Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NASCAR TV Needs Darrell Waltrip After Fox Is Done

This NASCAR season has been unlike any other in history. The economy is reeling, the US automakers are struggling and the COT still can't run 20 laps at Indy on one set of Goodyear Eagles.

For good measure, throw-in the first drug policy suspension of an active driver, Carl Edwards' high-profile Talladega crash and the fact that the dean of the NASCAR media corps recently passed away.

One quick check of the NASCAR calendar reveals there are six months of racing left to go. The 2009 season is only halfway over.

As NASCAR fans know, the Sprint Cup Series TV pie is divided into three big pieces. Fox, TNT and ESPN each paid the piper and now have one custom-made slice that fits perfectly into their TV plans.

This works well for NASCAR in terms of dollars, but presents a growing problem. Once the Fox portion is done, Kyle Petty takes over from Darrell Waltrip for the summer as the lead TV analyst. As the Chase for the Championship approaches, Petty then gives way to Dale Jarrett who takes TV viewers through the end of the season.

Petty has certainly been a breath of fresh air and Jarrett is just as poised and polished on TV as his father was during his time. These two also share something else. They are both relatively new as NASCAR TV analysts.

For the past several seasons, once the Fox portion of the Sprint Cup Series schedule is over, Darrell Waltrip drops from the TV radar. Elliott Sadler steps-in for Waltrip on Trackside and the SPEED team handles practice and qualifying until ESPN takes over.

While Waltrip still offers a column on the Fox Sports website, it is certainly not the same once he is gone from the TV scene. The reason is very clear. NASCAR does not have a senior spokesman on TV who can offer a perspective with Waltrip's level of experience.

Jarrett, Petty, Evernham and Petree are just a step behind Waltrip in terms of years in the sport. They are able to speak to current issues quite well, but lack that extra bit of perspective that Waltrip brings to the table.

At the age of 62, Waltrip's TV presence and ability to speak directly to NASCAR issues that get both the fans and the media talking has never been greater. He evokes emotion and passion from fans who either agree or disagree with his opinions. That is why it would be such a shame if he is allowed to fall-off the TV radar once again this season.

Wind Tunnel comes alive when Waltrip interacts with Dave Despain on NASCAR topics. ESPN2's NASCAR Now has featured Waltrip several times with great results. Perhaps, Waltrip on a Monday roundtable show with Ed Hinton and Marty Smith might provide some memorable moments.

Everyone, including us, has an opinion about Waltrip in the booth during the races. That is not the point of this column. Once the racing on Fox is done, NASCAR has less of a national TV presence without Waltrip's viewpoints and perspective being available to viewers.

Hopefully, in this season of turmoil, SPEED and ESPN might consider some additional use of Waltrip when topics have to be addressed that require someone with a little bit of a longer view of the sport and the "s'purnce" to back it up.

There are two more races on the NASCAR on Fox TV schedule. Waltrip steps away from the TV side of the business this season on May 31st.

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Dot said...

DW is a whole different animal in print and on TV away from the booth. He really tells it like it is.

I wish DW would do more TV shows during his off season. I enjoy his viewpoints. You are correct JD, his s'purnce is an asset.

Sophia said...

I agree. I LOVE DW on Wind Tunnel and in print. And aside from his gushing over shrub, I enjoy his eye and history in the booth.

when I think about ESPN the rest of the season and no pxp Mike Joy and NO DW, I remember, yea, things can get worse..we just can't seem to have it all.
GOOD CAMERA WORK and a HIGH ENERGY booth for all the races.

LET DW WORK ALL SUMMER. He deserves it and isn't afraid to sound off on Wind Tunnel.

And most importanly, DW has a true PASSION FOR THE SPORT. Hey, why not add HIM to Race Day??


Anonymous said...

I'm a BIG fan of DW, but I would replace the name in your title and thesis with "Mike Joy."

Lesley said...

DW, Larry Mac and Mike Joy are simply the best at what they do!!When there network season is complete,My intrest drops a couple of notches.... someone needs to hire Paul Page and the rest of the early espn guys after the above gang are gone for the season!!Come on man!!!

