Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You For Two Seasons Of TV Conversation

The Daly Planet is ending operations on Wednesday, February 4th. This was an online project originally created to watch the new NASCAR TV partners get through their first season back in 2007. There were certainly some memorable moments that year.

We decided to continue for year two and the story was tremendous growth through fan interaction and the cooperation of those same TV partners. Thanks to ESPN, Turner and SPEED for all the help and information.

Assistance also came from the NASCAR PR staff and many media members. Finally, thanks to those individuals who helped with editing and website duties.

Priorities are rapidly changing in the world right now. This includes professional sports from top-to-bottom. NASCAR is deeply affected and talking about the pros and cons of TV broadcasts suddenly has much less meaning.

The NASCAR TV topics that we hotly debated last season now seem to pale in comparison to the reality around us. The time that I used to work on this Internet project now must be allocated for other activities. Such is life.

The Daly Planet published over 1400 original columns in two years and had over 4 million pageviews in 2008 alone. The archives will remain online for reference and the site email will remain active as the contact point after this final post.

Many thanks to the NASCAR fans who voiced their opinions and started some great conversations about topics perhaps not discussed by many other websites. It has been a great experience and one that I will treasure for a very long time.

So, for the final time...thanks for stopping by!

The Daly Planet welcomes comments from readers. Just click on the COMMENTS button below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this site JD. It will truely be missed and I am sad to see it go. I will miss reading the race broadcast comments from the other posters - it gave me a good laugh when I needed it.

The J said...

JD i cant agree with you more. unfortunately there are far worse things going on than to worry about nascar tv coverage. i only started reading this blog a few months ago, and ive loved it every minute.

Thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying, and I was thinking today about how much time it would take to do what you do--not only watching all the programming, but writing columns about it. Not only will I miss your ideas (even when I disagreed!) I will also miss the many regulars here that I also agreed & disagreed with. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Only blog I ever read on a "Daly" basis.

I've been here since close to Day One and I'm very sad that you're shutting it down.

You (and we) have actually had an influence on how NASCAR is presented on TV. JD, you provided a serious platform for fans to talk about what was (and is) dished up by the NASCAR TV partners.

We'll miss that venue.

Your work has been appreciated.

alex said...

Thanks for all your hard work on the blog. While I'm sad to see the site go, I've learned quite a bit about TV production and many behind the scenes techniques that I would have been clueless on otherwise.

Thank you as well to all of those who commented on races and topics at hand, the race comedy crew, and those Anons inside the industry who helped provide insight as to how things happened and why. I'd like to think that all of our suggestions in 2008 will lead to a great year of Nascar TV in 2009.

Thanks again!

Vicky D said...

What a lot of hard work you put into this blog and I appreciated and enjoyed every column. I'm disappointed to see it go, but you must carry on with your life like the rest of us. We all have to be concerned with the economy instead of worrying about the Nascar broadcasts. But what are we all going to do during the telecasts?? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Will miss you and this site a lot. Vicky in Houston, Texas.

The J said...

quick question: is there ever a chance you could bring this blog back or are you done for good? i would understand if you couldnt bring it back. once again thanks for all your work.

red said...

jd, i will miss this site and all the wonderful conversations we've shared on it. through TDP, i've met terrific e-friends and have shared many a laugh with the TDP comedy troupe! those memories are now a part of my life and i thank you for that.

because of TDP, my understanding of how the nascar media goes about its business has made me a more intelligent fan of our sport and has increased my appreciation of the hard work done by the truly outstanding among the media. for that, i will be forever grateful.

to my many e-friends: i miss all of you already. how i will go thru this season without your comments, your insights, your complaints and compliments and, most of all, your passion for this sport is beyond me right now. please know not a race will go by that i won't be wondering what everyone's doing and thinking. you guys are the best.

jd, "thank you' doesn't begin to cover it, my friend. i wish you only the very best as you take up the next challenge in your life. keep in mind that you accomplished something very wonderful and authentically unique with TDP and we have all been blessed to have been along for the ride.

as we say around here, jd: race hard, be safe and have fun! catch you on the flip side!

cadence aka "red"

Anonymous said...
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The J said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

JD, with most of the others here, I will really miss this site. Getting to hear what others think about the races was usually informative, and frequently lots of fun. I can't imagine the amount of work you put into this, but really have appreciated being able to come here every day and usually learn something. I wish you the best with whatever you will be doing. And, if you ever get the itch again, we would love to hear from you again. Thank for everything, and all the great folks who posted here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The J said...

anon at 7:31,

please just go away

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Weak ending though. Posts were still going strong, why pull the plug now? Hell, at least wait until Daytona is over and then quit. That's what I plan to do for this season at least.

inkthatpaints said...

Cheers JD!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying :(

Say it isn't so :(

I hope that TDP will be able to come back. I'll miss the fun we had on race weekends chatting about the action and having our Comedy Tour!

Thanks for all you've done here JD, keeping us informed, answering our questions, teachings us some of the "ins and outs" of the TV world. And even getting some "behind the scenes" information. And the always "fun" of dealing with the trolls and those who can't follow simple rules.

Like Anon 7:04 this is the only blog I read 'Daly' I have it in my browser and refresh several times a day. Seeing if a new story has posted and reading the new comments inbetween calls.

Now my set up is going to be messed up. I have my tabs set up in a particular order because I'm anal. It won't be the same not having my TDP tab up every day :(.

Thanks again for allowing us into your 'home' here on the web JD. And thanks to my TDP family! I'll miss you guys! I know a few of you post on the SPEED boards and at another pretty popular spot so I'll still "see" some of y'all around.

I do hope like The J stated that you will be able to get this going again. We'll miss you JD <3

Anonymous said...
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rb218 said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this blog JD, it was truly appreciated. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

As a side note to those looking for another forum to chat on during race times, look into other sites that have chat functions as well like

Anonymous said...

