:50AM,

You would think that for over $200 million a year and a high-profile commitment, maybe some retired NASCAR drivers might be a nice touch.


Dot said...

JD, the click here worked later, thanks. You brought up a good point about retired drivers being in FL. Were any even asked?

I'll be on Digger watch today. If OK with you JD, I'll let you guys know how busy the trailer is with people buying the beloved Digger crap. I'm going to ask the little kids if they would watch racing without him.

I'll be back later tonight.

Unknown said...

The NW practice Live Leaderboard can be found at:

Lou said...


If JD lets it fly we will be looking forward to your Digger watch report.


PS. how great is it that I can watch all on one channel this afternoon? Great.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:50--as long as the checks don't bounce and his bank account keeps growing I'd say he's happy. He hasn't done anything in the last 6 years to prove otherwise. He can't even show up at a press conference/TV appearance without looking like he just rolled out of bed and that he'd rather be anywhere but there.

@Dot--enjoy the race weekend!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for coming back, you sure were missed.
Sure wish that SPEED would have all the practice and qualifying every week. They are so much better, they make you feel right at home.
Again, Thanks for coming back.

Anonymous said...

Silly, stupid old stories...Benz,Kinkos,Wendy's, pop-tarts..please make them stop, must be some interesting stories with 50+ cars!!

The Loose Wheel said...

Again watching practice, Sirius gets some love from this speed bunch.

Love the casual approach

The Loose Wheel said...

Anyone else think Trackside is starting to get a "scripted" feel?

The joys of plugs and sponsorship...a necessity, but can be a major buzz-kill

Sophia said...


Yes, feels scripted and I heard a PROMO that #%!^#!%^#% digger is coming up soon. There is no escape.

The plugs are ALL OVER SPEED/FOX/NASCAR/BSPN. But my friends that watch other sports says it's the same thing. :(

I am going to go condition my hair.
I enjoyed watching the practice and quals (what little I saw and will catch some repeats)

Oh, but DW's story about wanting a "Goodies" (headache powder)during a pit stop. Tonight he claimed they threw POP TARTS at him. Last year, exact same story only it was a "SNICKERS BAR". The Snickers story was told during a race, no doubt when a car had SNICKERS for a sponsor. I bet the story never even happened.

I laughed the first time I heard it but realize it's a story 'du jour' for whatever 'product needs pushing'.

GinaV24 said...

It is nice to see speed do what I like best -- cover racing! All that other "lifestyle" programming -- well, its not MY lifestyle. Hard to believe that ESPN is going to completely ignore NASCAR at the Disney deal. Very strange to me to avoid an entire sport.

I agree that Trackside has become very "commercial". When it started it was really fun and spontaneous, the price of success, I guess. It's a shame.

Vicky D said...

There's too much background noise and commotion for me to enjoy Trackside.

Glenn said...

I agree too David. I know it always has been "scripted" but it was hidden enough where it didn't interfere with the show.
It does seem to be worse this year. I can only hope and assume it's because the advertisers are paying less so Speed has to have more to do the same job.
TWIN has been horrible too.

Anonymous said...

oh no digger was on trackside. it used to be a great show. it still has its moments, but i agree that its seeming more scripted than before

Dot said...

Hi Guys,

So much for my Digger report. I wasn't down by the trailers that much today. I was lucky enough to get to sit up in the suites. I did ask a woman who was with her 4 yr old grandson if he liked Digger. She said that he didn't know who he was. However, he watches racing regardless.

There were two little kiosks things for Digger merchandise. They were both closed when I saw them about 10am. I did see one person with a Digger plush. That was it.

I didn't see alot of kids. The ones I did see were Digger free. If anyone else is at the track this weekend and it's OK with JD, let us know.

Karen said...

After hearing DW was on QVC tonight, I just checked the website and the first item on that show was a Digger 2009 #09 Autographed by DW 1:24 scale car for 59.75. On the hood was a logo with Digger & Friends on it. I saw a NASCAR on Fox logo on the left rear panel. Item # is C10507 if anyone wants to check it out.

Good grief is all I can say.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up for Friday and Saturday TV comments.



NorCalFan said...

@ Dot,
I'm at the track this weekend. I was on driver watch in the garage today but I can do some Digger duty Saturday and Sunday and report back if, like you said, it's OK with JD.