Karen said...

I said last year about this time that we'd be begging for Mike, Larry and DW by the time February rolls around. Haven't changed my tune.

rob said...

We have enough Dw maybe to much. DW mission is for DW and DW only. DW store, brother Mikie, Digger, all things Toyota, just let him go away.

majorshouse said...

I do get really tired of all of the Digger crap and all of the sucking up to Kyle Bush, but frankly when he and Ed Hinton get together, it is a free for all and I love it because of their knowledge and experience and think that his would be great to see him out more on these other telecasts.
I definitely feel like that the Fox broadcasts are by far the best coverage we receive all year.

justsomeguy said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

If DW is so great, why am I muting the TV at the start of every race?

50 Yr. fan said...

I'm super saturated with DW. Time
for a welcome change. Give back
your "digger" JD.

Anonymous said...

DW needs to give it a REST , then get his EYES checked.

OH TROUBLE in 4 , nothing , they yap about Cousin Carl heading to the front , 2 minutes later old DW " WHERE'D HE COME FROM "

We do not need the EXPERT ANALYZING of RACING on a constant level.

Yes he was part of NASCAR and the growth of the sport , but then so was the CHEVY MONTE CARLO and they had enough sense to park it.

Anonymous said...

DW has NO perspective...........He views everything through Toyota colored glasses. The man is bought, & paid for. The way he shills for Toyota, Mikey, & Shrug is disgusting.
Nead set the bar for professionalism when he was covering races that DJ was in. DW couldn't get over the bar if it were laying on the ground.
The only reason Faux lets this go on, is because Toyota has spread the wealth.


Anonymous said...

NASCAR TV needs DW about as much as I need another case of kidney stones.


Anonymous said...

It's time for DW to step away from the microphone. His own personal agenda outweighs the few valuable comments he's made. If I want cheerleading, I'll go to a football game. If I want constant plugs for Toyota, I'll go visit a Toyota dealership. If I want to see a gopher, it'll be through a scope.If I want a litany of excuses for poor performances, I'll watch C-Span and listen to our representatives in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

The hillbilly's love him (JAWS) everyone else hates him. I been a race fan over 30 years and JAWS wouldn't shut up then and still is all about self promotion. I used to watch flag to flag till JAWS moved into the booth now I could care less, I just watch victory lane to see the high lights. When is TNT taking over (I CAN'T WAIT)

GinaV24 said...

Sorry, I diagree. DW refuses to be a professional about this and shows too much favoritism and bias. I have the TV on mute when I'm watching the races on Fox and that has been a constant since last season. I will probably do the same for TNT and ESPN, but honestly I'm tired of hearing DW's opinions on things. Maybe I will watch trackside again now that DW won't be there to be all Kyle Busch, Toyota, Digger, Junebug all the time.

OSBORNK said...

I'm a hillbilly and I can't wait for DW to shut up. I like racing coverage and discussion shows a lot more if I don't hear a Waltrip promoting themselves and their interests. I've been listening to DW since he was a loud mouthed rookie and I had enough of him a long time ago. Just tell me where he is on so I can avoid the show.

Tracy D said...

You can't beat DW's knowledge about the history of the sport, nor his insider contacts with the current scene. Whatever else you may say (and whoever posted that nonsense about Nascar's supporters being racist is WAY out of line), the man loves racing and the people who are involved,and it shows. Elliot S., while I love him, is a less-than-stellar substitute.

KY1WING said...

FOX needs to capitalize on DW's popularity and keep him off the other stations for the remainder of the season. Why give the competition the benefit of your best asset?

I'd propose that instead of letting him do ESPN, SPEED or other networks, FOX needs to give him his own 1/2 show so he can talk NASCAR issues and enlighten us ignorant fans with his vast knowledge, perspective and "s'purnce" without all the distractions created by an actual race running in the background.

Let's face it, isn't racing really secondary to why we all watch?

Paying for such a show should be no problem as viewship will skyrocket. Getting sponsors should be no problem - I'm sure Toyota, NAPA, Aaron's and JR Motorsports would gladly pony up.