JD, Thank you very much for all your efforts and insight and, in particular, making TDP the only civilized blog site of which I am aware. I really can't say it as well as red did. TDP will be sorely missed.

I most seriously believe the regulars you have attracted here are a testament to what you have created and I will miss communicating, agreeing, and disagreeing with them all - except for a few Anon's.

Best wishes and many thanks to everyone, especially JD.

NewHopeSBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newracefan said...

JD words can not express how much I appreciate all your hard work and the efriends who have shared my love of Nascar. If you ever change your mind please let us know, we'll be back. While I am very disappointed I understand your decision and wish you the very best.
PS it's amazing that even in a thank you and goodbye post there are still trolls.
I'll miss you all, except the trolls :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blogs and best of luck in the future. It was one of the few places I clicked on every day. :-)

Different Anonymous, not one of the Troll Anonymouses (is there such a word?) LOL

Anonymous said...

Bet he shows up in a new job associated with TV & NASCAR!

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:40--I did try it on my old PC but it didn't cooperate with the feed. But that was due to a dumb computer. I never thought about it when I got my Mac <3

@nrf--it is sad that the trolls can't behave one time.

Anonymous said...

I was a regular poster for both years of this blog. (I was actually a regular reader before comments were enabled on the blog entries - that was a LONG time ago!)

While the Anon up above (I agree he/she is a troll) may disagree with JD's so-called "micromanaging" of comments, it was that "micromanaging" that kept this place civil, mature, and wholly different from most (I daresay all) other NASCAR forums.

The "micromanaging" kept this site free of petty feuds between egotistical posters; hateful and racist comments; off-topic discussions; and the like. Since it's been the off-season, I haven't visited much every day, but I think people won't realize how much they miss it until it's gone, especially with the season beginning soon.

I have posted comments both disagreeing and agreeing with JD, and as long as you are civil, he lets them stand. I appreciated that. I also think many things we see on NASCAR TV changed because of this blog. (Not everything, of course. And I think - for whatever reason - this blog may not be as influential as it was in year one to the NASCAR TV folks.)

But the Erik Kuseliases and Suzy Kolbers of the world would likely still be broadcasting from Daytona this week if this blog hadn't pointed out their weaknesses in NASCAR knowledge.

I and wish JD the best of luck in his current and future endeavors. I appreciate him devoting his time to this blog.

Sophia said...

WOW! JD I totally understand your need to move on.

I too will miss all the nice posters here to sound off to during the races.

thanks for letting me learn about the racing and the tv aspects here. It was fun.

Wish we could leave email messages for folks.

I shall miss a good many of you especially..I would name names but afraid I would space and leave somebody out.

Peace to all.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

P.S. I do hope that NASCAR, EESPN and SPEED realize that just because there is no longer an organized spot to critique NASCAR programming does not mean that efforts do not need to be made to maintain and improve its quality. In these tight economic times unnecessary reductions in quality might reduce costs, but with the long-term result of reducing viewers.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Richard in N.C. at 8:11pm.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad this site is leaving. I think it was the only credible site that called the networks on the carpet and kept them on their toes.

JD, I learned a lot from this site and it will be missed. I just hope the reason for abandoning the blog is a choice made only by you and not from any pressure from outside forces.

Best of luck in whatever endeavors you choose.

stricklinfan82 said...

Thanks for all the time and effort these last two years JD. Best of luck to you in the future.

Thanks also to all of you NASCAR TV men and women that took the time out of your busy schedules to read this blog and discuss TV issues with the common race fans like myself, and thanks to all of the posters that made this a civil and fun site to discuss NASCAR TV on. Best of luck to all of you in the future as well.

It's been a fun and educational experience for sure.

Charlie said...

JD you have done a fine job with this web site and you should be proud of that.
Good Luck to you. I will miss this site very much.

RFMjr said...

Well there goes one of the last lights in the darkness for NASCAR fans. I wish you luck and hope that your future plans enable you to influence the product the media purveyors peddle to us plebeians.

Geeze said...

All I can is thanks JD. I wish you would reconsider, but I understand.

Anonymous said...

JD, you have done a terrific job, I wish you luck on all of your future endeavors. I have really enjoyed reading nearly every single one of those 1400 ORIGINAL columns.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daly Planet Editor said...

Thanks for all the good words. Let me answer some things.

I am not going to work for NASCAR, a TV network or a website. Just ending this project.

On the last day, I think it was important to let the trolls run free. There are always folks who cannot join the conversation or voice their own views in a civil forum. Just life.

It's been a quick two seasons, and I hope this one turns out great on and off the track for the sport.

I will be around Wednesday during the day and then ask you contact me by email after that time. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

JD- Just checked e-bay. You cannot imagine the asking price for a troll brain. Astronomical! Virtually virgin - almost unused.

Dot said...

Dang you JD, I'm sitting here crying. I will miss you so much. I'm going to miss my e-friends, too.

What fun we had during the races and TDP Comedy Tour.

To my e-friends, unless we meet up elsewhere, I'll be thinking of you at Daytona. JD, I'll think of you when I see crazy TV listings on SPEED.

Love to all.
Dot in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

I just found this website today and wouldn't you figure its closing tomorrow.

From what I've read, this is top notch analysis. Excellent site.

I only hope the media didn't somehow pressure you into closing, though I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

"But the Erik Kuseliases and Suzy Kolbers of the world would likely still be broadcasting from Daytona this week if this blog hadn't pointed out their weaknesses in NASCAR knowledge."
And you know who else would still be on the NASCAR on ESPN airwaves? Doug Banks. And Brent Fowler. And Brent Musberger. Seriously, I don't think ESPN had a clue the NASCAR product it was putting out in 2007 was really, really, terrible until TDP and its growing number of readers pointed it out to them in detail and kept after them asking for change.

