Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend TV News And Notes

Pictured above is the 1991 Sports Emmy given to the old ESPN Speedworld gang for the track-level camera that has been recently revived by Fox for that network's Digger creation. Emmy awards and NASCAR go way back.

The new Sports Emmy nominations have just been released. Click here to view the Emmy homepage. Just use the drop-down menu in the upper right and click on sports. Here are the NASCAR-related nominations:

Outstanding Technical Team Remote: ESPN NASCAR 2008
Outstanding Technical Team Studio: ESPN NASCAR 2008 (Pit studio and Tech Center)
Outstanding Live Event Audio/Sound: ESPN NASCAR 2008
George Wensel Technical Achievement Award: Draft Track 2.0
Outstanding Open/Tease: 2008 Indianapolis 500: The Perfect Storm

Outstanding Technical Team Remote: 2008 NASCAR on Fox
Outstanding Live Event Audio/Sound: 2008 NASCAR on Fox
Outstanding Live Sports Special: 2008 Daytona 500
Outstanding Live Sports Series: 2008 NASCAR on Fox
Outstanding Sports Promo Episodic: Engine City

Outstanding Live Sports Series: 2008 TNT Summer Series
Outstanding New Approaches Sports Event Coverage: Racebuddy

Outstanding Camera Work: Quest For The Cup (NASCAR Media Group) This is the old Beyond The Wheel series that used to be on SPEED. Anyone have Voom?

Andy Hillenburg continues his quest to get the Rockingham Speedway running as a successful stock car track. He is naming the Media Center after legendary racing journalist Chris Economaki. In addition, he is naming the turn four grandstands after veteran racer Kenny Schrader. ARCA and UARA cars run there in April. is the homepage.

Jeremy Mayfield has a lead role in the new music video by the rock group Saving Abel. Their new single, titled "Drowning Face Down," depicts Mayfield as a small town racing hero. Also appearing in the video are Brian Vickers, Martin Truex Jr., Carl Edwards and Clint Bowyer. is the homepage.

The new season of the independent TV series 3 Wide Life starts this week on regional sports networks and local TV stations nationwide. Shane Hmiel returns and interviews Tony Stewart while Hmiel is on-scene racing in the Chili Bowl. Charlotte's Brittney Cason returns as host, Tony Rizzuti is back with his technical racing feature and this year Meghan Stanton will appear to update fans on the online options available with the series. is the homepage and good luck to all involved.

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Newracefan said...

Agree with Racebuddy but Draft track??? Oh good lord. No Vroom here, have looked for it periodically but no go.

50 Yr fan said...

I see now why the TV folks keep
cramming the goofy gadgets and
noise on the programs. All for
an egotistical trophy. Go back
to basics and your viewers will

Anonymous said...

voom is out of business, was a Rainbow media HD group that went bust...just like NASCAR media group will

Anonymous said...

Go back
to basics and your viewers will

That Emmy is from 1991, 18 years ago.

You ain't gonna get more basic than it was back then.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't SPEED ever nominated for any of their shows. I would think that RaceDay or Trackside could get a nod.