And don't forget Digger. Instead of the current crawler used in race broadcasts, it could be replaced with the web address and phone numbers you need to purchase rodent wear.

Heck why stop there, just let Digger co-host the show. Call the show "Hot-lapping with DW presented by Digger." That'll race!

This new format could do for the 1/2 racing show what FOX has done for race broadcasts. Its viewship and ratings should skyrocket and it would elevate the bar for all those other shows such as NN, TWIN, WT, and whatever else is out there these days.

Those shows would look like cars in Kyle Busch's/June Bug's/Cousin Carl's/Insert name of latest mancrush driver's rear view mirror.

Once the show gains momentuum it could be switched to FX to bolster that channel as millions would swamp their local cable channels to make sure they have access to the channel so they can follow DW over there.

FOX could destroy the competition by positioning it as a lead-in to competitors race coverage. I mean why watch the race, after "ol DW" has discussed the issues and called the winner. The next four hours are just a formality and could be better used for something else.

By the time February rolls around FOX could replace pre-race with the "Hot Laps - Green/White/Checkers", a multi-hour expanded version of the show. Think of the lead-in!

With all the issues discussed beforehand, the race broadcast could then focus on what a race broadcast should be . . . a four hour advertisement for the next DW show.

I can see a 24 hour Sirus satellite show in the very near future. All DW, all the time.

I think your suggestion JD has great merit, but FOX shouldn't let other competitors benefit. Let them find their own senior spokesman. Isn't it all about the revenue streams and not the sport?

Instead they should utilize their NASCAR National Treasure to his fullest, skyrocketing their viewership and revenues while bringing the sport with it in their draft.

Oh - somehow, when I think of a NASCAR senior spokesman, DW never came to mind. Spokesman invokes images of professionalism, you know someone like a Ned Jarrett.

Clearly, I'm uneducated and precisely the target audience for a show by DW. Bring on "Hot Lapping with DW presented by Digger" and let the education, discussions, viewship and revenue increases and increased vitality to the sport begin.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Let's take a moment to review:

"Everyone, including us, has an opinion about Waltrip in the booth during the races. That is not the point of this column. Once the racing on Fox is done, NASCAR has less of a national TV presence without Waltrip's viewpoints and perspective being available to viewers."

So, what we are trying to address is not the racing coverage, but who gives you discussion and perspective on TV about the sport.

There is no doubt that the influences of Fox have recently had a profound affect on Waltrip's credibility with many fans.

It's hard to take the Digger issue and Waltrip's unabashed shilling for products and sponsors during the race telecasts.

That said, when he is away from Fox and on shows like Wind Tunnel, NASCAR Now or Trackside he almost seems to be a different person.

If readers leaving comments could focus on how they feel about DW's comments and opinions away from the track it would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

DW needs to get the heck out of NASCAR broadcasting. He is about as annoying and unprofessional as they come. His outright cheerleading for Kyle Busch does the sport a huge disservice.

Phil said...

Great article JD, job well done...after the FOX broadcasts I ALWAYS go to MRN for my coverage and just put the TV on mute. It's so incredibly hard to beat Mike Joy, Larry Mac, and DW in the booth...even if that means changing "Boogity, Boogity" every week, and the pathetic Digger gear plugs every 5 mintues. DW is a huge part of NASCAR broadcasts. His style and rememberance of past races reminds me of the great Buddy Baker.

Hotaru1787 said...

Say what?

DW has worn out his welcome as of recent. He used to bring the fun, now it's 'digger this, SDDD that'.

Just one more reason I do NOT watch FOX broadcasts.

NLVWI said...

In my opinion DW is the man! He knows what he is talking about and doesn't bore you to death telling you. He's fun to listen to and watch.
Just one thing bothers me. Is that digger cartoon character, his idea or Fox. What ever, it's got to go. I tuned in to watch a race, not a cartoon show.

Anonymous said...