Good luck, JD.

majorshouse said...

I too am sorry to see this blog go away. Even though I did not always agree with your posts, it was a great forum and many great comments came out of every post. JD I wish you the best of luck and will miss not being able to check this blog several times a day.

Anonymous said...

JD - thank you. You have done a tremendous job we really appreciate the work you have put in for this effort.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Cheers, AFMSgt

Erik said...

From one of the few posters you called out directly in a column, thanks. I enjoyed and appreciated your insights. I know you didn't always like me hanging around, though I just couldn't stay away.

Take care, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that Mulhern can help carry the torch! He has really big shoes to fill when it comes to the TV side of the sport.

Thank you.

rich said...

JD, say it ain't so!!! Wow, this is the worst I've been blindsided since my ex said we need to talk.
This site will be sorely missed by myself and many other Nascar fans. It gave us a platform like no other. It allowed us to politely and humorously tell our opinion to the world. It allowed the masses to communicate with the big boys (and I know that they read this blog regularly).
Best of luck in your future endeavors, JD, and I know that you will be successful.
Race day just ain't gonna be the same without this blog.
Thanks for the hours that you put into this site.
Best regards,
Rich in Spokane

Vince said...

JD I've been with ya since about a month after you started two years ago. I know you have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this blog. I've enjoyed your articles and views on the TV side of the sport. I've also enjoyed reading all the comments of my fellow readers on here. Well, most of the comments! I'll miss this site. And I'll miss all of you, my fellow posters.

So JD, what are you going to do with all your spare time now?! Good luck with what ever you decide to do. And thanks again for all your hard work with this blog the last two years. It's kept me from destroying my TV at least a couple (hundred) times.


Haus14 said...

Well, Sunday afternoons just won't be the same. No HOT Pass and now no DP. I guess there will be one less "window" open on my computer screen now. It was great to get to chat with many of you over the past 2 years. I will even miss eriK.

Thanks JD!

Vince said...

BTW JD, Mike Mulhern has some nice comments about you and this blog on his web site today.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for everything you've done for this blog. I have only been reading your articles for a few months, but since the day I found your site (through Jayski), I have it bookmarked right on my Firefox toolbar at the top. I have checked your site every day at least 5 times.

I have also found everyone's comments very insightful and fun to read, even if I disagreed with anything. Thanks to all the other readers.

I will miss this blogger a whole lot. Maybe when 2015 comes around you can start the project again with the new contract!

May God bless you, JD, and all the other readers on TDP. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO! You can't leave us! What are we supposed to do without you? What other intelligent NASCAR commentary is there?

Aaahh, come on, just one more season. Don't go out like this!

Anonymous said...

I understand the reasons...but I've gotta say I'm really bummed. You did a great job with this site. A really great job.

Thanks for everything JD. I'll miss it!

Karen said...

What are we gonna do during the broadcasts? This blog and the commenters here were very entertaining and a great distraction when the racing wasn't so interesting. I fear I'll be bored silly. Will miss all you fellow posters.

Anonymous said...

JD...If you leave I will have to carry out order #7..Not good!!!!Ok,Please,please dont go!!At least give us a site where we can all meet again...(DO NOT CANCEL THIS SITE...)Strict orders from the Obama camp!!Come on man!! Ok, I will be nice from now on..I promise!!What the hell are you thinkin mister???

Anonymous said...

Thank you doesn't seem like enough - yet its the best I can do.

Thanks for giving us a place to get thru the mess. For all of us to know it wasn't just us who thought things were off - or really well done.

And for teaching me to have a more critical eye when watching all TV not just NASCAR. Critical doesn't always mean bad. Thru you giving freely of your time the last 2 years I learned about the amount of behind the scenes stuff, and the people who work hard to bring it to us.Folks on here even taught me why the Hubby insisted on sitting up high at races LOL.
I've learned to really enjoy & appreciate the well done work.
And that just cuz bells and whistles are there - well we don't need more bongos.

Best wishes wherever you find yourself. I hope you enjoy doing it.
You & The Daly Planet will be missed.

And may trolls never find you again ;)

Anonymous said...

It had to be difficult to post on almost every NASCAR related broadcast. Please consider dialing back and just commenting on Cup race broadcasts. The old motorportstv site did a great job of that, but it is also gone away.

Sorry to see it end. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the entertainment and info!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the site JD. I always made it a habit to read it first before everything else. In one last final little jab, why can't you just come out and say that you don't like Chris Myers? I hope JD that put's a smile on your face. The last time I asked it you gave a long response. Thanks again and will you still do a little spot on Moody's show during the week. Thanks again.....

Anonymous said...

I can really only echo what others have already said. Didn't always agree with the posts or everyone's comments, but this site was a must read "daily" for me.
I think the final comments show what set this apart from other blogs or forums.
When watching a broadcast I would always think about what JD would say and what comments everyone would make. We truly made an impact.
Best to you and your family JD and to everyone else here. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your hard work. This is the only site I've ever seen that offered truly professional constructive critism and praise. Also, your filtering out of trolls and objectional comments made this site what I wish all blogs could be. Good luck in whatever you do and God Bless. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mr Daly
This is truly sad, but I for one never understood how you could devote so much time, energy and emotion to an endeavor that made you no money but incited the ire and wrath of Fox and ESPN.
No doubt, they will consider this a win for their side, however I hope that Mike Helton, Brian France and the other senior execs at NASCAR will take this site's demise to heart. When a fan of the sport, who is as passionate and caring as John Daly decides he's had enough and walks away, it represents a potentially devastating shift in the makeup, and even the existance, of the NASCAR fan.
FOX, convinced that they're smarter than we, can continue to try to jam DIGGER and their self absorbed bravado down our throats, but this February I will be watching something else. No Daytona for this former fan. I'll pass on SPEED, ESPN and FOX and catch a highlight if local tv or "Spit"Center cares enough to show one.
If the so called "NASCAR PARTNERS" care so little about the opinions expressed on this blog, which,if they had half a brain they'd realize represents a perfectly culled focus group, then to hell with them.
Sorry to see you and this site go, Mr. Daly. If I had a job to offer it would be to you.
Your former NASCAR fan

Bray Kroter

Tom said...