At the end of last season, if I remember correctly, DW appeared on both Wind Tunnel and on a special edition of TWIN with his brother Mikey. Both shows were so fun to watch. Away from the announcing booth, DW seems more relaxed and freer to voice his opinions. He's folksy and funny without being clownish. I've only been following NASCAR for a few years now but to me, DW is a great ambassador for the sport. I really would love to see him on TV, in some capacity, all season long.

Anonymous said...

We need less Waltrip not more, that goes for both of them. In our home when either Waltrip comes on the TV goes off.

They used to be entertaining, no longer.

We need more Mike Joy, not the big mouth Toyota shills.

Anonymous said...

The problem is you are talking about two different characters.

Darrell Waltrip: 3 Time Champ, Former Car Owner is a great ambassador, great knowledge of racing, and has potential to be a leader to the sport.

“DW” who is on Fox…has become a bad joke in the booth…shill for a car manufacture, a certain driver, and a rodent…someone who has really lost a lot of credibility with long time fans.

As long as “DW” exists…..sorry I can not buy what “Darrell Waltrip” is trying to sell. When he is ready to change – I will be eager to listen.

darbar said...

JD, I know what you're saying, but it's difficult to separate the man from the shill. Just like you can't separate Jr from Jr Nation, the average viewer cannot separate the goofy, shilling, off the wall Waltrip from the man who DOES have knowledge of the sport. He's like the Jekyll and Hyde of Nascar working here. Yes, Waltrip has a vast knowledge of the sport and can bring a past driver/Champion's perspective to the discussion, but he's ruined his credibility with a huge number of fans with his goofy behavior and his man crush on Kyle Busch. Perhaps if he were left out of the broadcast booth and kept only in the discussion aspect of the sport, he'd be able to prove his worth. But as long as he continues to cultivate his "shucks-good-ole-boy personna", a very large part of the Nascar viewing audience will not be able to take him seriously.

Anonymous said...

I believe that DW is never better than he is as a guest on WindTunnel (via satellite).

Despain keeps him fairly focused with a narrowly defined topic.

With him out of the race broadcast booth, I think there's a valid argument for him to be cast in that sort of role. Three to five minutes here and there, regularly, on the various NASCAR themed shows, providing historical perspective and opinion on specific subjects offered by a moderator/host.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what "rob said... " If he staye away from those topics,he would be a better analyst ! I can't watch the truck races due to his brother !

allisong said...

Daly Planet Editor said...
Let's take a moment to review:

"Everyone, including us, has an opinion about Waltrip in the booth during the races. That is not the point of this column. Once the racing on Fox is done, NASCAR has less of a national TV presence without Waltrip's viewpoints and perspective being available to viewers."

Unfortunately, the (for me) annoying behavior isn't confined to the booth during races. The forced folksiness and cutsie made-up words ('spurnce indeed), not to mention the cheerleading, continue on shows like Trackside.

"NASCAR has less of a national TV presence without Waltrip's viewpoints and perspective being available to viewers."

How so? How would his appearance on Wind Tunnel give that show a greater "national TV presence". Are you saying that non-race-fans are going to tune in because Darrell Waltrip is on? IMHO you don't watch shows like that unless you are already a race-fan, and if so, how you feel about DW will affect whether or not you watch. I don't see how his presence would be the saving grace of this sport in this "season of turmoil" anymore than Ken Schrader's, who also has a lot of fans.

As for me, I think the amount of time he spends on TV is just about enough. I am SO looking forward to hearing Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach and getting a fresh take on things.

Sophia said...

Despain mentioned he was going to take vacations this year to attend some motorsports events to which he was invited I think.

Some of us would love to see Robin Miller or Schrader fill in...or how about teaming up DW with those guys when Dave is gone. Robin Miller would be a good balance to DW, provided the studio would not explode :) as I don't think Robin would let DW shill constantly.

Indeed, last year or the year before DW had some beefs with the COT and other NASCAR comments. I miss hearing those real life opinions but I guess he does need to be out of the 'broadcast booth' to deliver it to us.

majorshouse said...

DW is fun to listen to especially out of the booth and his knowledge of racing is tremendous because has beent here and I persoanlly get irriatated with him in the booth, but love listening to him on other venues like Windtunnel.

Anonymous said...

Hi JD.Your "Let's take a moment to review:", made me think about the true topic,DW away from the track.I think it's his actions at the track that make many of us not wanting more of him.Also,one would think that all the shilling done during the race is due to the greater exposure exposure he's getting at that time.We have to know that that he can't get away with that on the other shows us hardcore fans watch !

Anonymous said...

I can hardly stand DW during the first part of the season. Please! We need a break from Jaws. Don't push him down our throat for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...
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DebDeb said...

DW certainly has passion, great stories and history. However if he could get this out without the blantant bias then he wouldn't be so annoying. Well, that and he can drop the "BBB" from his vocabulary anytime now. Sure he can tell it like it is unless it's going to be negative against his brother, toyota, junebug, or shrub. When Mike and Larry say anything negative in these areas listen carefully and you can hear the steam coming from his ears.

Cindyrella2u said...

I've had my fill of DW. I am sick to death of his love affair with Jr, making weak excuses for Jr's failures. You'd think he was DW's son! He gets all choked up, misses half of what's going on... maybe a neuro check is in order? I agree with a bunch of the other comments... I, too, mute the TV now. I won't miss him during the second half.

Anonymous said...

I think most people, like myself, are sick of DW. If you really pay attention to what he says you will find he is wrong about things more than he is right.I'm very confident less DW and his brother would improve ratings.

Anonymous said...

DW is just one of many people in the industry that can provide an opinion. He is nothing special. He has lost all credibility as an analyst for how he handles his broadcasting duties with Fox.

Anonymous said...

For you to say we need more of DW after FOX is gone is just unbelievable.

DW is the absolute worst announcer on TV including all of the sports. I was just trying to watch the replay of the all-star event (not a race), I had to change the channel because all of them are horrible. If SPEED had used it's regular cast it would have been much better. Letting the FOX group bring their on air commercials for everything (even DIGGER) was a terrible mistake. Since when is it acceptable to be an infomercial during a broadcast. People wonder why teams need sponsors, when the sponsors spend all of the money to is spent to be the OFFICIAL SPONSOR of this that or the other.

Even though you will delete this after it is posted, I thought I would say something.

Who bought you out to be a shill for the networks? Ever since you shut down for that week or two, all you have done is shill for the networks (which right now means FOX and SPEED). One column has been real, when SPEED accidentally aired the reporters being real themselves, but all the others are shams.

I've read your blog for a long time and now just can't stand it any longer. At least Jayski acknowledged being bought out by ESPN so that when he puts all of their stuff first we know why.

It was a good run while it lasted, but I won't be back.

glenc1 said...

I'm with Anon 12:05--if we could get Darrell & not DW...I enjoyed his Wind tunnel work too.

That occurs to me that this is mostly Darrell's choice--he spends his off season time doing *other* things he wants to do. I'm sure if he cared to travel to do Trackside, he'd be welcome. If he did WT once a month or something, I'd be okay with that (although I'd rather have Schrader because he knows other forms of racing.)

Daly Planet Editor said...

FYI: There is a new update on the Jeremy Mayfield post on the main page. Mayfield has hired an attorney and it looks like NASCAR will be defending iself in court soon.


Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 2:40PM,

We have found out over the years that there are two approaches to participating here at TDP.

The first is to express opinions as an adult in this forum on the topic being discussed.

The second is to yell at me for bringing it up and then take a bunch of verbal swings at this blog in general while hiding behind the Anon tag.

I see you have made your choice.

As I said in my original column and in almost every NASCAR on Fox column this season, the Fox broadcast booth has issues and many of then are with DW.

This topic today is about who will be the NASCAR presence on news and talk shows once Fox is gone.

If guys like DJ, Rusty, Andy and Kyle Petty work just fine for you, that would be the answer.

Since Neil Bonnett and Benny Parsons are gone, Ned Jarrett is retired and Buddy Baker is no longer active in the media the question is who can bring a veteran perspective to a NASCAR TV discussion?

So, that is the topic for today. Sorry you chose to hate instead of contribute.