This is a sad day for quality television (and quality comments). JD, I have been here since the beginning, and although we didn't always agree, this was the model for civilized discourse. If politics could be like this! As others have said, my OCD side will suffer greatly with the hole that TDP will leave in my day to day life! Hope you find your way back to this or something has been most important!

Inverness, FL

Unknown said...

Take care, JD. I've really enjoyed the last two years. Bon Chance!

Kevin said...

It's a big loss to the NASCAR world to have this blog go down. I certainly understand though... I don't know how anyone with other priorities would have the time to keep this running. Good luck with your other endeavors, JD. Thanks.

Kitty said...

We have enjoyed reading your comments, it's been a nice grounding area to help evaluate all that's going on in NASCAR TV. Thanks for the Raceline piece last year as well.
Keep in touch.

Joe Moore

E-Ticket said...

JD Thank you very much, You will be missed. Best of luck in your future endeavors and THANKS VERY MUCH for spending your time doing this..

Lisa Hogan said...

This is all very sad for me.

I want to, once again, thank you for the enormous amount of time and effort that you put into maintaining this site. You managed to create a unique community here that was enjoyed by many. I wish you much happiness.

The absence of this site will leave a large hole in my daily PC routine!

To my fellow community members:
I wish you green flags.

jennifer6973 said...

Thank You JD, I loved this blog. I'm gonna miss it.

Anonymous said...

JD, Thanks for the effort and hard work.

I think it really did make a difference, large or small doesn't matter.

Running a blog site or web site is a lot of work and time.

Thank you for your efforts, and the opportunity for the a segment of the viewing audience to sound off and actually have someone listen.

Good luck to you and keep the shiny side up!


Dave in Milwaukee

TexasRaceLady said...

JD, I've tried several times to send you an email with my thought, but it keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable. I hope it was because your mail box was overflowing with good wishes.

Anyway, I can't express how much you'll be missed. I totally understand the reasons --- you do have a life that needs living. Besides, the eye-strain that you had to endure watching all that television must have been murder.

If you need a reasonably civilized place to hang out occasionally, the welcome mat is always out at my little corner of the web.

You've made a great difference in the way I watch TV --- and not just racing.

Vaya con Dios, JD.


PS -- Isn't live TV fun? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the site JD. I'm going to miss it.

Unknown said...

I just started reading last month.

Thanks for the content!

Anonymous said...

Well, JD, you just blew my morning all to hell! You've been on my list for daily visits (and sometimes more) for the past 2 years!

Okay, looking at your side of it, I wish you well in all your endeavors. And please come back to us if at all possible. You'll be missed far more than you know!

Dan said...

Not what I wanted to see when I open this site this morning. Thanks for the look behind the curtain, it'll certainly be missed. Good luck with your future projects.

Tracy D said...

I feel as if there's been a death in the family. I remember when Red and I mourned the Petty buyout back when Kyle was putting a happy face on the "press conference," and I feel the same way today.

If there's any way for all of us to meet again in cyberland, I'm willing. I too don't look forward to watching a race on TV without you guys. Let me know. . . I hate to lose you all on race day especially.

Tracy in Va.

Tracy D said...

Shoot, I forgot to say "thanks" to JD. I've said so privately, but I wanted to make sure it's out here in public as well. This has been a labor of love, without a doubt.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the wonderful two plus years of this site. I have learned so much about the coverage of the sport, it has truly made watching the races more enjoyable.

This site was a new idea, and a new perspective that will be missed sorely.

Just a thought, would you consider doing a open post during the cup races? With no obligations of new articles. I completely understand not wanting to continue, but it would be great to keep the live thread for cup open.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are looking for and are able to find a good person to start a blog similar to this one or restart this one. It is needed to help keep the networks aware of their mistakes and successes as the year progresses. If another blog starts, please post it here so we can go there. We'll dearly miss you.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Try again and make sure you have the .tv at the end.

I appreciate the good words and just want to make sure that everyone knows I am not leaving for a new job or even looking for one.

As I mentioned, this is a tough time for everyone and once the season begins the main focus has to be on keeping the sport alive for ten months in this crisis.



Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed visiting your site on a daily basis. It has been both fun and informative. I do feel I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words you have had for my daughter. I want to wish you all the best and hope your next endeavor is a labor of love for you. Be happy my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work over the last two years. This was a unique site and I will miss it.

Steve L. said...

J.D., thanks for the last two years, it's been my daily place to go to for so long, I'm almost at a loss for words with my disappointment of your ending this.
I realize the hard work you put into this blog and I have learned so much from it. You're a great writer.
Good luck in what ever direction you go and thanks again for providing us a place to discuss and learn of current NASCAR events.

Lou said...

Good Morning JD,

This is almost like losing a member in our family. And in a way it is to me. I probably started reading this site during the summer of 07. And I can say that I have read every column and comment from the start in Feb07.

It was during 08' I actually got the blue nick. Never needed one til TDP came along. This is the only site as the one I follow on my Google profile. Yes, I do read other sites.

Thank you for all you gave us during these two years. I learned alot about the media coverage in the sport. I really enjoyed the inside stuff that you let us get to peek at. As I stated in another column months ago, that is what got me hooked to TDP. I am also going to miss the insighful comments of TDP regulars, you know who you are. Thank you also.

As you know we were thinking of moving. Well we are. We are building a new home in the state of Delaware. Just fifteen minutes from Dover Downs(No traffic, LOL). If you want or need a place to stay to beat the hotel costs, you are welcome. You know how to reach me.