As we have said here since 2007, it takes all kinds to make a world.


digger in nc said...
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jamie in nc said...

folks please please please, i beg of you please find a tape of the 2008 daytona 500. dw was so high on june-bug that he had no respect for kyle busch. made several remarks to that fact. fast forward, kyle wins races....kyle has a mouth...he is compared to a young dw.....oh wait, now it is all about dw...dw jumps on the bandwagon.....dw is all about dw, and his june-bug. dont fall for it.

again, i beg you, watch the 2008 daytona 500 again.

allisong said...

I am not Anonymous of 2:40 p.m., but with all due respect, JD, you don't just throw a topic out there for discussion. Your columns tend to take a stand (as is your right), using opinion as fact. What I take from this column is that you are a fan of DW and miss hearing from him after the FOX portion is done. There are a number of us who disagree and don't miss him. And certainly don't look upon him as the potential savior of the sport.

That being said, Anonymous at 2:40 really needs to chill.......

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Daly Planet Editor said...


How else would it work? I am a fan of DW when he is talking about NASCAR in a studio setting or live show.

As I have said over and over again, this has nothing to do with him in the broadcast booth. That seems to be an issue that many folks are having a hard time with.

If you want to see him after Fox is done, tell us. If you think he is just full of hot air, tell us that as well.

Agreeing and disagreeing is what this forum has been about for three years.


My email has been right on the front page of this site since I started in Feb of 2007. If you want to email me about a topic other than this one, please do.

I get hundreds of emails on the weekdays and over a thousand on Sat/Sun/Mon. I reply to everyone that has merit and continue to have many great friends and readers.

Your opinion is equal to mine. My role is to bring up a topic and get opinions. There is no advertising on this site and never a moment of TV network interference or influence.

ESPN updates me every week and when they have breaking news. SPEED updates me several times a week. TNT is wonderful during the summer months. I rarely have contact with Fox as they only provide the Cup races and everything else runs through SPEED.

This DW issue is just one more daily topic for discussion on this blog. Last weekend, the All-Star email was full of fans saying how much I hated DW and Kyle Busch deserved the comments.

Today, you are swinging at me as some network shill who loves DW and all the NASCAR networks.

This is just the normal ebb and flow of discussion on the Internet.

As I said, me direct email is right on the front page.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who DW is doing the cheerleading for, Kyle, Earnhardt Jr., or anyone else, its the fact he is doing it. There is no place for it in a national broadcast booth with so-called professionals. And the cheerleading is only one part of what makes DW just flat out horrible.

BToS JD said...

DW enhances any NASCAR commentary program and he should be featured season-long. It's that simple. Many fans may not like the boy, but he's tops.

Nothing's worse than NASCAR TV talk shows that feature 'experts' who 'think' they know NASCAR and in reality have only opinions based on cursory short-term experience and hearsay. Where are some old-line NASCAR reporters for these shows...It took ESPN's NASCAR NOW a while to figure out much of their initial talent was ignorant of NASCAR. They just wanted an ESPN 'talking head', "just read the teleprompter big guy". Thanks to JD for carrying the banner on that one until it changed tremendously.

It's one thing to be a NASCAR fan and write a blog about it, but to be on a national NASCAR talk show and blab on based on current information without the experience and history to provide context, is worthless to anyone who understands and cares about NASCAR racing. The same is true for all sports.

No one really cares what newby reporters think about NASCAR, let them report and keep their opinion/commentary to themselves. Get folks with experience, like DW, for commentary.

Off Topic - The combo of Joy, McReynolds and Waltrip are the best in the booth right now. Nothing the other networks have comes close.

Anonymous said...

We do not need the EX read it EX Drivers , Crew chiefs to be constantly babbling on about the PAST all the while missing the PRESENT happenings on the track.

My grandson watched the 1st segment of sat nights race , he asked Who is JIMMY JOHNSON and why is he the only 1 they talk about.

Todays technology should have us having the BEST TV coverage ever , but no we get a GOPHER , DW has run his course , NASCAR needs to get a lot of other things STRAIGHTENED out and DW is not helping with any of it.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me! I can't wait until he is gone! All you hear out of him is, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson. I can't stand him. To listen to him you would think he was the greatest. Other than his time with Jr. Johnson he sucked. Spent the last of his years on providginals and riding around the track laps down. He needs to go!!!!!!! The sooner the better I say.

Daly Planet Editor said...

Anon 4:04PM,

So, you would like him to quit TV totally? Is that what you are saying?

The reason I ask is that many folks here are saying he only talks about Kyle Busch and Toyota.

You seem to be upset that he only talks about Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.

Interesting how folks can have soo many different perspectives on the same topic.


cvt said...

JD wrote "This NASCAR season has been unlike any other in history."

...and to think you actually (tried to) quit this blog!

Back on subject, is there any sport that doesn't benefit from the active participation of a passionate retired player/coach? Your question about DW reminds me of John Madden. Can anyone argue the sport would have been better w/o him?

Problem is NASCAR has no track record of using it's former stars in this way.

Rainy2228 said...

Oh Hell no...NO MORE WALTRIP!!!! Its bad enough hearing him shill for his brother, even worse to have to hear his rants over that GOOPHER. His time has long passed. Whenever he attempts to make some sort of prediction about the pace of a race or its inevitable outcome, he is WRONG!!!. He THINKS he knows much more than he actually does know. If Fox would tell him his contract was up and he no longer was needed in any booth, I WOULD CELEBRATE and hoist a beer in honor of my senses NO LONGER being bombarded by his ramblings/inane musings/attempts at humor!!!!...GOOD RIDDANCE, Jaws....Stay in Kentucky or whereever you call home.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I think of DW as an example of what a NASCAR spokesman should be I cannot get past his winning the Daytona 500 and doing the "Icky" Shuffle. Showed real class there and still the same..... LOL.

John E. said...

I think one of the things that really bothers me is,that at at times during the race,Mikey,Ambrose or Reuitaman runs into another vehicle."Ole DW" is real quick to say the other vehicle got into them.I rewatch it on the DVR,and it's the other way around !It's not hard to follow the line.Maybe he's calling it live,but maybe he better make sure who caused it.Anyone else notice that ?

Richard in N.C. said...

I believe DW is just being DW, warts and all - no pretence - and remembers the days of the picture above and all that NASCAR racing has given him. He's a big fan of NASCAR racing - and Dale, Jr., Kyle B., and Mikey.

He raced with and against many of the greats and was transformed from villain to semi-good guy. I appreciate his insights and connections. If you heard him off FOX in 2007 he predicted just about everything Dale, Jr. did. I'd like to hear more from him after the end of NASCAR on FOX. In particular I'd like to see him on Wind Tunnel with Robin Miller.

Benny Parsons had several famous stories - the lead radio and the ice cream for instance. I heard him tell them every year, they never grew old, and I wish I could hear him tell them again.

The Loose Wheel said...

DW the analyst is a HUGE asset to both NASCAR and FOX. DW the corporate shill is just plain annoying.

Do we need DW the rest of the season every week, I say no. But an appearance on Trackside from time to time, a windtunnel segment or NN segment would be nice. DW can bring alot to the table when he is making a connect to the fans using his experience as a driver. But the second that crosses the line to trying to pedal a product or over-force Shrubby on us (Im a shrub fan but DW can overdo it) it just becomes a headache.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out after the FOX segment is done

Newracefan said...

JD When I saw the topic for this post I knew it would be a blow up. I love the history and insite DW brings to the sport, who else hears an individual engine going south among 43 others. I do miss him when he's not on Trackside and find myself seeking out his posts on the Foxsports site to see what he has to say. That said I do get annoyed with all the shilling at times, he does get excited and appears bias towards some drivers (probably is to some extent) which is OK when I like the driver and annoying when I don't so I just live with it. I would love to see him fairly regularly on Wind Tunnel, that's where he can really shine.

Daly Planet Editor said...

There is a new post up about the Wednesday edition of NASCAR Now with Brad Daugherty, Marty Smith, Ed Hinton, Kasey Kahne and Mike Massaro.



allisong said...