JD, we are really going to miss you and your column. Raceday will not be the same this season. I understand the reasons. And with that as we all do in life we move on. I wish you well. It has been a great two years on the internet with you. Thanks again.

Kingston, NY

Anonymous said...


This will be a huge loss to everyone who loves NASCAR on TV.

I found your editorials and the bloggers comments a very refreshing point of view. Thanks for all the hard work and for the honest straight forward opinions. Those are hard to come by in this business these days.

Best of luch in what ever is next for you.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you could find one or two writers to share the duties with you as far as scrutinizing the telecasts. Take the load off you so to speak. But I understand. Peace out!

PammH said...

Gonna miss my efriends I've made here. Thanks JD, for giving us a place to vent & a small way to make a difference. Your hard work has been appreciated & this site will be missed.

Ziggy said...

The Daly Planet will be missed. :(


Sophia said...

I am also going to miss logging on here during races when sitting at the tv left me CLUELESS and confused.

Here I could come on and ask what was going on and get caught up. THAT will be SORELY missed.

But I have to say I am so disenchanted with NASCAR, though I shall still watch most races and keep up with the news, I feel without the comradarie (sp?) of this site and fellow race loves, it might make me more distant from the sport.

But in lieu of the winter I have had, that might not be a bad thing. Spending more time with friends and loved ones...before they leave this life prematurely, you know?

Peace to all of you and if anybody thinks of a new place to meet up to comment during the race, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Not only am I going to miss you JD, I'm really going to miss Sophia. I enjoyed her rants.

Anonymous said...

JD, thank you for all your hard work on TDP the last two years. I wish you and yours the best in the your future endeavors.

Kenn Fong said...


Thanks for taking the time to carefully explain everything to us.

Thanks for keeping your head when others were trying to bait you into flame wars.

Thanks for defining leadership by example, with patience, kindness, and wisdom.

Most of all, thanks for sharing your life with us. I know this blog took huge amounts of your time and I know it's stressful to feed the gaping maw day after day, week after week.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed the site.

Best of luck JD!

Delenn said...

For the last time, I really must disagree with you JD. The world out there is so bad for so many, we all need our escapism, and Nascar is failing to be that escapism if it is just another thing that makes you want to throw something. I feel that the networks are all breathing a sigh of relief today, and that is not a good thing.

Secondly, a poor economy is not an excuse for a poor race telecast. Do you hear that ESPN?

Thirdly, what does it say about Nascar coverage when this is the first place I come to every day.

Next JD, thank you for the effort over the last 2 years. It must have taken a lot of your time. You deserve your life back! I hope we all cross swords in the future. To all the posters here, thanks for the insight and opinions - I have enjoyed them, even if I did not agree with them.

Finally, and out of tradition. PUT BESTWICK IN THE BOOTH AND PUNCH IN THE STUDIO. ;-)

TexasRaceLady said...

To all my Daly Planet friends -- I forgot to include y'all in my post. Shame on me.

I'm really going to miss all of you, too. You've brightened my days, and given me joy.

The welcome mat is always out in my little corner of the web. You can click on my name to find me.

Anonymous said...

OMG Thanks Texas Race Lady I forgot it in my post too.

Thank you to all the posters here,you will be missed on Race days - insanity alone is no fun. You will all be sorely missed.

I'm on web - so come chat.
And of course JD you too. you can even come as an Anon!

Anonymous said...


There is a real community here that needs/wants to talk racing and how it gets covered.

Any consideration to going to more of a deadspin format, where one person oversees the blog with several contributors?

That way the Daly Planet still exists but the onus of one person carrying it is removed.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Once Daytona is over, fans will get a realistic look at how the season is going to shake-out for all three of the big series.

This reality is going to be the focus of the media for the entire season, broken-up with reports on the races.

With few trucks and sketchy Nationwide teams numbers, these ten months are going to be tough. Even on the Cup side, things are going to be very different this season.

I think the right thing for me to do is step aside and let the focus be on the survival of the sport. The TV stuff can wait.

No one wants to see NASCAR make it through this season more than I do. Many of my friends depend on that income for their families.

I sincerely hope that all three series make it through this season intact.

On a lighter note, you can certainly post email addresses or ask me to pass them along as we break up and move off to other sites.

If readers would like to list their sites or forum addresses, please feel free to do so.

Thanks again for the good words,


tom in dayton said...

Mr. Daly:


I made an entry on your "NN stepping into chaos" column last week and I stand by that comment.
This site, and your hard work speaks for itself.

The best evidence of the result of this site is the 90+ comments of my fellow bloggers reflecting their gratitude for your effort, and I join with them wholeheartedly.

Hope to see your writing somewhere on the circuit (and watch out for that helicopter...)

Tom oin Dayton, OH.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hard work. Between your insights and those of your industry contacts, we understand more about the business and technology behind televised sports.

Anonymous said...

JD -
I have been visiting TDP for about a year and a half, and I have posted occasionally. TDP and Jayski are the only two sites I visit regularly to keep track of NASCAR. I became a regular visitor to TDP because it educated, informed, and entertained me. Along with your columns, I appreciated the comments. I am an old guy who was taught to be courteous. More than anything else, I admired the civility that you maintained at all times on TDP. People could always disagree as long as they were respectful of each other.

I often thought of how much time it must have taken you to watch all the NASCAR related shows, do research, write columns, and moderate the comments. It looked like a full time job from my viewpoint. I am sorry to see TDP become a thing of the past, but I understand the need. You have performed a public service for the past two years.

As a retired military person, I can offer only a two word salutation - "Well Done!"

Michigan fan

Anonymous said...

JD- I wish I could say something really insightful or memorable, but all I can think of is a last, most sincere THANK YOU and VERY best wishes to you and all the regulars, until we meet again. It has been fun, "interesting," and educational and I will really miss TDP. You have clearly demonstrated that there are many passionate, adult NASCAR fans, which I have to believe bodes well for the sport.

TexasRaceLady said...

Y'all can find me

I do my best to keep the trolls at bay. :-)

JD, drop by when you can.

Nan S said...

One of the things that I hope ESPN, Speed and Fox got from your site was how important the commentary team is to the enjoyment of watching the event.

The two Australian guys who cover MotoGP on Speed make for a great and exciting telecast. The Speed F1 crew is great. The Speed Truck crew is usually very good.

I'm still mystified as to how Chris Meyers can do an entertaining thoughtful interview on The Tennis Channel and then can be such an awful knucklehead on the Nascar broadcasts.

Missing you and this site will make the Nascar season much less interesting for me. I'm sure I will watch less than in previous years.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Myers is an outstanding TV professional. How and why Fox continues to make him "act" is a mystery. His performance on the NFL playoffs on Fox was solid.

Thanks for the nice words,


Skeet said...

Thanks JD for the entertainment, the rowdy conversations, the truthfulness and the down home "ya'll come back" caring. I have to agree that life goes on. Maybe I'll find a life on Sunday afternoons instead of staying glued to the internet and my 13" TV with a race on. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this blog, thanks for everything you have done for the good of racing, good luck to you and good luck to each personality that has appeared on this site. Its been fun!!

Karen in Nashville

Haus14 said...

So JD can we infer from your comments that if the economy improves that you will be back?

Here's to Hoping!

3bud said...

Thank "YOU" JD. I can't imagine the work it took to do this. Let alone the troll deleting. I sure will miss TDP and everyone here. Even though I only posted a short time , I've been visiting and reading all the posts since the start. I had to learn to type because of coming here, well kinda learn. I never really posted or blogged or what ever,my first post was because of the Hornaday "story", and Sophia was my first RE:, so thanks Sophia without that I might never have posted again, who knows. I do know race days just won't be the same , I'll really miss this.. THANKS AGAIN JD! And to everyone here at The Daily Planet ,see ya at the races. 3bud

Anonymous said...

Thanks JD.

I will miss everyone and all that TDP has ment to use. Good luck with whatever you do. Good luck and peace to everyone else I will think of you all every Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Reading today's blog was similar to getting an email notice that one's job is being downsized out of existence. Your common sense viewpoint regarding the business of NASCAR media has been a solid island in a sea of spun foam. Thank you. You will be sorely missed.

Best wishes.

w17scott said...

Mr Editor -
Thanks for your insight and frankness ...your blog opened the door for constructive criticism and affected positive change will be missed

NorCalFan said...

Many thanks for all your time, effort and dedication that went into this "labor of love" for the past two years. I'd like to think that some positive changes in race broadcasting were somehow a result of TDP and it's many loyal bloggers.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every article and its comments and chiming in on occasion when I had something to say. Like other e-friends before me have said, your forum will be dearly missed, especially during the live Cup races when posting can be at fever pitch. My thanks also to the TDP Comedy Tour. There were countless times the blog was far more entertaining than the race itself.

Best of luck in your next endeavor. IMO The Daly Planet endeavor was a real "keeper".

And to borrow Sophia's frequent closing because I couldn't say it any better,


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed this blog, lot's a excellent insights and dead on criticism. I'm convinced it saved the TV broadcasts!

You will be missed sir.

Maybe it's my natural tendency towards skepticism, but I'm sure there's slightly more to the story behind the sudden shutdown then it's not important anymore. But I guess that's really none of our business. So good luck, and I hope everything is good with you and yours.

Sophia said...


You are welcome as it's always nice when folks made engaging comments to encourage lurkers/shy people.

It's going to be so strange not having comments DURING the races i watch. One could tell what happened during the race from reading comments ...more than TV and sometimes radio.


But it was a lot of work, too.

Thanks again, JD. And EVERYBODY who made this place FUN! So many of you. Rant's included.

But nobody could touch Stricklanfan's detailed manifestos!! :-0

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun and all the good information, JD. I'll miss reading your columns and the thoughts of the regulars here. I really think you and all of the contributors at TDP made a difference and helped push the TV folks to make changes that were necessary and beneficial to the viewers. I only wish you could have stuck around until ESPN got the message and moved Dr. Punch back to the pits where he used to do such a good job.

I wish you good luck in the future and no unscheduled pit stops.

The Track Girl said...

Thank you so much for giving us a voice. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication.

I will miss this blog tremendously. Both for information and as a forum for the voice of the fan. We have too few of those.

All the best-

Anonymous said...

JD..This may be asking alot..but If you truly want to help the sport which is going to need all the help It can get! (KEEP THIS WEBSITE GOING!!) You see, we are the true fans..The people who talk to other people about are sport..Dont leave us when we need you most!!

Anonymous said...

John, it's sad to see this blog go. I read it every day. It was one of the first sites I visited each day, waiting to read your opinion on the previous days' NASCAR coverage. Good luck with whatever you're doing, John, and thanks for all you've done!

Anonymous said...

I've read this blog almost from the beginning. Thoroughy enjoyed it and the comments made by the "regulars." It was a site you could depend upon to be monitored so it only had comments relating to Nascar and it was "clean." I am really going to miss reading it every day.

But, I have to agree that any criticisms of the broadcasting and/or broadcasters seems so petty in light of our country's enormous economic problems. Although much of the blog was about the positive aspects of Nascar, we also commented on what we didn't like.

Hopefully, when (not if) the economy rebounds, this site will be able to start up again with more than JD being responsible for its content. From all the comments posted so far, you can tell how much so many liked this site.

If there is any other site which has some of the same type of comment without the unrelated topics, please post.

JD, thank you very much for all you have done the past few years. Nascar has changed a lot in that time and 2009 will bring even more changes. I hope the sport survives.