OK, I'll answer your questions: Do I want to see more of DW after the FOX portion is over? To quote JPM, "HELL, no!" Do I think he is just full of hot air? Hot air would be one thing he's full of.

I still don't understand what you mean by NASCAR having less of a national TV presence without Waltrip's viewpoints being available. And how having him all over our screens would help in this "season of turmoil".

Anonymous said...

NASCAR TV needs DW as much as I need an ingrown toe nail. Though, the ingrown toe nail would be a heck of alot less annoying.

Daly Planet Editor said...


Everyone has an opinion and that is why people come here. They want to express their views.

Once Waltrip is done with the Fox races, there are six months of the racing season left.

As I mentioned in my column, this season is like no other ever encountered. Many of these issues (COT, drugs, GM) are new and what is often lacking is perspective from those on TV.

Reporting is one thing, offering opinion and analysis of a major sport is quite another.

DW is 62, Dale Jarrett is 52 and most of his ESPN buddies are about the same age. That is ten years difference in experience.

You continue to include your comments about Waltrip's commentary on the races. This topic has nothing to do with that.

As the year moves on, who would you like to see on shows like Wind Tunnel, NASCAR Now, ESPNEWS and even Larry King Live when topics about the sport are being discussed?

I think you have made your views on this topic rather clear, I hope this helped you to understand mine and why this topic was raised.


PammH said...

DW the analyst is a HUGE asset to both NASCAR and FOX. DW the corporate shill is just plain annoying.

Do we need DW the rest of the season every week, I say no. But an appearance on Trackside from time to time, a windtunnel segment or NN segment would be nice. DW can bring alot to the table when he is making a connect to the fans using his experience as a driver
where he can really shine.

What David said above is the way I also feel...I love his columns, but waay hate his bromance w/Vile Kyle & HMS & his bro & the foreign car company. He's great on WT & could probably add alot to NN if called on. He has tons of insite that other folks don't have.
But here's the problem. Because of all the things I listed, fans are just sick of him at the moment & can't separate the 2. So he needs to disappear for a couple of mths, until we can wash the bad taste of DW the shill out of our mouths & THEN come back & offer his unique views! jmo, of course.

Anonymous said...

I'll be so happy that I don't have to hear boogity,boogity,boogity before the green flag is coming up! DW is a big joke and we have to hear "Well when I was in the racecar.This how I would run!Who cares.

Unknown said...

NASCAR has an identity problem--and it's been created by the way they slice the TV pie. Between NASCAR changing the name of the series (i.e Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, Sprint Cup) and then not having a consistent TV identity--they are creating branding confusion. DW brings personality, passion and a little controversy. NASCAR would be better off with two TV networks televising every other race (alternating between Sprint Cup and Nationwide.)

Anonymous said...

On the panel shows DW is very good and can bring out some interesting things. But his analysis of the race and the cars is lacking. The sport has changed. The cars have changed. His analysis is based on what he did. Everyone else has moved on.
Kyle Petty gives more info about what is happening on the track in one race than DW does in the a whole Fox season.

Ken said...

DW is the racing version of Howard Cossell. He's an opinionated know it all who is self absorbed and misses a lot of the action on the track. I was glad when Howard left broadcasting and I look forward to the same with DW. I just want an objective broadcast that covers the race well.

Zieke said...

I have heard all of 'ol DW's self-promoting I will ever need. I'm not saying his articles are'nt ok, as long as you don't HEAR him. His "good 'ol boy" status has grown stale, as has his uneducated terminology. Kyle Petty is light years ahead of him, and approaches his topics with enthusiasm and honesty, instead of seeing who he can kiss up to.

Matt TSB said...

I've got a slightly different take on it, JD. DW should just plain get out of the booth and stick to the columns and other gigs. He is so bad in the booth that it undercuts the other stuff that he is good at. By the end of Fox's portion of the package, I just want him gone. I think he would have a lot more to offer if he wasn't trying so hard to be a charchter.

Anonymous said...

Why do you delete posts that say essentially the same thing as posts you do not?

Welcome to the Daly Planet, where fairness and thought are punished - kinda like DW aren't you?