BToS JD said...


Anonymous said...

John, I cannot believe that you have ended this project! It is my sincere hope that we will hear from you again in the future.

Who will keep FOX, ESPN, and TNT honest now?

3bud said...

Any one who wants to see just how important JD and this site was google john daly nascar espn. The first thing on the google page is NASCAR on ESPN Wikipedia about 1/4 down the Wikipedia page is some interesting stuff. I understand if you don't put this through JD I just want you and everyone to realize how important to the growth of the NASCAR tv partners TDP was. Thank you again. Brad/3bud

Lou said...

Darn JD,

I wanted to add as a post script to my comment on 4Feb09 1102hrs. A motto I will always remember. It will always be a link to my memory when I speak of TDP to my NASCAR friends

"Isn't TV fun."

Kingston, NY

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss you JD. It was always a good read. Take care.

SquidBuzz said...

Dude, you can't do this to me... How am I supposed to stay sane in this world?

JD, best of luck to you and whatever you decide on doing.

It has been a slice and I will miss it a bunch.

Take care and brush your hair.


Lou said...


Although I was not a part of it. TDP comedy troupe on raceday was a good read and helped me enjoy the race. It is that kind of stuff that I and maybe others are going to miss this season.

Just another reflection of something I am going to miss this racing season, that I did enjoy on TDP.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck; I enjoyed your site immensely. Its too bad to see a site that accepted all forms of comments without restraint or idioctic replies. Between losing this and not having Kyle Petty on every week just means I have a few extra hours to myself, as other than Windtunnel,it seems all other NA$CAR shows are puff pieces. Just like the NFL, Ill turn my tv on just at the start of the race, and keep MRN closeby as always....Take Care...Don

RPM said...

Thank you JD for putting TDP out there for us, the fans. I can't help but hope you return someday. You were always honest and talked to us like the informed viewers we are. I enjoyed every post and you will be missed.

PG_Harley said...

As have many of our partners in crime have stated... you will be missed. You have provided a gown-up place for us all to come and discuss the sport we love.

Like the teams, I took the winter off, swore of practice and got ready for today.

I log on to follow the race with the gang and BANG! Right between the eyes. My Sundays will be enriched less.

I'll be here again when you are....

Thanks again... Good Sailing.... God Bless

Anonymous said...

Keep updating the closed sign. It is your little signal to readers that you really have not closed and are just chomping at the bit to come back.

We all know you will reopen the blog in a day or two. Just get on with it. It must be killing you not to comment on the Bud Shootout and have hundreds of readers hanging on your every word. The lack of attention must be killing you.

So, by all means, keep updating the Closed sign. Because you can't leave this blog alone. HAhhahahaha.

Anonymous said...

It is very lonely John.

I hope you were watching Raceday and saw all the pot shots everyone was taking at NASCAR. It deserves a column. As does the ARCA race, who will write them?

Anonymous said...

Year to give back to the fans? who came up with that and I'm not that sure it's SPEED. And why then did Hermie actually say the words 'casual fan' haven't we established they don't exist? Answers John we need answers!

Anonymous said...

I've been away for a few days and just discovered that the Daly Planet has come to an end. I recently just dicovered this blog and really enjoyed your topics along with everyone else. I've even add a few of my own. I wish you well and a BIG THANK YOU .

Kenn Fong said...


Journo of gave you a loving shout-out.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Jessica said...

Sad to see you go, hope it is only temporary. Maybe we'll see a race day forum site?:)

3bud said...

Hey JD, just thought I would pass along HotPass seems to be back for at least maybe this weekend.I went to channel 796 and they showed Jr. courtesy of DirecTv,just thought I'd pass it along the only way I knew how. Thanks and enjoy the races.

Sophia said...

I miss the fellow posters already!

sure there may be other sites but I enjoyed THIS group. Savvy and helpful.

JD, really missing this blog.

Kinda lost with the early practices and races! :(

Lisa Hogan said...

I miss everyone!
I'm going to hold my breath until........

3bud said...

RE:Sophia, Lisa Hogan , I agree 100%,there's other sites but non are TDP,or everyone from TDP. Kinda like withdrawls!

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so!!!

Anonymous said...


We enjoyed the ride!


Anonymous said...

There is a good commentary in The Wall Street Jrl for 2/11 about how the media has probably overstated the financial problems of NASCAR.

I wonder whether JD has put on 10 pounds out of boredom since TDP went on hiatus?

Anonymous said...

Darn. Where can I go and complain about the constant use of bumper cams....which I HATE during live racing.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things to talk about! I miss everyone, some of us seem to be turning up on Mulherns site, but it ain't the same! Way to go Jeramy Mayfield!

Who did the pxp for HOT PASS?

Tracy D said...

Sheesh, I miss you all during the truck race right now!

Erik said...


Enjoy NASCAR HotPass® for FREE in2009

Feel every thunderous turn of the2009 Sprint Cup Series with 4driver channels, compliments of DIRECTV:

Four Driver Channels

Each Driver Channel focuses on one driver throughout the race

See the network broadcast and video from the driver's in-car camera on one screen

Listen to the broadcast network audio and the driver's team audio

red said...

hey jd? if we get all the bad guys to say they're sorry and it won't happen again, will you come back and play? the truck race just wasn't the same for me . . .

so much to discuss and no good place to do it. (if you're not careful, we may just hijack this baby on sunday ourselves! you could always join in as one of the anons, jd!!)

Sophia said...

Ok this really stinks being cut off as the season starts. ANYBODY know of a place to comment DURING the race besides SPEEDs forums (don't go there anymore)

The overuse of bumper cams is annoying..SPEED added some graphic gimmicks to the truck races as the over use of side by side made the cars look like gnats on the 36 inch tv and smaller on the digital HD screen tv (inherited after somebody died)

Sheesh, I miss all you guys.

I would've started a blog but already have a message board (medical stuff) a couple of blogs and websites I moderate or run for other people. LOL.

WOW was this blog addicting during the races and sorely missed. I mean it IS DAYTONA WEEKEND.

Miss ya JD.

Still sadly sucking her thumb Sophia

Nan S said...

I love how every time I come back to check the site that someone has added a comment. I keep hoping that its all a bad joke and we will wake up and Bobby Ewing will walk out of the shower.

Newracefan said...

I'll be back Sunday snd join the hijack, last night and the NW race have been tough.

Anonymous said...

Did I detect slightly better directing in the Nationwide race today? unfortunatly things seem about the same in the booth and the pits, sheetmetal hammer time.

Anonymous said...

Yo red, What about those Steelers!

Super Bowl did provide a distraction from no TDP for awhile.

bevo said...

Dang it! I leave the country for two weeks and then spend a week with the flu and look what happens.

I'll miss bellyaching with y'all - Sundays won't be the same. This was a really special place, easily the most informed and funny race fans I ever ran across.

Thank you JD for all of the time and effort you put into this and providing us a forum to voice our opinions. I hope the road ahead for you is smooth and Digger-free :)

Kenn Fong said...

Did anyone notice that Bootie Barker is now off "NASCAR Performance"? I wonder if it has anything to do with Bootie's new job as crew chief of Michael Waltrip's #55 NAPA Auto Parts Toyota since "NASCAR Performance's" official sponsor is Advance Auto Parts. Gee, I wonder.

West Coast Kenny
Alameda, California

Sophia said...

Blogger Nan S said...

I love how every time I come back to check the site that someone has added a comment. I keep hoping that its all a bad joke and we will wake up and Bobby Ewing will walk out of the shower.

Best analogy EVER. I feel the same way. (I still remember that Dallas episode but it stank the way they erased all the stories from that season when Pam 'woke up'.)

I miss the comment part during the races somethin' fierce.

red said...

yo richard! hell to the yeah about our boys! and big ben played w/broken ribs on top of it all. altho' i'm outside philly now, i watched the previous championships outside pittsburgh so the gold & black hold a special spot!

sophia: can i just say how much it stinks that you finally have a decent tv and now we have no TDP? ironic, eh? to your question: i haven't found anywhere to join a live blog yet -- or maybe i'm just being stubborn and determined to have TDP as part of my race weekend!

nrf: agreed about the races so far. it was interesting to watch armed with the education we've received these past two years and extremely disconcerting to not be able to discuss it! i smiled when the end of the n'wide race featured a vertical drop down of the top 20 finishers AND showed all but 3 or 4 of the cars cross the line before cutting to the pit box and stewart's victory lap -- ala kulicki, by the way!

all: anyone else watch "nascar smarts" yesterday? it was after the "all daytona" special edition of sports center -- and who among us ever thought we'd be seeing THAT happen?!?

PLEASE hijack this thing today! i'll be at the annual daytona party and don't know if i'll be able to be here but i'll try. will definitely check back tonight when i get home.

jd: just sit back and enjoy the race today --or join the gang here. you could even moderate if you'd like -- or we can just ignore the nimrods who might show up. we miss you, dude.

finally, to all the drivers today: race hard, be safe and have fun! to all the media gang: do us proud and remember: it's all about The Race!

PammH said...

I just found a live blog for all the TDP refugees, if JD will let it be posted.
Hope to see alike of the regulars there! I miss you all!

GreenMeansGo said...

"Shut Happens" ... now that's funny!

Newracefan said... is pretty good too, texasracelady let use know about that one earlier and it doesn't seem to have the trolls (at least not yet)

3bud said...

Red did you catch the DW was supposed to be here from Allen B. but is not feeling well? Wonder if that was an excuse , if memory serves ESPN will not share their on air talent with other networks.Guess we'll see how DW is feeling later.

Anonymous said...

Oh i think thats just a conspiracy theory. DW may have fault a little under the weather yesterday and be better today.

Dot said...

Are we really allowed to leave comments?

red said...

perestohey 3bud! dw does sound scratchy right now and, since this is only the first race of the season, i'm willing to believe what they've said -- for now!

great racing, everyone!

Tracy D said...

Well, I can't get the hang of the Frontstretch blog. It's not like hanging with you guys. Sigh. Im bummed. Totally bummed.
Been listening on the radio again - good calls.

Labbie said...

I see Hammond has a glove sponsor this year. ;)

Sophia said...

that frontstretch blog stinks.

TINY TEXT, can't enlarge and you have to register and Inever heard back.

NOT SAVVY posters like this place.


Red, I am with you..DW voice a little scratch.

Why don't you all get on twitter and we can comment...I am on there but only commented to one guy a few times. :-)

Slice bread is toast but looked stunned on in car cam...glad he is ok, thought.

CONCERN for Jr's various flubs today...YIKES!! THE BIG ONE

Shrub got clipped, tho :)

wow, did Jr cause that? WOW

No I don't FEEL for Kyle as he almost wrecked TONY on the last lap yesterday..KARMA..but I don't get Jr's messes today??

3bud said...

DW's voice was definitely scratchy , I checked out frontstretch, kinda hard to figure but did get through without reg. I think? Like it here, Sophia,what's one more blog?

3bud said...

Oh yeah, Congratulations Matt on your first Daytona 500 win!

stricklinfan82 said...


I'm sorry about the bad timing of closing the blog when you did. It sure is a shame that what I saw as perhaps the most memorable in recent NASCAR TV history - what some might term Fox's "jumping the shark" moment with Digger during the Daytona 500 broadcast - will go without comment on this blog.

The "powers that be" at Fox could certainly use some guidance from yourself and your readers at a time like this, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work and insight. Your blog was my first stop for my NASCAR on tv information and responses, your hard work is much appreciated